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The Period of Cycles.  How Earth was approximately 22,000 years ago and how we are Rapidly Re-Entering this Cycle Again

Scientific Proof the Earth is Getting Cooler, rather than Warmer

Also in this article I am going to include links to my books available on, where I discuss this further in detail.

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Here are some events that occurred the last time Aquarius was present when the sun rose at the Vernal Equinox (about 26,000 years ago): The last Ice Age began, Gardening became a new food producing strategy, The Japanese, European and Indian Calendars began (interesting to note that the Mayan Calendar ends in 2012). People started living in Japan, Men and Women were buried together, suggesting equality between the sexes, new forms of gardening and the cross breeding of grains were introduced, Siberia became populated, there was a change in human DNA, as evidenced from a neanderthal infant skeleton which showed a 7% difference in its DNA compared to the DNA of us today. Because history repeats itself, we are starting to see these same things occurring today.

How the Cycles Occur

Every 2,160 years the Sun enters a new constellation beginning at the Vernal Equinox. It takes about 26,000 years for the sunrise to align with all 12 constellations at the equinox. As each sign moves through each constellation, a new influx of energy emerges, and with it new belief systems are born.

We are entering the Aquarian Age which will see the blending of religion and science as well as not just earthly Brotherhood, but possibly Universal Brotherhood. Just as Christianity ruled the Piscean age, science and altruism will rule during the Aquarian Age. The goal during this time, is to live a life of service to humanity; to exercise our powers of compassion, and show beneficence. This is the future.

From the book: Deciphering Tablet Number XIII The Keys of Life and Death by Thoth the Atlantean

From page 221. Chapter 19 - The Grand Cycle and the 12 Constellations

One of the most interesting aspects of constellations rising over the eastern horizon is during the spring equinox the constellation that rises over this horizon has a governing influence on world affairs for the future. As of 2013, new energy from the emerging constellation of Aquarius is occurring, as we cycle out of Pisces. Each constellation cycle lasts about 2,500 years and goes through a complete rotational cycle that lasts approximately 26,000 years, called the grand cycle.

This cycle changes approximately every 26,000 years with a new constellation replacing the old (the constellations of the 12 zodiac houses, also called your horoscope). There are some excellent websites that go into more detail about this energy further.

Here is how much the constellation moves throughout the cycle.  For every 72 years it shifts approximately 1 degree of the processional drift.  It may not seem like much, but it exerts a powerful influence on the largest and most active institutions on earth that affect the most number of people. This energy is strongest each spring equinox as the sun rises.
So we can also assume that a small shift of a degree in Pisces, which was the main constellation in our previous history, as it moves away and Aquarius replaces it, each year this degree shift continues to move, churches and large institutions, are going to continue to be affected until Aquarius is stronger than the influence exerted by Pisces. We can think of the constellations as huge gears that move slowly, yet spin the influences of industrialization and societal institutions very quickly.

This means we can better prepare for the future by studying what sort of lifestyles people were living during the last age of Aquarius, their governmental and religious institutions and how they raised agriculture. 

Also we can be aware of what the astrological traits Aquarius has in astrology, so we can better understand these new arriving energies that are going to take the place of the norm or what we have been used to, as it is going to continue to shake things up until Aquarius is fully “in control”, like Pieces was. This should start to fully mature around the year 2070.

To Learn More about Earth Pre-Cession view this excellent video below.

Learn More:
Age of Aquarius 


From the book: Solar Flares and Their Effects Upon Human Behavior and Health

From page 253.

Inventions and ideas that "mature" are strongest during the Summer Solstice. The last time the summer solstice was in alignment with Taurus was during the age of Aquarius. Here are some of the technologies that occurred during that time: An invention making a comeback that requires no electricity or moving parts to chill food is Mohammed Bah Abba's Zeer Pot. This is an ancient method of cooling food. There is some evidence that evaporative cooling was used as early as the Old Kingdom of Egypt, around 2500 B.C. Because history repeats itself, we are starting to see these same things occurring today, such as genetic engineering of food, cloning etc.

From page 54

Because we are approaching the era of Aquarius, we will see a change in the industrial sector, as well as social sector of civilization. Aquarius has the following influences on the collective consciousness; the joining of the brotherhood of man, the emergence of truth and reason, defending the truth, strategic thinking, and an end to tyranny, Inventions that have manifested to fill this collective need include: Social Networks, the Internet, and the Cell Phone. These are just the beginning of many more inventions to come linking people together on a worldwide scale and maybe beyond.


From the book: Solar Visualization Tools for Health and Prosperity

Page 139

Now, I do not want this chapter to give the intention of greed or a  “shortcut” to financial prosperity, but what is occurring at this moment in time is a transition from the age of  Pisces to the Age of Aquarius. What this means is that the Aquarian age is going to include a new form of awareness and substance that will make you prosperous if you want to develop a business or have more money in your life.  Examples are the age of communication, where people are working together in groups, and green sustainable products and services.  These are technologies and concepts that are here to stay, and when you understand the awareness that is emerging and that this awareness is what affects buying behavior, you can understand why the current system we have in place is starting to move towards this new concept  and way of doing things. What this chapter does is show you the periods of energy when this awareness is unfolding and specific exercises that work and will multiply the current money you have into your life substantially.

Human awareness at this time is undergoing a radical shift into a more sustainable and green lifestyle, which is representing the age of Aquarius. So any product that is green and sustainable or any type of awareness related to this, will get immediate attention and sell extremely well when the energy of Aquarius is present.

From page 118

The left image is 6:00 a.m. March 22nd, 1900 – with Aquarius rising in the east over 100 years ago.
















In the above image at 6:00 a.m. March 22nd, 2099 - The Aquarian Constellation (on the far right) has moved only a few degrees further to the right.  These few degrees take approximately 2,200 years for the constellation to complete its cycle, at which time Aquarius will stop rising in the east and be replaced by Capricorn rising in the east during approximately the year 4210.



From page 381

Chapter: The Dawning of the Age of Aquarius and The Effects of the New Energy upon Humanity

Our timeline calculating the next 2 major financial collapses in the United States between 2016 and 2017 and again between 2028 and 2032 shows the year 2030 as a period of extraordinary interest. This is being caused by a new energy entering the earth, also known as the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius. 

Because of the precession of the equinoxes, earth aligns with the vernal equinox each March equinox.  This movement occurs through all the constellations of the Zodiac over a 26,000 year period. We are presently in the constellation Pisces and slowly approaching Aquarius.

These energies are strongest felt during the March Equinox, because the rising sun during this time of year amplifies these energies strongest. You can learn more about precession at:

We can experience this energy by learning to experience more, adjusting our frequency especially through intention, learning to work with our intuition and working with Archetypes.  These are going to be the new tools for growth and progress as the transition is occurring. One of the most exciting things about the dawning of the age of Aquarius, is learning to make use of our creative talents and abilities. The Influences from Aquarius will last for approximately 2,200 years and will be fully immersed in it by the year 2200 A.D.

We can gauge what the future of Aquarius holds by gauging the last time earth was in Aquarius approximately 26,000 years ago.  During this time there was global cooling, a surge in agriculture and farming, and a shift in Human DNA which caused a new human haplotype or feature (such as humans developing their voices) came into being suddenly. The genes E3 split into E3a and E3b about 26,000 years ago. E3b is uniquely characterized
by the SNP mutation called M35. M35 is believed to have first appeared in the remote region of the Horn of Africa about 26,000 years ago.  It than dispersed towards the Middle East during the Mesolithic and Upper Paleolithic periods. After that it traveled west during the expansion of Neolithic agriculturalists. Additional evidence of rapid evolution which occurred at the end of the last age is depicted in prehistoric cave dwellers in Europe, who drew pictures of bright red hearts in the direct center of their animal art on deep cave walls.

From page 174

Much of this energy 22,000 years ago manifested in the Japan Indonesia region, so we can see Japan leading the way for molding the transformation of this new energy and using it to express new ways of doing things in the future.


 "About 22,000 years ago there were large pyroclastic eruptions which produced the Aira caldera some 20 km×20 km wide located at the northern end of Kagoshima Bay in the southern region Kyushu".

The Kagoshima Bay region is located near Japan.
And about 22,000 years ago, The Ice Age and the Arctic Ice Cap covered the area that is now New York. Cave paintings flourished in Spain and France, with the most famous being in the Cave of Lascaux in France. Some research has also shown that cosmic rays also increase during times of ice ages, although this research is still ongoing.

The energy of Aquarius also means the end of Tyranny, Expression of Truth and the ability to solve problems by working in groups. As far as the chakras are concerned, Pisces rules that heart and throat chakras and Aquarius rules the 3rd Eye Chakra (Intuition) and the Crown Chakra (inspiration, wisdom and spiritual energy). So it is important to start developing these abilities related to the crown and 3rd chakra more in order to adapt more smoothly to the coming changes.

View a Complete Documentary about how cultures used the stars for engineering and other great feats. Includes temples built according to Earth's Pre-Cession.

From Page 253

From the Chapter: Profiting and Adapting to the Emerging Social, Spiritual and Technological Changes in The Coming Decades
When Does The Aquarian Age Fully Begin?

Let's use the power of cycles to find out. Every 71.5 years constellations rising in the eastern horizon at the Spring Equinox move 1 degree east/north. This small changes bring powerful changes to earth.

It takes approximately 2,160 years to fully complete an entire constellation cycle, which is a total of 30 degrees of movement. As of 2012, we are moving out of Pisces and into Aquarius.

Tibetan Teacher Dgwhal Khul says Aquarian energy will fully cover this part of our solar system in 2117. By 2117, sixteen cycles of Uranus, consisting of 21 years each (Uranus has a complete orbit of 21 years),  will have completed itself. Each season on Uranus lasts 21 years, with a full Uranus year consisting of 84 years.  This means Uranus has 21 years of light, 21 years of complete darkness, 21 years of twilight etc. The number 16 is associated with self-expression and personal creativity.

The Planet Related to Aquarius

The planet most associated with the constellation Aquarius is Uranus. Because Uranus represents the Aquarian energy flow, I have received many ideas and insights when the planet Uranus has been directly overhead in the sky at night. For influence in design, when Uranus rises in the east, it would be a good time to do artwork related work related to green and sustainable products.

The properties of Uranus usher in new ideas and re-shape the evolution of growth in a new and constructive way. This energy involves group   cooperation and the power to understand and work with spiritual laws and principles to grow. This planet also brings new technology that is responsibly driven towards earth friendly ways of sustainability. New social impulses emerge and a break from the established norm occurs.

From page 228

We see this same effect occurring with the constellations Pisces and Aquarius. As we enter the age of Aquarius, you can see over the course of 100 years the constellation moves closer to the rising sun each Spring equinox. The next series of images shows this drift towards the east.

6:00 a.m. March 22nd, 1900 - Aquarius rising in the east over 100 years ago.

In the left image Aquarius is to the right and the sun to the left.













In the next image below,

on 6:00 a.m. March 22nd, 2099 - The Aquarian Constellation has moved further to the right.  In 2,200 years it will be replaced by Capricorn.  Capricorn will be rising in the east in the year 4210.

From page 258

From the chapter: The Emerging Technologies Related to the Dawning of Aquarius

Some of the current emerging fields of science that will fully mature their technologies by 2145, include quantum computing, nanotechnology, cloaking and invisibility, deep space habitable planet finding  technologies, artificial intelligence, genetic engineering,  unlimited electoral power from the zero point vacuum, physical teleportation, anti-gravity cars and transport systems, elemental transmutation, sonoluminescence, epi-genetic engineering, energy medicine consisting of light and sound waves and the complete theory of electrodynamics.  These new sciences will accelerate the engineering world to a new phase of personal creativity. It will allow us to merge with the ability to manufacture just about anything using very minimal resources. Considering an average hamburger costs about $200 in resources to produce this will have a major positive impact on sustainable manufacturing.

Another new theory used in engineering is called Global Scaling, which uses fractional mathematical order based on logarithmic space. With these equations in engineering, biotechnology, architecture, medicine and communications systems, they can be designed to utilize their utmost potential, with minimal impact on the environment.
Research is also showing our cells communicate through coherent light waves called bio photons and medicine of the future will address our body's subtle energetic systems and include the chakras and radiation aspects emitted and absorbed by the cells of our body.  It will include light therapy technologies such as modulated light waves, coherent light waves and bio-photonic light.

Gasses stimulated by modulated electromagnetic frequency waves create healing plasma waves which are capable of performing non-invasive healing of our body. It is a promising technology for healing without surgery.

Science is learning that the human genome can be changed through emotion, environment and nutrition which will give us new power over illness and the ability to have healthy children.

Epigenomics allows us to make use of "unused DNA" and to repair our genes. Gentle Laser light induces healing of genetic imbalances by affecting the transfer of genetic information and using self-regulated bio-feedback we can learn how to control our thoughts and emotions to reprogram our genes using our computer or personal electronic device. The science of Psycho-neuroimmunology is starting to prove this.

So in closing, as the dawning of the age of Aquarius continues, we are going to need all the resources and information we can get our hands on so that this new energy can be used to form and shape a better world for us all.

In California:
As of 2012, Aquarius happens to align with the sun at dawn at the March equinox. As of November 7th, 2012 in California from 2pm to 3 pm, the Aquarius constellation is just starting to come up over the eastern horizon.

This site gives an excellent explanation of how Aquarius is affecting our current social and economic system:

You can read more about the coming new age of Aquarius at this link:

I hope this clarifies that the changes we are feeling are really the result of a new grand cycle that is occuring.  The best map we have to guide us is, is to study the past and what happened approximately 22,000 years ago. The more aware we are of this, the more miracles we can work in our lives.

Scott Rauvers

The 2014 Polar Vortex



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