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Over the last 3 years has provided a daily health/behavior forecast based on solar conditions which are archived, so you can compare the solar weather against your sick days, goal making or other projects. Throughout the years of performing the forecast, a unique pattern has devolved that covers 3 main categories.  Health, Protection and Wealth.  Because these are major periods that cause solid events to develop ahead of time, we are going to change our forecasting model from daily health forecast to the previous 3 categories.
Because stronger condition colors cause events and affect civilization the most, EZ3DBIZ is going to simplify the forecasting process by announcing only those times the condition colors are strongest. For example: Stronger Greens and Purples mean more worldwide peace and harmony, Stronger Oranges more distress and violence and Stronger Yellows healing.

These are the 3 main event based forecasts explained in further detail:
1: Wealth. Cross Point Dates. These occur on average every 11 to 22 days and can be used to find out when the Dow Jones Industrial Average and Small Caps Market will close higher or lower 24 to 48 hours in advance.
2: Health. The Condition Yellow Period.  These occur on average every 11 days and are times to use this energy to bring significant health and healing to the body when the condition yellow exercise is properly performed.
The condition yellow period is a time that more energy enters our being.  Because our bodies act like antennas, the condition yellow exercise brings this energy into our being to create rapid health and healing in a matter of hours.
3: Protection. The Condition Orange Period.  Condition Orange Period.  This is a period we can use to enhance our personal safety by avoiding being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Our previous research has proven that if you are in a group of 8 or more people in a dangerous area and a condition orange occurs, you may be at risk of death from terrorism of similar related incident.  Therefore if you travel or are a reporter, this information can be of great value.

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