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This article is based on my book Solar Tools for Prosperity and Health, released in 2012. At this time in history, until mid-2030 we as a society are going to undergo continued financial upheaval and socieoeconomic change.  Our timeline calculating the next 2 major financial collapses in the United States also shows 2030 as a period of extraordinary interest. This is being caused by a new energy entering the earth, also known as the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius. 

Because of the precession of the equinoxes, earth aligns with the vernal equinox each March equinox.  This movement occurs through all the constellations of the Zodiac over a 26,000 year period. We are presently in the constellation Pisces and slowly approaching Aquarius.

These energies are strongest felt during the March Equinox, because the rising sun during this time of year amplifies these energies strongest. Learn More at:

We can experience this energy by learning to experience more, adjusting our frequency, learning to work with our intuition and working with Archetypes.  These are going to be the new tools for growth and progress as the transition is occurring. One of the most exciting things about the dawning of the age of Aquarius, is learning to make use of our creative talents and abilities.

The Influences from Aquarius will last for approximately 2,200 years and will be fully immersed in it by the year 2200 A.D.

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Multiplying Matter

We can guage what the future of Aquarius holds by guaging the last time earth was in Aquairus approximately 26,000 years ago.  During this time there was golbal cooling, a surge in agrigulcture and farming, and a shift in Human DNA which caused a new human haplotype or feature (such as humans developing voice) came into being suddenly. E3 split into E3a and E3b about 26,000 years ago. E3b is characterized by the SNP mutation M35. From Wikipedia: “E3b is believed to have first appeared in the Horn of Africa approximately 26,000 years ago and dispersed to the Middle East during the Upper Paleolithic and Mesolithic periods. From there, it traveled west with the expansion of Neolithic agriculturalists. Evidence of rapid evolution at the end of the last age. More than 26,000 years ago, prehistoric cave dwellers in Europe drew pictures of red hearts in the center of their animal art on cave walls.

Here are some links to Earth's Timeline 26,000 years ago:


The energy of Aquarius also means the end of Tyranny, Expression of Truth and the ability to solve problems by working in groups.

As far as the chakras are concerned, Pisces rules that heart and throat chakras and Aquarius rules the 3rd Eye Chakra (Intuition) and the Crown Chakra (inspiration, wisdom and spiritual energy). So it is important to start developing these abilities related to the crown and 3rd chakra more in order to adapt more smoothly to the coming changes.

From my experience, I have worked with Asteroids.  Many of us have seen the game space invaders where we destroy asteroids.  However the opposite is also true.  We can use asteroids to create.

The way to use this energy is wait for an asteroid to align longitudinally with the sun.  We can use the Swiss Ephemeris to find when this alignment occurs. (Be sure to give him a donation because his service is free)

This is because these star based energetic influences are strongest when rising in the east and when directly overhead.  They act much like a lazer beam, stimulating our thoughts and consciousness. Many of these asteriods align with our sun about once a month on average.  

As we can see below, the sun aligned with Ceres at 26 degrees on the 17th of January, 2014


Each asteroid has a particular influence on our consciousness.  It comes alive in the human collective consciousness when aligned with our sun.  When we know what the properties of each asteroid are, all we need to do is wait for it to become londgitually aligned with our sun, then set out to uncover information or build new projects. Each alignment lasts from 48 to 24 hours. So if you were building new electronic devices or circuits, you would set out to work on these projects when the Sun aligns with Eros.

The way I found out how the sun and asteroid relationship works is because when the sun aligns with mars on or near that date, the Dow Jones will usually close lower. There is also scientific evidence showing that when mars is rising in the east people born during this time tend to be known as athletes. This has come to be known as the mars effect. I than decided to apply these alignments to my creative artwork and my clients were extremely pleased with the results.


Other Creative Tools:

Never sign an important contract or buy equipment for important projects when the moon is void of course.  The best time is the first 30 minutes coming out of a void of course. Here is a calendar for void of course moon.

A void of course has the same sensation/feelings that you feel when you move from one apartment or residence into a new apartment or residence. It is like a shadow sweeps over and around you, affecting how you feel and deal with future situations. This feeling becomes magnified the more unfamiliar you are with the location that you are in. As time passes, and the same events re-occur, you become better adapted to handling them, no matter what the moons phase is. When new events occur and there is a void of course and you undertake a new course of action, things may not turn out as expected, because you have not had time to deal with the situation.

By setting projects into motion when the timing is right, such as the last 20 minutes when the moon is ending its void of course, we are more emotionally well equipped to handle unexpected difficulties when they arise and fulfill our goals successfully.

When the moon is 50% past apogee, this is the best time to uncover and search for new information. New moons, especially super new moons are also the best time.

Favorable aspects related to electional astrology are also very powerful times to start new projects.

A perigee moon, especially a supermoon is the best time to develop new inventions.

A good general rule to follow, is during higher solar flux periods (maximized from March to May), new ideas flow easier, so be more open to them. A higher solar flux is the best time to get information or ideas for inventions and breakthroughs happen more easily. The more active the red line, the more ideas flowAnd when KP levels are higher or stronger (maximized from October to December), this is the time to engineer those ideas into reality by starting projects.

I have also found favorable aspects related to Electional Astrology to be very helpful when doing business or finding the best time to start a project.

 As many of you probably know any important project, such as signing a contract etc. should never be done when the moon is void of course.  Best results occur the first 30 minutes as the moon is coming out of void of course.

So in closing, as the dawning of the age of Aquarius continues, we are going to need all the resources and information we can get our hands on so that this new energy can be used to form and shape a better world for us all.

Below are the asteroids and their meanings I have put many of the main alignments of these asteriods on my website which you can find by following this link:



This asteroid rules the human spirit.

A time where Spirit flows strong. The prophetic soul period.  A time of collective messages that arise in us even though they may not be understood or valued by others. A period to be aware of our medial skills and intuitive knowledge.


This asteroid rules wealth and good fortune.

I found this interesting mention of Europa on the European Unions website.  It is at the very top left corner as you enter their website. You can visit their website at the address below:

A good time to perform the Merkaba Meditation.  A powerful time to cultivate land or build structures that create wealth. A time of power to create abundance. Multi-dimensional symbols and forces assemble themselves to draw wealth and potency to your sphere. Represents archaic power, fertility and enterprise. A time of earthy passions and its worldly triumphs. During this time, the passions and ambitions are reined in to lay foundations for the future.

An intense period of growth in resources and wealth. A fertile period where future goals are conceived and put in motion. This Asteroid holds the power to construct and direct the course ones life. It suggests the individual’s present course is to construct a solid foundation that will secure the rapid growth of resources. A touchstone for the future expansion of capital and possessions. A time for resourceful creativity. Teaches how to cultivate the earth and create abundance through passion, attraction and professional nature.


This asteroid rules Speaking, Communication, Power, and Spiritual Healings. A powerful time for sales, communication or other venture that deals with advertising or promoting energy and information to the public at large.


This asteroid rules  Kundaliani Energy and the energy of the Chakras. It rules wholeness and well-being. Hygeia can be used to get to the root of a problem, either for physical healing of an illness or other disease. It can aid personal Holistic healing and Rituals.   It is also associated with Natural Healing, Mental Wellness, Physical Exercise, Diet and Exercise and Integrative Medicine.

In Greek mythology, Hygeia was represented as youthful, radiant and smiling, attributes that are companions of health.


This asteroid rules bringing information from the past to the present. A good time to perform Forgiveness Exercises and Emotional Healing exercises.  It also is associated with Creativity, Memory, Imagination, Fairy Tales and Stories, Music, Poetry, Art. This asteroid works most powerfully when a condition yellow is occurring and the asteroid is aligned with the sun or the Great Attractor.

Mnemosyne is rhythmic and reflective, not linear, evoking dreams, images, songs that give continuity to our life’s narrative. Memory and imagination are woven together when Mnemosyne and her daughters are aroused. In Greek Mythology, the sacred sanctuary of Mnemosyne was the museum. A cycle of feelings from the past flood into the current situation. It is important to remember the past cycle to imagine and create the next.


This asteroid rules Anti-aging, and youth. One of the best times to perform the Emerald Tablets Exercise.  It also is associated with Renewal, Nourishment. Effects are amplified when aligned with the moon.

Ceres is associated with the Agricultural cycle of fertility and harvest. It causes living things to emerge, sustaining and nourishing newly created life forms.  Ceres contains the secret of the great mystery of birth, death and renewal. It feeds and nourishes the soul and spirit. Ceres represents caring, nurturing, nourishment, growth,


This asteroid rules Justice, genuineness and outspoken truth.  This works best if you are negotiating business deals with the wealthy or those who have obtained a lot of corporate power.

Pallas is the bringer of Karmic Energies, Justice, Fairness, Independence, Law and order. Pallas Athena embodies the rational and encourages left-brain thinking. It is civilizing and organizing, bringing culture and cultivation to mankind. It can also rule the wisdom of intuitive knowing often experienced in the belly as a ‘gut instinct’. It is a knowing that may speak through symptoms or disease, through creativity or craft, or radiate through stillness and tranquility or even erupt in anger or hostility. It encourages us to be heroic and battle the regressive forces of our instinctual nature.

It also represents the application of practical skill and creative intelligence in order to best be of service.


This asteroid rules high technology, education, learning and karmic energy.

It is a time of higher “CHI” or life force energy flow into our world, which can be used to create art and other works.

A good time for creating great works of art, understanding the power of creation and connecting to the Divine.  Examples: Graphics and Artwork, Painting, Sculpture. During these alignments, what you Focus most comes into reality.  THIS IS WHERE CHI COMES INTO OUR WORLD. This is what creates the "field of force" during spiritual healings.


This asteroid rules the gift of life.

This asteroid holds incredible creative power to be used for good or evil. It can give one the power to assert superiority over mankind. Pandora represents the emergent patriarch. Pandora supplies the gifts of life. 

Pandora brings a powerful gift that cannot be destroyed by life’s ills.  Hope is the life force that survives the disaster evoking images of healing and improvement. This asteroid confronts us to delve into the deepest part of ourselves to tap the reservoir of faith. Pandora resurrects life once again through the auspices of hope. It allows us to see in any disaster the gift of renewal through the auspices of faith and hope.



This asteroid rules Leadership, Marriage, Reproduction, the power of presence, and Charisma. It can also represent Marriage and embodied social ritual and custom. It is also associated with Marriage, Relationship, Family and Friends.

It influences the issues of compatibility, receptivity to others, mutual sharing, trust, jealousy, possessiveness, power struggles, committed partnership, infidelity and the anger it inspires, jealousy and possessiveness and sexual rivalry all are potentials of dark Juno.


This asteroid rules Education and Learning.  It is also associated with Devotion, Service and The Inner Life.

A time to bring more genuine dedication and focus towards a goal during this period.  A time to center the self and to focus.

It also represents devotion and responsibility, continuity of family life and the coherence it brings to our everyday experiences.


This asteroid rules Magical Workings. Power of the Divine. Time Manipulation, Reproduction, Creation, Transition and Life Crossroads.  This asteroid is known as the leader of souls she was associated with magic, divination and contact with the shades of the dead.


This asteroid rules advanced methods of working with nature. It is also associated with Healer, Rejuvenation, Herbal Knowledge and Magical Power.

It represents working with herbs and using them to heal using intuition. The Ancient Greeks represented this asteroid as giving one the power to rearrange matter.

A period of healing, homeopathic tinctures and the process of preparing and administering these remedies in their proper form. It also represents working with the moon and lunar cycle to draw down the moon when ritual and ceremony was needed.

This asteroid can be used to instinctually know the right time to perform rituals and ceremonies and evoke the healing spirits or exorcise the demons.

This next set of Asteroids, although not well researched does have some influence, although more research is necessary:


This asteroid rules beauty, sexual pride and freedom, independence, free thought, mobility of body, mind and spirit, the freedom to dream.

A period of integration and forcing one to deal with reality.  A time to cope constructively with the non-rational, victimization, difficult decisions and persons and things.  A time of learning to handle repression and complication, marginalization, the release of suppressed anger and other negative psychological energies.


This asteroid rules Journeying and Travel.  Leaning more about oneself. It is also associated with Awakening, Awareness, Transformation.

Ariadne celebrates a intimate connection with the heart, whether that is through a personal relationship, a new creative endeavor or a new course of life.

Using Spirit to Create

Just knowing these positions is not enough. You have to know how to work with sprit to mold this energy into form and substance, creating new technology, art or other works using your creative spirit from within.  This energy flows from the universe to you, using you as the vessel.  Use this technique to help you create outstanding works of art or technology using the proper asteriod.

1: My heart is filled with the Divine love that exists all around us.  I am in an open receptive state filling myself only with the power and presence of the divine.


2: What is God’s Highest Idea for me to ________ ?


3: If you were an artist, you would say “What is God’s Highest Idea for me to create an outstanding work of art?


4: Next follow what pops into your mind and start creating.  This is all there is to it.

To amplify and boost the results, perform a grounding exercise, than spray some essential oil spray, diluted with spring water (I like to use Lemongrass), than invoke the divine spirit of love.  You can find out how to perform the grounding exercise at the address below:




The information in this article, as well as similar articles, has been complied into a new book published by The book's name is: Secrets to Creating Money Effortlessly using Lucid Dreaming. The first 3 chapters are available for free viewing by visiting the address below:

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