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For Those of you new to this technology, recommends reading the following articles:
Predicting the Dow Jones 48 hours in advance
Recent Cross Point Analysis:
Next Future Cross Point Date:
Between August 4th and August 6th of 2014:
Based on KP Forecasts prepared by 
Northwest Space Associates:
Department of the U.S. Air Force:
And according to the Geomagnetic and Solar Activity Forecast Service, there may be a cross point occurring on August 1st, however this may not be the final point from which the solar flux drops.
The upcoming condition color due to manifest 24 to 48 hours after this cross point is forecasted to be a red or orange, indicating the Dow Jones or Small Caps will close lower on one of the days between August 4th to August 6th.  


This future information is based on the higher Solar Wind Speeds forecast for August 5th to 8th of 2014 A.D. 

Solar Wind Speed forecast by LockHeed Martin U.S.A.

Solar Wind Speed courtesy of NOAA

As this date approaches nearer and the U.S. Air Force Data becomes more clearer and refined, we will issue the final forecast 24 to 48 hours before the cross point date. Stand By..... 

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