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Updated and Revised September 2013

The information in this article, as well as similar articles, has been complied into a new book published by The book's name is: Secrets to Creating Money Effortlessly using Lucid Dreaming. The first 3 chapters are available for free viewing by visiting the address below:

Using the Sun to Generate Wealth

Much like 4 sunspots cause a rise in the Dow Jones, when sunspot activity is just starting out or beginning, deposit 4 cents or $4.44 into your bank account, than have respect for the number four and its energy after the deposit. Don’t over respect it, just do it enough until you feel a “click”. Over the next few days money will flow your way through unexpected means and avenues. I don’t know exactly why this works, but it has always worked well for me, whenever I needed money in a hurry, this somehow causes a replication of the money that is deposited or spent into the bank.

The 60 Year Chinese Zodiac

According to the Chinese Zodiac each year represents a certain organ that has a peak for that particular year.

Image 8 Below

The below calendar can be viewed online at the following addresses: Calendar 1

We can see that the year 2013 is the year of the Snake. Next by matching the Snake with the 12 Earthly Branches table shown a few paragraphs below on this page , we see that this energy peaks strongest between April 20th and May 20th of 2013 and the hours this energy is strongest is between 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. and that the organ most charged during this time period is the Spleen. Perhaps this representation can be used not only for healing, but can also be used to channel our intention, concentration and focus.

Let's take a look at the year 2012. As the image shows, it represents Chen or the Dragon. Peak energetic energy occurs between March 21st and April 19th and the hours this energy is strongest is between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m.

Over the last 5 years, I know that the money multiplication exercise yields results strongest when done from April to May at dawn (in California).

However because I have only had success with it for such a short period, I am still totally uncertain whether it is due to the rising of Aquarius which occurs at the equinox during March or due to the 12 Earthly Branches which shows that from April 20th, to May 20th, which is the year of the snake, which we are in as of 2013, and if you look at the hour, it says 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.. I also know that doing the exercise during 2012, which was the year of the dragon, at sunrise, if we look at the 12 Earthly Branches chart, it says from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m., once again at sunrise. It could also be a result of both of these factors. If we examine the financial markets, we can see many changes took place from 2010 to 2011 and these were periods that the flow of energy was strongest during sunrise. It will probably take about 10 years of further research to confirm this, however for now the results speak for themselves.

These market upsets are really the emergence of a new system and changes occurring throughout the industrial world. So when the money multiplication exercise is performed, we receive new ideas and insights that helps us adjust and adapt quickly to these new changes and ways of doing things.

What I find most interesting from my research over the last 5 years is that at dawn during these peak energetic months, when I performed the money multiplication exercise, sales in my business would peak substantially, resulting in many more customers and much more interest in my products and services. My company deals in green natural products that are all 100% natural and non-toxic and don't negatively impact the environment and are also used as an alternative to some pharmaceutical medicines. This could be the result of the constellation Aquarius starting to rise at the Spring equinox, which brings in a resulting green and responsibility for the planet awareness, however I also believe that the 12 Earthly Branches, representing the 10 Heavenly Stems may be playing a role in stimulating consciousness of humanity, making them aware of the newly emerging responsibility for our planet during these peak energetic periods. Perhaps one part of this energy charges the organs of the body and another part of this energy charges consciousness and human awareness and understanding. I also theorize that these new awareness spikes are a type of energy molding the future. And that the future is green products that don't pollute the environment and are safer than toxic made products. This energy I believe is affecting overall awareness of man throughout the earth, an awareness that is changing consumer behavior and future decision making.

This cycle as shown in the calendar, lasts for a cycle of 60 years, whereupon it repeats itself. So we can see that after the green revolution matures, a new form of awareness, perhaps where technology will be so advanced 60 years from now, a new type of green technology will become better than this current generation of green products and technologies. In other words, future cycles get better and are more improved from previous cycles.

According to the 60 Year Chinese Zodiac, 2013, is the year of the snake, representing the Spleen. The section titled: Conditions for health and balance of the Stomach, Spleen and Pancreas Areas can than tell us how to identify emerging emotions that arise during this period and how to combat them.

Interpreting the 12 Earthly Branches and the 10 Heavenly Stems

The 60 Year Chinese Zodiac Calendar started on February 2nd, 1984 A.D. and is based on the alignments of Jupiter, the Polaris Star (which is very close to the Big Dipper), and the Sun and Moon.

Using the tables we can calculate the following: Year 1 = First Stem + First Branch = Jia-Zi. This means Jia = Wood and Zi = Rat. So in year 1 of Chinese astrology, we get the year of the Rat.

This cycle continues on up to year 11, when no new stems appear. So the cycle continues using the following: The first stem and 11th branch = Jia-Xu and the 13th year = 3rd stem and 1st branch = Bing Zi. What is most interesting here is one of the most powerful and predictable cycles in nature is the 11 year solar sunspot cycle, which lasts a total of 11 years. The 10 heavenly stems are responsible for the inflow and outflow of QI Gong energy and how the 5 major organs respond to this inward and outward flowing of energy and how this energy affects the yin and yang balance of these organs.

As covered at the start of this book, at the peak hours, certain acupuncture points open up like miniature wormholes or portals, and become much more responsive to the pinpricks of acupuncture needles. This type of healing is known as Zi Wu Liu

Learn More

The term Zi Wu Zhu means Midnight-Noon Ebb-Flow and discusses what medical workers recognized through the ages, which is that continuous and repetitive cycles in nature always occur according to regular patterns, making a predictable pattern of epidemics and/or certain diseases. Zi Wu Zu healing was first written about by He Ryoyu. Later it was annotated by Yan Ming Guan in the 12th century. Zi Wu Zhu interprets natural phenomena such as moving celestial bodies including the sun, moon, the arrival and fading of seasons, the beginning and end of days and the ebbing and flowing of the tides.

Below is Image 7

In the images above, we can see that 11 p.m. to 1 a.m., which is a peak period of Yang energy is also known as Zi, and the Gallbladder peaks at this time. And 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. a peak period of Yin energy occurs which is also known as Wu, and the Heart peaks at this time.

As for monthly peaks of this energy, at the Winter solstice, Yin energy starts becoming maximized, which starts changing into Yang energy and at the Summer solstice Yang energy starts becoming maximized, which starts changing into Yin energy. Thus using these images as our guide, we can see how these highs and lows occur throughout the day and night as well as the months of the year.

When used in healing, combining all these heavenly stems and branches shows an overall representation of energy entering and exiting the body, throughout various seasons and hours. The 5 element school of acupuncture teaches that most diseases can be successfully treated by using the 5 element point form of therapy. This is simply a method of applying pressure to various parts of the body or regions that affect specific organs during times these energy peaks flow the strongest. For those of you who are trained acupuncturists, the points used in Zi Wu Liu Zhu acupuncture are the command points Jing (Will), Ying(Spring), Shu (Stream), Jing (River), and He (Sea). Also the Yuan points are used. All Yang Meridians have their own separate points, but the yuan points on Yin meridians are the same as their stream points. Only 66 points are ever used which are incorporated into the 12 meridians and 6 yang meridians. Five elements acupuncture uses the 5 command points in the following order: For Yin - Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. For Yang - Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth. Another part of the Ideogram represents in and out. Chu = Enter and Absorption representing Fall. And Liu = Flow or outwards expansion representing Spring.

There is an excellent page which goes into more detail at the following address:

Moon Phases and Cyclical Stems

New Moon (Zhen) is west at dusk (Geng Metal).
The moons first quarter (Dui) is south in the evening (Ding-Fire).
The Full moon (Qian) rises in the east at dusk (Jiawood)
Just after a full moon (Sun), it sets at dawn in the west (Xin-Metal)
The moons last quarter (Gen), is seen at dawn in the south (Bing-Fire)
The old moon (Kun), is seen at dawn in the east (Yi-Wood)

This Section is one of the earlier articles researching the power of intentional multiplication and was written during mid 2013.

The Earthly Stems

I remember when I used intention to multiply dollar bills during 2012, the year of the dragon at sunrise, the 12 Earthly Branches chart (shown on the next page), shows the energy is strongest from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m.. When I did the money multiplication exercise at this time, I received huge interest in my green sustainable products company.

So the energy when properly worked with does get results. If we examine the financial markets, we can see many changes took place from 2010 to 2011 and these were periods that the flow of energy was strongest during sunrise. Also 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. is when the sun rose at the March Equinox, magnifying this energy considerably. This was when I was in the islands of Hawaii.

2013 is the year of the Snake. We see that this energy peaks strongest between April 20th and May 20th of 2013 and the hour this energy is strongest is between 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. So this is the time period that acts involving intention and multiplication work best. This could be how Jesus and other saints were able to multiply food. In 2014, the energy will shift to 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. from May 21st to Jun 21st.

The rising of Aquarius will continue to rise in the east during the March equinox for approximately the next 2,400 years.

Perhaps this energy is really a slow form of evolution. As will be shown later in this book, parts of the body respond better to treatment with herbs, foods and acupuncture during these hours and months of the year.

Results of Experiments Multiplying Money and Matter

True wealth and the flow of money into our lives are based purely on awareness. As just discussed, human awareness at this time is undergoing a radical shift into a more sustainable and green lifestyle, which is a result of the energies emanating from the constellation Aquarius. So any product that is green and sustainable or any type of awareness related to this will get immediate attention and sell extremely well. This awareness is based on a change of frequency and the frequency is stronger at certain times of the day and year and matures when the solar flux of the sun is stronger, with a peak at the spring equinox or when a perigee moon is present.

In summary the "energized" periods that this energy flows strongest include: 1: Spring. 2: Aquarius rising. 3: The first rise in the suns solar flux. 4: When the moon is in Aquarius (see a void of course calendar).

When these periods overlap, the energies are further multiplied. When I first began doing this over 4 years ago, I decided to try this same experiment with multiplying pieces of paper called money. I have had repeated success using 2 spectrums of the sun. The first period I have been using is when the sun's solar flux has been quiet for some period of time than starts rising again. Another is when the constellation is rising over the eastern horizon, such as Aquarius and the 3rd is during the peak hourly periods of the 12 earthly branches just mentioned.

During this "window" I hold a dollar bill in my hands and face east at sunrise while rubbing the dollar bill visualizing it multiplying, growing like the leaves of a tree. I don't overdo it, but only until I feel the right energy level has been reached. This will feel like a �click�. Overdoing it seems to "short circuit" the results. If you look closely at monetary notes, you will find that every U.S. currency denomination from $1, $5, $10, $20 and $50 all have leaves or trees of them. This makes it an excellent focal point to multiply its resonance. From experience in business sales, I always have more customers. It has never, ever failed, and is repeatable, as long as you follow the right steps. I accidently discovered that the reason the energy was strongest in 2012, from March to April was because of the 12 celestial stem energy. It is also interesting to note that Henry Ford and other pioneers, who made fortunes, also devoted a part of their energy into growing plants from seed and in some cases selling these plants.

As an example of using the rising of Aquarius in the east, I find the exercise the strongest when performed about 20 minutes before the constellation Aquarius starts to rise over the horizon during spring. During the spring equinox, when this energy is at maximum, it rises at dawn in longitudinal alignment with the sun.

Another interesting feature about the sun�s solar flux is that I have noticed that if I break my sales routine for a while, then get back into my routine, if the suns solar flux is high, re-starting my original routine is much easier. If the solar flux is lower, than I find it takes up to 3 times more energy to �get back into the grove� of things, or return to the previous momentum of past effort.

It is like the sun's solar flux has a memory and when we tap into our previous activity, our environment remembers this energy, and so the resonance returns more easily. It is like when you take a vacation from work, and you return and it takes a while to rebuild your momentum, if the solar flux is higher it takes less time to reestablish your routine.

Solar Flux (also known as the 10.7cm radio flux levels)

Solar Flux levels


Neural Network Solar Flux Forecast

How to Remove Burdens, Obstacles and Hindrances to Wealth

When you are working on a project or working towards a goal, sometimes blocks can get in your way just before completion. I have found using the phrase �Through the finished results of Christ I have successfully completed this task now� works well. However sometimes, you need something with a little more power.

While we may be taught to not focus on what we don�t want, I have found that using a Torma to actually focus on what is blocking me from achieving a successful outcome works. This is done by asking the Torma to remove the obstacles, as you nourish the Torma to remove the blocks that are creating the blocks that are occurring.

The most effective Tibetan Tormas are made during the last 7 days before the moon. You should send out your request with utmost intensity 24 hours before the new moon. You simply write down on paper your request and place it in front of the Torma for it to remove all blocks and hindrances stopping you from fulfilling your goal. Here are some example requests:

"Blocks stropping me from growing financially from my business efforts" "Remove hindrances that are stopping or blocking me from a gradual increase of profits from my business efforts"

(See the chapter titled: Tibetan Tormas; A Thousand Year Old Proven Powerful Healing Secret for further information on how to properly work with Tormas)

Performing the most intensive offerings 48 to 72 hours just before the new moon is great to remove unwanted influences. It also helps to make the offerings without any doubts in your mind and to perform the offerings as selflessly as possible. The more intense the offering, the better the results.

If there is a super moon new moon coming up, the last 3 moons leading up to the super moon work the best.

The Showering Gems Technique

Another process that opens your consciousness to receiving wealth is the last 3 to 5 minutes as you finish showering, imagine as the water is flowing down throughout and around your body, that shiny, colorful gems, and sparkling glowing jewels are coming out from the shower head, showering you. See the rich sparkling colors of rubies, gems, emeralds, sapphires, sparkling diamonds and other deep, rich colorful and valuable stones. Visualize the gems flowing around your body with the water, glowing and sparkling as they do so. This will charge your being with attracting opportunities related to health, wealth and fortune throughout the day.

The information in this article, as well as similar articles, has been complied into a new book published by The book's name is: Secrets to Creating Money Effortlessly using Lucid Dreaming. The first 3 chapters are available for free viewing by visiting the address below:

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