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Avoiding and Preventing Terrorist Attacks and Shooting Rampages.  How to Avoid Being in the Wrong Place at the Wrong Time Return to Homepage

Much suffering, physical and mental illnesses can be healed from having genuine heartfelt emotions of peace, love and compassion towards one another. One way to prevent terror, a shooting massacre or other large loss of life in our community, a peace and compassion meditation/visualization during these periods is one way to prevent these accidents/attacks from occurring in our community.

Our research proves that during condition oranges and yellows large gatherings of people may be subject to incidents of random violence, either through a lone gunman going crazy or a terrorist attack.  Because condition yellows create a huge alternate time line of universe energy, we have already proven we can mold and use this energy for anti aging and health.  Just as we use this exercise for prevention of disease and healing, we should also be able to use it to prevent us from being in the wrong place at the wrong time during condition orange or yellow periods.

Compassion transforms the emotions of malignity, cruelty, barbarity and savagery. Considering the billions spent on security, these techniques cost nothing and are 100% highly effective.


To prevent the attack or accident, we know that condition yellows “solidify the timeline” for the event to manifest 3 to days later.  If an especially strong condition orange periods is forecast, bring out the emotions of compassion and peace more during the upcoming condition orange period.

If during a condition orange period you are going to be around a large group of people in a unfamiliar location on that day performing a peace and compassion meditation before going out would shield you from danger. You can also use many of the fear release exercises to help release the fear that occurs during these times. HeartMath is just one exercise to do this, or perform a modified version of the condition yellow Deltrons Exercise, or use a global meditation and prayer website to connect with others.

Because emotion is not constrained by time, the more intense you can generate the emotion of compassion the less likely chance you will encounter danger. During this time increase your awareness of any suspicious activity in the area you will be in, and then increase the awareness of love, peace and compassion in the location you plan to be in, especially just before leaving to the area you plan to be in.

Considering the billions spent on security, these techniques
cost nothing and are 100% highly effective.

In many cases the future seeds of change are sown during strong condition orange periods, just as the seeds of change are sown during condition yellow periods. So it key that we don't let our emotions get the better of us. All healing stems from peace, love and compassion. If we want to prevent terror, a shooting massacre or other large loss of life in our community, a peace and compassion meditation/visualization during these periods would prevent these accidents/attacks from occurring in our community. It costs nothing but a few minutes of your time.

Until total peace and compassion exist between all people on this planet and we refuse to give into to our fears, this is one of the safest ways to remain free of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

If everyone read this and became aware of it, events such as the Boston Marathon Massacre or 9/11 could/may have been prevented, or the people performing these terrible acts would have a change of mind.  Emotions such as malignity, cruelty, barbarity and savagery are the core breeding essence for disease and ill health, especially if they are present during strong condition yellows and manifest at strong condition oranges.

Protection During War or Regional Conflicts

If you find yourself in a regional conflict, such as the current outbreak of war in Syria (as of 2013), or if you are a reporter in a war torn country covering the conflict during a condition orange period or certain strong yellows, the below phrase when repeated, as saved entire regiments from danger when repeated with meaning and intent: 

"Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil:
for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me."

This Psalm has been repeated in other situations as well here are just a few examples:

As a nine year old walking home with my parents and my brothers and sisters from a Sunday afternoon walk in the park, on reaching the corner of our block in a fifteen foot wide street, and, a family friends Cafe and boarding house, we were suddenly surrounded by 6 to 8 cars and tall strong looking men pouring out of the cars yelling all sorts of obscenities, and, rushing towards the door of the cafe. The yelling was mainly about the fact that we had to die to cleanse their land. As a way of thanking God for delivering us from danger, I went back into the middle room, turned on the light and read Psalm 23 three times, quietly with tears running down my cheeks. 
Source: King James Bible Online
Quote from another person who has used this psalm for protection
The power of this Psalm may be due in part to the fact that millions of people have used it over the past three or four thousands years and during times of distress, the energy of protection manifest when called upon. This means that it is what you believe in the most that gets results.  Just as there are Hindu mantras that also remove fears.  This means only when you give into fear, do you truly put yourself in mortal danger.

Another Source showing the power of protection from repeating this phrase:

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