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As many of you are probably aware now, the rising of Aquarius in east at the Spring Equinox, heralds a new age, where technology, finance and social networks are transforming society each day and each hour of each day.

Because this is such a significant event and it marks the date of changes for the next approximate 2,000 years, I thought why not test the Quantum Entrainment exercise as certain constellations rise over the eastern horizon at certain times of the day.

One example where this is already proven is remote viewing works best when the sidereal time is 13:30, which is the time the Milky Way is just below the horizon. This is the period that the galactic center of our galaxy is starting to fade and set, just like our sun sets in the west at sunset due to the earth's rotation.

Another interesting feature is that the stock market represents the constellation Taurus, the Bull, which represents money.  Taurus happens to lie just above the constellation Orion.  And I have witnessed personally when the moon is in Taurus, which you can find using a Void of Course Calendar, that when the moon was in Taurus, and it was about 3 days after a full moon, when I was using radionics to manifest lottery numbers, they manifested extremely easy and fast during July when the moon was in Taurus. I always put the radionic rate up in the morning hours.  So when Orion was rising with the Sun during July, it rose longitudinally with the sun.  This I believe is like creating a huge mind amplifier or thought manifestation period.

In the United States, when the sun rises in July, Orion is also rising in the east.  This is called or known as a longitudinal alignment. And from my experiments with using the asteroid Europa aligned with the sun to perform works of art, the art is much, much more brighter and powerful.  See this article for more details:

So I have been testing doing the Quantum Entrainment exercise when Orion rises in the east. This is a period where fear dissolves and the resonance of trust materializes easier than at other times.   Around April 1st, on the west coast of the United States, it rises in the east around 11:20 a.m. I have found that the EU Feelings are much more stronger and powerful when doing the Quantum Entrainment Exercise around this time. And because Aquarius is the new constellation rising on the eastern horizon during the Spring Equinox, I decided to do the same with Aquarius rising in the east, which on the west coast is about 5:30 in the morning in early April.  I did the money multiplication exercise during this time, and had much success with it.

So I have divided these energies up into 2 categories :

1: Because Taurus and Orion are emotional constellations, performing the Quantum Entrainment or EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) exercises when it is rising in the east is very powerful.  If done when the moon is in Taurus, it is stronger, and if done during July at its peak of power. This is a period where you have more emotional fuel to help shape reality. Also it is easier to generate the power of trust and dissolve fears. Because the sun and Orion rise together in July, perhaps this is why the 4th of July holiday occurs, because it took great courage to write the constitution, which was not written based on collective fears. It is a great time to activate radionic rates to use for healing or nurture plant growth.

2: Because the energy of Aquarius represents creativity, the future intuition and intention, it is a good time to perform these works when Aquarius is rising in the east. On the west coast at midnight on July 4th Aquarius rises east.  This explains why the multiply money exercise works strongest around the March Equinox. 

Because this energy is composed of photons of light, when Orion is rising on the eastern horizon, and the sun is shining in the sky, performing exercises connecting with the sun work extremely well.


Exercises to Connect with the Sun and Solar Energy:

How To Connect With the Sun and Use its Energy

Basic Exercise to Connect with the Sun

Connecting with Constellations and Related Stars

I have also noticed that water will also absorb this energy. So you can mentally charge water charging it, and also leave the water out on the ground to absorb the energy on these dates.  This is similar to using the magnetic water that has powerful healing and rejuvenation properties.  This basically a jar filled with Iron Oxide and a bottle of water placed in it to absorb the energies coming from the sun. 

Learn how to Make Magnetic Water:

Getting back to using radionics in most cases, I would always get 3 out of the 4 lottery numbers, however when I did get 4 out of 4, it always happened around June/July, with the moon in Taurus and during favorable Electional Astrology periods. From what I can conclude, the unconsciousness is going forward in time and selecting the numbers in advance.  This could be how the basic aspects of astrology work.  When you perform certain tasks on favorable dates, the collective unconsciousness has more energy to allow a successful outcome to occur.

This quote from cafestrology sums it up well:

"The Moon is the fastest moving planet (luminary), and it is used extensively for timing in predictive astrology (in progressions, for example), horary astrology (charting the moment a question is posed), and in electional astrology (choosing the best time to do something, such as start a business)."
Source: Cafe Astrology

For those of you who want to know the times that Orion rises on the eastern horizon, you can use the Android Phone Sky Map.

Here is a video showing a crude, yet simple method on how to use it:

To get dates, use the Time Travel Feature on the Android Phone to find out the future positions of Orion rising and Setting.

You can also use many of the online astrology tools.  One is the Rise/Set/Transit Times for Major Solar System Bodies and Bright Stars by the U.S. Navy

The navy database does not list the Orion constellation on the menu, but you can use the stars Rigel and Betelgeuse, which is close to Orion to get Orion's time of rising in the east. Rigel rises first followed by Betelgeuse. It is a fact that the great pyramid of Giza and other civilizations based their buildings on the constellations of stars.  I believe they did this to tap the energy for many reasons.

From my research I have also found that working with the constellations at certain times, as well as doing the condition yellow exercises at certain times that these energies are very real. These exercises are simple, require no complicated rituals and work.

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