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The information in this article, as well as similar articles, has been complied into a new book published by The book's name is: Secrets to Creating Money Effortlessly using Lucid Dreaming. The first 3 chapters are available for free viewing by visiting the address below:


Money has Polarity

When u receive new money from your efforts it is in a neutral state. Money becomes polarized with the intention we put behind it when we spend it. Polarity is what causes magnets to attract metal to them. Spend with a mindset of lack and fear and the money will attract those things to you. Spend to prosper, to better yourself, grow a business and improve the world and that is what will flow to you.

The majority of money blocks stem from events that happened early on in childhood.  Once these negative traumas are brought to the surface and dealt with, the money blocks cease. You can tell if you have a money block because when money starts flowing effortlessly, you will experience a deep crises, causing the flow to begin to stagnate.

Everyone has been born to work towards the great work which is to recognize God in oneself and all living beings. Once you see the divine in all, \your heart then expresses pure love and all actions become true service to God. When you focus on projects aligned with this purpose, you will never be short of money or resources.


When you can look at others who are poker then you and be grateful for what you have, such as your gifts and talents and have the confidence that if you ever lived in poverty you could do so without fear, than you will experience true and lasting wealth.  If you feel thoughts and shame of living frugally accept them. This is why people who live modestly without feelings of shame or fear are always wealthy long term. Anything built up out of fear or shame will always become old and crumble.

Money Does not Change who You Are it Transforms the World

Some people are afraid of money because it would change who they are or create added responsibilities and worry and fear about loosing it. Wanting money and with being honest with yourself while discarding beliefs that are holding you back are the key to opening the flow. Some if us believe that to become truly wealthy we must sacrifice part of our inner soul, compromising our integrity and values, causing a loss of our individual identity. Some of us think that receiving payment for our works of art or creative efforts would stain this integrity, so we end up rejecting the monetary success it creates. Other people stick to the adage "doing it for the love of art" We think that by accepting payment that it would "taint my integrity diminishing the value of my created works." Thoughts such as these cause a disrespect and hate for money, no matter how small the amount.  This is because your inner fire and creativity created these works and the universe wants u to be happy and receive divine monetary compensation for them. When your works start attracting interest it is because there needs to be an exchange of money from the energy, time, relationships and money spent on the works you have created. It moves you up a step in the ladder towards greater freedom, allowing greater development and realization of your potential and talent. It is our fear, thoughts of lack, worry and anxiety that drain these talents and energy. A lack of interest in money can create a disdain for it, as well as sabotage your steps towards success.

Artists in particular usually have 2 major money blocks

 1- They feel unworthy of receiving compensation for what they have created.

 2 - They fear "contaminating" their works by vowing to remain as close as possible to remaining perfectly "high and noble", and not allow themselves adequate exposure of their works to the outside world for fear of rejection.

In essence, a way to remedy this is to readily admit to your mistakes and failures, have a sense of humor about your defects and give yourself permission to be who you truly are. Both of these blocks can also be easily overcome by taking more risks and seizing opportunities the moment they arise. There is nothing wrong by adhering to ones morals and values, they are what continue to fuel our talents and gifts. It is only when we don't allow ourselves to detach and let go that money blocks occur. Understand that your gifts exist to share with others so they may delight in your talents and become inspired a d healed by your works. When you can come to the realization that money truly affords you to live, create, share, be generous, live from the heart, to be spiritual, which are the qualities that money can afford you to truly live as you want, you will feel ashamed for discarding your gifts and talents and feel superficial. In short a rich and abundant lifestyle is both noble and desirable and obtainable by anyone who truly desires it.

In summary -

You can do more good and help far more people when you are wealthy. Artistic talents and works have real value and deserves monetary compensation just as any other job or profession. We are truly meant to be rich, to do all and have it all. Money and spirit are the same. They exist as the energy currency of our lives

Intelligence and Money

People who have lots of money are mistakenly seen as successful, when in fact some rich people are unhappy and have a medium to high suicide rate. It is extremely easy to overlook this small, but powerful fact when we see people with money and connect them with as having lots of money with being successful. (Suicide Rates Higher For Americans Living Among Wealthy Neighbors: Study) It is the extremes that is occurring in their life that makes them appear successful.  Perhaps their idea was so urgently needed at that time in history that it created many millions of sales, which is an example of extremes.  The mother bringing up her children the best she can is just as successful as the person who mows your lawn.  Although their work is not experienced by millions of people in a short period of time (due to it not being the same extreme), the person who put forth an honest effort, doing the best job possible and with joy in their heart,  is what makes a person truly successful.

True financial freedom is not about having excessive large sums of money, but instead true financial security comes from living within your true means.  This means having enough to meet your basic needs.  Anything beyond this and your excess purchases will only serve to satisfy your ego.  Your possessions than begin to own you, making your life emotionally miserable and unbearable.  If you happen to win the lottery, your best bet would be to put the money away for a period of time (a minimum would be between 3 months and one year), until your body's vibration gets used to the large amount of money. Than allocate enough to live off the interest and send the excess to a worthy charity.  You will not only live happier, but be free of the need to satisfy the ego and have your possessions own and control you.

Success and Failure. Treat them both the Same

The same feelings of satisfaction and accomplishment on your way to success as you do when you succeed. Quite simply after you succeed at something you feel really good. If you get up to succeed again, you once again embark upon a journey to do so. Along this journey sometimes you are going to fail again, however, as long as you can keep up the feelings of satisfaction and joy along the way, even when the going gets tough, you are experiencing the true foundation of success. Because along the way, you experience small successes also. The key is to treat both when you succeed and when you fail and are on your way again with the same mindset. This balance is key.

Many people don't feel worthy of enjoying life's success because early programming has taught them to compare themselves to others. The key here is to not compare yourself to others.

True success is not about how much money you have, but putting forth the best effort you can doing what you love and are talented at.  It is no matter what the pressures, you continue on doing the very best and/or using the very best quality ingredients to make the best product possible and /or do the best job possible. NO matter what the emotional struggles or issues, how you keep your state of mind in situations that turn ugly or challenging will determine your future success.  This is the core of any success.

Being smart does not guarantee you a long life filled with financial fortune.  In a study known as the Terman Study,( researchers found that very smart people did not outlive those whose lives were successful in their careers. They were stumped as to why the very smart middle class people did not live as long as those who were stressful or had accomplished a great deal in their life, either in business or career wise. This was the fact even though their surroundings and standards of living were similar.

Their study concluded that conscientiousness is a strong predictor of longevity.  It was their conscientiousness that brought them professional success.  Other factors that contributed to career success included ambition, coupled with perseverance, impulse control and high motivation boosted a resilient work life.

The study showed that men who were unsuccessful in their careers were also very unconscientious, especially in their childhood.  If they were both unconscientiousness and unsuccessful in their careers, they were especially prone to die before reaching the age of 60 years. They also discovered that those who moved among various jobs with no clear progression were less likely to live long lives compared to those who accumulated a stable career with increased responsibilities in their chosen field. This longer term responsibility offered them more challenges which can be good overall health.  This is consistent with our findings that short term stress is good for health, compared to long term stress which is not motivated by challenges.

Another interesting fact is that people who live in a society with high inequality (a large number of very rich and a large number of very poor) have shorter lives as this study shows. In the United States the very wealthy die at a rate of 912.2 per 100,000 and the very poor at 883.3 per 100,000 people. To date more than 170 studies support this finding.

Where do feelings of unworthiness come from?

Comparing yourself against others breeds emotional feelings of low self esteem, especially unworthiness. Admit to your mistakes and failures, have a sense of humor about your defects and give yourself permission to be who you truly are.

Overwork Fuels its own Self Sustaining Cycle

If you never take the time for quiet reflection, or are constantly rushing about, or constantly "working" and ignoring the inner voice within you, than you will miss those golden opportunities to be more easily able to connect with your inner prompting that provides you with rich, exciting ideas that are intelligent and that will make your life much easier and richer in the long term.  It is better to devote a minimum of 10% to enjoying isolated periods of silence, relaxation and rest.  This will than generate a flood of new ideas that will free you from your work routine and help you develop an idea that will allow it to work for you, giving you even more free time over the long term. 2016 is an especially good year for quiet reflection and contemplation.


What is Faith?

Faith is the perceiving power of the mind linked with a power to create substance.   

Those who Condone Others and Criticize Will Always be in Debt

It is impossible to condone others constantly and remain debt free.  In condemning others, people are only passing sentence upon themselves.  Instead, if you have debts give thanks for for the trust that brought you the money.  A good phrase to help get out of debt is to repeat the following phrase "The same divine trust that first motivated this debt is now mightily at work clearing it up for the highest good of all concerned."

Larger Requests Require More Power

The very wealthy think big, and there is a reason for them thinking big. As you continue to grow and encounter larger and larger experiences, you must also allow the flow of energy to widen.  This can only be achieved by making your intentions and requests powerful.  Most important of all you must genuinely open yourself up to genuinely being open to receiving the good flowing to you. Know that you are worthy of all the flow is giving and guiding you. If you continue to harbor the fear that someone in authority is not allowing you to enjoy and bask in this flow, than you must abandon this fear immediately.


Don't Set Long Term Goals

I have discovered that focusing on my short term goals, giving them energy allows them to manifest fast.  Long term goals should be transformed into objectives, expansion and growth instead. Don't set goals create objectives instead. When you focus on a goal you are focusing on what you don't already have and the mind only focuses on lack. To establish an objective allow the thoughts to come first than allow emotion and desire to enter into the picture. This is similar to the quantum entrainment technique discussed in an earlier article. The thoughts that establish your objective should begin with the good you can being people the world and the marketplace. Focus on profitability and growth instead of goals. Be sure to believe in yourself and have lots of confidence in your long term objective.  It won't manifest without hard work, effort and honesty along the way.  You may have to make sacrifices but remember these are necessary to create a reputation as being reliable. You will go much further (especially in business) if you start a business to help people by delivering the best product to the market place. Help people get what they want and you will get rich during the process

As you near the completion of your objectives it is important to learn to detach, release and let go, allowing it to fully come to into fruition. Remember that staying focused too hard on anything will actually repel what you are trying to achieve. That is why letting go is key.


Removing Thoughts of Lack/Being Broke

If you find yourself with short of money instead of saying, "I'm broke again", say instead "I am an offspring of God, therefore my natural ability to think is to think as God thinks. Therefore my true thoughts cannot think of any lack of limitation."

Another Good prayer to reinforce thoughts of plenty is: "I am always provided for because I have faith in thee as my omnipresent abundance"

Creating a Divine Altar

This is not designed for you to "worship money", but instead a special space set aside that allows you to create the flow of appreciation of increased money flow into your life. To create your Divine Altar, the money that you receive as spare change from shopping place a portion of this money on your altar.  Surround your alter with beings, archetypes or archangels that you love and respect.  As you place the change in your altar, repeat the following to the beings "I give thanks for the exchange of energy representing my efforts.  I love you.  I thank you. I trust you.  I enjoy you and I respect you."

Showing Sincere Appreciation for the Expression of Life

If you cannot admire and have appreciation for genuine beauty around you it is going to become much, much harder to count your blessings. Counting blessings leads to increased wealth. This includes the beauty in nature and the appreciation of craftsmanship from nurturing talent. Appreciate it's beauty and power whenever you encounter it's expression, and you will continue to reap its rewards.

The law of supply and increase unfolds at the same rate as the need or ability to use the substance is developed. This means if you have a future plan or grand vision, and put serious effort into it, the money will materialize.

Intention Flows Like Electricity

Intention acts like electricity, it attracts to us what we intend. When electricity flows through a wife it creates an electromagnetic field. When we project our intention, it attracts to us what we have been focusing on the most.

Learning to Detach and Let Go

If you are an artist or writer or produce your own items for sale, it is key that you allow a period of detachment from your items to occur. This increases the rate at which your items will sell and makes your items "come alive". I like to use the following affirmation on my finished works "I detach, release and let go of my works surrendering them to my higher good allowing them to fulfill their purpose as god and the universe has intended them to be."'

Learning to Save Grows your Money

You will find when you save even a small amount of money each month how it will grow. Without self discipline you'll never have enough savings.

The Solid and Lasting Path to Wealth

Creating an honest long term income that stays with you is not about rushing ad working yourself to death. Instead it is about finding a need, fulfilling that need and making yourself and your solution(s) readily and conveniently openly available so people can quickly pay for what you are offering which in turn fulfills that need. There is always someone willing to pay for the gifts you possess, the solutions you've discovered and the ways to save time and money, which solve that person(s) problem.

Once your solution has been acquired, use media outlets, do videos offer advice on message boards so people can be aware of the solution(s) you have to offer. It is also important you believe in yourself and your solution.

Finding a solution to a problem "closes the connection" as in the process of magnetic connection, it "completes the loop which yields you money. Put forth the best effort you can, yielding quality information and solutions that is easy for people to understand and interpret. Over time allow this presence of the solution(s) you are offering will tend to magnify itself larger and larger, creating the necessary momentum needed for growth.


A scary word for some, tithing establishes a firm connection to the source from which our prosperity springs. It also creates a power of expectation of coming prosperity and your faith will grow stronger. Indigous cultures believed 10 is the number of increase and many people who understand tithing, suggest giving back 10% of all sources from which your income comes from. All sources of income should be tithed.  You should give to the source of from which you receive spiritual nourishment.  This could include your  church, book authors, spiritual practitioner or teacher.  The best time to tithe is when you are dead broke.  This is because it is a time you want to have more faith.  What better way to increase your faith by giving away 10% the money you have?  It also creates a power of expectation of coming prosperity and your faith will grow stronger.  This is because you need to have faith in order to manifest your dreams and for your goals to materialize.  Tithing strengthens your faith.When giving to the poor, you should do so without any attachments, obligations or expectations of how the money is to be used or appropriated. Detach yourself from the outcome as much as possible.  If you feel the person you are giving the money to is going to use it for drugs or other bad things, listen to and trust your heart as to whether or not you should give.  



Many people misunderstand the true meaning of surrendering. There are rare times when you need to surrender to a situation. Surrender does not mean giving up, or taking on more than you can handle, than quitting. If your life is intolerable or unsatisfactory, surrendering to the power and presence of god within you will break the chains. True surrendering has the same effect as taking an intentional action by connecting you with the source energy of being. A good phrase is "I unconditionally surrender to the divine power and presence of god within!"


Using Prana, QI Energy for Money and Manifestation

If you choose to make money for your income remember theses exists two forms of energy that you can put forward to make money. You may find in your life you may start out using one form and then later in life the second from.  Just remember that balance should be necessary for money to continue to flow your life. Let’s take a look at what these forms of energy are.

There is a all encompassing force, an energy if you will, that pervades our reality.  As this energy enters and flows throughout us and our lives, we use our awareness, focus, thoughts and intention to direct it.  This in turn creates our perception of reality and in turn how we deal with and mold life's events.  The Chinese refer to this energy as Qi, and the Hindus call it prana. This energy can also be used for healing, health  and strengthening the body, we can also direct it to create a strong flow of money in our lives. When using this energy to generate money in our lives, we must first understand it is divided into 2 parts.  The first part is using this energy to access the creative plane to create works in our lives.  This could be artwork, writing, music etc.  The second part is using this energy in a face to face direct manner.  This is in the form of contracts, sales the formation of new enterprises and the like. You will encounter a bit of both throughout your life as you are learning to make money.  It is a fact a bit of both of these are necessary for the flow of money to occur.  If you were an artist or a writer you would be making money using the creative plane and if you were a car salesman you would be making money through sales and contracts.  

The goal for most everyone is to allow the money to flow from works created by accessing the creative plane, because it appears to flow more freely and in greater amounts over the long term.  Picasso is an excellent example, who created great works that now years later are worth a great deal. However at times you may need to sell your work to get the flow going, which is why sales is a necessary part for the creative plane to exist. If you find yourself with an excess of money at times in your life, ask yourself “What is all this excess money for?” Answer: "Money is a tool for anyone who desires it to live an inspired life". You can learn more about how to turn QI energy into Wealth Energy by reading The Science of Getting Rich by Mr. Wattles.  His book can now be read for free online.  Just do a google search for The Science of Getting Rich .pdf

Treasure Maps

A treasure map is a simple way of putting down on paper what you expect to happen in the future.  The best way to do this is to make a color drawing or use pictures cut out from magazines of what you want to expect to happen to you in the future.  You can even use more than one picture on the same page. For example, divide the page into 4 parts. One could be meeting the ideal partner, the other travelling around the world, the other paying cash for your home and the other you in perfect health. When making your treasure map, it is key that somewhere near or in the picture you write down thankfulness for having already received it. This is known as "thanking the divine in advance" for it having already manifested.  Write under each picture "I give thanks for the immediate fulfillment of all these requests in divine order through divine love". Now hang your treasure map where you will see it most often. This can be on the refrigerator door, a door or any location that you find convenient for you. By keeping the faith, in time your treasure map will fulfill your expectations.


Cleansing The Money Your Receive

When you first receive money, it has power from being handed from person to person as well as the energy from the transaction. It is important to bless any money you receive so the effects it has on you will be positive. Repeat this blessing when you receive a large sum of money: "May this money be purified of negative accumulations and be barged with the divine emery of light and love. May these funds be used for the benefit of all beings and for the glory of the almighty power in the universe."

Using Visualization to Create Your Goals or Manifest Your Desires

We think in pictures and our imagination guides us when we think thoughts regarding the future. The increase that all people are thinking is coming from the urge of universal spirit seeking expression through them, telling them to rise to higher levels. One way to use this spirit is to visualize what you are seeking followed by feelings of joy and restlessness and feelings of already having achieved it in the present. Contemplate a happy outcome. Continue until you have obtained the feeling, than do no more. Repeat up to 3 times daily for best results, as the exercise works best every few hours apart rather than a long hard session once per day. 10 to 15 minutes each 3 times daily is all that is necessary to start transforming your life.

Learning to Dowse

This method can be used not only to find water, but also to find buried treasure, lost objects or other methods where you have a large area that may be too big to cover with just one person or a small group of people. For example if a cattle rancher has some of his cattle missing and the ranch covers thousands of square miles, than you could use dowsing to find the missing cattle. All you do is have a topographic map of the region and run your wire over it until the wire "dips" to the location.  Let's learn how to dowse for underground water.

Pick a copper wire and as you walk throughout an open field, say to your subconscious mind "you will get firm and rigid when we are near water.  You will point to the exact spot where the water is."   Now when you have located the water, if you want to know how many feet deep down the water is, affirm to the wire "each tap of the wire on my leg represents the number of feet down the water is located."  If you don't want to use your leg, than place the map on the ground and repeat "the number of taps on this map represent the number of feet down the water is located".  That is all there is to it.  It is simple and a remarkably good way to save lots of money and time in looking for lost things, or things you cannot see.

Fear of Succeeding. Fear of Failure

Many people are afraid of their true potential.  This fear comes from their ego.  Your ego's main source of energy is fear.  It cannot experience pure awareness, and because of this, it is the only weapon you have against your fear blocking you from achieving your true potential. You want to really be happy to flee from experiencing this fear that clouds you from enjoying your true goals and wishes. This creates a self-sustaining cycle and goes round and round until you have learned to experience pure awareness.

This new awareness dissolves your fear and leads to fulfillment and satisfaction of your goals and wishes. WE MAKE THE DECISION TO LET IN THESE FEELINGS OR REJECT AND DISMISS THEM.  If you allow your perception of your current finances to arouse anxiety, frustration or anger (which can happen from filling your mind with excessive negative media and programming), it will only make things even worse and support the program of those creating the fear and perception of lack to feed not only your ego, but theirs as well. The truth is there is more than enough for everybody on this planet, with enough left over to more than enough support a future that can make a true utopia on earth for all. It's up to us to reject or accept this truth.

Let's find out the root cause of these fears and blockages.  Lack of money almost always contains 2 parts. 1: What is causing the problem (the logistics) and 2: The worry, anxiety and fear that feeds of the causes of the problem.  Very simple, but it is the self continuing cycle that makes it look complicated and like there is no way out. So the cure is very simple, identify what is causing the fear, than work on solving the logistics of the problem. This than creates the opposite effect, you create a cycle of continued financial support and abundance, as you begin to listen to your higher self and take on new opportunities that come your way.

Self esteem is also a key part.  One of the best ways to boost your self esteem is through the use of affirmations. Listed below are some of the best. Write them down, record them and play them back, or just read through them when you feel the urge.

I am worth my weight in gold.

I am worthy of love, kindness and respect, regardless of what I have done.

I am worthy because I exist.

I honor myself and treat myself with respect.

I am worthy of the life I say I want.

I value myself and I know what is best for me.

I am confident in my ability to make my life work.

I am confident in the goodness of life itself to see me through.

I accept the power of my being to produce health, love and joy in my life.

I accept responsibility for all of my decisions.

I know I am a powerful and wholesome force for good.

I am my own person, free to choose what is best for me.

I choose the power of life.

I choose goodness, light and love.

I choose health, healing and happiness.

I love myself.

The Energy of Emotions – Perform an act of forgiveness for past transgressions.  This usually results in unexpected income manifesting within the next few days.

Contact and speak to old friends and family. A healthy relationship with family members is one of the keys to stable finances. You must make peace with them if there are tensions present.

The Energy of Earth -  Plant some houseplants, bushes or trees from seeds. For some reason this technique works very well, as I personally have done home gardening a one time and it did have a positive effect on my finances. Perhaps this is the reason plant and garden stores have one of the lowest business turnover rates in the world of business.

Take a walk through nature to experience the present

The Energy of Water - Before you go swimming, prepare an affirmation to visualize and hold in your mind as you glide and experience the water.  If you don't have access to a pool, visualize this in the shower.

The Energy of Air - Go cycling, skating or skiing.

Other methods that help stabilize and increase your money is to pay off old debts less than 7 years old and to give back 10% of everything you earn.

Invest Without Bondage

If you want to invest your money and want to not worry about watching it all the time, you can invest in EFT, unit trust and index tracker funds. These give you a monthly payout each month depending on how well the stocks and bonds perform.

Using EFT to Enhance the Flow of Money In our Lives

When we have a good clear flow of emotional energy, we are more able to attract to us opportunities for success. The energy points used in Acupuncture can be used to get this energy flow. All we have to do is tap into them using the EFT technique.  You can learn more about EFT at the link below:

EFT Tapping for Money Exercise #1:

While Tapping the karate chop point, you want to express how you honestly feel about the situation.  Do this by repeating the following phrases or similar:

"Even though my income is not where I want it to be, I open myself to the millions of ways money can present itself to me."

"Even though I feel I am not getting anywhere in my goals, I deeply and profoundly accept myself."

"I am a powerful manifester, and I raise my vibration about money."

"I am genuinely to all the ways money can flow into my life."

Now tap the other points. This is the time to create rational responses. (this method is similar to saying the abundance prayer)

"It is fun to get money"

"I Deserve More Money"

"I am gratefull for the money I have now"

"I am open to receiving money unexpectedly"

"I am allowing"

"I am open to receiving."  

Keep the Phrases short, because as the energy starts flowing again, it responds more to short bursts of positive brain expectations and intention.

EFT to Become Open to Receiving

You can do all the exercises in the world to increase money flow, but if you are not GENUINE in open to receiving, you will not attract to you what you want to manifest.


After tapping all points for the EFT Tapping for Money Exercise #1 shown above, next say the following while tapping the karate point

"I made a vow. I am going to honor it now"

"The big thing missing in my life now is more receiving"

"I totally honor all the ways it's blocked me from receiving the rewards and pleasures"

"I open myself to letting go of this old vow and taking new steps into asking and receiving"

Now tap all points and repeat the following phrases or similar:

"But I made a vow never to be vulnerable"
"I never complain about my needs and feelings"
"I am open to new baby steps towards increasing my income"
"I love receiving"

"I'm open to risk raking. A big step in honoring my power"
"The power that goes beyond vulnerability"
"The power to ask and reinforce all and manifest"
"I'm actually powerful, and I allow a whole new level of receiving into my life"


EFT to Overcome Perfection

Perfection is one of greater faults for those wanting to move ahead.  It can stall projects, create unnecessary anxiety and more.

EFTto remove perfection

While Tapping the Karate Chop Point Repeat the Following or Similar Phrase(s)

"I strive to do the best I can in everything I do, but I never seem to accomplish my goal"

"I admit I am a perfectionist and I deeply and profoundly accept myself"

"Even though I admit perfectionism is an addiction of mind, I totally honor all the ways it's blocked me from receiving the rewards and pleasures"

Tap all points and say

"I actually did the best I knew at the time"
"I deserve to have a blast and enjoy myself"
"I deserve right now"
"I open my heart toy own deserving"

EFT I have found works very well for short term clearings of blockages.  Once this energy is flowing again, you will experience a new found level of creativity and energy.


Prayer to dissolve a lawsuit

Lawsuits can consume huge amounts of our time and waste valuable resources.  To pray for the speedy conflict of a resolution involving a lawsuit, pray the following twice a daily "All those involved in this suit are surrounded by the sacred circle of Gods love. Gods love, truth and harmony reign supreme in the minds and hearts of all involved. They are all known in divine mind and the law of love prevails."

How to Get a Creditor off of Your Back

Sometimes you may be hounded by a creditor. Do this exercise to quickly resolve the problem.  It works best done at 4 a.m. in the morning.  If you feel you need more power, than repeat the exercise 11 times each session for 11 days in a row. For even more power, repeat every 11 days for 11 months.  You can also use this visualization to get rid of a person who "thinks" they have power over you.

Get yourself into a deep and relaxed state of mind.

Next while in a meditative state, pull the person or persons up clearly in your mind.

Next visualize them in front of you.

Next in your mind say his/her name, or if you don't know their name, visualize their name as best you can.

Next focus on your breathing.  As you breathe in, take a pause, holding your breathe for 3 seconds, and while holding your breath, project a clear  energy of light towards him or her. Clearly see and feel white light barrier separating you both

Next, as you exhale send love and healing to the person(s) and the situation while having faith the situation will resolve itself

Be open to unexpected occurrences to solve the problem as you perform this exercise.

Another method that works well is to visualize the person existing in the palm of your hand, while projecting love to him/her and the situation.  Next as you exhale, focus on projecting a sharp breath towards him or her intending that he/she vanish or  go on their way.

You see anger, retaliation and momentive energy comes from and is fed into us from the astral realm. When we can access this realm we are accessing the source from which willpower flows, thus causing the situation to loose steam over time.  It takes patience, but when done right can get rid of hounding creditors and speedily resolve the situation.

One of the most interesting effects of doing this exercise is the tremendous feeling of stress leaving the body immediately after this exercise is performed. You will definitely feel a release of stress and built up pressure after having done this exercise properly.   It is interesting to note that the human body temperature reaches its lowest point between 3 a.m. and 4 a.m. each day, according to the body's circadian rhythm. And 12 hours later between 3 p.m. and 4 p.m., the body's temperature is at its highest point.

An Affirmation to Assist Writers

It is good to have a guiding force when you write.  This keeps you focused and free of distractions.  A good affirmation to repeat before you engage on any long term writing project is the following, "My writings go forth to bless, heal, inspire, elevate and dignify the minds and hearts of men and women.  I am worthy of total divine compensation in unexpected and wonderful ways."

How to Tap into Universal Guidance

You can tap into any great works of writing by dwelling on the constructive words associated within it.  Let's use the Holy Bible as an example. Pick up a bible and in it take certain constructive words in the bible that represent the full eternal truths of god and his divine laws. One such passage is the Ten Commandments.  This will charge your mind with the supreme presence. When you than use intention to call upon it, it will come to your aid. You are a tributary of that stream . A channel of its expression. This is because truth has strength, which has power. Also by doing this you experience a deeper life of the spirit of the words. By deepening and enriching the life of these words, it fills us with a spiritual energy that we can call upon to guide us.  Dwelling upon the constructive also words crystallizes our experiences, allowing inner organic growth to take place and historical development to occur. The omnipresent force that exists all around us can only be tapped by becoming conscious of it and acknowledging it because observation creates reality. The more conscious you become of if the more it will assist you.

How Removing Hate can Heal Illness

I remember reading one story where this man had a major grudge against bankers and those in the stock markets. One day he fell ill and the doctor determined that his case was terminal.  After seeing a pastor, who told him to forgive, he spent the next few weeks going down to the large stock exchange. and stood outside for an hour every day near the stock exchange and said to all those who passed by "Gods love fills your soul, The riches of god are yours now".  When he returned to his doctor, all sign of the illness had vanished and he was pronounced healed.  


How to Ward Yourself Away From Future Danger

Many of us have heard stories from friends or even had experiences ourselves where we get a vision of a negative event about to happen in the future and it comes to pass.  There are also people who get these visions, myself included, and have learned to avoid the negative event from happening in the future.  Many of these "negative precognitive events" usually are accompanied by an "uneasy feeling".  When you get the vision of a bad thing that may happen, accompanied by uneasy feelings, if you want to erase the event from taking place in the future, say the following with firm intention and conviction: "be thou dissolved with the help of divine perception". Another good phrase is:  "NO! I will not accept this as coming forth. I accept only that which is for my higher good".

Simple Dream Interpretation

I like to use dream enhancement methods.  One thing that I can't bother with is complex dream interpretation techniques which can be confusing and complex.  Instead use your subconscious to ask you what the dream represents. When you have or remember a dream, in order to interpret it, ask the following question "Divine intelligence, what is the truth about this dream? What does it mean?.  You will than be lead to the answer, as long as you are willing and open.

A single packet of yeast will cover the entire planet - could this be why algae blooms cover so much in a small area in spring
The law of supply and increase unfolds at the same rate as the need or ability to use the substance is developed.

Why the Name of Jesus Has Power

Our reality is constructed of a consciousness hologram. This hologram consists of a matrix of consciousness programs that affect our waking reality.  When Jesus lived, he impressed so many people that his words, acts and deeds have been permanently recorded into the The Akashic Records.  The reason saying the word Jesus out loud or praying to him works is because when you connect with Jesus (or other saint) you tap into the Askshic record, which than affects the consciousness matrix.  


Why waste energy worrying? Instead of spending time and energy worrying about a lack of money, redirect the energy into physical energy.  Put into motion a plan you can use to improve your money situation.  When your energy is directed towards something other than worry, the worry dissolves.

Nearing Completion

As you near completion of your objectives learn to detach, release and let go of them allowing them to fully come to completion. Staying focused too hard actually repels what you are trying to achieve.

Protection from Danger

Whenever you find yourself in physical danger or fear reciting a passage from the Kanzeon in Buddhism has been shown to work. The text is as follows "Eyes of compassion, observing sentient beings, assemble an immeasurable ocean of blessings."

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