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My book Solar Visualization Tools for Health and Prosperity goes into more in-depth detail about how to apply these techniques mentioned in this article properly to achieve an increase in monetary income.

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New Updated Article on the Power of Multiplication Avaialble here. Published September 6th, 2013

The information in this article, as well as similar articles, has been complied into a new book published by The book's name is: Secrets to Creating Money Effortlessly using Lucid Dreaming. The first 3 chapters are available for free viewing by visiting the address below:

This article deals with multiplying Money, Food and Other Pieces of Matter using the Power of Aquarius and our Sun. Now, I don’t want this chapter to give the intention of greed or a “shortcut” to financial prosperity, but what is occurring at this moment in time is a transition from the age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius. What this means is that the Aquarian age is going to include a new form of awareness and substance that will make you prosperous if you want to develop a business or have more money in your life. Examples are the age of communication, where people are working together in groups, and green sustainable products and services. These are technologies and concepts that are here to stay, and when you understand the awareness that is emerging and that this awareness is what affects buying behavior, you can understand why the current system we have in place is starting to move towards this new concept and way of doing things. What this chapter does is show you the periods of energy when this awareness is unfolding and specific exercises that work and will multiply the current money you have into your life substantially. There are 3 periods that cause an amplification of intention or manifestation of money. The first is an increase in condition blue or the sunspot count, the second is the rising of the constellations Aquarius or Taurus over the eastern horizon, and the 3rd is the crescent and perigee moons. The next powerful period for monetary income gain is the constellation Virgo. This works especially well if you are in sales. Just as you do with rising Aquarius, when the constellation Virgo is also rising on the eastern horizon, perform the money multiplication exercise. See chapter titled "The Power of the Unconscious at Halloween" on how to use the Taurus constellation for manifesting goals. This is available in my book mentioned at the start of this article.

Using the Sun to Generate Wealth

Much like 4 sunspots cause a rise in the Dow Jones, when sunspot activity is just starting out or beginning, deposit 4 cents or $4.44 into your bank account, than have respect for the number four and its energy after the deposit. Don’t over respect it, just do it enough until you feel a “click”. Over the next few days money will flow your way through unexpected means and avenues. I don’t know exactly why this works, but it has always worked well for me, whenever I needed money in a hurry, this somehow causes a replication of the money that is deposited or spent into the bank.

The deposit of 4 cents or $4.44 into the bank (or a spending on a project) should be done before the solar activity is at 50% or less before its peak activity level. To put it simply a solar flare cycle starts small, than builds to a peak than recedes. Just before this peak is reached, is when the deposit should occur. The money will return to you in various ways.  If you are a business owner, usually in the form of new or increased business.  If you are not a business owner, than it will return to you in unexpected ways. Just be open and willing for the money to flow to you.

Below I have outlined the cycle of a standard solar flare. You can see in the illustration below the cycle peaks at 10 C Class flares, than declines. Although I have not tried it, it may also work for healing. By visualizing yourself healed as well as taking more healing foods as the solar cycle begins, it may accelerate healing for sick people.

The best way to look for a cycle beginning is to watch carefully the sun's solar flux, which I have shown below, and which is known as a condition blue. The first 3 days of a new moon also have the same effects as a condition blue, so this same technique also works well during a new moon period.

View the Daily Solar Flux Data Courtesy of NOAA

Expansion of Spirit/Matter

Because depositing money in a bank or other entity causes a replication of the money during higher solar activity, and because space is always expanding, due to our living in an expanding universe, does this mean that solar flare activity, or a more active sun, which sustains maximum activity every 11 years is helping to cause the expansion of our universe?  We know that a black hole, caused by a dying star causes a compression of space, time and matter, therefore wouldn’t the opposite be true, a more active sun, such as during solar flare activity, cause an expansion?  If this is true, than there would be regions in the universe where the rate, speed or flow of expansion would vary, or expand at different speeds.

It is a fact, that when you deposit money in your bank account, that initial deposit is lent out 10 times, and is known in banking circles as Deposit Multiplication.

True wealth and the flow of money into our lives is based purely on awareness. Human awareness at this time is undergoing a radical shift into a more sustainable and green lifestyle, which is representing the age of Aquarius. So any product that is green and sustainable or any type of awareness related to this, will get immediate attention and sell extremely well when the energy of Aquarius is present. This awareness is based on a change of frequency and the frequency is stronger at certain times of the day and is boosted when the solar flux of the sun is stronger, with a peak at the spring equinox or when a perigee moon is present. These 2 periods are when the power of the money multiplication exercise is strongest. Below are the 3 main "energized" periods that this energy flows strongest: 1: Spring. 2: Aquarius rising. 3: The first rise in the suns solar flux.

The effects of the Money Multiply Exercise are strongest at dawn March through May. When these periods overlap, the energies are maximized. When I first began doing this over 3 years ago, I decided, to try this same experiment with multiplying pieces of paper called money. I have had repeated success using 2 spectrums of the sun. The first period I have been using is when the sun's solar flux has been quiet for some period of time than starts rising again and the constellation is rising over the eastern horizon. During this "window" I hold a dollar bill in my hands and face east at sunrise while rubbing the dollar bill and visualize that it multiply, grow and increase. I don't overdo it, but only until I feel the right energy level has been reached. Overdoing it seems to "short circuit" the results. From experience sales in my business are always increased, it has never, ever failed, and is repeatable, as long as you follow the right steps. Maybe this is where the term "stretching your dollar" came from. From March to April this power to multiply is strongest. As an example of the daily rising of Aquarius in the east, in California it rises at 2:00 p.m.. I find the exercise the strongest when performed about 20 minutes before the constellation Aquarius starts to rise over the horizon. During the spring equinox, when this energy is at maximum it rises at dawn in longitudinal alignment with the sun. Perhaps when the Aquarian constellation it is aligned with the sun, it is why the energy is strongest. Another interesting feature about the sun’s solar flux is that I have noticed that if I break routine for a while, then get back into my routine, if the solar flux is high, re-starting routine is much easier. It is like the sun's solar flux has a memory and when we tap into our previous activity, our environment remembers this energy, and so the resonance returns more easily. It is like when you take a vacation from work, and you return and it takes a while to rebuild your momentum, if the solar flux is higher it takes less time to reestablish your routine. The money multiplication exercise works the same way. You start with a dollar bill, than intend it multiply. I hold the dollar bill facing the sun and visualize the dollar bill growing like the leaves on the dollar bill. If you look closely, you will find that every currency denomination from $1, $5, $10, $20, $50 all have leaves or trees of them. This makes it an excellent focal point to multiply it's presence.. If we use the moon, A waxing crescent moon or perigee moon periods with the constellation Aquarius rising in the east is a powerful gateway to generate wealth through the power of intention. Another good exercise is when Aquarius is rising, especially at dawn in late March, place your goal or intention written down on paper and plant it into the soil at the eastern edge of a rose garden. The best day of the week to do this would be Saturday morning at dawn and again around the September equinox. Roses magnify intention significantly. I have done this and it works very well.

I have also had much success using the Quantum Entrainment exercise to visualize complete financial independence and prosperity during this time. The Quantum Entrainment exercise always gets results, but the money can come in numerous unexpected ways, so you have to be prepared to expect the best way for it to come.

Another method has great results is:

In the morning as the sun is rising at dawn, face east and say “I open and invite prosperity and abundance to flow into my life.” Than rub the $1 bill or other note, visualizing the leaves that are on the note growing like the leaves of a tree. After this is done, face into the position the Sun will be at the time Aquarius is just coming up over the horizon. In California, this is approximately 2 p.m. Next repeat “I open and invite prosperity and abundance to flow into my life.” Than rub the $1 bill or other note, visualizing the leaves that are on the note growing like the leaves of a tree. When you visualize you doing that at 2pm, you are in essence already moving forward in time and the energy has ‘set’ itself in motion. Throughout the day if you want, you can always face the 2 p.m. position and repeat the above phrase. When you do this, new ideas, insights and other ideas related to wealth will flow into your consciousness. Also if you are already in business, your sales will increase.

How Money is Created Through the Power of Awareness

People buy according to their state of awareness. This awareness comes from the sun and influences purchasing behavior. We are entering a new period where the awareness of purchasing is moving towards green and sustainable products. This represents the dawning or age of Aquarius. This awareness increases when the sun is more active, or during higher periods of solar flux activity. Perigee moons also seem to boost this awareness, probably because a closer moon to the earth reflects more sunlight. Below are three main Periods I use with success:

Rising Aquarius = Awareness + Intention = Money Rising Sirius/Orion/Taurus = Unconscious/Radionics/Magick

The Cygnus constellation with peaking energy overhead at sunset in October = Rejuvenation of Body via the condition yellow exercise. The power to heal and regenerate the body occurs when the high energy constellation Cygnus-X is overhead. The power of using the unconscious mind and intention occurs when the Taurus constellation, which includes Orion and Sirius is rising in the east. Because Aquarius rising in march multiplies this money the strongest, it is because it is a green item or sustainable product. As the age of Aquarius represents a new era of green products and responsibility for the environment. As of 2012, Aquarius happens to align with the sun at dawn at the March equinox. As of November 7th, 2012 in California from 2pm to 3 pm , the Aquarius constellation is just starting to come up over the eastern horizon. When I face the sun and do the money multiplication exercise at these times, the money multiples through more sales, unexpected income and other sources which money just flows from. Also I have noticed that the energy flows forward in time. Sometimes in the morning I will orient myself to where the sun is going to be at 2 p.m. for that day and then do the money multiplication exercise. This has a powerful effect and sometimes the effects are felt even before Aquarius rises over the eastern horizon. Another power period is during the crescent moon, especially if the moon is in perigee. The power of the crescent moon in perigee combined with the rising of Aquarius is a powerful period to apply intention for money to multiply if you are selling green or sustainable items. From my experience, sales would drop in July because Aquarius is setting over the western horizon around the time I would start my sales of green products. You see, green and similar sustainable products and technologies respond well to money multiplication exercises when Aquarius is rising over the eastern horizon. To do this, the technique is quite simple. At the exact time the constellation Aquarius is rising over the eastern horizon, face east and rub a $1 bill intending for it to multiply. You will feel a charge occur around the bill from doing this. Do not over charge, but only intend enough until you feel the charge, than stop. That money will than multiply itself if you are selling green products. This site gives an excellent explanation of how Aquarius is affecting our current social and economic system:

The Power of Multiplying

Unlike awareness, multiplying uses the power of intention. Although they are both interrelated, multiplying money requires knowing the right periods of awareness to unlock the multiplying power, general multiplying of intention only requires knowing rhe proper moon phases or knowing when the sunspots are growing in size or strength. We have all heard the stories of how some saints multiplied foods, and the biblical stories of Jesus where small amounts of bread and fish were multiplied into larger amounts. These foods all have one thing in common, they are high in protein. I believe that proteins are affected by intention. Because the sun's energies work best with repetition, we can multiply certain pieces of matter to cause an expansion in their present state. During condition blue periods, miracles are more common: As quoted from US

"Eleven miracles occur when our sun is in Aries. This is when the sun crosses the vernal equinox and when daylight hours start to exceed nighttime hours. The sun has conquered darkness." This is at the Spring Equinox. "One miracle occurs when the sun is in Gemini. It occurs just before the summer solstice." "When we tally the miracles, there are twelve miracles when the sun is stronger and gaining on the dark forces and then there are six miracles when the sun is descending and losing to the dark forces." The spring equinox is also a time many cultures start their new year.

In a 100 period as the sun rises in the east with the Aquarian constellation moving more towards the north and Pisces moving the other direction, the constellations move only a few degrees east spring equinox, but the effects are dramatic. Unlike the moon where the effects are felt quickly due to the close proximity, constellations are huge masses of stars emitting large amounts of energy, so only a few degrees of change cause are all that is needed to cause major changes. From experimenting with putting intention into matter during the last 3 years, I have discovered that matter appears to stretch/expand/multiply during condition blue periods, which is the same time the sunspots are growing, especially using foods high in proteins, such as nuts or barley. I have also found it a powerful time to perform mantras or chants or healing visualizations. At the first increase in the solar flux after solstices/equinoxes doing the multiply intention exercises work best, especially when the KP levels are higher. I believe KP is a kind of "motivational" energy which boosts the effects. Perhaps motivation is a form of "sun food" that responds to our intent. A condition blue period is a time for miracles. During this time verbal, mental and physical energy to multiply my intention can also get results. If I am doing sales, I clearly focus more on selling to my customers using the above methods, and when I put the above forth actions with intention behind it, sales are multiplied every time. This period also works well multiplying proteins. To multiply proteins, I take nuts or other foods high in proteins and shake them in a bag, intending they multiply and expand their presence and that's all, and the mass appears to "expand". Saints can do this also, and it is how certain saints even today can feed large numbers of people with small amounts of food. The effect is the same. In the biblical story of Jesus, we see this multiplying effect when he turned water into wine. What most likely happened, was a little bit of wine was poured into ordinary water, than intention applied to have it multiply. Once again we see the rule of starting with just a small amount, than using intention to "scale up" the result. I have also discovered that the moon also carries with it "intention fuel". This is just before the Crescent Moon. This symbol is famously seen on Outhouse Doors and is the symbol of DreamWorks pictures and many religious organizations. The second period intention is strong is just before and during a 1/2 moon, when the moon is headed towards perigee. The type of intention that works during this period is the condition blue or physical intention. This multiply effect is seen when potatoes are planted during a perigee moon, during this time, smaller, but more potatoes occur, whereas at apogee moons, fewer bit larger potatoes occur. Reference Source:

So in conclusion, different constellations affect overall awareness of the population, influencing buying motives or giving us an opportunity to multiply foods. This energy is partly fueled the energy from the sun, and can be harnessed daily, as long as you know when the constellation is just starting to rise over the eastern horizon.

How To Bring More Energy to Your Mantras or Chants to Fuel Change Faster

Mantras and chants work well using the power of our unconscious minds. Chants for wealth and money if you are selling geen or sustainable products are maximized when the constellation Taurus is about 20 minutes from rising over the eastern horizon, especially during condition blue periods. Mantras work well chanted with with faith and meaning behind it. This result is further amplified when I chant the mantra inside a stone circle during a condition blue Using Radionics or the 2 Point Technique to Manifest

The reason mantras/chant work so well when a particular constellation is at the right degree, is because the message represents the emerging awareness. This represents the energy of Aquarius, or the green revolution and sustainable products and technology. So whenever a chant or visulization related to the properties of a constellation that is rising on the eastern horizon is performed, the visulization and resulting effects are significantly enhanced and amplified, allowing faster results with less effort.

As Taurus rises, which rises along with Orion and Sirius, especially it is aligned with the sun or moon, known as a lunar or solar ingress I use radionics or the 2 point technique invented by matrix This energy maximized during July, because the sun is rising with the Orion and surrounding constellations at dawn in July. Quote: “Dr. Richard Bartlett tells in his seminars of people who’ve tried Matrix Energetics even without taking one of his seminars, and had immediate results. To their own surprise, they were soon facilitating remarkable transformations”

In Disney’s Pinocchio, based on a story written by Freemason Carlo Collodi, Gepetto prays to the brightest star in the sky for a “real boy”. The Blue Fairy (her color is a reference to Sirius’ light-blue glow) descends from the constellation to give life to Pinocchio. Sirius therefore represented as a source of life, guide and teacher. The constellation Taurus lies very close to Sirius and Orion. This constellation rises just before the Sunrise in early July. This means even before we put forth an intention, it has already been partly formed in the dark part of our unconscious mind, which we cannot consciously access. I have noticed that when I use radionics around this time of year (late July), the results are far more impressive than at other times. I got the best results about 3 days after a full moon, with the Moon in Taurus on a Monday morning. The fastest and most accurate results were obtained when I removed the radionic rate, shut it off and than forgot about it. Kind of like detaching from a goal so that it can manifest. When you use radionics to manifest, you are using energy from your unconscious and bringing it into your awareness. The chapter The Power of the Unconscious at Halloween goes into more detail about this. Below are some dates for Taurus rising in California:

6:30 pm Nov 7th, Taurus comes over horizon. 4:30 pm Nov 27th Moon rises exactly on eastern horizon aligned with the moon.

This means around Halloween, Taurus is rising in the east at approximately sunset. As we head towards December, Taurus rises in the east rises earlier and earlier. This is where Halloween comes from. Our unconscious representing it's desires rising to life again. These dates are known as Lunar Ingress dates. I use a void of course calendar to get the approximate dates, than a star map app on my phone to find the exact hour of rising over the eastern horizon. Self-hypnosis is another method that is fueled by this specific time period. a So three mind tools have maximum power at this time, radionics, mantras and self-hypnosis. So in conclusion it appears that the energy coming from various Constellations is representing various states of our awareness, just like the condition colors have effects on moods and health of the body. When we combine our mental focus at the right time according to the type of energy emanating from a particular constellation as it starts it's rise over the eastern horizon, we tap into some very powerful mind tools.

The information in this article, as well as similar articles, has been complied into a new book published by The book's name is: Secrets to Creating Money Effortlessly using Lucid Dreaming. The first 3 chapters are available for free viewing by visiting the address below:

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