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Can we use Solar Weather as a Time Machine?

Published August 2017. Remote Viewing. The Complete User's
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A complete summary and analysis of all 76 Associative Remote Viewing Sessions over 2 years
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Particles and Mass


Revised March 16th, 2016


How Solar Activity Affects the Speed of Earth's Rotation


During Dec 13, 2006, our sun sent a stream of particles and radiation towards Earth from a recent solar flare. During this event Purdue nuclear engineer Jere Jenkins was measuring the decay rate of manganese-54. Manganese-54 is a short-lived isotope that is used for medical diagnostics. He noticed the decay rate dropped slightly during this solar flare event. The drop in the decay rate started began showing up a day and a half before the solar flare actually took place. Based on recommendations from Dr. Peter Sturrock of Stanford, Jere Jenkins teamed up with Ephraim Fischbach to explore how solar activity affects the decay of radioactive materials. 

In August of 2010 Purdue Professor Ephraim Fischbach, as well as scientists from Stanford discovered that the decay rates of radioactive materials occurred faster during summer and slower during the winter. The test was officially confirmed by teams at the US Department of Energy's (DOE) Brookhaven National Laboratory.  The test was also confirmed by the Federal Physical and Technical Institute in Germany.  The study concluded that seasonal variations occurred in the decay rates of silicon-32 and radium-226. The researchers also discovered that decay rates varied every 33 days.  This is the same period of time that roughly matches a full rotation of our sun (the rotation rate of our sun is 28 days). Could this mean that the reason radioactive substances decay faster during summer is because time is moving faster during summer, which is the time of year earth is furthest from our sun (its aphelion)? 

During August of 1972, massive solar activity uncovered a discontinuous change in the length of day (LOD) immediately after the solar flare event. Calculations carried out by numerous observatories from around the world used UT2 time (Universal Time with the effects of the Chandler Wobble and seasonal variations removed). By calculating differences between Atomic Time (AT) and UT2 time, a disturbance was shown as the Earth's spin slowed down and the length of day increased. 

John Gribbin noticed that during a solar storm in August 1972 that it created a "discontinuous change in the length of the day" caused by a change in earth's spin rate (J. Gribbin and R. A. Challinor. Science. 1971). The great solar storm of 1959 also contributed to an effect in the perception of time (A. Danjon. Informations de l' Observatoire de Paris. CR Acad. Sci. 1962) with effects resulting from changes in earth's rotation. (Revisiting a Possible Relationship between Solar Activity and Earth Rotation. R. Abarca del Rio and D. Gambis. September 2010). Solar activity also affects the speed at which earth's atmosphere travels around our earth. This can cause a delay to occur between solar activity and the speed of the atmosphere (D. Djurovic. January 1990). 

When solar activity is lower, ionizing radiation in earth's stratosphere will increase due to more cosmic rays. This is because higher solar activity tends to pushes cosmic rays away from the Earth. The lower the solar activity, hence the more cosmic rays enter earth's atmosphere, creating more ionization (Rotation of the Earth, solar activity and cosmic ray intensity. T. Barlyaeva1 et al). 

Researchers have studied the intensity of cosmic rays and their effect on the rotation of the earth (Rotation of the Earth, solar activity and cosmic ray intensity. 2 July 2014). Some scientists have theorized that the sun's heating or ionized atmosphere from higher cosmic rays acts as a heat engine due to earth's atmosphere becoming compressed. This can cause earth's rotation to speed up. A 1966 study confirmed there existed an influence in earth's atmosphere arising from solar activity (E. Schatzman. Interplanetary Torques. 1966). More recent studies notably Bourget et al (1992), revealed correlations between solar activity and the length of the day and studies done in 2003 (Abarca del Rio et al. 2003) and 2008 Winkelnkemper (2008) showed the length of day and atmospheric angular momentum were associated with changes from solar activity. 

More in-depth studies have shown that Earth's mantle is responsible for the acceleration or de-acceleration effect according to variations in cosmic ray intensity caused by solar activity through the zonal winds. Because earth's mantle is so closely linked to seismic activity, recent studies have shown a link between that cosmic rays and earthquakes (Anderson, 1974). An excellent study published in February 2015 by M. Kovalyov and S. Kovalyov titled: On the relationship between cosmic rays, solar activity and powerful earthquakes, concluded the following: "cosmic rays play a much more prominent role that is currently believed; specifically that 1); cosmic ray intensity correlates with seismic activity on Earth with much accuracy than solar activity and 2); cosmic rays are influencing solar activity". As we covered earlier, during higher solar activity there will be less cosmic rays reaching earth because solar particles create a "shielding" effect, keeping the cosmic rays from completely reaching earth. 




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Energy and the Emerald Tablets Exercise

Throughout the years from practicing the Emerald Tablets exercise, the rejuvenative energies are strongest during condition green periods, which occur just after condition orange periods.  Because the exercise involves time related energy (imprints from the future) and condition orange and green periods are times when the suns radiation is declining, I believe that energy is coming from the past to the present.  Condition green periods are also periods of extreme peace and harmony, as our article has shown


So if in the past, earth was a period of harmony and peace (garden of eden), than this energy is coming through to the present during condition orange and green periods.

We know that when nuclear radiation decays, the particles go back in time, and we know that just after a strong solar flare period the sun’s radiation also declines (also known as Solar Forcing), which heads into a condition orange than green period and because condition green periods rejuvenate the body strongest, the energy of longevity or particles of youth are coming from the past to the future and entering the body when you do the Emerald Tablets Exercise. I have also noticed that during condition orange periods, doing more physical exercises, but not overdoing it is beneficial.


During the Emerald Tablets exercise a piece of medium granite is placed upon the chest, which amplifies the rejuvenative energies.  I have used natural stones of black granite as well as slabs of fabricated granite for the past 8 years and found that it amplifies the effects remarkably.  Granite also contains a source of healthy background radiation.  Many studies have shown that low dose radiation can be used to enhance health, and is also used to help people recover from cancer.

Much like overdosing on anti-aging herbs causes problems, the right amount of low dose radiation is healthy, much like the natural radiation we get from the sun.  Salt substitutes (Potassium Chloride of which 0.01 is found in nature)are one example of a food that is mildly radioactive and does not kill you when you eat it.


The period just after the peak of the 11 year sunspot cycle is another period of major declining solar activity. Our article titled: U.S. Markets and Solar Influences prove that during this time the markets crash more often, resulting in a major decline in the overall Dow Jones Industrial Average. This could be the markets returning to their original state, a natural progress of evolution taking place, "going back in time" to where it all began.


Another interesting fact is many science fiction stories and movies use solar flares or the mass of the sun to travel through time.



Time travel and nuclear decay

Dr. Mark Silverman at Trinity College in nearby Hartford has suggested a possible way to see evidence of time bending: Two identical samples of a radioactive substance would be prepared with identical half-lives. One would be introduced into the time machine circulating in the same direction as the light, the other in the opposite direction. If, at the end of the experiment, one sample had decayed further than the other, Mallett's theories of time travel would be supported.

The Study of the Terrestrial Corpuscular Radiation and Cosmic Rays during the Flight of a Cosmic Rocket
Vernov, S. N.; Chudakov, A. E.; Vakulov, P. V.; Logachev, Yu. I.
Soviet Physics Doklady, Vol. 4, p.338 takes a look at the mystery behind TimeSlips. These are natural events where people were thrust back in time to another era. Sometimes they may be thrust back 100 years or as recent as 10 years. But all the events follow a similar pattern. That is they occurred in rural areas and there was some type of emotion involved. From observation over the past couple of years during condition reds, I have noticed that emotions from the future seem to travel more clearly from the future to the present. This is because emotion is not bound by time. Emotions from the past are responsible for trauma and post dramatic stress syndrome, as a person relives the event. Emotions from the future come back to us as "gut" feelings, which we either pay attention to, or ignore at our own peril. I have nicknamed the technique outlined on this page as "time storms", which occur only during certain periods.

This also dovetails with these other articles on how energy affects reality.

Physicists create world�s first multiverse of universes in the lab Published Paper Theory of Inducing an Artifical Timesilp

Using Emotion and Intent to Alter Reality and Produce Miracles
How to Summon Orbs Multiplying Money, Food and Other Pieces of Matter with the Sun's Solar Flux

The Emerald Tablets Exercise
Evidence Supporting Oceanic Drive in Evolution Via Rising Cosmic Rays
The Emerald Tablets Exercise and Gravity Distortion
Gamma Waves, Healing and Anti Gravity
How Time Naturally Compresses Itself to Preserve Our Earth
How Seismic Activity Relates to Time
Using Portals in the Sun to Forecast the Dow Jones Industrial Average

The Miracle of Time Compression and How to Break World Records by "Freezing Space/Time"

When there is a "spike" in the sun's solar flux, or after the sun's solar flux has been quiet for some period of time, you are able to get more done in this time. The start of the sun's solar flux, especially if the X-Ray Background flux levels are at 4.0 or higher causes this "Time Compression". This occurs most often at the start of Spring and again during the end of Summer. It gives you more that you can do in less amount of time.  This energy is boosted even further if there are more than 8 "S" Class Solar flares. This is usually the time speed records will be broken during olympic games.  It gives you an advantage if you are in a  competition, or competitive sport, as your opponent is still is "old slower time", but you can be in "new compressed" time when you know when it occurs.  This is how world records are broken, it is the ability to get more done in less time, because our galactic universal frequency is always making things appear faster. During spring and late summer this energy is strongest. This is why things appear to be getting faster, or we are doing more with less time. During the spring equinox because time is more compressed, this could be why it is used as a marker point for the 2,000 year zodical changes such as the coming of Aquarius which always beings at the Spring Equinox as it rises on the eastern horizon.
View Reference

When you can do more in a compressed space of time, the photons of light speed up, which sends the language of information back in time, which affects the present. So these "flux spikes" are access points to the past. When more is done in a compresses space and the compression "releases" much like letting go of a rubber band, an expansion occurs. This is how the universe is expanding. Perhaps the presence of quasars or pulsars also have these "flux" surges and are driving the expansion of our universe. Below are the most recent records with existing correlating data.

Earth Biorhythms



Earth also has biorhythm cycles as my research has shown:

"On 2 occasions while performing the Emerald Tablets exercise, I have felt my body become so light, that I thought I would literally go flying off into outer space. I recorded these dates twice, 1 year apart during the month of August."

After some deeper research this was discovered:
"Planet Earth has four biorhythm cycles which peak simultaneously once every twenty years. This has occurred on August 12, 1943, 1963 and 1983 and occurred again on August 12, 2003"

These biorhythm Cross Points have also been discovered to interact with the Dow Jones Industrial Average Markets. And Economic Theory is starting to prove this.

For those of you who may believe in the Philadelphia experiment, it also took place in early August.

Calculating Your Personal Biorhythms


Receive your free biorhythm readings in printed, pdf or onscreen format at this address

To find Your Danger Days and Peak Days, the below article goes into the details about biorhythms, including scientific studies done linking biorhythms to accidents safety.

"Planning ahead for critical days may be the most valuable use of biorhythm, since this can literally make the difference between life and death. But only 20 % of the days in your life are critical days, the other 80% are mixed days, whose character is very varied. You can plan your future to harmonize with your biorhythms for non-critical days. It makes sense, for instance, to try to set records on days when all three cycles are near their peaks and you have as much energy and ability as possible. Conversely, knowing that all three cycles are near the bottom of their negative phases is a clear indication that you cannot count on turning in an outstanding performance."
View Full Article:

Could Gravity Be Helping Some People Alter Gravity?

So what can we use to determine the influence of gravity affecting space time locally?  Let's take the world of weight lifting, which is a large mass that generates pressure that at the microscopic level may be affecting space time. Because we know that August is the month where earth's biorhythm peaks and that emotion is not limited by space and time, therefore, if a weight lifters emotional biorhythm is at their peak, they should experience positive results
Because August is the month where earth's biorhythm peaks, there should be world records set during this month. Which this research also confirms:
The greatest weight lifted with a human tongue is 12.5 kg (27 lb 8.96 oz) by Thomas Blackthorne (UK) who lifted the weight hooked through his tongue on the set of El Show Olímpico, in Mexico City, Mexico, on 1 August 2008

This anomaly has also been scientifically confirmed:
"How the average variability in Earth’s gravity field in August 2002 compared to the yearly average of 2001."
Source: Earth Observatory

Therefore because our time space is personal and each person experiences time differently (known as the temporal experience.), than during a favorable emotional biorythm period, we could possibly induce a time slip much easier or use this period to build a framework to accomplish a future goal.

The Below Video by National Geographic clearly explains how gravity can be used to build a time machine.  Just forward to the minutes listed below to learn more:

16:53 = How to use gravity to build a time machine

20:28 = The earth as a time machine


Perhaps world records are set because this emotional energy builds up and becomes imprinted in the localized space/time environment, releasing itself at the right time through emotion, helping to achieve positive results.  
Stronger solar flux and KP levels  may also be of help, just as they have proven during the condition yellow exercises.



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You can learn more about Biorhythms by visiting the
How to Integrate the Cycles of Emotional, Physical and Intellectual Biorhythms into the Daily Health Forecast article.

A Formula for Slowing Down Time

Any good research scientist can tell you the tools used to measure a result or reaction can also be used to create the reaction.  Let's look at harnessing time and making it stand still. Strontium is used to make the world's most accurate clock, which is accurate to one second in 675 million years.  This mineral is also present in large solar flares, and we know that during large solar flares time will compress on itself, as this article will show later on that the "blips" in the red line for the solar flux represent more sunspot activity. Strontium reduces dental cavities and also behaves in the same way as calcium does in the body.  It rapidly builds bones and is used as a rapid cure for osteoporosis. The bones of the body are what are most affected during solar flares, which are experienced as "aches". 

So if we wanted to build a machine that mimicked the freezing of time in order to compress it, Strontium, would be a key component, as well as getting it to emit its energy in a form of photonic radiation in the gigawatt range, which is close to the x-ray spectrum. A special safety suit may be required to shield us from the radiation, but the best part is that everything would appear to "slow down" and you could move around at a super rapid speed. Dangerous, but thrilling.

The key to using this energy seems to be speeding up the amount of your actions in a shorter amount Of time during these solar flux increases. When you have mastered this, you get enormous amounts of tasks completed in an extreme short space of time.

Another theory is that during these "time blips" in the sun's solar flux, perhaps more memories are being pumped into our amygdala, giving us more time to do things as this research shows

"Instead, such time warping seems to be a trick played by one's memory. When a person is scared, a brain area called the amygdala becomes more active, laying down an extra set of memories that go along with those normally taken care of by other parts of the brain. "In this way, frightening events are associated with richer and denser memories," Eagleman explained. "And the more memory you have of an event, the longer you believe it took."
Resource: LiveScience

The 2012 Olympic Games

August 5th, 2012 - Record Broken - 100 metres Usain Bolt
Below is Our Sun's Solar Flux Level -

Time Travel
View the Sun's X-Ray Solar Flux at B6.2 on this date 

August 9th, 2012 - Record Broken - 200 metres Usain Bolt
View the Sun's X-Ray Solar Flux at B6.1 on this date

Below is Our Sun's Solar Flux Level -
Time Compression

Climbing Records

August 12, 2012 - Record Broken - Racing up and down Garnet Canyon and the Owen-Spalding Route in 2 hours, 54 minutes.
View the Sun's X-Ray Solar Flux at B2.9 on this date
Below is Our Sun's Solar Flux Level -
Time Freezing

June 17, 2012 - Record Broken - Record Broken - Ascent of The Nose of El Capitan in Yosemite Valley in 2 hours, 23 minutes, and 46 seconds
View the Sun's X-Ray Solar Flux at C1.0 on this date
Below is Our Sun's Solar Flux Level - Earth/Sun Time Travel

NOAA Solar Archives Resource

If you look closely at the X-Ray Flux Photographs, you will always notice a "spike" or "peak" in the line.  This is where time is compressed enough, so whatever you are focused on at the given moment will give you more time to complete the task and "time stands still" so you get more done in less time.  This is a form of evolution occurring, and why records will always never cease to be broken. This does not just apply to world records, you can be doing any task that you find meaningful and bring it to maximum perfection, or "being the best" by practice up until that point. This would be a great time to make new computer chips or speed related items. If you write computer code, you would be able to program better and so on. The implications of this are only limited by your imagination. I personally use it for exericse, to keep my body feeling refreshed and recharged, as well as to boost my sales, because any good salesman knows that the more information you can cram into a presentation, the easier it is to make the sale.

"Okay so you may ask yourself, why don't all the athletes in that race break records during these solar flux "blips". This is because when a group of number of people are focused on a situation a synergy occurs. The person who has put the most effort and preparation combined with belief will win that race. The universe always gives birth to singular events, whether it be a supernova, or the birth of a new living organism, in rare cases twins occur, which is why during some events we see two world records broken in the same race. Another influence could be the persons Biorhythm.

Biorhythms and World Records

If we apply biorhythms to Usain Bolt (born 21st August 1986), world and Olympic record holder Jamaican sprinter who took 3 gold medals on 16th,  20th and 22nd August 2008

This also explains when independent scientists in different parts of the world focused on the same experiment can both make breakthroughs at the same time. So at certain times, what you focus on most is what you get. Even Einstein stated that particles have a seperate reality that cannot be measured, it's only the observation that creates the measurement. In this case measuring the breaking of a world record is observation of a compression of space/time.

Many Physics Engineers believe that if you can build the perfect computer, especially a quantum computer, it should be able to transcend space/time.  We already have the perfect computer in existence, it is called the earth and her nature. By observing closely how the universe operates, we can find "doorways" that open at certain times and use the universe as the engine to see or experience past events.


As we can see from this video (At 3.25 minutes into this video) , the lady was extremely depressed. Also at 5:20 minutes into this video) and we know from our research that extreme depression is related to high KP Storms (also called geomagnetic storms). So we can conclude that at the time of the Time slip, there was a KP storm occurring, or within a few days of a KP Storm, as KP storms leave a "residual charge" which can last for a few days after the KP Storm, or in some cases 24hrs just before. Considering psychics have much more accuracy predicting the future when the KP values are higher, we can assume that higher geomagnetic energy contributes to being able to access future or past events with more accuracy.


I believe that the emotional energy created in a geographic location creates an "imprint" in the local geographic surroundings, much like the Phantom DNA Template effect, which allows the body to heal itself.  DNA Templates occur in healing all the time when the person believes themselves to get well, as the body was meant to live in perfect harmony. We see these Phantom DNA Templates occurring all the time in nature such as in Resurrection Ecology, especially when the extinct coelacanth  returned after having one been thought extinct. I believe that because positive and optimistic emotions are present in those who live extremely long lives that the positive emotion is keeping the cells healthy.

The Secret to Time Travel - Using Your Mind as a Time Machine by Anthony Hamilton

The Body and How Time Affects Aging

If people can Time Slip into the past and experience it, why can't the cells do the same to renourish themselves? Because it is impossible to make an anti-aging pill, and because our cells are stimulated by the right magnetic presence, and the magnetic reconnection event brings energy and forms from the past to the present, this would make it the ultimate anti-aging tool. We believe this happens when the right foods and proper exercises are taken during the condition yellow periods, which are naturally periods of stronger magnetic reconnection events.

Learn More about Magnetic Reconnection

If it is the process of magnetic connection that is bringing extinct plants back to the present - and in some cases animals and even bacterial spores, than it must be possible to bring back the necessary nutrients needed to restore the body's cells and return them to their perfect state of health and harmony. We believe that by increasing the proper amount of amino acids and minerals the body needs during the condition yellow period, that it does just that. We believe that it is the amino acids and exercises that create a template of health from the past bringing it to the present. It is a well known fact that people who eat lots of cottage cheese and Kefir, live for a very long time and these are both foods high in Amino Acids. Cottage cheese contains all nine of the essential amino acids, as well as the nonessential amino acids that help form protein.

Current Proof of accessing genetics from the past is already available for reference.  This has all been acheived via direct current, the same current that occurs during Geomagnetic Storms and because during geomagnetic storms, the restorative energies from the Emerald Tablet Exercise are stronger, this means that energy from the past is coming back to the present to not only restore our cells, but to re-harmoize the species of life on this planet. So in theory we can conclude that it would be impossible to catalog every single plant or animal species on earth at the same time.

"On average, 2 new species of fish are found every week, and it is thought that the jungles of the world contain many more amphibians and reptiles than have yet been named. Even now we still get a few new bird species discovered every year, and, amazingly, new species of mammal are still found occasionally."
Reference Source: Wildlife Extra

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