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Other Individuals Tapping the Energy from the Orion Constellation

In the Sumerian civilization, they describe Gilgamesh in an epic poem signifiying a dream of Gilgamesh where the hero is attracted to a "heavy star" that cannot be lifted due to its immense weight. This star than descends from heaven to Gilgamesh. When it reaches Gilgamesh, it is described as having a powerful "potent essence" or being the God of heaven. Gilgamesh is described as having 50 oarsmen in the great ship Argo (a constellation near Canis Major, where Sirius is located). This poem completely describes Sirius B, which is a super-heavy gravitationally powerful star, that consists of concentrated super-dense matter associated with the number 50 (its orbital period).

The Poem is called The Epic of Gilgamesh Tablet #1. Gilgamesh was part of an ancient peoples who lived before the great pyramids were built. "Mother, I had a dream last night. Stars of the sky appeared, and some kind of meteorit of Anu fell next to me. I tried to lift it but it was too mighty for me, I tried to turn it over but I could not budge it. The Land of Uruk was standing around it, the whole land had assembled about it, the populace was thronging around it, the Men clustered about it, and kissed its feet as if it were a little baby. I loved it and embraced it as a wife. I laid it down at your feet, and you made it compete with me."

And further down the tablet, it says this:
"he is the mightiest in the land, he is strongest, he is as mighty as the meteorite of Anu!" This is referring to the energies we receive from the condition yellow exercise where the body is extremely strong afterwards".

Additionally Transcribed Tablets can be found at:

Besides many other people talking about the energy emitting from this constellation, I wanted to share with you a notable person named Dr. Steven Greer, who founded CSETI. He also uses taps the Energy of Sirius/Orion for information.  In the video below titled on YouTube: SIRIUS DONOR 15 Minute Exclusive - Dr. Greer at Crestone CSETI Expedition, go to the 5 minutes 20 second mark, and he explains how he uses a similar technique to the condition yellow exercise to draw energy from the constellation of Orion. In this video, he calls these "Orion Transmissions" and uses a sphere in the desert to access them. Sirius is also very close to Orion, so this energy is very real and able to be tapped with the right exercises.

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 Additional Reading:
"Orion has previously explained that at ancient sites, healing energies are locked into the soil, the trees, the stones, and in the water. Each of these sacred places has a role to play in rejuvenation of planet Earth. We have been given detailed instructions on how to release those energies."
Source: Orion Transmissions

Because the Sirius Exercise is done during High KP periods, which is when earth's geomagnetic energy (earth's magnetic field) is higher, Dr. Greer has proven that this energy can also be tapped using Spheres, as he explains in the above video. Scientific research is now confirming that spheres have been used to amplify magnetic energy. So perhaps a condition yellow exercise can be induced without a higher KP, however this still leaves the solar wind jump. A new moon may be able to compensate for this. Further research is needed.

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