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Wormhole Theories, Sunspot Activity and Remote Viewing Stocks
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The WIM Formula

Wim is short for Wormhole Information Matrix. The formula is expressed as follows:

For a condition blue or Green and the Dow Jones to Close higher the Following Trading Day

A + M = Z. A is dependent on the amount of energy received by Z, in order for a clear information to be obtained. Where A represents a Peak in KP activity and M represents the condition color and Z the peak in 2mev or stronger solar flux periods that cause a condition green or blue to occur.

M is dependent upon the complete peaking of energy expressed by Z, in order for change of a condition color to blue or green to occur.

For a condition orange, red or purple or the Dow to Close Lower the Following Trading Day

Z can be interchangeable, having quantum properties, in that when Z becomes less stronger (dropping sunspots) and A shows a strong peak, M, representing the condition color will change to Orange, Red or Purple.

This means the ever changing state of M, not only contains quantum values, but is dependent on the sharp peaks expressed by both A and Z.

Where a condition yellow fits into this needs further research. Also Z, may also include 2mev particle peaks, although further research is needed to add this to the WIM Equation.

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On August 4th, 2014, EZ3DBIZ forecast that the Dow Jones would close higher at the end of the trading day which it did.  As a matter of fact 72 points higher than it opened.  Here is how we did it:

Please note this page is just a method that we use to forecast the future movement of the Dow, please see the forecasting page for the latest forecasts. To further improve accuracy, after reading the future solar conditions (which are shown a little later on this page), the results are than tallied against other forecasters of the Dow Jones Average, whose services are listed below:

Predict Wall Street

Dow Jones Forecast


CNN Fear and Greed Index

Solar Flux Forecast

And because weather changes in a local region reflect the sun&¦39;s solar flux, as we showed in a previous article, we can use the local weather forecast to further fine tune the sun&¦39;s solar flux drop.

If we see a more extreme change in the weather, than this is a clue that the energy is strong enough to signal that a cross point has occured.

By using the data below we can find out 3 days ahead when the solar flux starts to drop, giving us a rough idea of the completed peak of the cross point.

10.7cm Solar flux 3 day forecast

As a final analysis, the results are fine tuned according to solar conditions that affect the Dow Jones within the next 24 hours:

To further fine tune the cross point date, we can cross match the forecasted higher KP period with the higher 2mev levels to get a more exact match.  This is because on average, but not always, the 2mev levels will rise 3 to 4 days later after the peak in KP activity during a cross point period.

2mev Forecasting Links:

Canadian Space Weather Forecasting Resources

Colorado Space Weather

3 Day Advance Forecast by the Canadian Space Weather Forecasting Department

3 Day Advance Forecast Courtesty of NOAA

2MEV real time graph


A current Simplified Analysis for predicting future Dow Movements using the 2MEV levels.  

By including the 2mev levels, we can perform more forecasts without having to wait long periods for the cross points to manifest themselves.  This is a beta edition to see if we can get accurate forecasts by using the energy of the 2mev protons. 

Solar Flux

A stronger or recent solar flux (watch weather), will reflect the upcoming condition colors if they change suddenly, especially if the solar flux is 4.0 and rising and more optical the more quicker the change in the dow results.

A lower solar flux with a continuing condition color and high 2mev levels will amplify the current condition color.


These must show a noticeable &¦39;peak&¦39; like the KP peak levels.  Keep an eye on the 2mev forecasts. A high 2mev will keep the current condition color more stabel during the upcoming 6 hrs.


There must be a noticeable visible peak of 2mev (similar to the large peak of KP) within 24 to 48 hours of the KP peaking . The more visible the peak, the more accurate the prediction.  Higher KP expresses the condition colors in the present when 2mev levels are higher and with higher solar flux the condition colors from the future 24 to 48 hours out are expressed.

Based on KP Forecasts prepared by 

Northwest Space Associates (shows solar flux peak and KP peak): p.html

Department of the U.S. Air Force:

And according to the Geomagnetic and Solar Activity Forecast Service, we can see the long term forecast. 

This future information is based on the higher Solar Wind Speeds forecast  

Solar Wind Speed forecast by LockHeed Martin U.S.A.

Solar Wind Speed courtesy of NOAA

As this date approaches nearer and the U.S. Air Force Data becomes more clearer and refined, we than issue the final forecast 24 to 48 hours before the cross point date. 


Some of the more accurate values are:

Cosmic Rays will have shown a slight increase in last 24 hours:

Storm discussion changes to No Major Storm Values

Air Pressure Rebound or the air pressure will be very low or bottoming out

Leaving Mars 19 to 24 degrees or past 1/2 way 19 to 24 degrees

Declines in the Dow

Because the Main Cycles of sunspot activity that follow 11 year trends show a drop in the Dow Markets when a sunspot cycle is lower than the previous high, it could explain why the Dow closes lower 6 days after a KP storm. In a study for the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, Anna Krivelyova and Cesare Robotti found a connection between geomagnetic storms and stock market performance. Stocks tend to be negatively affected in the 6 days after a geomagnetic storm.
Paper at:


Further Reading:

Predicting the Dow Jones 48 hours in advance

Recent Cross Point Analysis:

Because we want to express our seriousness on perfecting this technology we are going to list our previous research efforts over the years, which may give some of our readers a hint on the effort we have gone through to create this new technology.

Please note, the below are all previous research articles and do not reflect the accuracy of our latest project which we believe has acheived perfection.

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