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Published by The Institute for Solar Studies on Human Behavior and Health in Santa Monica, California.

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This book is an accumulation of years of research study by The Institute for Solar Studies on Human Behavior and Health. Written by Institute Director Scott Rauvers, it teaches you how the energy released from solar flares are responsible for some diseases and illness. It Includes exercises and the types of foods to eat to counteract the mood swings, diseases and allergies caused by these high energies. You can also use this rare and unique information to increase your wealth and boost athletic endurance.

Interpret the biblical meanings behind the sun and how it is used to create miracles. Includes the code of how Jesus used the different energies of the sun to perform miracles. The closest most of us have come to witnessing miracles from the sun is through the art of sun gazing, this book goes deeper, teaching you much more.

Extreme athletes can especially benefit by using the sun to strengthen their endurance and the elderly can benefit by knowing the danger periods.

Total Number of pages: 266






Chapter 1. The Role our Sun has played on Organized Religion Page 1

What is the Solstice? Roman and Greek Solar Deities
Aztec and Mayan Solar Deities
Early Mexican Solar Deities
Newgrange and Stonehenge
How old is Stonehenge?
Solar Activity Influences Fertility
Early Christianity and the Sun
Celebrating the Return of Christ
The Role of Religion
The Role the Sun plays in Religion and Prayer
Two additional observations come to mind regarding this topic
Reviewing the Facts
Geomagnetic Activity, Motivation and Religious Activity

Chapter 2. An Introduction to the Cycles of Solar Activity. Page 12

Sunspots Affect the Economy
Suicides peak in Spring due to Higher Geomagnetic Activity
Who recorded the first sunspot?
Sunspots and Hip Fractures
Sunspots Affect the Human Cervix
What is a Sunspot Maximum?
What is the Cervix?
Sunspots affect Influenza and Cancer
Climate Change and Sunspots
What is Palaeoclimatology?
Sunspots Affect Lifespan at Time of Birth
Effect of Sunspots on Birth Weight and Height

Chapter 3. Circadian Rhythms and Solar Activity. Page 22

What is Chronobiology?
Getting to the Core that Causes Healing
A Simple Tool for Health and Well Being
Solar Weather and Anti-aging
What is a Geomagnetic Storm?

Chapter 4. How Geomagnetic Storms Affect Aging. Page 25

Telomeres can be lengthened by Practicing
Meditation or Yoga
Meditation and Yoga practices improve telomerase activity and telomere length
Calcium Homeostasis and Aging
What are Calcium Ions?
What is Circadian Rhythmicity?
Mental Disorders and Geomagnetic Storms
The Berg Timer Method
Are some illnesses Psychosomatic?
Dissolving a Psychosomatic Template
The Apogee Moon and Emergency Surgery
Mental Health and Solar Activity
Depression peaks during the Spring Season
How Geomagnetic Storms Impact Human Creativity
Long Term Solar Cycles and Creativity
Suicides and Spring
The Solar Healing Clinics of Dr. Auguste Rollier
Peppermint Oil protects against Gamma Radiation

Chapter 5. Miracles in the Bible attributed to Solar Activity. Page 41

The Solar Pumped Laser
What is Povidone-iodine?
The Sun Heals Leprosy
What is Mycobacterium leprae?
The Turin Shroud and Ultraviolet Light
The Sun Heals Paralysis
Longitudinal Alignments and Healing
The Ophiuchus Constellation
Where do the names Jan, April, May and June come from?
Jesus turns water into Wine
Sunlight reduces the risk of Multiple Sclerosis

Chapter 6. UV Light C and its documented Healing Effects. Page 55

UV light is used to Heal Burns and educe Infection
Enhancing Antioxidant Levels via UVB Light

Chapter 7. Geomagnetic Activity and its Effects upon Health. Page 65

Blood Pressure and Geomagnetic Storms

Additional Correlations between Allergies and High Blood Pressure
What is Diastolic blood pressure?
Above average Geomagnetic Storms may cause Allergies
Seasonal Peaks of Allergies
Solar Radiation, Stress and Disease
Seasonal Variations of Oxidative Stress
Using Solar Weather to Heal
How to Generate an Artificial Geomagnetic Storm in the Lab
Methods used to measure geomagnetic activity and its impact on the body
How the Sunspot Cycle Received its Name
Do Some Planets Cause Sunspots?
Are Sunspots responsible for Earthquakes?
How Sunspot Cycles Turn the Gears of History
The 25,920 year constellation cycle
What can I expect during the Age of Aquarius?
The Effects of Sunspots and Lifespan
Solar Eclipses and their Impacts on Life
The Best Times of Year to Detox
Finding Favorable Periods of Solar Activity

Chapter 8. The 5 Types of Energy Emitted from our Sun. Page 82

The 5 Main Condition Colors
Who Invented the Solar Periods?
The Second Pioneer of Solar Influence Studies A.L.Chizhevsky
Who Invented the Condition Colors?
Examples of Synergy occurring between the Tjeskovy cycle and the Condition Colors
How to get the most from the Condition Colors........Using the Solar mini cycles
The 4 Main Solar Condition Colors and their Associated Influences in Greater Detail
The 2 types of solar wind emitted from the sun
The Color Conditions Examined in Greater Detail
What you Focus on Creates Your Reality
Summary of the Condition Colors and their Related Emotions
Knowing When the Condition Color Strength is Strongest
What does KP Mean?
An In-depth Look at Solar Mini Cycles and How to Find Them
What is the Planetary A Index?
Observations from the Above Average Solar mini cycles

Chapter 9. How to Find Changes in Your Local Weather Using the Sun's Solar Flux. Page 99

Why More Cosmic Rays Enter Earth's Atmosphere during Quiet Solar Activity

Chapter 10. The Condition Colors and their Effects on Health and the Environment. Page 102

What are the Effects of a Condition Red?
Accelerated Mental Healing
Reaction Time and Solar Activity
How to Treat Excessive Oxidative Stress
Toothache and Geomagnetic Activity
Sunspot Numbers conductive to Peak Intuition
The Condition Orange Period
The Stage 2 Condition Orange
How Excessive Geomagnetic Energy Causes Psychological Outbreaks of Violence
Ions, Hormones and Health
Positive Ions and Hormones
Summary........Condition Blue. Period 2 = Stimulation
Consumer Confidence, Perception and Sunspots
Condition: Yellow
 A summary of the Condition colors
Condition: Purple
What is the function of Melatonin in the body?

Chapter 11. Effects of Geomagnetic Activity upon the Human Nervous System. Page 128

Human Pre-Cognition and the Nervous System
Are Solar Flares Getting Bigger and Stronger?
Strongest X-ray solar flares ever recorded
The Carrington Super Solar Flare Event of 1859
The Condition Color EZ Chart

Chapter 12. Can Mind Power Extend Lifespan?. Page 136

Practicing QI Gong Lengthens Telomerase
Acceptance and Telomere Length
How Human Genes are Affected by Mediation
Essential Oils and Solar Activity
Geomagnetic Storms and Their Effect on Equipment
What is Citral?

Chapter 13. The Dow Jones Industrial Average and Solar Activity. Page 142

List of Major Solar Flares and The Dow Jones Industrial Average
What are Turn Around Points? (also called cross points)
Identifying Weather Changes using Cross Points
Condition Color and Dow Jones Data
Solar Health Forecast Conditions
Cross Point Frequency and Strength

Chapter 14. How Cycles of Stock Markets are Governed by Solar Activity. Page 160

Sunspots, Confidence and Perception
Why Large Companies are Influenced by Lower Sunspots
The Markets and Solar Activity
Looking Ahead into the Future
The Years 2016 to 2018
The Next Low in The Stock Markets after 2017

Chapter 15. The Types of Energies Emitted by Our Sun. Page 168

The Sigmoidal Connection to Our Sun and Our Body
Over 70% of our immune system is contained in our gut
The Sun's Solar Flux Examined in Greater Detail
A note on the 2mev Electrons........Observations in the Environment of Solar and Geomagnetic Activity
What Is the Ionosphere?
..Solar Eclipses Affect Bacteria
How Ionization Affects Living Organisms
Scientific Study confirming that Ionized Water has a long term beneficial effect on allergies

Chapter 16. Removing Toxins Quickly to Recharge the Body For The Coming Year. Page 173

Melatonin and the Immune System
The Miracle of Naringin

Chapter 17. How Solar Weather Affects the Immune System and causes Outbreaks of Influenza, Ebola and other Viruses. Page 178

Sunspot Cycles that Enhance the Changes of Influenza
Connecting the Dots to Health
What will Sunspot Activity be like in the Coming Decades?

Chapter 18. Are Sunspots Driving Biological Evolution?. Page 185

The Cosmic Ray Connection
Historical Peaks of Cosmic Rays
The Impact of a Supernova may have caused earth’s great flood
Lifespan and UV Rays
What Does the Future Hold?
The Body's Immune System is Weakened by Excessive Solar Activity

Chapter 19. How to Make Your Own Magnetic Water. Page 197

Chapter 20. Magnetic Fields and Health. Page 199

Types of Magnetic Polarity and Their Effects on the Body
The North Pole Magnetic Field
The South Pole Magnetic Field
The Power of North/South Alignments The orientation of magnets and their effects

Chapter 21. Photons of Light can Heal. Page 201

Commercial Products Charged by the Rays of the Sun known to heal the body
Jakob Lorber's Tooth Remedy Powder

Chapter 22. Using Solar Weather as an Early Warning System. Page 203

Using Solar Weather Predictions to Usher in Worldwide Peace and Harmony........Summary
Diffusing Future Outbreaks of Violence by using Predictive Solar Patterns
Closing Summary

Chapter 23. Do Environmental Toxins Contribute to Ill Health?. Page 210

Lead, Manganese, Cadmium and Mercury

Chapter 24. How The Progress of Technology Matches Sunspot Cycles. Page 212

Chapter 25. The Effects of Solar Activity on Environment, Human Emotion and Latitude. Page 213

Very Low and Flat Geomagnetic Activity and its Effects on Health
Effect of Geomagnetic Storms at Middle Latitudes
What is the Forbush decrease?
Middle Latitudes
Lower Latitudes
Higher Latitudes
Schuman Resonance, and Ionospheric Signals and their Impact on Health
Electromagnetism and Aging
Magnetic fields, Ionospheric Disturbances and Variations in Air Temperatures

Chapter 26. Solar Activity and its Influence on Health and Behavior. A summary of published studies. Page 223

Sudden Infant Deaths (SID's)
A method for studying the effect of the geomagnetic field on the vital activities of microorganisms
Solar Activity and Admission of Psychiatric Inpatients
The Sun's Solar Wind and Hallucinations
Seizures and Solar Activity
Large Scale Studies on Heart Attacks
Magnetic Fields and their Effect on the Pineal Gland
Animals and their sensitivity to geomagnetic activity
Dogs can sense Earth’s Geomagnetic Field
Magnetic sensitivity and the Retina
Light and Depression
Sleep Paralysis and Magnetic Fields
The Role Melatonin plays in the Body
Geomagnetic Activity and the Thyroid
Conclusion / Summary
Effects of Very Low and Quiet Geomagnetic Activity on the Heart
Periods of Quiet Solar activity are associated with:
Effects of Above Average Geomagnetic Activity on the Nervous System
Effects of Geomagnetic Fields and their Effects on Writers
Geomagnetic Activity and Emotions of Anger and Aggression
Commission of Crimes and Geomagnetic Activity
Epileptic Seizures and Geomagnetic Activity
Mental Disturbances and Geomagnetic Activity
Do Geomagnetic Storms Cause an Increased Risk of Depression?
Multiple Sclerosis and Geomagnetic Activity
Neurological effects of Low and Quiet Geomagnetic Activity
Geomagnetic activity and its effects on the vulnerable. The very old and the very young
Geomagnetic Fields and its effects on Animals
Sunspot Cycles and Cancer
Above average Geomagnetic Activity and its Effects on Reproduction
Effects of Solar Activity on Birth
Solar Activity and Changes in Cells
Geomagnetic Activity and its Effects on Soil Organisms
Effects of ELF on the Body
Final Summary and Conclusions
Serotonin Levels and Violence
Cellular Telephone use and Melatonin
What does OHMS Concentration mean?

Chapter 27. The Truth of the Story of Jesus as an Astrological Allegory Representing the Sun passing through the 12 Major Zodiacal Constellations each year. Page 247       

The Fight between Good and Evil
Symbolism of the Fish and Christianity
The Influence of Pisces the last 2,000 years
The Birth of Jesus
The Three Kings
The Mother Mary
The Meaning of the Number 888 and Jesus as the Sun
Judas Iscariot and the 30 Pieces of Silver
The Speed of Light and Jesus as the Sun
The 7 Seals in Revelation and the 7 Chakras
The 12 Disciples
The Story of Moses and the Burning Bush. The Age of Aries
The symbol for Libra is the Scale of Justice
The Seasons and the Four Ages