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An Exercise to Create Physical, Emotional and Immune System Strength to the Body Return to Homepage

The Deltrons Exercise also called the Condition Yellow Exercise is the best way to experience this force/energy that is stronger during condition yellow periods. Here is the exercise:
How to do the Deltrons Exercise
While standing or laying down facing east, visualize a charged force that is in the air all around us, (these are known as Deltrons).  See this charged force expressing the attributes of the condition yellow or condition green color (attributes being physical strength and a strong immune system). Next visualize these Deltrons aligning themselves with the Cygnus Constellation, which is roughly overhead during late evening in October, and than visualize your heart/soul area aligned with these Deltrons and absorbing this new energy. Next visualize these Deltron attributes as a super-charged force from cosmic and earthbound forces realigning your cells and healing the DNA of your body with health, harmony and enhanced strength, health and well being.  Now visualize that new revitalizing energy flooding the heart/soul area with that new energy coming from the alignment. If you don't want to experience your soul flooding with this energy, than hold your arm out with fingers open, aligned with the Cygnus constellation and visualize this energy flowing down your arm and into your body. Next visualize the Deltrons fully expressing the attributes of the condition yellow or green color. Next see any excess energy after it has entered and charged your body allow them to express these attributes to their highest potential and "bleed off" into the local surrounding area you live in.  This prevents overcharging, which can cause fatigue and/or a depleted immune system. The following morning spend a few minutes recognizing on how refreshed and revitalized your body feels. This than completes the exercise.

Additional Notes:

This visualization exercise works best when not overdone, but done 2 to 3 times after 5 to 10 minute pauses. This can then be repeated every 2 to 3 hours while Cygnus is still visible in the night sky. The Deltrons exercise also works best just after a condition orange, at the first start of entering a condition green.  Use an online skymap to locate Cygnus in your location.
Below I give the constellation positions calculated for the state of Oregon U.S.A. The most powerful times are rising and overhead. All positions obtained using the Google android sky ap.  All rising and zenith periods are approximate according to the season:

The 2 Stars that have the most power are Cygnus/Vega and Sirius

October to December
Sunset - Cygnus/Vega Zenith (directly overhead), Sirius headed towards Nadir (directly under earth’s orbit)
1:00 am - Sirius rising over the eastern horizon, Cygnus/Vega headed just past Zenith (directly overhead)

January to March
Sunset - Sirius rising over the eastern horizon, Cygnus/Vega setting on the western horizon
Midnight - Cygnus/Vega sets in the north, 1:00 a.m. Sirius sets on the western horizon.(no zenith observed, similar path as the winter sun).

March to May
Sunset - Cygnus/Vega setting in the Northern horizon and Sirius is way past the Zenith (past its energy peak).

10:00 pm Cygnus/Vega rises above northern horizon heading easterly with Sirius /Orion setting west (due to the winter period, no zenith of Sirius is observed this time of year).
Midnight - Cygnus/Vega rises above northern horizon, Sirius/Orion setting on Western Horizon.

June to August
Sunset - Sirius setting on western horizon, Cygnus/Vega rising in the east
Midnight - Cygnus/Vega Zenith. Sirius Nadir (directly underneath earth)
.PLEASE NOTE SIRIUS/ORION rises at sunrise in early July, but because it does not do so at sunset or around midnight, which are the prime rejuvenation windows, they are not mentioned here.

September to October
Sunset - Cygnus/Vega Zenith. Sirius Nadir
Midnight - Sirius rising in the east, Vega setting in the north.

So practicing the condition Yellow exercises at sunrise or midnight according to these times is mist powerful.

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Research Results from past Condition Yellow Exercises

Research Results into the Condition Yellow Period Exercise on March 24th, 2013,
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October 16th, 2012
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