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Eternal Youth via Tao Te Ching. Longevity Secrets via Universal Energy

Revised 2016 - The Emerald Tablets by Thoth the Atlantean

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Thousands of years old and only deciphered recently, the Emerald Tablets were written by an Ancient Priest known as Thoth the Atlantean. Thoth is thought to be one of the original architects of the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt, and is about defeating the aging process. What has been a mystery until now is how to properly perform the exercise safely and correctly. Throughout the years of working with these energies, it was discovered they coincide with the cycles of the moon and sun. These discoveries took place in the remote islands of Hawaii and Northern and Southern California.

Read Over 100  Summarized Scientific Abstracts and Research Articles on Lifespan Extension and Longevity


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Cosmic Rays and the Return of Life

Evidence Supporting Oceanic Drive in Evolution Via Rising Cosmic Rays

The Emerald Tablets Exercise and Gravity Distortion

Gamma Waves, Healing and Anti Gravity

Incorrectly performing the exercises can lead to health problems, but doing them correctly leaves the body feeling refreshed and revitalized, with aches and pains disappearing immediately after the exercise. This book is based on 4 years of study by The Institute For Solar Studies in Santa Monica, CA and clearly shows the revitalizing energy portals and the disease causing energy portals and how you can identify them yourself. By knowing how to avoid coming into contact with the negative energy portals, you can strengthen your immune system and avoid disease. The revitalizing energy portals are when the "nectar" of life flows strongest.

Added November 21st, 2014

The power of a few grains of the right substance has the power to rejuvenate.  Examples include: The red powder from the philosopher’s stone, which only a few grains are needed to turn lead into gold.

The North Pole Star.  This star system stays mostly overhead in the northern hemisphere due to the earth’s rotation and appears to rotate in a circular rotation overhead .Mr. Li Ching-Yuen who lived over 200 years of age, practiced Ba Gua Zhang which is also called Circle Walking also has spinning /rotating movements that mirror the North Pole Star. Some people have received information from the North Pole Star and you and you can read the information at the website titled The Polaris Writings.

In North America, the Cygnus Star constellation is overhead during late October, which is a time that the energy from the Emerald Tablets Exercise is strongest. So just this brief period each year is a period where this energy is strongest. So we can see that certain constellations directly overhead have an effect on the body when it is made to exercise in a rotating manner. 


Book Chapters

Total Number of Pages: 241


What is QI?

Published Scientific Studies of QI Gong and their Numerous Health Benefits

Qi Gong

Qigong Yangsheng


Chapter 1 – A Brief Synopsis of the Emerald Tablets

Explaining the Revitalizing Energy that Comes From the Practicing the Emerald Tablets Exercise

Tablet XIII Examined in Closer Detail

What is Geomagnetic Energy?

The Human Body is a Magnet

Exploring the Revitalization Energy a Little Further

Why Do You Call It The Emerald Tablets Exercise?

Why the Color Green Relates to Immortality


Chapter 2 – How do I Perform the Emerald Tablets Exercise?


Chapter 3 - Locations where Revitalization Energy is generated inside the Body

A More Detailed Look at the Location of the Lower Tan Tien

Why is This Energy Stronger from Late Fall to Early Spring?

Seasonal Highs and Lows of the Revitalization Energy

Late October at Dusk


Chapter 4 - Energetic Peaks According to the Hour of the Day

QI Energy Flow Variation According to the Hours of the Day and Seasons

Moon Phases and Cyclical Stems

Zi Wu Liu Zhu (Midnight-noon Ebb-flow)

What are the 12 earthly branches?

The Ten Heavenly Stems

The Colon and Health

Comte de Saint Germain

Why Strong Lungs are Connected to Longevity

Methods to Retain and Regain Your Lung Capacity

Effects of the Restorative Emerald Light in Daily Life

How will I know if I have performed the Exercise Correctly?


Chapter 5 – Tips to Improving the Revitalization Energies experienced by Performing the Emerald Tablets Exercise

What is Critical Mass?

How not to Overstress during the Exercise

How the Magnetic Forces of the Body become Strengthened by Practice of the Emerald Tablets Exercise

How to use Meyer Waves for Anti-Aging

What are Mayer Waves?

Using Coherence for Anti-Aging

How Do I Generate Coherence?

How Seismic Activity Relates to Time


Chapter 6 – The North and South Positions of the Emerald Tablets Exercise

A Herbal Mind Concentration Formula that Enhances Focus and Concentration

Once Learned the Emerald Tablets Exercise Technique Remains With You Forever


Chapter 7 – Physical, Health and Mental Restorative Effects Obtained from Practicing the Emerald Tablets Exercise

Documented Scientific Evidence of Energy Meridians in the Human Body

Foods that Boost the Regenerative Effects from Performing the Emerald Tablets Exercise

The Emerald Tablets Exercise Help Notes

Notes and Observations from Lying Down with the Head Pointed North while performing the Emerald Tablets Exercise

Notes and Observations from laying down with the Head Pointed South while practicing the Emerald Tablets Exercise


Chapter 8 – Techniques that Enhance the Revitalization Energies of the Emerald Tablets Exercise

Food Combinations to Take after the Emerald Tablets Exercise

Warnings of Illness from the Future


Chapter 9 – Time Anomalies and Effects from the Emerald Tablets Exercise

Photons, Cosmic Rays and Time Dilation

Higher Cosmic rays Increase Rejuvenative Effects

Granite and Radiation

What are Gamma Rays?

Our DNA as a Hologram


Chapter 10 - Scientific Evidence of Gamma Rays Rejuvenating the Human Body

The PhotoElectric Effect and Anti-Aging

Therapy and Gamma Rays

Gamma Rays and the Great Pyramid of Giza

The Great Pyramid and Cygnus


Chapter 11 – How the Constellation Cygnus Contributes to Enhanced Revitalization Energies of the Body

A scientific study showing how Gamma Radiation affects the Crown, Heart and Pelvic Regions the Most

The Milky Way Gamma Ray Bubble


Chapter 12 – An Examination of the Particles being emitted from Cygnus

Thunderstorms and Increased Gamma Rays


Chapter 13 – How to Detect Negative Energies when performing the Emerald Tablets Exercise

Getting more done in Less Time


Chapter 14 - Beneficial Environments and Locations to Perform the Emerald Tablets Exercise

Best Soil Surfaces to Perform the Emerald Tablets Exercise

Best Seasons and Locations to Perform the Emerald Tablets Exercise

Regions high in Potassium Boost the Restorative Energies due to the Presence of Gamma Rays


Chapter 15 – How to build a device to amplify the Energies of Revitalization

Amplifying the Restoration Energies Using Tablets of Granite


Chapter 16 – Moon Phases that Enhance Revitalization Energies

Moon Positions and QI Energy

Qigong According to Phases of Moon

Energy Flow According to Season


Chapter 17 - Ancient Egyptian QI Gong and the Microcosmic Orbit

What is the Light of the Microcosmic Orbit?

A Simple Exercise to Experience the Microcosmic Orbit

Is the energy from the Emerald Tablets the Same Energy as the Microcosmic Exercise?

How will I know if I have done the Microcosmic Orbit Exercise Correctly?

How to Perform the Grounding Exercise

How to Befriend A Tree and Connect with Its Energy

Size is Important


Chapter 18 – Geomagnetic Activity and the Emerald Tablets Exercise

How to Use Earth’s Geomagnetic Energy for Revitalization

How to Use Solar Electrons for Revitalization

How to Find Beneficial Solar Activity for Revitalization

Solar Activity levels conductive to healing

Organs Stimulated by Solar Activity

Yin Organs According to Season

Solar Wind Speed and Health

A Summary of Optimal Solar Conditions to perform the Emerald Tablets Exercise

Intuition, Longevity and Solar Activity


Part 2


Chapter 19 – Internal Critical Mass and the Energy of Revitalization

How to achieve the final Cycle of Revitalization – Critical Mass

Yin and Yang Energy Flow Variation

According to the Hours of the Day and Seasons

The 3 Vital Treasures


Chapter 20 - Methods for Using the Revitalization Light For Healing


Chapter 21 - Can The Right Levels of Solar Energy Cause Instant Healing through the power of Intention?

Longitudinal Alignments and Healing

The Ophiuchus Constellation

How to find the Center of the Milky Way Galaxy


Chapter 22 –Taoist Techniques of Physical Immortality

QI Flow According to Seasons and Hour of Day

Zi Wu Liu Zhu: Cyclical flow of Qi and Blood through the meridians


Chapter 23 – How to Tune into Energy from the Big Dipper

The Big Dipper and QI Energy Flow

The North Pole Star Will Not Always Be Directly Overhead

Precessional Cumulation Simply Explained


Chapter 24 - How to Tap into the Energy of the North Star

Tapping into Electromagnetic Energy Emitted from the North Pole Star

Absorbing Energy from the North Pole Star


Chapter 25 – How to Practice Planetary Qi Gong for Healing and Wellness

Resonant Planet Colors and the 5 Thrusting Channels

Using the 12 Earthy Branches for healing

The 12 Earthy Branches


Chapter 26 - The 12 Earthly Branches Re-Examined

What is the Pericardium?

What is the Triple Burner?

QI Gong Energy and Seasonal Energies

Lungs and Aging

Jing. The Eternal Life Essence


Chapter 27 – The 60 Year Chinese Zodiac

What is the 60 Year Chinese Zodiac?


Chapter 28 - An In-Depth Examination of the Restorative Energy Emitted from the Cygnus Constellation

Cygnus and Its Mythological Association with the Swan


Chapter 29 - The Grand Cycle and the 12 Constellations

Earth 25,000 Years Ago


Chapter 30 – Gamma Rays, Climate Change and Evolution

Gamma Rays as Accelerators of Evolution

Could an Ice Age be responsible for increased cosmic rays and accelerated evolution?


Chapter 31 – Ancient Cultures who used the Energies from Cygnus

Cygnus and Stonehenge

Cygnus and the Armenian Stonehenge

Cygnus and La Venta

Cygnus and Palenque

Cygnus and Avebury

Cygnus and Newgrange

Cygnus as the Cross

Cygnus and Göbekli Tepe

Matching Ancient Temples to Restorative

Energetic Peaks

Meteor Showers and Cygnus

The Month of August and Time

Chapter 32 - Four documented cases of people who live without food using prana as their food source


The Spine, Lower Back and its Relation to Longevity


Chapter 33 – Longevity Masters


Chapter 34- List of Seasonal Foods for regions of North America, The UK and Europe

Moon Phase Calendar including Perigee until 2025

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