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Added January 26th, 2015.

During Spring or the Months of February through April when the Moon is in Aquarius and Pisces (which are next to each other), this energy is much more concentrated and pure. This is the best time of year to practice the Emerald Tablets Exercise. 

This is also the time of the year that the immune system should be kept strong and healthy.

New Section Added January 2015.


I have been practicing the Emerald Tablets Exercise for over 6 years now and have even written a book about its amazing healing and rejuvenative benefits.  The key rejuvenating forces vary in season with peaks in the morning in March and early evening in October.  The key source of this revitalizing energy comes from compressing it into the abdomen and creating a "critical mass" of energy which causes the rejuvenating effect/feeling.  It only takes a spark of this energy to get the effect, as overdoing it causes premature aging, rather than age-reversal.  This same spark effect is much like only a few grains of the red powder are necessary to turn lead into gold during the alchemical process.

Because this energy is focused and directed into our abdomen where it creates "renewal cells", I came across some recent research information about the common household Wood Frog as shown below.(rana sylvatica). 

This frog is amazing because as soon as the temperature outside starts to freeze during early winter, the Wood Frog goes into a state of cryostasis, which means it is frozen solid for up to 8 months during winter where the blood stops flowing and its heart stops beating. Its eyelids remain open but are "cloudy".  As warm temperatures return, the Wood Frog than "thaws out" and its heart starts beating again and muscles start twitching again and so on, returning to life. 

Now here is the amazing part, as the frog starts to freeze, it draws out the moisture from between its cells and moves that moisture into its abdomen, where it starts to gather in a pool of water. This water than turns into a solid block of ice, which assists in the frog becoming frozen.

This means that as the water is entering the abdomen it is creating a "critical mass" of energy that is affecting the frogs entire metabolism, tissues and organs. It is the core central point from which the transformation of the frog takes place.
Now as the warmer temperatures begin again, this water in the frogs abdomen begins to thaw, and exits out of the frogs abdomen, where its heart starts beating again and blood starts flowing again.

So once again, this core central part of the body is where life returns again.
So here we have nature performing almost the exact same task as the energy that gathers in the abdomen during the Emerald Tablets Exercise.

This webpage explains how to send energy to the abdomen area to regain health using the Chi Kung technique.



Scientific References: talks about how the Wood Frog survives winter

U.S. Forest Service.  A great page about the Wood Frog


Master Mantak Chia, the founder of the Universal Healing Tao, learnt the ancient art of Chi Nei Tsang from a traditional Thai healer called Dr Mui. Master Chia was intrigued by how working on the abdomen seemed to profoundly heal so many ailments, many of them located in other areas of the body.

The abdomen is also our energetic centre, or core: the Tan Tien or ‘Elixir Field’. This is our Chi battery, where we can store energy. If this area is blocked with physical and emotional toxins, it will not be able to do its job properly. Always in search of an outlet, any negative emotions and toxic energies create a perpetual cycle of negativity and stress, and if they cannot find an outlet, will build up in the organs and then move into the abdomen and navel area. The abdomen can process some of this energy, but more often it cannot keep up with the flow. Thus the energetic center of the body becomes congested and ultimately disconnected from the rest of the body.

The internal organs also provide the physical lines of force which hold the body together and give it structure. The vital organs are also said to contain the Spiritual Essences of a human being, which is probably one of the reasons why the ancient Egyptians took so much care in preserving them after death. Of course, physical pain can also be caused by overwork, stress, accidents, surgery, drugs, toxins, poor food, and bad posture.

Whatever the cause, (remembering that energy can never be destroyed – only transformed), by working on the abdomen we can release blocked Chi on both a physical and emotional level. It can then be moved to the Tan Tien for transformation by the abdominal (second) brain or to the colon where we can take what is useful and eliminate the rest.
Source: What is this thing called Qi Gong?!


Embryonic Breathing is a technique that allows you to store the Qi (Chi) at the Real Dan Tian (elixir field), in the center of your abdomen and accumulate your body's energy to a higher capacity.
Source: Embryonic Breathing For Martial Artists


Chi Nei Tsang is a gentle and precise healing touch on the abdomen to gently release blocked energy, strengthen and detoxify the internal organs and the whole body.
Source: Chi Nei Tsang Healing Center

The Taoist sages of ancient China observed that humans often develop energy blockages in their internal organs that become knots and tangles in the abdomen region. If the negative emotions can not find an outlet, they fester in the organs or move into the abdomen, the body's "garbage dump".  The Chi Nei Tsang frees the blockages in the abdomen and guides the healing energy through the entire body. It helps detoxify the body and rid it of negativity.
Source: Chi Nei Tsang - Healing From within          

As you breathe out, the energy remains in your lower abdomen and becomes a ball of light. Take nine relaxed breaths, absorbing Qi (the white light) from the area above your head. Once you’ve taken nine breaths, while drawing the energy into your Dan-tian through each of the 5 centers, (filling your abdomen from the area above your head, and from both of your hands and feet), you will proceed to draw energy through all 5 centers at the same time, using all five entry points simultaneously, and filling your Dan-tian with nine breaths of energy. (fig. 3)
Source: Storing Chi in your dan-tian (this method is very similar to the white light felt during the Emerald Tablets Exercise)


The energies of the Heaven <-> Man <-> Earth continuum are assimilated and drawn into the Hara. Located in the abdomen, the center of the body, the Hara is the central point for all of these energies. The Hara is described as the realm of the "Moving Chi between the Kidneys" and is centered around the "Sea of Chi," Chi Hai or Tanden and the umbilicus. This understanding is found in some of the earliest texts. In the Huang Jing Ching, or "Yellow Jing Textbook. The Hara ... the source of vital Chi .... is the gate of breathing. Breath {gas/air from breathing} reaches to the inside {of the abdomen}. The Chi grows and then becomes solid; this protects against evil injuring the body. Protecting on the inside and defending on the outside, this is Chi." Wang Shu He, who wrote a little known but brilliant treatise on the Nan Ching, explicitly states when commenting on this section of the Nan Ching that air when drawn into the abdomen creates Chi. This passage is very similar to the preceding quotation from San Dai Ji Jin Wen Tsun. Both emphasize the distention of the abdomen as air is drawn in from proper breathing. it would follow that the solidity mentioned by each is the elastic flexibility of a healthy Hara. According to information from the Ling Shu, the energies of Heaven <-> Man <-> Earth interact to form the True Chi. One aspect or equivalent of True Chi is the Source Chi. It is in the Hara, the area of "the Moving Chi between the Kidneys," that all energies interact to create the basic or Source Chi of the body. The Hara itself is seen as an area that encompasses the whole abdomen. It is focused around the area called Chi Hai or Chi Hai Tanden which overlaps the Spleen and Kidney reflex areas centering around CV-5 and CV-6, the Ma Point of the Triple Warmer and the "Sea of Chi." In Tai Chi Chuan, Qigong and other eastern martial arts the center of gravity (Aikido with Ki) is located in the lower belly, and the reservoir of Life Energy or Breath Energy is also in the lower belly. From this "single spot in the lower abdomen" movement begins and energy is made. This spot is revered as the source of life in man. In Taoist yoga it is pictured as a burning cauldron producing the energy needed to open up and liberate the rest of the body. If the breathing is shallow and does not reach into the abdomen, the nourishment that the moving Qi needs is not adequate. Practice of deep breathing is therapeutically useful, providing immediate relief and a source of energy for the moving Qi. The "gate of breathing" is an important Daoist concept.

The Three Dantians:

There are three major energy centers in the human body along the Taiji Pole (center channel) that store and emit energy. These Three energy centers in Ancient Daoist Energetic Anatomy and Physiology are called the three dantians. Located in the lower abdomen, chest, and head, each dantian has its own function and properties.

Source: QI Healers Without Borders


Search Term: Chi Energy + Abdomen

The exercise is named the "Emerald Tablets Exercise" because during the right conditions, the rejuvenative light turns to a beautiful emerald green. These are when the 2mev Protons are at 9.0 or higher and the KP (geomagnetic energy) is at higher/stronger levels. We will go more into deatil about these scientific measurments later on. The exercise known as “pole balancing”, (which page 11 of the book goes into more detail about), is a short term name for Tablet #13 called the The Keys of Life and Death written by Toth, an Ancient Egyptian Priest.

To find out how to predict and know in advance when the 2mev levels will be at higher levels, visit our article: How to Find and Predict Rising 2Mev Levels

Read Over 100  Summarized Scientific Abstracts and Research Articles on Lifespan Extension and Longevity


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Added November 21st, 2014

The power of a few grains of the right substance has the power to rejuvenate.  Examples include: The red powder from the philosopher’s stone, which only a few grains are needed to turn lead into gold.

The North Pole Star.  This star system stays mostly overhead in the northern hemisphere due to the earth’s rotation and appears to rotate in a circular rotation overhead .Mr. Li Ching-Yuen who lived over 200 years of age, practiced Ba Gua Zhang which is also called Circle Walking also has spinning /rotating movements that mirror the North Pole Star. Some people have received information from the North Pole Star and you and you can read the information at the website titled The Polaris Writings.

In North America, the Cygnus Star constellation is overhead during late October, which is a time that the energy from the Emerald Tablets Exercise is strongest. So just this brief period each year is a period where this energy is strongest. So we can see that certain constellations directly overhead have an effect on the body when it is made to exercise in a rotating manner. 


Added July 10thrd, 2014.

As you get better at performing the Emerald Tablets at the end of the session, if a flu or other minor illness is about to become a long term illness, you will receive a small feel of this before it actually manifests. This is due to the Time Imprint energy (which we shall cover later on in this article) that comes from the future to the present. One of the best way I have found to thwart this is to boost my immune system with Vitamin C immediately after the exercise. This than means the illness will not manifest itself. This is much more common during the spring months (February to March) when bacteria is stronger in the air, probably due to higher solar activity.

 Finding the Most Beneficial Location to Perform the Emerald Tablets Exercise

This section was added in early 2014 to the book due to new research findings from over the years.

From research over the past 8 years doing the Emerald Tablets exercise, when done on an elevated surface, or higher elevation, such as on a wooden table above the ground, or in an apartment above the ground, the negative effects felt during condition red periods, or when the suns x-ray background radiation level is above C.1 values, the negative effects felt are substantially less and the rejuveantive energy experienced is much stronger.  I have also found that I need to do the exercise less during these periods, because it is best not to overdo the exercise during these higher solar energy periods, due to “overload” from the higher solar energies.

A surface above the ground may be due to the fact that elevated surfaces increase the resonance of flat objects during higher solar activity.  The soil during these times may be acting as a short circuit to these beneficial solar energies during higher solar activity.

It is a scientific fact that the higher you climb in elevation, the higher the rate of ionization that occurs in the air.  This is also true for the number of cosmic rays, which come from Supernova explosions in deep space. More cosmic rays can be found at higher elevations than at sea level.

Other research from performing the Emerald Tablets exercise over the years is that that when the cosmic ray count levels are higher, the rejuvenative effects from the exercise are much stronger.

It is also a fact that the longest living things live at higher altitudes.  The bristlecone pine is just one example.  Also KP levels (earth’s geomagnetic energy) is stronger at higher elevations.  Another fact from performing the emerald tablets exercise over the years is that the rejuvenative energy is stronger and more pronounced during higher KP energy periods.

The round Irish towers in Ireland have built their doorways above the ground. Could this be to take advantage of an energy that exists just above the ground? And Dr. Callahan showed that a short distance above the ground there exists an extra low frequency.  The article titled “Towers of Power” researches this more in-depth. The article can be explored further at:

Once you have performed this exercise properly for about 2 years, you will feel this energy naturally gather at the base of your abdomen, when facing either north or south when the 2mev Proton energies are above 9.0 and the KP Values have risen. When you feel this you have opened what I call the “gateway”. I personally stop the exercise in spring, as the energies are too overwhelming for the body.

The Emerald Tablets exercise induces a slight beneficial stress upon the body. This is the same technique that is used to bring the body's temperature up just slightly to kill the cold or flu virus, or when you exercise to a certain level, to put just enough stress upon your body to build more muscle and burn away fat. This same effect occurs when you hold in the white light and direct it to parts of your body.

I wanted to share this with those of you wondering how much artificial vitamin C to use (Tablets of ascorbic acid), and how putting the body under mild stress builds up resistance to bad bacteria, which can heal many diseases. My research from performing the Emerald Tablets exercise has proven that during prolonged  condition red periods, my immune system would become depleted if I performed the Emerald Tablets exercise during these times, and because taking Apple Cider vinegar (which kills fungus and negative bacteria) after the exercise powerfully assists the renewal process. So I came across this article at

that shows how cancer and the common cold can be cured when you subject your body to high doses of artificial vitamin C, just below the threshold of contracting diarrhea.  Because inflammation and other stress type symptoms are a form of the body healing itself, than bringing the body just to the brink of a certain threshold causes a reversal of the disease.

So I now know when I do the Emerald Tablets exercise and my immune system feels slightly depleted, I will take larger than normal amounts of Vitamin C, Cod Liver Oil and the Super herb Mix shown on the condition red page.

Also see the paragraph titled "Playing with the Flu" on this page for how this process works.
By being aware of this, I no longer get the flu, meaning even though I can feel the virus in me for the 7 days, my performance is never impaired during this time, and during these 7 days I feel a resistance is building within my immune system, warding off "another future attack" that might occur.

The half-life of Vitamin C in the body is about 30 minutes. That means 30-60 minutes after you take Vitamin C, your body has used up most of it. So an important key to this protocol is to keep your body saturated all day. Dosing every 1-2 hours like I mentioned above is ideal.

Here’s a dosage chart from the late and legendary Dr. Robert Cathcart MD,
who treated 9000+ patients with Vitamin C!


CONDITION              Grams Per 24 Hours   Doses Per 24 Hours
normal                       4 -  15              4 -  6
mild cold                   30 -  60              6 - 10
severe cold                 60 - 100+             8 - 15
influenza                  100 - 150              8 - 20
ECHO, coxsackievirus       100 - 150              8 - 20
mononucleosis              150 - 200+            12 - 25
viral pneumonia            100 - 200+            12 - 25
hay fever, asthma           15 -  50              4 -  8
environmental and
 food allergy              0.5 -  50              4 -  8
burn, injury, surgery       25 - 150+             6 - 20
anxiety, exercise and
 other mild stresses        15 -  25              4 -  6
cancer                     15 - 100              4 - 15
ankylosing spondylitis      15 - 100              4 - 15
Reiter's syndrome           15 -  60              4 - 10
acute anterior uveitis      30 - 100              4 - 15
rheumatoid arthritis        15 - 100              4 - 15
bacterial infections        30 - 200+            10 - 25
infectious hepatitis        30 - 100              6 - 15
candidiasis                 15 - 200+             6 - 25

Athletic activities like running, weight training, etc. you are likely to have an increased need for Vitamin C and your tolerance will be higher. Even if you are healthy. Dr. Cathcart says that low dose vitamin c had basically no effect, but high dose vitamin c, when taken at 80-90% of bowel tolerance, produced a significant and dramatic reduction of symptoms in his patients.

As you feel this revising energy fill the lower part of your abdomen as you breathe in, hold it in, than slowly like a balloon, let it out. As you slowly let out this energy, you will feel the rejuvenated energies flood your body. It feels just like an “internal spring” or the sensations of a fresh mountain spring, springing forth from within. This “fountain” energy is maximized and at its strongest from late winter to early spring, and at peak levels during sunspot minimum. I have discovered from experience, that this "energy" holds a charge upon the earth for some days after higher geomagnetic energies (also called KP Values.) Quite simply put if there is higher KP activity, along with high 2mev energies (especially above 8.0), than the pole balancing energy is stronger. These higher levels are usually, but not always present just after a major solar flare. I believe that high 2mev energies are a form of spirit, and it takes magnetic energy to turn it into matter.

The best way to generate this white rejuvenative light is to picture yourself tightrope walking across a large open space or canyon holding a long pole to keep your balance. Next picture this balancing act occurring at both ends of your body (where you held your concentration earlier) at the same time. (The North and South Ends)  When you do thus you will feel a white light energy emerging. Direct it to various parts of your body and "hold" it in to receive the rejuvenative charge.

Updated Information Added April 28th, 2014

During this second stage of holding in and balancing the regenerative light energy, when you first enter this phase, do this method twice within 40 seconds of other when starting. This creates a lasting resonance that lasts throughout the session. It works best to think of it this way. When you use a gong to ring a bell, if you hit the bell quickly 2 times the very first time, the resonance lasts longer throughout the session. Next it is than best to do the balancing of the white light once every rotation during the session.

Another interesting discovery is that the energies from the Pole Balancing stay strong in the body for about 10 days afterwards, so if you don't pole balance for a few days, the "charge" stays in the body, just like the geomagnetic energy "lingers" upon the earth after strong KP activity.

Below is a video on how to perform the exercise properly.

Below are hand positions to increase the energy flow

After pole balancing when the X-Ray Background Radiation Levels are above 4.0 my reaction and speed time are significantly enhanced. This would complete the theory it is an illusion that time is not speeding up, but we are gaining the ability to do more in less time. This explains why so many Olympic Records keep getting broken at the Olympic Games. It also means when the magnetic poles of your body are re-balanced, your body has adjusted to this new "frequency" where you are able to do more in less time. Compared to people who are older or have not done the Emerald Tablets exercise, they fall victim to "missing out" on this newly emerging frequency.

What I have discovered over the years is when a 2mev "wave" occurs (higher levels of 2mev particles), that if I don't do the Emerald Tablets exercise or miss this "wave" my body seems to age significantly faster than usual. By tapping into this "wave" it seems to rejuvenate the body faster avoiding severe aging problems.

One very important discovery I have made over the years.  If you do the Emerald Tablets exercise in a location that is not clean, or that your body's immune system has not yet had time to adjust to, your immune system will suffer temporarily.  This can be repaired by taking the immune boosting formula shown on the condition red page.

 I have found that when I travel and visit a new area, I will have to use sprays that kill germs in the general area, for example hotel rooms are notorious for harboring bacteria from all around the world, especially during condition red periods, this bacteria seems much more “aggressive”. But when I do the Emerald Tablets exercise in a pristine forest area, free of city contaminants, my immune system afterwards is much stronger.  This also means that you could use essential oil sprays or burn herbs that regenerate the body when you do the Emerald Tablets exercise as the body's system seems to absorb the bacteria in the environment very readily.

Either one of these taken after performing the emerald tablets exercise is highly beneficial: Garlic, Apple Cider Vinegar, Raw Unpasteurized Honey. When you mix all three of these ingredients together, they become highly synergistic, so you can take less. What is most interesting is that as long as you keep Honey and Apple Cider Vinegar away from contaminants such as dust or insects, it stays virtually edible indefinitely and there have been reports of people still using Garlic powder or Garlic salt up to 10 years after purchase.

One of the most significant discoveries I have made to date, is knowing when the white light energy is strongest.  Using this graph chart, you will see a graph of boxes. When this graph line has just turned recently higher, or risen within the last 24 to 48 hours, the white light rejuvenative energy is much more stronger, and will remain for a little longer if the KP levels are higher than normal.  So the amount of time to pole balance can take a little less time if you are experienced.  If the line has been "flat" or there has not been a "spike" for some time, the white light rejuvenative energy will be much less. I have also had success using the Lunar Phases of the moon to know when this energy is stronger. Usually 3 to 4 days before a full moon and 3 to 4 days after a new moon (the first cresent moon), this rejuvenative energy is stronger. If the moon happens to be in perigee, than the wanning crescent phase is also another power point.

As mentioned earlier, and I'll mention it again, because it is so important that if you want to know when this energy flows strongest, it is when the KP energy (also known as earth's geomagnetic energy) is higher, which has a capacitor type effect.  When there is higher KP activity, and the 2mev electrons are higher, the KP energy will store that as energy for up to 72 hours after the KP storm. If there are high 2mev electrons and there is very little or no KP activity, there will be no charge built up.  This means that if you do the Emerald Tablets Exercise when the KP values are flat and the 2mev electrons are flat, you will receive little to no refreshing white light rejuvenating charge.  If on the other hand, the 2mev levels are around 8 or higher and there is higher to KP activity, the refreshing white light energy is substantially stronger.

It is interesting to note that Electrical Grids use Capacitors to soak up excess current during geomagnetic storms.

View the Time Compression Page to discover how this energy compresses to materialize/expand objects.

The energy that enters the body is coming from the earth. It is a constantly renewing process with energy streaming from the sun into the earth. In a simple summary, a CME also known as a coronal mass ejection, ejects solar wind plasma from the poles of the sun. When the CME energy results in between 4 and 8 C Class Solar Flares (sometimes the number may be higher, other times it may be lower, but this key "frequency" is between 4 and 8), it causes a maximum stimulation of the body , which feeds this “fountain of youth” energy within. As you can see in the image below, there were 4 C Class Solar Flares and 79 Sunspots. The X-Ray Background Flux levels are at 3.6. The 18 S Class Flares provides a powerful amplification to the overall energy wave. It is this key "energy portal period" that also drives the overnight rejuvenative energies during a condition yellow 
The Emerald Tablets Of Thoth – 13 – The Keys Of Life and Death Tablet 13

When the 2MEV electron flow levels start to reach above 9 or higher, especially for 3 or more days in a row, which is most common around spring and winter time (northern hemisphere), this energy is maximized. During solar cycles, it reaches its maximum levels during sunspot minimum.

As we can see from this rough image below, from December 22nd to December 26th of 2011, there were 5 days of 2mev electron levels above 8.0. (View Historical Sunspot Archive) This "window" occurs most often from November to January and when coupled with a higher KP field or higher geomagnetic energy, the rejuvenated energies are extremely strong. They are so strong in fact that they remain so for a few days afterwards, like a "charge" effect remains.

The Life Force Stimulation Phase

There are 2 parts of Stimulation/Renewal that take place within the body. The first is the “physical” renewal, in which you do resistance exercise. The second is the “internal renewal” at which time you do the Ancient Egyptian Pole Balancing Exercise, also known as Tablet #13, The Keys to Life and Death by Toth. When the physical stimulation period “overlaps” with the “internal renewal” period, when you do the Ancient Egyptian Pole Balancing Exercise, the energies are extremely high and strong, thus creating very powerful healing and renewal effects upon the body. I believe that this is also the time of year life on earth receives new energies to keep itself young again, which is why earth is millions of years old.

The Physical Renewal Phase

This is when there are between 4 and 8 C Class solar flares and when the X-Ray Background Flux Levels are around 4.1 and dropping to a maximum of 3.8.

Whenever the solar wind has recently dropped to the speed of 350, the pineal gland becomes stimulated. By doing any of these 3 tasks, you will feel this regenerative charge strongest the next morning, because the pineal gland is strongest in the mornings. 1: Taking the herbal mix formula #2 (as shown on the condition red page ). 2: Performing moderate resistance exercise and taking Spirulina, Sesame Seeds, Garlic and Guar Gum Powder and drinking lots of spring water throughout the day.

By drinking lots of spring water to make the body alkaline it “retains” this rejuvenative charge. As Stanford Researchers have shown: “A new invention by a group of Stanford scientists applies a charge to alkaline freshwater in order to produce electricity. Initially, the battery is filled with freshwater (alkaline water) and a small electric current is applied to charge it up." View the Article at the Stanford Website

The “Internal Renewal Period”

From November to April, when there are between 4 and 8 C Class Solar flares and the KP levels have been quiet for a while and than start “rising” or are higher than usual, on that day the “white light” rejuvenative energies are substantially higher. It seems that the higher KP levels act as a booster for these rejuvenative energies. They even override the higher X-Ray Background Flux Levels above 4.0 (which is usually a condition red period), as long as the pole balancing is done every 2 days. I believe this occurs because new rejuvenative energy from the sun is returning. I like to think of this higher KP energy as a white knight defeating the forces of darkness.

However there are 2 major danger periods when doing the exercise is not recommended. The first period is from February to May when the the first Rise in the X-Ray Background Radiation goes above 4.0 for 3 days or more. After about 7 days the body’s immune system grows used to these new energies, and then regular foods and Chi Exercises or Pole Balancing Exercises can re-begin again. This danger period is strongest from February to May, and then throughout the remainder of the year only the first rise in these X-Ray periods are dangerous.

A good example of a shock occurring in the body's immune system is when antibiotics are over used and the shock of the antibiotics no longer has any effect. That is why I use different types of immune boosters and never over use the same ones for periods of longer than 3 days in a row with a 14 day break between them. A good example is in the immune boosting herb Echinacea, which if taken regularly, can cause more harm than good. I will usually try to avoid longevity foods that are high proteins during this time, especially if they are wheat related.

Other boosters that increase this "white light energy" are the solar wind speeds between 310 and 350 (especially as it approaches 350 after it has been at high levels for a few days) and when the 2mev Proton levels are above 8.0 or higher. If the above “physical renewal” period overlaps with this period (such as between 4 and 8 C Class Solar Flares with X-Ray Background Flux Levels at 4.1 or below), you can feel the energies of renewal at extremely high velocities when doing the Ancient Egyptian Pole Balancing Exercise (see page 11 of the Emerald Tabelts Book for how to do this exercise properly) See the books link on homepage to locate the book.

If you have been receiving the white light white light while performing the Emerald Tablets Exercise and you receive little light, than this means the 2mev electrons have dropped down or gotton lower over a period of a few days.  When this trend reverses and the rise over a period of a few days, the energy is substantially stronger.  You can use
this chart to view this trend.

The 2nd Anti-Aging Doorway/Window

When there are between 4-8 C class flares or 80 or 160 sunspots, when the X-Ray background radiRion is above 4.0, and the Emerald Tablets Exercise is performed, after the exercise your physical reactions are substantially speeded up. This is because the faster or more high speed energies you can create, the more back in time energy is generated.  In this case the cells of the body are going back in time to re-align themselves with the original template of health, harmony and perfection. It's a fact that if you want to go back in time you need to travel faster than the speed of light.  I also do this exercise sparingly, and take 1 Teaspoon of the super flare herbal formula after performing the Emerald Tablets Exercise:

2 Vitamin C Capsules
A Pinch of Granulated Lecithin
Between 2.0 and 10mg of Vitamin B6
1/2 Teaspoon of Yerba Mate Herb
1/2 Teaspoon of Parsley Powder
2 1/2 Teaspoons of Brewers Yeast
1 Teaspoon of Echinacia Powder
1/2 Teaspoon of Brazil Nut Powder
3/4 Teaspoon of Chili Powder
3 Bromelin Enzymes
1 Teaspoon of Garlic Powder
3/4 Teaspoon of Corriander
1/2 Teaspoon of Clove Powder
3/4 Teaspoon of Rosemary Powder
1 Teaspoon of Basil Herb Powder

The Danger Periods

As for the “condition red” periods mentioned on this site, the body is most vulnerable always at the first condition red period or when 8 or more C Class solar flares start suddenly after the sun has been quiet for a while. This occurs most powerfully around February to April and again from August to September. To test this for yourself, do pole balancing when there are 8 or more C Class Solar flares and the X Ray Background Flux Levels are above 5.0, and also take some wheat, large amounts of peanut butter or raw peanuts at this time. You will feel that the energies occurring, instead of being "renewing" will make your body feel very nauseous or your body will have an "allergic" reaction. Than try doing it again when there are between 4 and 8 C Class Solar Flares with the X-Ray Background Flux Levels below 4.0. You will find instead that the energy is renewing, stimulating and recharges the body with extreme health.

So in summary, this “rejuvenative” white light energy is stronger between 4 and 8 C Class Solar Flares and even stronger when the 2mev Protons are above 8.5. Boosters include the of 4.0 or less, and when the cosmic rays have been rising consecutively for 3 or more days. When all these come together, the rejuvenate energy is so strong, I only need to hold in the “white light” to rejuvenate about 1/3rd less than usual, and the "charge" remains longer in the body than usual.

You can read a more in-depth summary of the stimulation energies by visting the Stimulation Page

Scientific Validation of Time Slowing Down

Because the pole balancing “white light” is amplified when 3 more consecutive days of cosmic rays are present, muons, which are made up of cosmic rays enter our upper atmosphere during what I term “cosmic rays storms”, when 3 or more consecutive days of rising cosmic rays. Upon encountering our upper atmosphere, they undergo “time distortion .” I believe that when there are 3 or more consecutive days of rising cosmic rays it creates more time dilation.

Articles: “The high count rate can be explained using relativistic time dilation. Einstein showed that time ticks slowly for particles moving at speeds close to that of light”. “ Cosmic ray muons and relativistic time dilation

Study of the effect of relativistic time dilation on cosmic ray muon flux

There is an excellent video that clearly explains how muons warp time and space in the video below. Just forward to 14:10 in the video below to see this time warp clearly explained.

The Phenomenon of “Time Imprints” from the Future

I believe that these energy peaks which occur from higher 2mev proton periods and higher KP periods are “compressing time”. This explains the “future imprints” received when pole balancing in the early mornings, especially during the period of spring. As a side note The Tibetan New Year also begins around this time of year. So it appears that Late February and March is the best time of year to put goals into action, and start new ventures, because you have "time on your side" this time of year.

As you get better at performing the Emerald Tablets at the end of the session, if a flu or other minor illness is about to become a long term illness, you will receive a small feel of this before it actually manifests. This is due to the Time Imprint energy (which we just covered) that comes from the future to the present. One of the best way I have found to thwart this is to boost my immune system with Vitamin C immediately after the exercise. This than means the illness will not manifest itself. This is much more common during the spring months (February to March) when bacteria is stronger in the air, probably due to higher solar activity.


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The Emerald Tablets

Because the Emerald Tablets Exercise works with the Geomagnetic Energy of the Earth, when the Time Imprints from the Future are felt, it is because the earth feels these events before they occur, and if you are doing the exercise, these events manifest themselves as future events occuring in the "Time Stream".  The Princeton Global Consciousness Project is already actively plotting these events before they happen. You can view their website and data at the following address:


The Source of Cosmic Creation

At 5:08 p.m. In California, U.S.A., during late October (the start of Autumn) Vega, one of the brightest stars in the sky is directly overhead. There is only one other period of the year Vega is directly overhead, and that is at 7:00 a.m. in late March (the start of Spring). This is why the refreshing energy from the Emerald Tablets exercise is stronger is the mornings in Spring and stronger in the late afternoon in Fall/Autumn in California.  Another anti-aging exercise that works extremely well is what I call the “Celestial Deltron” Anti-Aging exercise. This only works well at the start of Spring and Autumn in California. This is the time the bright star Vega is directly overhead.  You can find the times for your location here.

What are the Deltrons?

My theory is that when the 2mev protons are at higher levels, the photons come back to the present from the future, and “holding in the white light” “freezes” or compresses time. This “freeze” or compression of time “brings forward from the future” new renewing energies at a higher cycle rate of renewal, rather than the standard rate of decay and aging. This is because at the DNA sub-molecular level every living bio organism is constantly going through a rate of renewal. It is only the passage of time that causes aging. That is why time travel and anti-aging methods are so closely interrelated. This has already been proven in the lab where molecular time travel is occuring. VIEW ARTICLE - - - - "Evolution of complexity recreated using molecular time travel. Scientists find that small, high-probability mutations can produce complex system" I believe that this renewal energy comes from proteins. Because this rejuvenative white light is much stronger at higher KP periods (or when geomagnetic energy levels are higher). As the above article shows, geomagnetic fields cause chemical changes in the body which are occuring from protein interactions.

The first structure that is affected by geomagnetic energy is our eyes. Therefore geomagnetic activity and light are both interrelated, which is why geomagnetic storms cause the auroral lights. and because proteins are used to sense geomagnetic fields , it makes sense that certain proteins are used to sense geomagnetic fields, geomagnetic storms are affecting human consciousness, as light penetrates our bodies.

The method of pole balancing not only causes these changes to occur, but speeds up the process of renewal in the body. This is experienced as a ‘stimulating’ effect, where fatigue and aches and pains vanish completely after pole balancing. Maybe new forms of awareness are linked to healing. This increase of photons also occurs when cosmic ray particles have been increasing upon the earth for 3 days or more. This has the same effect as higher 2mev particles or higher proton flux levels.

Photons affecting time is already regarded as fact in the scientific community as this physics lecture shows: “A classic experiment to demonstrate time distortion uses observations of cosmic rays. Cosmic rays are protons and other atomic nuclei from outer space. When a cosmic ray happens to come the way of our planet, the first earth-matter it encounters is an air molecule in the upper atmosphere. This collision then creates a shower of particles that cascade downward and can often be detected at the earth's surface. One of the more exotic particles created in these cosmic ray showers is the muon (named after the Greek letter mu, μ). The reason muons are not a normal part of our environment is that a muon is radioactive, lasting only 2.2 microseconds on the average before changing itself into an electron and two neutrinos. A muon can therefore be used as a sort of clock, albeit a self-destructing and somewhat random one! Figures k and l show the average rate at which a sample of muons decays, first for muons created at rest and then for high-velocity muons created in cosmic-ray showers.” View the Article

So in conclusion the more photons you have, the more power you have to compress time or send energy from the future to the present. In this case, the increased photons are re-balancing the north and south poles of the body, returning them to pristine health, through forces that travel through time. It also explains the negative effect that occurs when you try to regenerate the body by holding in the white light when there are less cosmic rays, the xray background levels are above 4.0 and there are 8 or more C Class Solar Flares.

Because paramagnetic materials boost this "white light" considerably when the photons are at higher levels, this explains why placing granite on the chest and "holding in the white light" during higher photon periods amplifies the rejuvenative energy considerably. Paramagnetic materials come from the soil, so they have a natural affinity for holding ground like charges and "discharging" them into the body when the proper exercises are used. From experience I have placed paramagnetic materials on my chest, such as granite, which has boosted the “white light” renewal energies. This is because photons are attracted to paramagnetic materials as this Purdue University Article shows. “A single photon carries enough energy to excite two O2 molecules simultaneously”. 02 is water, of which our bodies are made up mostly of.

Because pole balancing involves resetting the bodies natural magnetic fields, is attracted to magnetic fields.

Another interesting fact is that higher Geomagnetic Activity as well as Moon in Perigee has been shown to Boost Emotions. An increase in emotions has been shown to boost the body’s level of Superoxide Dismutase, the powerful natural anti-aging substance. Because emotions are not ruled by time, this means that during times of medium geomagnetic activity or Moon in Perigee, we can use exercise and other forms of natural circulation to help create vibrant health and well being in the body.

Data Resources Courtesy of NOAA and Associated Space Weather Agencies

Moscow Neutron Ray Monitor

Daily 2mev levels

Real Time Sunspot Numbers and X-Ray Background Radiation Readings (courtesy of NOAA):

2 MEV real time and Forecasting (Courtesy of Space Weather Canada)

2 MEV real time and Forecasting courtesy of NSAS

Proton Flux Levels

KP Levels Real Time

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