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Utilizing the Energy of Ursa Major as a Portal to Wealth and Fortune. Based on the Portal at Mount Canigou and Rennes le Chateau in Girona. Return to Homepage

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Girona Portal Wealth Activation Dates

Portal Time/Date Periods:

Perform the Girona Exercise when Jupiter is rising over the eastern horizon.

Monthly Portal Peak Periods - Moon in Taurus. Peak Season Early July to Late August.

When these overlap with any of the 3 peak seasons below, it is an especially powerful time to practice the Girona Exercise. Jupiter aligns with rising sun in Late July - At Sunrise during this time of year, when Jupiter rises with the sun.

You can get Jupiter rise/set times at the address below:

You can also get Jupiter's Rise time by visiting the link below:

View a List of Void of Course Tables

Click here to view's replica of the Girona Portal

Many of us have heard that when undertaking a journey towards wealth, that we should always cherish the journey, and not the destination. When we take a journey, it creates a transformational experience, that changes us for the better. What matters most on the journey is how deeply you see, how deeply you hear and how richly the encounters are felt in your soul and heart. By performing this route, it does not mean all challenges in your life will disappear. What it does is empower you to have more energy, resources and power when challenges do arise, making the ability to cope with challenges easier. This article is about how experience transforms us leading to a better life. Click on image below to Zoom In. Download as .PDF




In one of my previous articles, I mentioned how Time slips are induced when a moving mass is in motion going from one point to the other.  When the moving mass stops, a time slip occurs. This effect may be influenced by certain celestial positions. In this article we will cover the constellation Ursa Major, also known as the Great Bear, which also includes the Big Dipper Star Constellation. This position in the sky is just above the bright star Vega.

One of the more interesting findings is the temple Angkor Wat, lines up with the constellation Draco, which very close to the Ursa Major region.It also contains cones which align with the sunduring the Spring Equinox and Winter Solstice. You can read more at the address below:

Below is a picture of Draco

Below is an excellent documentary about how the temple was built on star alignments of Draco

In my opinion, the overall pattern roughly matches that of the constellation Draco, rather than Ursa Major. If we zoom into the constellation Draco, using Hubble Images, we can see that it appears to have a portal like appearance.

And when you count the number of steps in the 11 step pattern, when approaching step #5, you arrive facing east, which is the exact same position the temple Angkor Wat in Cambodia during the March equinox aligns with.

Another interesting fact is the galaxy NGC 3982, located in Ursa Major is facing head on directly at earth.

The article covers the information contained in the book titled: The Portal, released in late 2013 about 2 men, Berenger Saunire and Nicolas Flamel, who were once so poor they were living hand to mouth, that after undertaking a journey which roughly traced the path of the constellation Ursa Major, and performed purification rites, emotional healing and other spiritual exercises along the way, they became very wealthy. I believe that the energy of the constellation Ursa Major amplified the emotional cleansings and influx of receiving energy through the exercises they performed at these points.

Below is a Video about the book The Portal and the energies at Rennes le Chateau in Girona


UFO's Utilizing the Energy of Ursa Major as a Portal

A UFO Hot Spot is Mt. Hood, near Portland, OR.  One person who has been doing UFO sky night watches for years has recorded them also emerging from the Big Dipper Part of the sky as the below image shows:

Click on the Above Image to Enlarge

His research page can be found at this address:

An Internet Search term ursa major + ufo emerging continues to yield more interesting results

The Mars Effect

Because the Mars Effect has a permanent effect on those born when mars is rising or overhead, does this mean that when performing these 11 exercises at these times would also transform our beliefs, expectations and emotions? Are these energies attracted to earth’s ley lines and flow along them?

Scientists have also verified that when people are born when a planet is overhead or rising in the east it has certain effects on that individual for the rest of their lives.

"One of the strongest correlations I have observed is that sports champions tend to be born when the planet Mars is either rising or culminating in the sky much more often than it does for ordinary people (see Figure 1). This particular observation, later called "the Mars effect" by researchers who have investigated it, has been verified by the experiments of other scientists"


You can get the times mars rises and sets at this website address. Also if we look at a map of Edward Leedskalnin's estate, we see that he placed the planets, Mars, Saturn at the far east part of his estate. Perhaps this is a clue as to him using planetary or energy from the starts to help him move such massive limestone blocks. Coral castle also happens to lay on a ley line grid point.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4


You can get the times mars rises and sets at this website address. Also if we look at a map of Edward Leedskalnin's estate, we see that he placed the planets, Mars, Saturn at the far east part of his estate. Perhaps this is a clue as to him using planetary or energy from the starts to help him move such massive limestone blocks. Coral castle also happens to lay on a ley line grid point.

If we as human beings are influenced via negative emotions that cause war and suffering, could some of these emotions be coming through wormholes? And if so, could the opposite be true, that by learning to tap into these wormholes we can draw through emotions of wealth consciousness so we could benefit?

Wealth consciousness is induced by clearing out old patterns and negative beliefs and then allowing a new influx of allowing energy to enter.

The pattern consists of a total 11 rest stops or periods along the way, with the energy reaching a peak at positions #5 and #11. At some of the points exercises are performed, which release built up energy, such as forgiveness, and at other points other exercises are done which create an inflow of energy such as receiving your good. Much like an inflow and outflow of breathing. 


My Experience and General Discussion

I am going to give a general outline of the pattern and how it works, along with my own experiences from using it over the years. This is only a guideline, and does not have to be perfect, however it is key to take rests along the way and do the exercises so a release and influx of energy can occur at the right points. This is much like we use tapping points in EFT to contribute to healing

Another is the Ultradian Rhythum effect, which increases productivity.

Our bodies are like capacitors or reservoirs which gradually fill with emotional energy over time. These emotions must be purged every now and then. We all have ways of doing this instinctively, through sports, personal therapists or relaxation. We can also use the Girona Technique to transform these emotions constructively to improve our lives financially.

From my personal experience, in the previous years I used to sell as a door to door salesman I noted that if I traversed a certain pattern, especially if was a heavily used roadway with lots of traffic, it would always accumulate in a lot of sales.  Could this be how Avon, Sports Chalet and other companies who started out selling door to door became so financially successful, was because they also know about this pattern?, perhaps even unconsciously?

The wealth pattern starts at position #1 and then ends at position #5, with the energy maximizing between points #4 and point #5. 

Position #5 also happens to be at just under 50% of the entire journey or point #5 of 11 points, so a major increase in energy occurs here. Also if we take a close look at Ursa Major, we see that at point #5, which is represented by the Star Talitha, it is one of the brightest stars in the constellation Ursa Major.

From my personal experience, if I need extra energy for creativity, when tracing the pattern, I have got good results stopping at steps #4 and #5, which is the wealth energy “sweet” spot and welcoming creativity. Some people may go as far as #11 to change their vibration to handle larger amounts of money. Even though I have not tried it, this pattern could also be used for healing or genetic changes.

As mentioned previously from my early salesman years, I know this pattern works, because walking in this pattern creates a peak in energy at position #5.


Starting Your Journey        

A journey properly prepared for and undertaken at the right time results in healing on levels both seen and unseen, both inside and outside of us.

As a person travels this route, their frequency changes, and they become transformed to take on a stronger vibration. Perhaps it is the energy from these portal/wormholes that transforms us. This happens by doing purification, cleansing, emotional clearing exercises, meditations and opening to receive your good fortune and abundance.

If you decide to do the journey, it is key to use a bicycle or walk, as in a car, you not only find it hard to rest, but you lose out on the experience along the way.

It takes a strong spirit to be able to generate wealth. If you want to use it to generate more money in your life, than wealth consciousness is achieved at point #5, which is a time to be open to receive and is the wealth consciousness energetic peak point. As mentioned earlier, the rest of the journey points are designed to take your body up to be able to handle stronger levels of vibrations through transformation.  At certain points you allow yourself to become attuned to the surroundings and energize or release energy through various exercises. We can think of the exercises performed along the way as acupressure, in which releases and influxes of energy occur, causing a change in not only us, but our surroundings.

When we pause and tune ourselves to the surroundings we are in, it assists in the transformation.


Beginning the Journey                                                                              

The journey teaches us that everything evolves from the creative intelligence and energy of our universe and by allowing ourselves to feel a clear connection with this, and fully surrendering to it, everything we ever wished for comes into reality, and we no longer feel empty inside. It strengthens and opens this channel to wealth so that this awareness can clearly come through.

It is key to highlight and treat the small successes along the way of the journey, just as you would the large successes, with humility and respect, to allow the process to be successful.

It also helps to purify oneself before starting. This can be done via Sage Smoke, Mental Visualizations such as visualizing yourself inside a circle of white light or a Chakra Balancing.  Do which you are most comfortable with.

Learn More About Chakras.

In the book “The Portal” the journey takes place starting at the town of Girona where there is a tower located. Girona also may lay on a on a ley line.  So it may also help to undertake the journey from a ley line, of which many churches that have towers are usually built on a ley line.

If you decide to undertake the journey tracing a route using roads, such as a local journey, first using Google maps, locate areas along the route that would match the exercises. For example position #1, start at a church, the road should than approximately lead to a park, church or shrine at position #2 and so on.  If this isn’t possible, than just trace a general route using an approximate road pattern. Or you could merge a road next to a national forest or large park and trace a route from there.

We should also purify ourselves before taking the journey by using methods that feel comfortable to use. Some people use Sage smoke, others take a ritualistic bath and others may use mental purification visualizations.

The starting point should always be a tower, much like the starting point at Girona, which also happens to lay on a ley line.  Towers channel cosmic energy.

I have also pointed out on the map at the start of this article 2 lines, one is red and the other is orange that intersect with point #11 forming an X pattern. So it is key that these 2 align for best results.

It is interesting that Berenger Saunire built a tower at position #9 that formed a straight line through position #11 and met with position #1. This line I believe has significant importance.

You could also trace a pattern of this in your yard or home, with stones representing the position numbers and mentally focus on them while performing the exercises.  The map shown does not have an exercise for every single location point. For those without an exercise, a rest should ensue, allowing you to take a pause.  Or you could take 11 days and perform an exercise one day at a time, with the energy peaking at day 11.

It is just a rough sketch, and your journey does not have to exactly match, just before the overall pattern is maintained, it is the exercises that are performed as the energetic points are reached.  Much like we use tapping points in the EFT technique to help alleviate built up emotional pain and suffering, which allows new energy to enter, causing the healing.

The best time to begin the journey is when the Milky Way is rising over the eastern horizon.

We can find this by knowing what time Vega starts rising in the east. The Milky Way is also called the Great Rift, as shown below:


If you wanted to undertake the Journey in the morning.  In California Vega starts to rise at 9:00 a.m. on October 19th. You can get star rise/set times at the address below:

As Vega rises, the Milky Way also rises, so a window of approximately 45 minutes is available as the best time to start the journey. In previous history, the Milky way was known as the Celestial River, which they worshipped as a rain god.

The reason I have chosen the Milky Way as the best time to undertake the journey is because in my previous research over the years I have devised the following formula:

KP energy = past = new moon = Milky Way = journey/action

Higher Solar flux = future = full moon = Sirius = prayer

Both the Milky Way and Sirius are almost 180 degrees opposite each other. Higher solar flux means more sunspot activity and higher KP energy means higher earth geomagnetic energy.

Sirius represents an influx of energy, the milky way an outpouring of energy. This could be why the great pyramid has a shaft that points to Sirius to channel energy into its central chamber.

The great pyramid has a shaft where the queens chamber aligns with Ursa Minor and the south shaft is aligned with Sirius.  The ancient egyptians considered Ursa Major and Minor to be part of the Draco Constellation. Read more:

Because Sirius = Future, the great pyramid contains an uphill inner chamber showing a stairwell depecting the spiritual timeline of mans future. So there is something to the layout of certain constellations and their effect on earth.

The Points

At each stop along the way, these exercises should be done for maximum effect. Use the map shown at the start of this article to locate the position #. When we perform this exercise, the energy of Ursa Major is utlized as a capacitor. It can help to perform this exercise 2 times in a row to get best results.

Point #1 – Dispelling of Fear/Chakra Balancing. 

The Fear Release Exercises we have published earlier on this site works well. You can YouTube Chakra Balancings for numerous exercises to help you with this.

Point #2

Rest. This is an excellent time to meditate and attune to your surroundings.

Point #3

At this point we have acceptance.  Some of you know that the EFT emotional healing technique, which is a powerful tool for acceptance, has been used to increase income, and there are many websites showing this. This is an excellent point to perform an Emotional Healing Technique to clear out any old blockages. Just do an Internet search for EFT + Wealth, Money

Point #4

This part is easy, just observe silence for a short while.

Point #5

Power Spot. This is a location where you are to be open to receiving, and knowing that you deserve your abundance and good fortune.  An abundance prayer works good at this point, or other wealth visualization exercises. Allow yourself to take sensible risks by trusting in and following your intuition, knowing that all prosperity flows from the universe and you are a channel for this. We must learn to recognize that the creative intelligence and energy of the universe is where all flows from. At step #8 we will connect with and surrender to it, allowing everything to flow to us. By trusting and following our intuition, we open a channel which increases our aliveness, creativity and growth. The stronger and more open we make this channel, the more energy is attracted to flow through it.

Point #6

This is a time to reflect on the qualities of humbleness.

Point #7

This is a time to forgive all those in your past. It is a time of Transformation. You may view our forgiveness exercises published earlier, or use the one at the end of this article. After forgiveness there should be a rest period.

Point #8

Surrender.  You must accept your situation, make peace with it, than fully surrender to it.

Point #9

A time to release fears. Hold your fears to the light and allow them to be dispelled.

One of the best ways to do this is by invoking your EUFeeling, which I cover in The Quantum Entrainment Exercise Article. I find that invoking my EUfeeling at this point works very well.

Point #10

A period where you need to prepare yourself for change. A time of allowingSpiritual Healings work very well for this. After the Spiritual Healing there should be a rest/pause.

Point #11

Perform heartmath breathing in and out through your heart

Focus on the heart chakra again

Clearly picture the 10 previous steps you just went through in your mind. 

Next draw the previous 10 steps into your heart chakra

Focus on heart chakra spinning

Next allow the new images to flood your mind.

Opening the Portal at Position #11

An excellent way to assist in portal opening , is at Position #11, to clearly in your mind the previous 10 steps, than draw them into your heart chakra.  Next is HeartMath which includes: Next focus your awareness around your heart than breathe in and out through your heart and focus again on your heart chakra.  Next let your mind be filled with the new images that emerge, don’t resist, just go with the flow. 

Another method is to go into a deep meditative state and allow a flow to start, while focusing on or listening to an F Note. One excellent way to get this energy moving is by performing what is known as the HeartMath exercise. This is where you relax your body, than center your attention around your heart. Next as you concentrate and focus on breathing in and out through your heart, you focus on pure unconditional love. I can’t stress this enough, once this energy begins, and if you are using an actual representation of the North Pole Star, which I happened to have made using red granite stones as the points, the energy gets so strong that if you are not ready, the “shift” can be overwhelming, so you must prepare yourself accordingly when this energy comes through.

Simplified Summary of Step 11

1 - Recharge the heart chakra with more green light

2 - Breathe in / out heart math to generate coherence

3 - Focus once again on the heart chakra

4 - Draw previous 10 steps into heart & focus on images and allow images to reveal themselves in your mind


You may not want to do all the steps exactly, but if you do any 3 of these steps, especially 1, 3 and 11, you will always feel an effect of this wormhole energy.

If you are lucky enough to live on a ranch or farm and want to build your own towers, the entrances to the towers always face north. If you want to perform this exercise as a mediation, than start by visualizing the pattern in your mind than mentally going through the 11 step process.

I have got the best results when the sun's solar flux is more active and when the planet Jupiter is rising in the east. When I have done this with the planet Jupiter rising in the east, using red quartz granite stones in the layout of the North Pole Star, I can feel a powerful lightness when doing some of the exercises. What is most interesting is there is a temple called The Temple of Jupiter at Baalbek in Lebanon has a foundation that contains the three largest stone blocks ever used in a man-made structure. Each block is estimated to weigh as much as 1,000 tons. Edward Leedskalnin also placed the stone statue of the planet jupiter in the north/east portion of his estate, and an obelisk in the south east part. I think he was using the obelisk or a similar tower structure to capture these energies as they rose in the east.

At positions 9 and 11, I place a packet of magnetite sand (or iron oxide mixed with sand) that is longitudinally aligned with my head on 2 wooden posts. This seems to amplify the north/south energies as they flow throughout the Draco formation.

As a closing note, from my experience, this energy builds up over time. When done as Jupiter rises in the east it builds a wave of energy that increases over time. After doing it for 3 days in a row, you can take a break and you will start to notice signs that more wealth will start flowing into your life. These could be new ideas or insights, but most of all you will notice your capacity to hold and express energy more, which allows you to act as a greater conduit for more energy.

A look at the pattern in Business

Even though this area may or may not be on a ley line, if we take a look at one of the wealth power spots in Los Angeles, California, we have the Bodhi Tree Bookstore (now closed), which was one of the most successful bookstores in the history of Los Angeles.  Not only that, but it is surrounded by some of the wealthiest zip codes in the United States.  It fits perfectly into steps 1 through 5. 


Click Image above to Zoom In.

We can also see that it also fits the pattern of the Jewish Kabbalah by following numbers X to Ix to VII than to VII. Even though I have not checked this, are some Jewish temples placed according this pattern? It would be interesting to research, especially considering there happens to be a large number of Jewish Firms that are bank owned, including significant parts of the Federal Reserve.

Click Image above to Zoom In

I truly respect the Jewish Religion and have many Jewish friends. When I read that Harley Davidson and many other jewish owned companies were bailed out, I found it rather interesting. Also a researcher on Jewish Influence in business and politics, discovered that some of the money from the U.S. goes to Israel.

Below I have the source of the information.

"On September 9, 2009, WMR reported: "Madoff’s close financial colleague, J. Ezra Merkin, has close ties to the IDB [Israel Discount Bank]."


Some of you reading this may know that when you perform a forgiveness exercise, an unexpected amount of money appears.  So what causes this to occur?  Just as trees in the forest communicate with each other our family tree, tracing all the way back to our ancestors also communicates with us via our DNA.  We can visualize the rising Milky Way as a powerful engine, that activates the communication between our DNA and our ancestors, visualizing our DNA echoing through time connecting with them. Here is the exercise simply explained.

1: As the Milky Way galaxy is starting to rise in the east, allow yourself to feel your connection to the Milky Way. 

2: Next visualize connecting with your past ancestors or members of your family tree and with respect forgive them for acts they have committed in the past.  Forgive all misdeeds, wrongdoings and hurt they may have caused.

3: Visualize your DNA acting as a resonant antenna sending the acts of forgiveness back through time to your ancestors.

Every time you perform this exercise, you will always feel a release of energy, which allows the universal energy to start flowing freely through you again.

If you want to really amplify the results of a Chakra Balancing or Spiritual Healing, perform a Grounding Exercise, which I have outlined below.

How to Perform the Grounding Exercise

Here is the grounding exercise in detail:

1: Relax all muscles in your body. 

2: Next visualize a silver cord going from your spine going deep down into the earth. 

3: Next visualize the energy of the earth running up these roots, through your spine and flowing throughout every part of your body, especially down to the tips of your fingers and toes. 

4: Next visualize this energy flowing out of the top of your head deep into the cosmos. 
5: Next you visualize a 2nd stream of energy emanating from the cosmos in a flowing stream of cosmic energy.  Picture this energy flowing down from the cosmos, through the top of your head and into your body and mixing with the earth energy in your body.
6: See it flowing throughout the body mixing with the earth energy in your body that you visualized earlier.

7: Next send this energy flowing down into the earth, through the silver cord you visualized earlier.

8: Next visualize these streams flowing in both directions, flowing out the top of your head and down into the earth at the same time, with this new energy balancing harmoniously in the center of your body.

After this exercise you can make fists with your hands and shake them about to release any energy that is not grounded. This exercise is very grounding to the body.

If you just performed this grounding exercise inside a stone circle, to add more power to this visualization, visualize a ring of white light connected to the stones that are surrounding you, while you see yourself at the center of the circle.  See this ring being a bright white circle of light.  Next see this energy from the circle assisting the energies just obtained from the grounding exercise and supporting these energies in a supportive and mutual manner. I have gotten powerful results when performed in a stone circle during condition red periods, however you don’t need a stone circle to do it, but it certainly amplifies the energies when done inside one.

View a Complete Documentary about how cultures used the stars for engineering and other great feats:

So in conclusion, when we use the planet to heal ourself, we find it one of the most powerful systems to bring new experiences into our lives.

Good luck on your journey!

The information in this article, as well as similar articles, has been complied into a new book published by The book's name is: Secrets to Creating Money Effortlessly using Lucid Dreaming. The first 3 chapters are available for free viewing by visiting the address below:

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