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Over a 2 hour period performed 6 Sirius Visualization exercises.  With a couple times using belief by believing my body to be in a peak state of health and well being.  These energies were higher, even with Sirius high above the horizon. Perhaps this is why sungazing works so well because sunrise/sunset are the times of healing energies. Although the energies are not as strongly felt as they have been between November and February.

Solar Conditions:
Solar flux levels were higher.

Cosmic Ray levels were higher

The energies are usually naturally stronger from November to February. If so, this explains why the condition yellows are maximized from November until the March equinox, because the meteor showers bring in more cosmic rays.


Awoke next morning feeling extremely energized with mental clarity, which only increased when I exercised. My body’s physical stamina and mental strength were also considerably strengthened. The only way I can describe these rejuveative sensations is they have a pleasant light tingling sensation that occurs throughout the body, which I feel is responsible for the healing effects.

Although I did not have the organic tofu/pinto beans/tuna amino acid combination, but had yogurt with parsley instead, and sunflower seeds in the late afternoon. I obtained plenty of amino acids from drinking lots of spring water, eating 1oz of sesame seeds and taking the condition yellow mix consisting of 1 Tablespoon of Brewer’s Yeast, Vitamin e, sesame seeds, potassium Glutonate and Spirulina. All these are high in amino acids.

Once again, after having breakfast the nutrient absorption  in the food was greatly increased, meaning my body was able to increase the absorption of the nutrients in the food eaten. This I determine to be a prime period to take foods and herbs high in trace minerals.

I have noticed that when the effects are stronger this resonation effect is felt up to 3 days after the condition yellow exercise has been performed. It resembles the charging of a magnet, which loses its polarity over time, as mentioned in the keys to life and death ancient manuscript.  

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