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Mapping Time
From encountering the energies during pole balancing, we can than build a “time map” showing how time flows at different speeds at different times of the year.

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Because the white light rejuvenated energies are strongest during October, which is also the time of year that the high energy protons (2mev) are higher ( which is usually from November to February) it means that time is compressed during these times of year, or we experience it as “faster”.

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The Phenomenon of “Time Imprints” from the Future

How Seismic Activity Relates to Time

The Origin of High Energy Cosmic Rays

There are different forms of cosmic rays which come from our sun and other stars in our galaxy, however there are sometimes cosmic rays that consist of larger units of energy, which have a greater mass and more energy per density, than say the cosmic rays coming from our sun. Astronomers believe the high energy cosmic rays entering earth are coming from supermassive black holes in the heart of distant galaxies. This makes perfect sense because the time imprint effect (receiving images from the future), that occurs during the Emerald Tablets exercise occurs strongest during periods of higher cosmic ray periods and black holes have the ability to warp time. The time imprint energy occurs strongest from late October to early November each year. This would mean that earth is aligning with a giant supermassive black hole each year during this time of year.


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The Emerald Tablets

Because the Emerald Tablets Exercise works with the Geomagnetic Energy of the Earth, when the Time Imprints from the Future are felt, it is because the earth feels these events before they occur, and if you are doing the exercise, these events manifest themselves as future events occuring in the "Time Stream".  The Princeton Global Consciousness Project is already actively plotting these events before they happen. You can view their website and data at the following address:


Scientific Validation of Time Slowing Down

Because the pole balancing “white light” is amplified when 3 more consecutive days of cosmic rays are present, muons, which are made up of cosmic rays enter our upper atmosphere during what I term “cosmic rays storms”, when 3 or more consecutive days of rising cosmic rays. Upon encountering our upper atmosphere, they undergo “time distortion .” I believe that when there are 3 or more consecutive days of rising cosmic rays it creates more time dilation.

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Study of the effect of relativistic time dilation on cosmic ray muon flux

When time is slower, you have more times to get things done. Because solar activity is strongest around March and August, this time of year time flow is slowest, due to the strongest solar flares occurring this time of year. During March the earth is closest to the sun, all

owing time to slow down even further. During June and October time is faster, probably why the saying “time flies when you’re having fun” because people have more fun in summer. It is also the time of year that the earth is furthest from the sun.

From this we can conclude that energy loops back from the future to the present strongest during June and October.

When time is slower and loops back from the past to the present it occurs strongest during March and August. I also believe that is when the ‘self healing’ mechanisms both in our bodies and the earth occur strongest. This slower period is most common a few days before and after a solar flare.

One way we can show how time varies is by the decaying speed of radioactive matter. Professor Scholl, including researchers from Stanford and Purdue Universities showed that radioactivity decayed slower during Spring and Summer, and faster during Fall and Winter (when earth is closest to the sun). Nuclear engineer Jere Jenkins showed that the periods just before a solar flare, the decay rate of Manganese-S4 slowed down.

Researchers also found that the rotational period of our Sun occurred every 33 days, which also influenced the rate of decay.

From working with affirmations and intent during periods just before a solar flare, when time is “slower”, (also known as a condition blue period) it confirms that miracles work best when time is “slower.” Researcher Dr. James Spottiswood showed that flares also have a negative effect on our intuition, and from my research, just before a solar flare and after (condition blue periods), intuition is maximized.

It is interesting to note that the miracles and belief work best when the minds thoughts are relaxed and focused. Especially for healing, the mind has to be “slower” or “more relaxed” our breathing must be slower etc., to get in harmony with this slower time phase. The way to tap into this is by inducing a very deep form of relaxation, than visualizing enough until you feel your organ. Once you have connected with it in this deep state of relaxation the energy necessary to do the healing springs forth. This is where the transformation occurs.

This is because reason is what rules the mind when your body is sick and saying it can’t get well, however spontaneously is where the energy of the unconscious originates from. That is why these healing effects work best with conviction and uncontrollability. Just as you can’t reason with a career criminal, you can never reason with an illness that is going to kill you.

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