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Accessing Alternate Realities Utilizing the Geomagnetic Energy of the Sun and Earth Return to Homepage

Published August 2017. Remote Viewing. The Complete User's
Manual on Experiencing Future Consciousness

A complete summary and analysis of all 76 Associative Remote Viewing Sessions over 2 years
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We think that linear time exists as a straight line with the past set in stone and the future yet to come. This is an illusion. This process of thinking is a product of our minds and a limited interpretation of the way time actually functions. Whenever you experience a feeling, you are put into vibrational harmony with a frequency of that alterative timeline. Previously your imagination selected one of the multiple possible scenarios within that timeline to merge with your present timeline giving rise to the feeling you are experiencing.

All probable futures have already been created, and we have free will to access those futures. A simple repeated visualization not only changes our present reality, but causes shifts in the entire timeline, causing changes in both the past and present. Current thinking creates a prison that traps us in this linear reality of causation. By using our free will to access our gifts of visulization, we tap into alternate possibility timelines where what you are imagining exists as reality. We use the Energy of the earth and sun to "pull this" timeline towards us into our reality. We can think of these timelines as having portal points or access doorways, which are accessable during higher periods of geomagnetic activity. 

At higher solar activity our consciousness moves through various timelines and experiences, and what we focus on and imagine the most at the start of higher solar activity is what we will experience later on. This means that time is not moving past us as we observe it. Each solar activty periods lasts approximately 11 days, so this cycle of experience lasts on average 11 days.  

An Exercise to Access Alternate Timelines

To begin plant your mind firmly upon this point in space and time, becoming aware of the here and now.

When you are in this alertness of the present moment, visualize what it is you intend to manifest. By doing this you are in the same state of mind you go into when you pray. By doing this you put yourself into the best fitting timelines which are automatically aligned with your future.  These timelines are chosen based on the freewill of everyone whose realities you will be imposing upon when you alter the timeline in the future.

Next merge your visualized goal with the present reality of here and now.  To do this see both realities (the now and future intention) as being both the same thing.  You can also use your intention and believe that what you imagine is present reality. Use a deep feeling of complete consciousness and clear awareness of the present now to empower your future reality that you wish to manifest. This works b
ecause 2 events cannot co-exist together at the same time in space and time.  By using your intention, you cause a "shift" to occur in the present and that shift should be what you are visualizing.


There are many “lanes of time” running simultaneously and you can change lanes. You can begin in one lane, then change lanes to produce a different outcome than you expected in the original lane. When you imagine, you tap into an alternate possibility timeline where what you are imagining exists as reality.
From: Move into Alternate Reality by Shifting Timelines

Because there is a universal consciousness guiding everything, it is best to time to do visualizations that alter our timeline into a more favorable one according to the principals associated with this guidance.  

As quoted by By Deepak Chopra: "Every secret in this book goes back to the existence of an invisible intelligence that operates beneath the visible surface of life."


A Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity discussion topic. by K. Ferlic,

How to Flow with the Life-Force Consciousness of the Universe

For example, during condition green periods that come after a peak in KP activity we would align our intentions with information gathering related to our goal of healing and during upcoming condition oranges inventions related to new technology or putting our ideas into action etc.  This is why 2 people make the same breakthroughs at the same time and the concept has been called Multiple Discovery. All inventions and creativity are a matter of multiple will aligned during the right time.
To effectively enter the timeline we wish to create, we need to put 1 part mental effort to 10 parts physical action. By understanding this process of how the universal consciousness guides us, we may be able to better understand the existence of a collective will or intent whose fuel comes from the universal consciousness, and demonstrate how individual drive is formed in human beings, which assists their purpose. The Dow Jones is an example of how the Guidance of Universal Consciousness plays itself through human intention and freewill. 
Because the solar conditions occurring at these peak cross points where the wave of solar activity crests are causing either new technologies to manifest or new information to be received, this means goal attainment caused by a manifestion of exercising our intentions consists of 2 polarities.  The receiving for ideas and information, which than forms the will/intention to put into action these ideas using physical action and purpose. I cover where the spirit of creativity comes from in my article titled: Where Creativity Comes From and How to Ignite Your Own Creativity Spark when I show that the driving forces of our moon contains these same 2 polarities, leading to invention and innovation of new technologies and creativity within the individual.

Knowing when KP levels are going to be higher

Future KP Levels can be accessed by visiting the addresses below:

The address below belongs to Northwest Research Associates and lists an AP forecast.  AP is very similar to KP so this can be used to know when KP levels are going to peak.


Using the Dow Jones Cross Point Predictive Model to Access New Timelines in our Personal Lives

Because at the proper solar conditions the Dow will close higher or lower at the end of the trading day, it shows that the collective will of industry causes these changes to occur on a predicted path for the next upcoming 24 to 48 hours, much like a moving object's momentum keeps it going after it has been jettisoned by a powerful force. This also means that individual periods of higher KP and solar activity may be periods where we can change our future timeline by accessing an alternate reality favorable to our goals. This may be happening already as I have explored the condition yellow exercise where I use my intention to keep healthy and in good health, whereupon after the exercise my body feels significantly stronger the following morning.  It is also interesting that this exercise involves connecting with the Star Sirius at certain times.  During condition yellow periods, there is an increase in KP and solar activity at the same time, much like a "mini wave" crest or peak of activity, similar to the Dow Jones Cross Peak Periods. This means we can find the most appropriate times to use visualization/intention to alter our timeline into something better by aligning our intentions with the collective intention of the universal consciousness.  The KP activity "locks in" that timeline and stabilizes it, much like stabilizing a wormhole.
Because this collective universal consciousness contains 2 polarities 1 - The receiving of information and listening and 2 - Action and creation/inventing, than for healing and wellness we would visualize a timeline where this was taking place at peak periods of upcoming condition greens, yellows or blues within the first 24 hours of a peak in KP activity.  
For technology and invention, we would visualize the timeline related to making new discoveries or perfecting inventions just after the first 24 hours of a peak in KP and solar activity when a condition orange or red was approaching within the first 24 to 48 hours. 
We can think of the process as entering a wormhole at the peak of this energy and existing it as the condition color manifests itself a few hours or days later.
The image below explains it a little more clearly
So in summary 
The future condition color is made of 1 of 2 properties.  Either
1 - Information
2 - Action
By knowing the upcoming condition color during a high in KP acitivity, it puts us in alignment with the universal guiding consciousnesses allowing our goals to manifest in accordance with this will and why 2 people make the same discoveries at the same time.  
It is interesting to note that putting yourself into the right timeline is the same as prayer and I cover in another article titled How to Amplify Prayer that the Star Sirius is the miracle maker.  Could this mean an additional booster to the timeline exercise would be doing it at the time that Sirius is rising in the east?


Events from the Future Affecting the Present

When we change our future using intention, we are changing the present and impacting others via universal consciousness. Are there intentions from the past affecting the present here and now? Scent happens to be the most commonly reported feature at haunted locations, and hauntings occur more often during higher KP activity (earth geomagnetic energy).  If this is true, than the localized enviroment has "learned" how to manufacure not only events from the past, but also molecules of perfumes and fragrances using earth's geomagnetic activity. There is an excellent scientific paper proving that hauntings are more common during periods when earth's geomagnetic energy is stronger. You can read the paper at:


I believe that for a haunting to take place, the person's presence and the environment, when these are both together at the same time, they activate the resonant background memory of that location, causing it to re-live events that took place in the past.  Much like a CD plays music when the laser strikes the CD or a cassette plays music when the tape passes over the head.
This follows the same principle that if we are having a down time, or a bad period, the first thing many life coaches will ask "What steps or action did you take the last time you were successful at achieving something?" and by repeating these same actions from the past the last time we were successful, solves the problem of failures in the present. We need only allow our memory to relive that experience from the past, to re-charge our present for future success.
People's memories are more easily stimulated during higher KP periods.  Below is a quote from a scientific study on human memory and geomagnetic storms (higher KP activity)
"These results suggest that these experiences, be they veridical or illusory, may be influenced by global geomagnetic activity that affect the neuroelectrical or neurochemical processes associated with memory consolidation or the attribution of the serial order of experiences during retrieval."
Study Source: 
Geophysical variables and behavior: XCVIII. Ambient geomagnetic activity and experiences of "memories": interactions with sex and implications for receptive psi experiences.

Higher KP affects memory as has been scientifically verified as just shown above. Major Events both good and bad occur at cross point periods which are periods of higher kp (earth geomagnetic energy).

This is why we remember major events and can associate them more easily with the date of the event they occurred, because the higher KP period on that date makes recalling the event easier. Does this mean that during higher KP periods it would be a good time to learn new material?

Einstein's Theory of Relativity shows that "wormholes" are connected by two points in space by a straight line through a shorter dimension. Physics also shows that it is possible for ends of a wormhole to move. This means you could go to new places via the wormhole. Physics also states that if you move one end of the wormhole and speed it up to the speed of light time would slow down.  This means less time would pass at the other end.  This means a person entering the end of the wormhole that is standing still, would travel backwards in time and the person at the other end would travel into the future. This means that you could not travel into the past before a wormhole was opened.
Source: The Current Science of Time Travel

If this is true, than perhaps another explanation for scents appearing at haunted locations would be high speed solar particles creating a type of wormhole allowing the memory of scent particles to pass through and during higher KP activity the localized environment is copying events and scents that occurred in the past.  If molecules of scent are occuring, than perhaps bacteria, which are also roughly the same size as scent molecules, (some slightly smaller) are doing the same.  This could explain why Cuba was battling first major cholera outbreak in half a century in 2012, which was at the peak of a sunspot cycle.

The science of Magnetic Re-connection is very similar to a wormhole opening in our local region of space. When we study the process of magnetic re connectionwe see that the process takes place just after increased solar activity, which is during condition orange and greens. Some condition orange periods are times of increased violence and terrorist attacks.  Could condition orange periods be times where past events are relived based on primitive human emotion? The video below shows how NASA is going to send up satellites to track these wormholes.

You can learn more about the NASA Portal project at the link below:

Working with Waves and Crests in Time

It's a fact that certain main events throughout history occur at important junctions which alter world events. These peaks or waves that occur affect the future in a more solid way. An example would be the 911 terrorist attacks which changed the course of history for airline travel and in some cases our freedoms for millions of Americans (the NSA scandal etc.).  We also explain how locating these peak cross points, we can use them to predict future dow movements with accuracy. Perhaps at these cross point periods, there is a collective intention occuring, which causes major changes to occur affecting world history.

The fact is that at these at these cross points the future is more set in stone and events untold that affect humanity more than at other periods during earth’s history.  If enough energy is present during a condition orange and with a strong enough collective intention you affect change, than you cause a new timeline to manifest itself.  It is now a scientifically confirmed fact that in 1993, 4000 people went to Washington DC with the intention of reducing crime by meditating about peace.  This is proof that a collective intention can alter and change the timeline. If it worked than, and with all our new technology and knowlege now, why can't it work to prevent future terrorist disastes from happening? You can read the full scientific report on how a collective intention reduced crime in washington DC by vising the address below:

Preventing Terrorist Attacks by Changing the "Local Memory " of an Environment

Much like behaviour of past experiences repeats itself at haunted locations, during these higher KP periods, we may be able to put a "dent" in this repetitive memory field by using intention, much like we access alternative timelines mentioned at the start of this article.  One method to stop terror attacks would be to monitor the global coherence system.

Quote from their website:

The largest change in the random number generators occurred during the terrorists attacks on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. Even more intriguing was the fact that the random number generators were significantly affected some four to five hours prior to the attack, suggesting a worldwide collective intuition about the impending event."

When we monitor their network during condition orange periods and if an event is detected by the global coherrence system a few hours before it happens, you may be able to use intention to alter the pattern from repeating itself. 

The Global coherence network has proven itself to be able detect events before they happen. 
And at we already know that during strong negative condition orange periods terrorist attacks occur. So when we combine these 2 we may have a pretty good way to prevent future terrorist attacks from occuring. 

One method to possibly try would be to locate the condition blue period closest to that event before it occured than send intention to prevent it from happening at the future or next upcoming condition orange period. You could create an "intention emergency kit" to be activated/used when the global coherence project signals that a negative event is about to take place, especially if it occurs during a condition orange to prevent a future crises from occuring. 

Below are the data sets used showing advance warning of Terrorist Attacks from a few hours to days before the event took place:

Attacks on Shiite Sacred Sites in Baghdad
911 World Trade Center Attack

London Wins Olympic Bid Bombing

Five people (other reports say eight) were killed and more than a dozen wounded on Thursday, "Queensday"

Terrorist Attacks in Kenya
Attacks in Gaza
Additional Research Results

How to Use Intention to Defeat Robots that Overun the Earth

If we as a species become dominated by machines like in the science fiction movies, like the Terminator, we can use intention to mess up their software. This would cause the software to crash as well as open up further system vulnerabilities in the robots software.

It is a scientifially proven fact that human intention can affect computerized random number generators, as shown in the paper:
Experiments Investigating the Influence of Intention
on Random and Pseudorandom Events, DEAN RADIN~
Princt7ton Univer.sit.v, Princeton, NJ 08544

This is what may be happening already today in 2014, perhaps due to the competitive marketplace in software programming, with all the intentions occuring, some are unconsciously sending negative intentions against the competition, causing computers to freeze or crash, which happens most often during condition red/blue periods, or periods of higher sunspot activity.

So in conclusion, we do have the power to alter our future and make it whatever we want.  This could be the reason some peoples goals never come to pass because they were not in alignment with the universal guiding consciousnesses and their time was not ready for these goals to manifest yet.  There are an unlimited number of probable futures just waiting for us to access, all we need is intent and awareness to know the right times to access them.

Written by Scott Rauvers of

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