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After working with essential oils for the past 8 years, both in the commercial sector and private sectors, I started noticing their ability to affect by intention and ability to speed up my creative talents.  I believe this is because certain essential oils become "alive" or more active during certain moon phases and according to solar activity.
For the past 8 years I worked primarily with Lemongrass and Lavender Essential Oils and their blends.  I also noticed that the Thai Culture treats Lemongrass as a sacred plant and that Lavender is recommended for use around the full moon as a way to restore balance, induce sleep and create harmony in the environment.
Lavender naturally promotes stress relief, relaxation and is used as a detoxer to help remove toxins from the body.  It also helps boost concentration and to bring balance to the body's immune system. 
I than decided to test using Essential Oils according to solar activity and moon phases and found that they induced a longer period of intention.  This could be either using Lemongrass to repel insects when I go hiking, or Lavender to help induce peaceful sleep.
Next I experimented with solar activity and discovered that Lemongrass was especially powerful around declining solar activity.  When I tested Lemongrass EO around the New Moon and Wanning Moon, I discovered that its power peaked during the first 1 to 3 4 days of the new moon, especially when using intention for healing.
Lavender Essential Oil showed the best results around the Full Moon and during periods of very high solar activity.

After going through this phase of research, I than devised a system where an Essential oil, or when dominant in a blend is used during particular solar activity or phases of the moon.  This is because moon phases and solar activity both follow the same pattern.  A full moon causes more physical discomfort, which is the same thing as higher solar activity.  A new moon helps healing, which is the same thing as flat or declining solar activity.
By understanding these cycles and than using Essential Oils according to the corresponding cycle, it results in a major increase of turning our dreams and goes into reality via intention.

All you do is spray the Essential Oil mist on your feet, or before doing yoga, meditation or other work that involves intention.  This could involve solving engineering challenges, problems or maybe you are an artist and need more creativity.
You will find that you have increased concentration, focus and are more able to achieve your goals with less effort and in less time.  The essential oils dissolve blocks, allowing your true spirit and creativity to flourish and flow through.
Essential Oils also increase the positive frequency around you.  This is because getting out in nature is one of the fastest and most powerful ways to increase your positive frequency.  Essential oils are distilled or directly pressed from plants (squeezing out their juices) , so there is no artificial manufacturing or preservatives.  This makes them extremely natural and pure. 

My Personal Experiences with Essential Oils and Moon Phases

I have noticed over the past 7 years that when my customers try my Lemongrass Essential Oil blends, they purchase much more often during the phase just after a new moon. I had noticed this effect for many years and decided to do some through research to find out why.  Because business is much like doing battle against market forces and competitors, I decided to research what successful commander in the past may have used scent in battle and if they helped him win his victories.  Napoleon is an excellent subject. There are historical records showing that Napoleon used up to 60 bottles of Jasmine a month.

Now when we see what moon phase is associated with the scent of Jasmine we see that a full moon to disseminating are related to Jasmine. This is the 14 day period going from full to just after a full moon. 

Now if we examine the dates of Napoleon's victories we see that many of his victories occurred during a full moon and just after a full moon. Let's take a closer look:

January 14, 1797, another victory at the the battle of Rivoli and was 8 days after a full moon.

July 24th 1798, Napoleon defeats the thousands of years Empire of Egypt and enters Cairo on this date

which is the date of a full moon.

October 21, 1805, Napoleon wins The Battle of Trafalgar which occurred 3 days after a full moon.

Now relating to my own personal experiences in business, when we see what the herb Lemon or Lemongrass (an bitter scent) represents according to the moon phase it represents the new moon as shown in this moon phase oil kit. Bitter is a tighteeing sensation, and bitter herbs/foods are used to detox the body, and new moons are recommended for the best time to detox.

So this explains that people will find the scent lemon/or lemongrass (an bitter scent) more attractive and appealing during this phase of the moon, which now explains why sales were so good during this moon phase. Also the opposite of bitter is sweet, and Jasmine is a sweet smelling scent, which is opposite the new moon.  This means sweet scents do better at full moons and bitter scents at new moons.

So this synergy of scents and moon phases seems to have the same synergy exhibited by preparing or taking herbs during the planetary hours  of the day or week.  A complete planetary hours chart can be downloaded at:

Much of this makes sense, because if the moon is responsible for the tides, perhaps the liquids in essential oil blends also have an effect when used in synergy with appropriate moon phases. 

Although this is just a general observation of a possible trend occurring, further research needs to be done to verify this.  Perhaps taking certain essential oil blends with the proper moon phase may result in healing or stress reduction or allergy reduction. 

Levels of Energy released via Solar Activity and Moon Phases

New Moon - Condition Blue/Oranges
Waxing Moon - Condition Yellows/Greens

Full Moon - Condition Reds/Oranges
Wanning Moon - Condition Purples/Greens

The  list of Essentials Oils that are compatible with Moon Phases. 

New Moon/Condition Blue/Oranges

Waxing Moon/Condition Yellows/Greens

Full Moon/Condition Reds/Oranges

Wanning Moon/Condition Purples/Oranges

The period leading up to the new moon or the last 5 days before a new moon, I like to give the essential oil blends a rest and instead use HeartMath for healing, as well as meditation and other mental exercises to bring healing and wellness to my environment. It is a time to express gratitude and thankfulness for all things.

New Moon:  New beginnings, fresh start, blank page.

Crescent Moon:  Intention, hopes, and wishes

First Quarter Moon: Challenges, decisions, action.
Gibbous Moon: Adjust, refine, edit.

Full Moon:  Signed, sealed, and stamped.

Disseminating Moon:  Gratitude, sharing, enthusiasm.

Last Quarter Moon:   Release, let go, forgive.

Balsamic Moon: Surrender, rest, recuperate.

Crescent Moon

The Crescent Moon is a time to announce our intentions, wishes and hopes for the Lunar Month. This is the time to write down either on paper or in a  Journal. 

First Quarter Moon

This is the half moon and is a time to be prepared for  challenges we had not prepared for.  It is a time to make on-

the-spot decisions about how to proceed, including what needs to be done.

Gibbous Moon

This is a time to refine or edit our intentions.  It is a period to 

rephrase or adjust/edit our written intentions.  It is a time to accommodate and adjust.

Full Moon

A time of completion where intentions are sealed, signed and stamped.  Even if our intentions have not manifested at this time, do not be discouraged. Understand that your intention has been broadcast to  the universe and  is gathering all the proper circumstances to make it happen for the best way for all concerned. Because in six months a Full Moon goes through a complete cycle, it may take six months for intentions  to manifest rather than just two weeks. Supermoons have a cumulative effect which start at the ending of the last apogee moon.  Supermoons can help speed the manifestation of intentions, so time your long term / challenging intentions to manifest at a supermoon for success.
Disseminating Moon

A period to be grateful and to discuss your intention to those who are edging you along. Pep talk yourself enthusiastically that the intentions are completed.  Live like they have already occurred.
Last Quarter Moon

A period to release, let go and forgive anything and everyone which you may feel hurt and pain. Empty yourself to allow the universe to re-start the flow of creativity and intention.
Balsamic Moon

A time to surrender accept peace, rest, and recuperate.  Not the time to use essential oils or plant intentions. Avoid planning or action of any kind. Allow your mind to become dark and still. 

Feelings that can come through during a Full Moon: Fear, Apprehension, Grief, Sadness, Despair, Pensiveness
Associated Emotions and their Outcomes:
Fear and Acceptance = Submission ---
Surprise and Fear = Awe ---
Orange: Humiliation, Grief, Violent Retaliation, Foolish

Feelings that can come through during a New Moon: Trust, Gratitude, Pride, Trust, Acceptance, Admiration

Feelings that can come through during a Waxing Moon: Peace, Health, Clarity, Happiness, Serenity, Joy, Ecstasy
Associated Emotions and their Outcomes:
Joy and Acceptance = Love ---
Anticipation and Joy = Optimism
Disgust and Anger = Contempt ---

Feelings that can come through during a Wanning Moon: Loathing, Boredom, Disgust, A time of caution. Routines are changed and things that got results before require readjustment.
Associated Emotions and their Outcomes:
Sadness and Disgust = Remorse ---
Sadness and Surprise = Disappointment ---

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