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After researching the solar, lunar and celestial forces over the year, an interesting pattern begins to emerge. The Dow Jones Industrial average declines based on the CNN Fear and Greed Index. This means that the fear that is manifesting is occurring on a collective level which Jung referred to this as the "collective unconscious".

Also my research into solar influences on human health, has shown that the condition red and orange periods, which are a period of increased allergies, upper respiratory infections and bacterial infections would coincide with the CNN fear and greed index. When more fear was present, the condition red period would also be present. This collective fear would always cause a decline in the Dow Jones Industrial Average. The Great Influenza Pandemic of 1918 began just 1 year after World War 1 ended.

I conclude than that fear is one of the major causes of disease and
illness, especially bacterial infections

You can find the research tools used for this article located at this address: article only uses the most powerful tools that are constantly repeating themselves, making scientific validation possible for future predictions.

Planetary and Celestial Influences Causing Collective Fear

The planet mars approaching the angle of between 19 and 24 degrees is a period where the Dow Jones Industrial Average becomes weaker. This is also the period known as the Tetrahedral Angle, also called "Hyper-dimensional Physics". It is a period where an spherical objects surface releases a form of energy at 19.5 degrees. Some examples include solar flares and CME's of the sun usually occur at 19.5 degrees.

Another significant correlation to collective fear is are solar eclipses. Ancient peoples believed that an impending solar eclipse spelled disaster for their crops and created new diseases that were harder to cure, such as bacterial infections. This shows that it is impossible to completely cure disease, as new ones manifest over and over. The only cure for complete illness is on a global worldwide collective level. I believe that more of this positive trend of the collective unconscious naturally occurs during condition green periods, which are also a time of maximum health and healing of the body.

One of the most interesting aspects that occur during a solar eclipse is there is a drop in earth's magnetic field. Could this mean that the magnetic field of the earth affects the collective human emotional unconscious and when this field drops it has a collective effect upon the population exposed to it.

We can see just the opposite effect of this occurring when the KP values (earths magnetic activity) suddenly rises.  One of the best examples to view this is during condition yellow periods, when the KP values suddenly jump or rise unexpectedly.  This causes a rise in the Dow Jones.  So these sudden effects can cause a weaker or stronger dow jones.  A sudden rise in KP values causes the dow to rise and a sudden drop in KP values such as during a solar eclipse can cause a weaker dow jones.

Another component is the ionization levels of the solar wind. As our research has shown when the solar wind has become recently disruptive, it creates outbreaks of violence.

Because the latest research has proven that the >pituitary gland creates trust and our research has shown that the pituitary gland >is influenced by erratic and high solar winds, we draw the conclusion that during condition red, orange and certain yellow periods, it is a good time to incorporate more trust into one’s life to dissolve the emerging waves of fear.

We can also see this reflected in a longer term period by examining Caltech's 187 KEV Ion Flux levels. Whenever this overall trend is lower, the Dow Jones also becomes weaker.

fear and the sun fear and mars fear and solar eclipseWe can also see a weaker Dow Jones reflected in higher energy levels occurring at certain latitudes of the sun. This also seems to be an increased period of more collective fear. I show this higher period in the picture on the left. Current values can be found on the page below, courtesy of NOAA.

Also consumer confidence levels, when they are lower also reflect more fear.

Another factor that continues to repeat itself is when the planet Saturn is in the angle of 10 degrees and 38 minutes. It almost always creates a weaker Dow Jones average. The most being the week of April 2nd, where the Dow Jones Industrial Average became weaker after a strong solid rising streak.

in many ancient cultures the planet Saturn is feared, especially in Hindu astrology. In Roman mythology, Saturn is the god of agriculture.

Perhaps on a collective unconscious level, we are still acting on our ancient primitive fears. This is because our financial markets have only existed for about 140 years or less. Whereas our system and culture of agriculture has existed for thousands of years. This is because we know for certain how our crops will turn out (due to advanced weather forecasting and other methods), except for natural disasters, but the markets are more uncertain as to the future.


The good news most of these indicators are predictive. This means we can known in advance when the collective unconscious is likely to be affected by these forces. Invaluable information for those who oversee the public trust and confidence. Such as banks and other large organizations. It could predict likely times people would do a 'run on the banks' and so forth.

I strongly believe that many corporations in the fear business may be using these periods as excellent times to sell their security related products and services based on fear. So this also proves that when we have nothing to fear, the chances of major negative events occurring is reduced. The opposite of fear is trust. Trust is a powerful resonance of knowing things will turn out right. The other two are courage and love. But trust, which is a form of confidence, dissolves fear. Perhaps this is why our research into the Dow rising occurred during periods of more confidence. This always occurred when the sun was at certain angles. This angle is when the sun is between 0 and 7 degrees, another form of energy is emitted. Interesting to note that this is 1/3rd of 19.5 degrees. Or 7X3=21 degrees. So it is very close.

Perhaps the suns energy at this angle releases "good" energy affecting the collective unconscious, which overpowers the fear energy of mars. Maybe this is why Solar Eclipses cause such a huge drop in the Dow Jones Industrial Average, because the light of the sun has faded, and because during a new moon, there is less light from the moon, which also causes a weaker Dow Jones Industrial Average. You see the Dow Jones Index is an analysis of the collective efforts of industry working together. Collective fear would naturally manifest itself and show itself strongly in this sector, making it a great way to study the overall collective unconscious. As the economy grows and becomes more global, we can expect to see this trend continue.

So there you have it, the basics of where fear comes from and how to deal with it. With this awareness, you need not fear the future any longer.

Fear/Stress/Anxiety Relief Exercises

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