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There are an unlimited number of mind exercises and visualizations that can be used to create results in the waking world. However, if we were to analyze them all, we would discover that the most effective ones contain 3 main principles. 1: Deep Relaxation or access to the subconscious mind, usually through simple meditation. Any form of deep relaxation is all you need to do to access your subconscious mind. 2: Imagining a protective charging light. 3: Following and Trusting our Intuition. That is it, that is all there is to it. By clearly understanding these 3 main principles, we can greatly accelerate our goals and ambitions. Based on these 3 principals, in a few moments, I will give a simple exercise that always gets results. Doing the exercise is not enough, you have to know that you are worthy of the blessings you are about to receive.

Some important tips before starting:

* Give gratitude and appreciation in advance for your goal manifesting. * Have your request, goal or affirmation written down on paper beforehand. Make this request as clear and as simple as possible. * I have gotten very good results by placing a candle in the south portion of where I am meditating and performing it around noon time.

1: Deeply relax, and release all tension, by allowing yourself to breathe deeply and release all tensions and frustrations. Putting yourself into a simple meditative state works well.

2: This next part is optional, but greatly speeds up the manifestative results. Perform what is known as the Grounding Exercise .

a) 1: Relax all muscles in your body.
b) 2: Next visualize a silver cord going from your spine going deep down into the earth.
c) 3: Next visualize the energy of the earth running up these roots, through your spine and flowing throughout every part of your body, especially down to the tips of your fingers and toes.
d) 4: Next visualize this energy flowing out of the top of your head deep into the cosmos.
5: Next you visualize a 2nd stream of energy emanating from the cosmos in a flowing stream of cosmic energy. Picture this energy flowing down from the cosmos, through the top of your head and into your body and mixing with the earth energy in your body.
6: See it flowing throughout the body mixing with the earth energy in your body that you visualized earlier.
e) 7: Next send this energy flowing down into the earth, through the silver cord you visualized earlier.
f) 8: Next visualize these streams flowing in both directions, flowing out the top of your head and down into the earth at the same time, with this new energy balancing harmoniously in the center of your body.

After this exercise you can make fists with your hands and shake them about to release any energy that is not grounded. This exercise is very grounding to the body. If you just performed this grounding exercise inside a stone circle, to add more power to this visualization, visualize a ring of white light connected to the stones that are surrounding you, while you see yourself at the center of the circle. See this ring being a bright white circle of light. Next see this energy from the circle assisting the energies just obtained from the grounding exercise and supporting these energies in a supportive and mutual manner. I have gotten powerful results when performed in a stone circle during condition red periods, however you do not need a stone circle to do it, but it certainly amplifies the energies when done inside one.

4: Next visualize yourself being at the center of a circle of clear white light. Imagine this light glowing at a comfortable brilliance and luminosity. (As an added bonus, although optional, you can visualize the energy from the Star Polaris shining down onto this circle of white light.)

5: Next start your affirmation, or use visualization seeing with clarity your goal already manifested or accomplished. Put emotion and intention into it. Perform with sincerity. (As an optional measure, you can state that this or something better will manifest effortlessly. )

6: Honor and acknowledge the request with sincerity.

7: Let go, finalize and allow the visualization to complete itself. Surrender to the right elements to make it possible.

8: Follow through by carefully listening to your intuition and following your intuitive voice as it guides you towards your goal(s).

9: Strike at the right opportunities that come along. Some opportunities may not be right for you. If this is so, than repeat the above exercise. Know that some opportunities only occur once, so strike at them while hot if you intuitively feel they are the right ones for you.

If you feel super confident, which can occur at intellectual and intuitive biorhythm highs, by having an air of expecting your goals to manifest, also speeds up the process. Just as repetitive exercise builds muscle; the more you perform this exercise, the faster and better the results. So start simply and build your way up by manifesting larger and larger things until you feel you have reached a comfortable level of manifesting your goals.

Researchers have shown that to help manifest a goal, a person must withstand the temptations placed along the path. They must persist to a healthy level of discomfort to reach that goal. This sets in motion a solid framework for long term success.

Additional Tips: If you allow the universal forces to accompany these exercises the results can manifest faster. Here are some tips. Periods where intuition is increased:

An intuitive biorhythm high boosts the power of intuition.
Intuitive biorhythum Link #1
Intuitive biorhythum Link #2

Between 2 and 4 days after a full moon boosts the power of intuition. Moon Calendar

South Pointing IMF. Current IMF Position

Moon in Taurus (Also known as Moon VOC) This is strongest during July and August Moon VOC Calendar

The star Sirius Rising in the east (strongest time) and setting in the west

Sirius Rise/Set Times for your location

Condition Purples with higher KP levels and a flat or low solar flux periods enhance intuition and pre-cognition considerably.

The first crescent moons (the first 2 to 4 days after a new moon)and condition blue periods boost the power of intention.

So there you have it, a simple, effective way to boost manifestation of your goals. Good luck!

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