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Solar Visualization Tools for Health and Prosperity

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We are leaving the age of mind, and entering the age of awareness and frequency. Today what we would define as major miracles will soon become everyday occurrences manifested through our new awareness. This book is about how to learn to work with and use these new energies for healing and self-fulfillment. From the author of over 4 books on solar health and healing, comes Solar Visualization Tools for Health and Prosperity. Today with new scientific tools, especially thanks to SOHO, the sun telescope administered by NASA, we can examine these energies emitting from the sun and their effects on living organisms and our environment in far greater detail than ever before. This emerging science is known as Chiro-Nutrition. This book is a simplified summary from over 10 years of cutting edge research conducted by Solar Health Institute founder Scott Rauvers, including 3 years using radionics to manifest lottery numbers, 2 years locating the unique solar and planetary positions that are responsible for making the Dow Jones industrial Average rise and 5 years of discoveries of how the sun can be used to accelerate goals, ambitions and intent, including using Solar and Lunar forces to reverse the aging process and restore health and well-being. Take a journey through the halls of self-discovery and discover the most powerful tools ever assembled into a single book on how to effectively alter the reality you exist in. From altering reality through Quantum Photonics, to unlocking the power of your subconscious mind using planetary and constellational energies, you'll discover a unique tool for just about any situation.

Number of Pages 690



Chapter 1
The Frequencies Emitted by our Sun, and How to use Them for Healing, Wellness and Prosperity – Page 17

·         How Cycles of the Sun Influence Human Behavior and Life

·         An In-Depth Explanation of the Condition

·         Creating Peace by Predicating Future Acts of
Terror and Violence

·         The Art of Forecasting Solar Health Conditions. How to Correctly Predict Condition Colors

·         Visualization Exercises to Release the Power of the Condition Colors using the Sun's Energy

·         Invisible Energy Fields and Their Effect on Reality

·         The Icosahedron

·         The Dodecahedron

·         How to Perform the ESP Enhancement Exercise

Chapter 2

Time. Using it to boost Productivity, Efficiency and Reverse Aging – Page 92

·         The Looping Effect Of Time and its Effect Upon our Awareness

·         Using Photons of Light to Make Time Fluid
Photons and Illusion

·         A Formula for Slowing Down Time

·         Solar Radiation Levels and Time

·         Could Gravity Be Helping Some People Alter Gravity?

·         Recording Events from the Future

·         Human Pre-Cognition

·         Self Confidence and Intuition

·         The Miracle of Time Compression and How to Break World Records by "Freezing Space/Time

·         The Body and How Time Affects Aging

·         The Emotional Connection to Time Slips

Chapter 3

Multiplication of Matter, Intention and Rebirth – Page 137

·         Using Energies of the Re-born Sun At the December Solstice

·         How to Apply Intention to Multiply Money and Matter

·         How Money is Created Through the Power of Awareness

·         The Dueling Forces of Light and Dark

·         How Stress and Anxiety Create Cravings for Junk Food


Chapter 4

Longevity, Healing and Wellness using the Sun, Seasons  and Celestial Alignments – Page - 153

·         Tapping Into The Magical Power of Sirius

·         How to Perform The Condition Yellow Exercise

·         Other Individuals Tapping the Energy from the Orion Constellation

·         The Original Research Notes of the Condition Yellow Exercise

·         Using Earth's Seasons to Maintain Longevity

·         Anti-Aging Celestial Alignments

·         Constellation Alignments and their Connection to Longevity and Health

·         Simple Methods to Stay Healthy Using Solar and Lunar Conditions

·         The Ophiuchus constellation and the miracle of creation

·         Using Radionics or the 2 Point Technique to Manifest

·         A Simple Tool for Miracles


Chapter 5

How to Tap Into and Use the Golden Light of the Sun for Healing, Prosperity and Other Advantages Uses – Page 194

·         The Hidden Math in a Sun Square

·         Using the Sun Square with a Mantra

·         Planetary Hours of the Day and Night

·         How Mantras/Chants Work

·         Using Mantras and Chants to their Full Potential to Affect Change


Chapter 6

Planetary Influences and Stock Market Activity – Page 225

·         The Solar Ingress and the Stock Exchanges

·         Celestial Influences that Cause the Dow Jones to Rise

·         Celestial Influences that cause the Dow Jones to Fall

·         Why does the Dow Jones rise when there is no Solar Activity?

·         Why does the Dow Jones rise when there are no C Class Flares?

·         Profiting From Predicting the Dow Jones. How to find low priced stocks that rise with the Dow Jones

·         The Next 2 Major Upcoming Market Crashes

Chapter 7

Profiting and Adapting to the Emerging Social, Spiritual and Technological Changes in the Coming Decades – Page 255

·         When Does The Aquarian Age Fully Begin?

·         The Planet Related to Aquarius

·         The Emerging Technological Discoveries of Science

·         The 33 Year Solar Cycle

·         The Cycle of Venus

·         The Cycles of Saturn

·         Personal Awakening.  The Oneness Blessing

·         The Emerging Technologies Related to the Dawning of Aquarius


Chapter 8

Increased Solar Activity and Its Effects Upon Earth – Page 262

·         Mass Fish Deaths and High Levels of Solar X Radiation

·         Evidence Supporting Oceanic Drive in Evolution Via Rising Cosmic Rays

·         The Power of S Class Flares and how They Create Super Thunderstorms (SuperCells)

·         What is a Supercell?

·         The Power of Infrasonic Waves on Human Consciousness

·         What Is a Natural Source of Infrasonic Waves?

·         The Stimulation of the Pineal Gland and Outbreaks of Violence

·         Changing the World around us by Quantum Coherence.  What we Focus on Becomes our Reality

Chapter 9

Using the Right Solar Conditions for Healing – Page 339

·         Beneficial Solar Weather Conditions for Healing

·         Using our Hearts to Influence Local, Regional and Planetary Magnetic Fields

·         How Human Consciousness is Stimulated by Our Sun

Chapter 10
How to use Celestial Alignments for Healing and Longevity – Page 354

·         What Are Deltrons?

·         Celestial Alignments and Emerging Energy

·         The Sirius Star System and DNA

·         The Power of the Unconscious Mind at Halloween

·         How To Bring More Energy to Your Mantras or Chants to Fuel Change Faster

·         What are Archetypes, and how are they used? The 10 Planetary Archetypes

·         The Main Asteroids and their Effects on Human Awareness

Chapter 11

Anti-Aging Herbal Formulas and Longevity Techniques – Page 394

·         Amino acids and Anti-Aging

·         Biophotons. How they Influence Healing by Increasing the Communication of DNA

·         The 2 Point Quantum Healing Technique

·         The Regenerative Healing Power of Bacteria

·         The Anti-Aging Yogurt Mix

·         Using Distilled Water Properly to Detoxify the Body and Remove Grey Hair

·         How The Right Foods can Relieve Depression

·         No More Surgery for Heart Disease

·         How Emotional Circulation Affects Health

·         Understanding Where Fear Comes From and Eliminating It

·         Fear and Illness

·         Planetary and Celestial Influences Causing Collective Fear

·         Predicting Future Fears of the Collective Unconscious

·         Trust Dissolves Fear

·         Confirmed Scientific Evidence GMO Foods are Dangerous


Chapter 12

How to Amplify Prayer – Page 421

·         Concentration

·         The Mars Effect


Chapter 13

Utilizing the Energy of Ursa Major
as a Portal to Wealth and Fortune.
Based on the Portal at Mount
Canigou and Rennes le Chateau
 in Girona.  – Page 425

·          UFO's Utilizing the Energy of Ursa Major as
a Portal

·         The Mars Effect

·         My Research Results

·         Starting Your Journey

·         Beginning the Journey

·         The Points

·         A Look At The Pattern In Business

·         A Special Note on Forgiveness

·         How to Perform the Grounding Exercise 

Chapter 14

The Real Meaning of the Art of Success – Page 440

·         Fear of Succeeding. Fear of Failure

·         Intelligence, Money and Longevity


Chapter 15

Timing with the Stars.  How to Choose the Best Time to Start New Projects – Page 448

·         Exercises to Connect with the Sun and Solar Energy


Chapter 16

How to Manifest Your Goals into Reality Using Intuition   - Page 457

·         How to Integrate Cycles of Emotional, Physical and Intellectual Biorhythms into the Daily Health Forecast

·         Calculating Your Personal Biorhythms

·         Earth Biorhythms


Chapter 17

How to Apply Intention to Multiply Money and Matter – Page 464

·         Using the Sun to Generate Wealth

·         Expansion of Spirit/Matter

·         How Money is Created Through the Power of Awareness

·         The Power of Multiplying

Chapter 18

The Quantum Entrainment Exercise
– Page 473

·         An In-Depth View of How Quantum Entrainment Works (also called QE)

·         What is a EU Feeling?

·         How to Do Quantum Entrainment (In-Depth Version)

·         Remote QE

·         Use QE to Grow Your Limbs

·         Quantum Entrainment and Sales



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