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Gratitude is something that can never be taken away by external events. The act of gratitude exists as a part of your character and does not depends upon external events in order for it to work its magic. Everyone is honest to some extent, therefore your honesty shapes your true character.


If you act out your life according to the beliefs of others you will die doing nothing. Belief is necessary to magnetize you to everything and everyone that is necessary to manifest your intended goal. It also keeps you focused and helps you improve your service or product. Belief also abandons the "how do I do this?". or "Should I do this?" draining method of thinking. Belief is the fuel that creates order out of unseen and unorganized chaos.

In Summary -

Believe you deserve wealth
Believe that you can be wealthy
Believe that you will be wealthy
Detach and let go

Acting creates momentum and inertia.
Belief anchors and adds perfection. Grounds you.
Being grateful keeps the momentum going and attracts to you more of the same.

Use Belief to Help Uncover Your Talents

Find where in your life the power of belief flows naturally and strongest. What flows easiest when you are doing something you enjoy and that you are good at?

Make a Personal Decision to Become Rich

In order to keep your income flowing, you need to re-commit your decision to become wealthy. Treat your decision like an anniversary where you celebrate it every now and then and reward yourself for keeping your commitment. A decision to become wealthy is really like signing a contract, a commitment to yourself.

Making a firm decision / commitment to yourself to become rich will go further than planning for it. When you make a firm decision your mind will then begin focusing on solutions rather than lack.

Your new decision causes a complete shift in your perception and focus. You are now in a state of preparedness and receptivity. This new determination begins building it's own momentum propelling you towards your goal(s).

Your decision must be made without fear, shame, ambiguity, reservations or feelings of unworthiness.

Your decision will be destroyed by the following -

Failure to change old habits
Going back to your comfort zone
Avoiding Responsibilities

Money Constantly Requires Constant Focus

If you are a student that is in intensive studies, or are learning and perfecting your skills, making a decision to be wealthy at this time is probably not a good idea, because during this time money can be an unwanted distraction. Once you have mastered what you are good at, and are starting to create an income from what you have created, than make the decision to become rich. That is why you see lots of "poor students".  They are not really poor, but are in a form of incubation, waiting for the right time when they will be rewarded for their talents.  This could be why healers and other miracle workers who don't accept large amounts of money for their services are able to heal others so well, is because they are not distracted by large sums of money.

Creative Visualization

Some people like to use mantras and affirmations to help them reach their goals, others like to use the power of a personal decision to reach their goals.  In most cases people who are artists like to use the decision method and others will find affirmations and mantras work better for them. When you visualize your goal, it must feel as real as possible and like it exists in the here and now. It must be infused by passionate emotions.  

The Power of Expectation

Expect your goals and intentions to manifest.  This power of expectation draws to you the necessary tools you need to make them happen. Brain scans have shown that a person's expectations about a wine (after they had read a critic's review, or by the price of the wine) changed the level of reward center brainwave activity when the person takes a sip. Professional weight lifters beat their personal record when they believe they just took a performance booster. Some people beileve that the power of expectaion combined with belief is so strong that it can change reality when they are both strong enough.

Use the Power of the Moon

To know if something is going to work out ahead of time, such as a meetings, events or unplanned and unscheduled duties, if the moon is in a void of course during these sessions or undertakings, the project will most likely be a failure or it will be much harder to accomplish. The key is not to plan your events ahead of time via the void of course moon, but instead to "go with the flow" and as something u think may be important comes up, check to see if it coincides with a void of course. If it does, use extra caution, if it does not, it will most likely be a success and easier to follow through on. You can find a good moon void of course calendar by entering the search term: + void of course calendar

Why is Money Energy?

Because most people waste energy worrying about where it will come from, planning for it and thinking about it. Instead turn that worrying energy into a creative / physical force and direct it towards projects.

The Flow of Abundance is All Around You

You don't "acquire" abundance out of thin air, instead abundance exists like an oil field, it just needs tapping into at the right places and times. The flow of Abundance is like the universe, plentiful and limitless. All we need to do is be open and receptive while tapping into it.

To tap into this flow, begin by exploring your talents, strengths, assets and interests. Start with what you are knowledgeable and good at, something you have a good degree of experience in already.

Know what 20% of your efforts are yielding you the best results and what 80% of your time is giving you a 20% return. Than re-focus on spending more of the 20% that is getting results.

How Money Flow Works


Money follows the path of energy we are currently expressing in our life. Much like electricity follows the path of least resistance in a circuit. The clearer we are about a specific goal, the more energy we will have to accomplish it.

The more willing we are able to open ourselves to this flow of energy and be willing to be a channel for it, the more easily and the more money will flow into our lives.


We can use techniques to restore this flow if it is blocked by learning to nurture ourselves more. Forgivness is a part of nurturing ourselves, others have found great success using the Abundance prayer.

And other people have removed blocks by practicing the EFT exercise which has resulted in an increase of money into their lives.


If you want to magnify the results of the abundance prayer than have respect for its energy, magic and power.  State your belief in the abundance prayer before saying it.
Say the abundance prayer out loud in windy locations, besides a flowing creek or river, in traffic or areas of high winds.  Say it silently in your mind before going to sleep at night.

A Process to Enhance the abundance Prayer

1: You can also use your mind to "scan" for an archetype that relates to the abundance prayer and see the energy of the archetype flowing through that archetype to you.
2: Next set the intention for the abundance prayer to create a miracle in your life.

3: Believe in the prayer.

4: Do Heartmath during the first 5 seconds of the prayer.

5: When you say the abundance prayer the second and last time, go to your favorite place in your mind and visualize yourself in a garden of plenty, lavishness and abundance, than repeat the prayer a second time.

Learn how to do HeartMath at the address below:


But beyond all these techniques, what causes these blocks to begin with and how can we use these techniques to dissolve these blocks more effectively and most of all stop these blocks from happening in the first place?

Trusting in your Intuition. The True Key to Monetary Advancement


One way to get this flow of energy moving again is by learning to trust yourself more, which will than lead you to take responsible risks at which time you will than base future decisions on listening to your intuition. Many people think surviving depends on what material things they can accumulate, and think that it brings them a lasting sense of fulfillment, if they just work hard enough. This short term false belief is built on fear, struggle and lack. You may earn the financial goals you set for yourself in this way, however the final price paid is you being ruled by the money you made.

Something banks and credit cards and other financial institutions depend upon is your fear of lack and short term monetary situation so you can constantly borrow and think in the short term, while they live off of the interest and prosper over the long term. What if we could instead be ruled by security and satisfaction from doing what we love and make a lot of money in the process? And no longer be in debt?


In order to avoid being taken advantage of by others, be totally committed to yourself and to your ideas. Every so often as your money starts to increase in your life, "Ask yourself "Do I want to be rich? And if so, what is this extra money to be used for?". You may settle this answer by saying this money is to be used as a tool to pursue long awaited endeavors and to help make the world a better place. Once you have made this agreement, than go forth and make a positive impact on the world.



The same fears that poor people have are the same fears that people with a lot of money have. They are only different energetic forms of fear, coming from the same thoughts of lack and struggle. Rich people are very, very insecure and their fear exists as the thought process that they might lose their money at any time, from a natural disaster, a stock market crash or new laws and legislation. The fears that poor people have are they are afraid of large amounts of money might contaminate their lifestyle or that they are afraid of the potential, expression and freedom it might give them. Or they might see it as a danger of some sort. These fears are unfounded. For example they may lose control of their spending and spend it on a fast car, which they then die in a car crash or a plane crash etc. Most of the time it is a fear of change and wanting to express their full potential, hidden talents and unique gifts they have been given. The fact is, by expressing your infinite power, you are inspiring others around you to do the same and you make the world a better place in the process, as long as you use your inspiration to promote positive and good things.  Fear can be good in its own way, it warns us away from danger and keeps us alert and safe, however unncessary fear is a waste of valuable energy.


Money is a symbol of infinite energetic potential, much like our own inner potential. When I lived in Hawaii and did business in Beverly Hills, California, both areas where a lot of rich people live, although there were people who got rich from using the proper laws of abundance and were happy, there were also the other rich people who were unhappy and emotionally empty. I also observed that those who obtained their wealth by driving themselves to the point of sickness or death sacrificed a lot emotionally or at the expense of others and paid a high price for their fortune. Throughout their struggle, their sacrifices were so strong, they ended up feeling deprived, unhappy and very empty within. This is one of the fears poor people have, of ending up like this, unless they understand the proper universal principles to generating and keeping money.

The 3 Fold Stage of Money Manifestation

This technique is taught in some metaphysical schools as a method to bring abundance into one's life. It consists of 3 principles that one practices in one's life. They are the following -

1 - With sincerity, be grateful for all things in your life.

2 - Allow yourself to have. Know you deserve the blessings the universe wants to give you. Don't resist the blessings the universe is pouring forth upon you. Instead allow yourself to experience all the blessings you are meant to enjoy. Know you are worthy of allowing yourself to have what you have always wanted.

3 - Clean up in your life what needs tidying up. This means different things to different people. It could mean clearing out the garage to make way for a new project, kicking an old habit or getting rid of things that don't suit your new lifestyle choice.

Dealing with a difficult Situation or Person

Because everything is a divine manifestation of god's love (or the divine), situations/people placed in front of us are a direct manifestation of this divine love. Therefore they can never do you no harm unless you allow them to or you get angry. When you bless the person and situation, it helps manifest the goodness that you were meant to deserve.


Removing Blocks to the Stream of Flowing Money


Money works along the same principals as a flowing river. Fear and Doubt are like logs and debris that clog the river, creating a constriction or dam in your channel. This in turn reduces the flow of energy creating circumstances where you start operating on a survival level manifesting just enough to cover your basic needs. This is because the flow you created was constricted by negative emotions and not wide open. When we release these emotions, a flood of energy is released, much like a river flooding releases debris within it, allowing the stream to flow freely again. By clearing out the debris we can avoid the cycle of operating at a level of attracting just enough to get by and instead use the new flow of energy to create and experience our true gifts and talents which include joy, courage and satisfaction.


The key antidote to this is to understand that money flows in cycles. We all have experienced times when money was tighter than at other times. This occurs as a repeating cycle throughout life. During a slow or flat cycle, in order to avoid the cycle of fear, doubt and anxiety which can contribute to a cycle of barely living on enough to get by, it is key to lay out a budget plan and have enough self-discipline to stick to it, because the flow of money will return. By not having the discipline to stick to your budget, the returning flow will be hindered. When the flow of money begins slowing this is the sign to begin budgeting. Know that the flow of money will return stronger as long as you "keep the faith".


As the flow of money returns, the next sage begins and it may involve you having to recognize the need to handle new things from a place of complete guidance from the universe. The new challenge you will now be faced with is learning to trust at a broader and expanded level. It many situations this new broader form of trusting involves higher stakes and more risk.


We can see an excellent example of the balance between these 2 forces in the hair salon business. Hair Stylists are always out-flowing their energy and the reason they are closed Mondays is they are taking the time to nurture themselves. This is why hair salons have one of the longest success rates in the field of business.


It is key your budget cover only the things you need, but ALSO INCLUDE SOMETHING THAT WILL NURTURE YOU… This could be something you have been wanting to buy for a long time, or a badly needed item, like an umbrella during the rainy season. Other clues may be a badly needed pair of socks, a special piece of clothing or furniture or some other item that you want to reward yourself with.


This tells your higher self that you are worthy of receiving something special. Whenever you set aside a small amount of money in your budget for this item, the money will always flow in later on. This keeps the tricking stream of energy in your channel open and sends a signal to the higher invisible forces, increasing your vibratory rate, which eventually filters down into the physical realm.


Buying something nice for yourself also tells the universe that you are worthy of experiencing the good it has to offer. You than learn to appreciate it and the joy and experience it gives you. Experiencing this is one of the most powerful ways to increase your vibration during this temporary difficult period. You will find that when the money flow returns, it does so even more powerfully and quickly than before, and you will feel joyful, satisfied and much more secure than before, and you will be ready to receive more as you move up to the next stage.


This short term surrendering of minor comforts, not only puts the Ego back in place, but also greatly increases our inner feeling of security, because you are not living or spending beyond your expenses and are not going to bankrupt yourself by cutting back on expenses. As the next stage completes itself, you can get more items you may be thinking of getting.


At each stage it is key that you learn to trust more in the universe, because it will expand alongside with you as you grow. Just a little self discipline, is all it takes. A cut back on expenses will make all the difference. During your budgeting time, be willing to make some minor sacrifices to restore your inner security, but always remember to appreciate and nurture yourself along the way. You won't end up feeling deprived in the process and your self confidence, knowing you have the self discipline it takes, will be all the more rewarding because you have conquered your urges.


Create a Thankfulness Altar

I have found this method works well.  The change you receive from making purchases, create a special "altar" in a portion of your home or room.  

Surround your alter with beings you love, admire and respect.  They could be archangels, a Buddha, a picture of Christ or similar.

After shopping within the first 48 hours of receiving your change, place a portion of this received money on your altar. I have a slab of granite and on it a small plastic container that holds my change and pennies.  

After you place your change upon the altar, say to these beings "I love you.  I thank you.  I trust you, and enjoy you and respect you."

By doing this you attract more and more wealth to you because you are acknowledging a part of the source that is helping provide for you.

The “Just Getting By Mindset”


We have all experienced this at one point or another in our lives. People who choose to get by on the absolute minimum amount of money, and I don't mean college students or those learning, exploring or researching new materials or sciences, which can be beneficial because you can get a lot more done in less time due to less distractions, but those who are living paycheck to paycheck may sometimes think they are doing it for spiritual reasons by not enjoying the comforts of life. These people have not been properly taught how to handle money, especially larger amounts of money or to generate it in the proper steps necessary so that their vibration can change each step so that it can handle larger and larger amounts of money. They may also refuse to learn anything about how money flows in and out of a person's life or accept budgeting plans or create a living expense sheet and face how their money flow is currently progressing within their lives.


Relationships with Money

Like any relationship if you want it to flourish you have to give it part of your time.  This means taking a serious look at your expenses every now and then and sticking to your promise to budget. A clear sign of an unhealthy relationship with money is the inability to confidently review spending habits.  Too many people will go to an ATM, withdrawal some money, than quickly throw away the receipt after quickly glancing at the account balance.   This habit shows a clear lack of trying to avoid the reality of their money situation.  After a couple of days the money has been spent and the person says to themselves "Where did all that money go? The person then feels a sense of helplessness, frustration and anger, trying to pass blame upon themselves. The cure for this is to stop ignoring how you feel. Instead every month or at least every 2 months, write down on paper a list of what monthly expenses are necessary and plan to stick to a set budget. Go easy on yourself while making the list and if one day you suddenly "slip up" and spend a little more than you had planned, don't punish yourself, but rather see the experience as a lesson and move on. By keeping the promise to only spend within a set budget, it increases our self control and the kindness we show towards ourselves. Instead of feelings of fear and denial whenever we look at our bank balance, we now feel confidence, joy, elation and liberation. The fear is now gone because we have been rewarded for taking the time to spend time examining our expenses.

Dealing with an Eyesore

Everybody has something that gives them an "eyesore". The particular type of situation or event varies from person to person. For some people obese people make some people feel uncomfortable, for other people homeless people make some people feel comfortable. While I am for everybody trying to be the best they can be, the fact is everybody is evolving at their own pace. Instead of allowing yourself to be tormented by something you find personally distasteful, use the situation to liberate yourself instead.

For example, if homeless people give you an eyesore then think of your home, how warm it is, the work you put into keeping it habitable, how it provides a safe haven for you and how it gives you a space to grow and evolve. Be thankful for the skills, knowledge and social networks you possess that allow for this space.  Be thankful for all the skills you possess that allow you to earn a living and keep you in good health.  Be thankful for the retirement income, savings and other forces that allow you to live comfortably. Develop a sense of profound oneness between you and the homeless person. Genuinely bow in gratitude to God, fate or karma for putting you in the warm comfortable bed you sleep at night, when it could be the other way around.  Allow yourself to see your face in his. If your eyesore is people who are obese, then be thankful for you being your ideal weight.  Be grateful and thankful for your current lifestyle and diet that keep you in perfect shape.  Think of other factors that contribute to your having a healthy lifestyle contributing to a sound body and mind. So in summary, instead on focusing on what you find distasteful, instead be grateful for the blessings you have that avoid you from being in the position that you find distasteful. If you hate or try to avoid it, you will end up like it.

Handling Fear by using the Law of Non-Resistance

Fear and distaste are similar feelings.  Fear is much worse because it can lead to anger and hatred. A technique that works is to find something that you find repulsive, something you really fear becoming or turning into. In some cases you may be forced into a situation that you fear.  As you think of the fear, give the event or situation a label. Next allow yourself to fully experience, without effort, struggle or any type of resistance, all the emotions, sensations and thoughts that flow through your mind. Continue switching back and forth from labeling to experiencing until you feel "at ease" and the fear has subsided. You will than find that instead of feeling drained from fear, you feel liberated and strengthened from the situation.

Using an example, say a marijuana dope den has just opened across the street from where you live. The community you live in has a high number of children, schools and working professionals and you find that the dope den does not agree with you or your community even though the state passed a law making dope den's legal (which has just occurred recently in Oregon, Colorado and Washington in the United States). Before you drive by the dope den on your way to work, give it a label. One example might be "drug hangout", or "drug dealer".  Now allow the thoughts, sensations and similar feelings and emotions to become experienced without any resistance and without trying to "push" or force then.  This could include thoughts such as "uneducated", "corruption", self serving, crooked business etc. By doing this, you now no longer allow negative emotions to build up in your system, which can contribute to disease and harbor negative feelings.  Instead you feel liberated and a sense of calm and peace. You allow the natural course of events to play themselves out, rather then "become" something that you hate. Everything happens for a reason, and you make the choice of whether you want to participate in it or not.  

Blessing leads to Erasure of the Situation

When you can baptize a situation or event that you hate it than ceases to continue tormenting you.  Because everything is a divine manifestation of god's love, situations/people placed in front of you are a result of this divine love.  Therefore how can they do you any harm.  The only harm that is caused is by you getting angry. When you bless the person and / or situation, it helps manifest the goodness that you were meant to deserve. Who are we to question the situations that the divine has put in front of us which is always in the long term ultimately for our own good. Baptize any situation you may fear or reject. Baptize it in the name of _____, then bless it and you will find it will torment you no more.



When we can picture in our mind what we want, if we give it enough energy, it will attract to us the situation, event or object we desire the most. However there are a few principles that must be followed in order to get the best results possible.  Let's start by using a sewing machine as an example. If you want a sewing machine, before you create such a thought, first make sure the image is clearly formed as you think about it. Hold a mental image of it with utmost positive certainty that is immediately on its way to you. After this thought matures, have the utmost, unquestionable faith that the sewing machine is coming and that you truly am worthy of and deserve it. Always feel confident, knowing it will arrive whenever you speak or think of it. With utmost conviction claim it as already yours. Think and speak of what you visualize as if you actually presently posses it. If you are using visualization to improve your monetary situation, than "fake it until you make it". Live as real and as often all the time in the imaginary environment and financial condition. Over time you will soon see that faith and purpose will accompany your imagination which will make the difference between a dream and a realized ambition.  By having true faith you will loose the urge to boast once you have attained what you visualized.



After visualizing, writing down or affirming what you want detach, let go and give it up to God (or whatever diety you believe in). By not allowing yourself to fully detach from what you have imagined you create the belief that you can do it all on your own. Detachment allows us to fall into the hands of the universe, trusting that all is provided for in due time.

How to Stop Terrorism from Multiplying

Terrorism seems to be the big thing now, eclipsing the "war on drugs" that began a few decades ago.  Many people are confused as how to relate to such a terrible concept as it seems to impact people who travel the most. The first reaction by some people is to bomb terrorists to high heaven. Well since the war on terror began since 911, has this concept got rid of terrorism?  No, in fact exactly the opposite has occurred.  This failed policy shows that acts of revenge only continue to breed and create more hate and range. The cure is feelings of pity and seeing the terrorist as having no future or hope. How does one feel pity for people who commit such dreadful crimes?  First we must learn to understand that in order to solve a problem, we can't come from the same angle of thinking that has tried to solve it. Instead we must use the process of separation.

We must separate our feelings from the acts of terrorists themselves. Our feelings concerning the actions of terrorists must be separated from our feelings about terrorists themselves. They must be pictured as fellow human beings with long lost souls, craving for attention from a mother that is not there for them. An excellent example to understand the motivations behind terrorism is to understand his or her actions. That way you can separate the feelings of hating the terrorist and hating his or her actions. Once you can understand his or her motivations you will end up hating only his actions and not the actual person himself, which is what provide the fuel for creating terrorism in the first place.

Many people in the middle east when they were interviewed by reporters stated the reason they became terrorists was because they had lost their land due to war.  Other reasons cited were reasons that imposed a strong personal loss. The pain of their loss was so powerful and deep it lead then to kill. They become so enraged, that people they once loved they now saw as enemies. These are the feelings of a terrorist. And we can hate these actions instead of the terrorist. This process is remarkably simple and gives anyone the freedom to keep separate evil actions from the pitiful person(s) who commit them. Once again it gives us a free pass to not become what we hate. Now that we know that personal loss is one of the real roots of terrorism, we can avoid supporting situations in which it grows (religion and poverty are secondary causes).

How to Immediately Diffuse a Fight

Verbal arguments can immediately be diffused by concentrating exactly on that feeling of wanting to win. When you get into a verbal confrontation and feelings of anger and the drive to win take over take a second to allow the feelings of your need to be right and win express themselves fully.  Next imagine yourself placing that intensity in the head of your opponent.  In summary allow yourself to feel the intensity of your anger and drive inside your opponents head. Know deep down that you are the same then relax. This will cause the other person to feel how much winning means to you. When this emotion occurs, your desire to defeat the other person becomes eliminated.

Another method that works is to picture the person you are arguing with and then hold them up to the light of the divine (Buddha, Jesus etc.) and allow the light to stream through them. This helps you see the higher qualities the person has, instead of allowing you to sink down to their lower levels. Visualize yourself lifting that person right up into the purity of the heavens, allowing the clear mind of the heart to pour through him or her.

The last method is to politely bow. This releases the ego, breaking the chain of hostility and allows you to relax.



Need I say more?  Living in the United States which is a democracy, we should cherish the democracy we have because nobody wants to live in a fascist dictatorship or corrupt regime. Politics is a part of democracy so we need to cherish it. One method to deal with a political figure you might find repulsive is to understand that they are people and everybody possesses favorable traits. One method to help you reveal the good qualities in a person is to picture the politician as a saint. Close your eyes and make the resolution in your mind. Pretend there is a halo of light around them, or picture them radiating pure light.  By doing this you will create in your heart the softness of where he or she is coming from. You will open yourself up to the potential they radiate and have a clear mind to decide whether their policies are worth pursuing.

You are meant to enjoy abundance because you are made in the image of abundance
If you find yourself short of money and start a negative mindset repetition such as "I'm poor" or "I'll always be broke", instead recognize yourself as a gift from God / Universe.  Instead say "I am God's offspring and therefore I must think as God thinks.  Therefore it is impossible for me to think of any lack nor limitation."

Wealth Prayer

The omnipresent force that exists all around us can only be tapped into and its results experienced when we become conscious of it and acknowledge its power.  The more conscious and aware you make yourself of this, the more you will experience its benefits. This is because you are a tributary of that stream or a channel of its expression.
"I am always provided for because I have faith in thee as my omnipresent abundance"
Repetition Builds Power

The reason chanting or praying to Jesus works so well is because when he was "born" or brought to life, people believed in him so much that it became imprinted into the 'ether', where people unconsciously tap into that ether, receiving his energy.
What is Faith?

Faith is the perceiving power of the mind lined with a power to create substance. It is said that enough yeast to make a loaf of bread can expand to cover the earth.



Connecting to the Source

By effectively connecting to and surrendering to the universe that it is the true source from which all flows, the dark inner emptiness is transformed into a clear flowing channel to attract future fortune to us. Money than becomes a reflection of this energetic channel moving throughout our lives. To increase the flow through this channel, the more we must learn to use and trust our intuition. Learning to spot and know when our Ego is trying to govern our money helps us to tune into this universal energy flow and flow the guidance we receive. Money than becomes flowing effortlessly in a joyful and satisfying manner. Because we are not sacrificing anything in the process, either time unnecessary expenses or other sacrifices, no attachments are created or weighing us down. This leads us to experiencing the flow of the creative channel through sheer joy and money becomes an extra bonus or reward as part of the process. You begin to feel secure and realize that you will always be taken care of. Once you have learned to experience this flow it than becomes a solid conduit leading to joy and fulfillment, from which inner security springs forth.


A feeling of true freedom emerges, from which in turn attracts even more money and opportunity to you just by its energy flow. This usually takes part in a series of steps or stages, which allows your vibration to gradually handle greater and greater amounts of this energy flow. We can think of each stage as a test of self-discipline and as we move to the next stage, it widens the flow to allow a greater amount of energy to flow through. This is much like the thicker an electrical wire, the more electricity can flow through it.


How to Connect with your Intuition

Many of us have our own personal way to connect with our intuition, however I have also personally found using a Biorhythum Chart of extremely good benefit when doing research or sales and many times I always make more sales when my Intuition is rising or at a peak. Also it helps be increase my ability to connect with my intuition, making it an excellent tool for learning how to use your intuition. This is just one example where following your intuition helps increase income. An excellent Biorhythum Chart can be found for free at:


The right Balances Restores Flow


The process of achieving a smooth flow of this energy can only take place by creating a true state of balance in our lives. This balance involves 2 categories our life.


1 - Learning to nurture and appreciate oneself.


2 - Learning to properly release our energy or create a clear out flowing channel when working towards a goal.


This is done in stages by starting out small, than building up along the way. Going after a goal is a process of out-flowing your energy, such as listening to your intuition, inner guidance and so forth. You use these tools while you work towards your goal.


In many cases before a large amount of money is received, we must have gratitude for ourselves, by nurturing ourselves and increasing our self respect. A good chant that I have used over the years is "I have complete gratitude and appreciation for who I am and for the many wonderful things flowing into my life now". This "shakes" the branches of a tree laden with abundance so the financial fruit can flow into my life. Simply put, the more out flowing energy you put out working towards a goal, the more balance of learning to appreciate yourself must occur before you can receive the money.


You may need to program your inner self that you are worthy of receiving the good, love and energy that is flowing towards you all the time. It is easy to go after a goal, but the hardest part is taking the time to nurture ourselves along the way as each step unfolds. One method is to take a break, and when you take a break, do something nice for yourself. This allows your vibratory rate to increase so that your body can handle the larger flow of money that is about to manifest.


Learning the Art of Nurturing


Nurturing is the actual creative process that works behind the scenes, much like a computer’s operating system. It allow us to open ourselves to receive the money that is about to manifest. It is the key vibrational builder, allowing our spirit to handle a larger and larger amount of money.


No nurturing style is the same for anyone person. Each stage of nurturing is unique to each individual person. Your intuition will tell you the right type of nurturing that is right for you at the time. This includes tending to things that need attention. Perhaps the care needs washing, a new roof or the yard needs a transplanting with new trees and shrubs, or the office needs an interior design overhaul.


Clues to Nurturing


Nature operates along these exact same principles.  Without familes to reproduce new offspring the self-supporting cycle of looking after one another cannot exist. Spirit may give us clues such as in the form of an interruption or other signs that we don't expect in our day to day routine. One day you may wake up and get the urge to not go to work, take a new college course, visit a new place or buy something nice for yourself. These are all valuable hints that your body is getting ready to experience a higher vibratory rate and breaking out of a normal pattern is sometimes necessary. After following your impulses, you will discover that when you return to your regular routine, that your tasks will be completed in a 4th of the amount of time it normally takes and that you will do your tasks in a much more creative manner than before. This newly found creativity is the reward bestowed upon you for taking a risk on the universe’s behalf. It is key that you start small by going after small goals, learning to trust your intuition and by learning to say no, especially when you feel awkwardly pressured. This moves your levels of vibration up in stages, allowing you to handle greater and greater amounts of money at one time, as it flows and settles around you.


The reason the Girona Exercise works so well, is that it is performed when a greater amount of Celestial Energy is in the air. It is performed during the Moon in Taurus (which you can find using a VOC calendar) phase while Jupiter is rising in the east. This is because the zodiacal sign Taurus rules human Intuition and Jupiter rules money. The most powerful conjunctions are Saturn and Jupiter Conjunctions, periods were a lot of celestial energy is flowing in the air. Conjunctions in Astrology are the most powerful of all planetary angles due to their high energies. Taurus also represents the best time to plant new crops, which is a form of nurturing. Henry Ford, when first starting out in his business, at one time had a nursery where he sold plants. This was a period where he was learning the art of nurturing. We can think of this special celestial time acting as a capacitor where our bodies can handle a greater amount of this energetic flow, allowing for a greater vibration to take place.


Nurturing oneself during hard times is the exact opposite to living in the "barely getting by" mindset. Instead you learn to appreciate and nurture yourself during brief moments of financial drought. This than forms a clear flowing energetic channel where you will always be looked after. You will learn that when you use this technique, that the universe will always set out enough money for you to buy that special thing you have been desiring.


When you learn to nurture yourself, no matter what the circumstances you may be in, it acts as a reflection to the skies above, allowing the universe to look after you. Just as medics only choose to save those on the battle field that show appreciation for life, or who show the will to live, by showing the will of appreciation for yourself, you will be attracting the energetic channel, allowing for positive change to occur.


As each step progresses, you will discover that you will need the courage to experience new things. This may include putting yourself out into the world, or trying new ways of doing things. It is important that during this phase, that you act wisely on your inner guidance and follow your intuition. This is a period in your life where you will only be looked after financially as much as you trust yourself and heed your intuition and trust in the universe.

Selling and Money Flow

Success in sales is having the right product sold by the right person to the right person. Sales is another excellent example where we can see a two powerful forces at work. For most people new to sales, they easily get trapped in the out-flowing part of energy, or putting out too much of themselves by trying too hard to go after the goal. This causes an extreme imbalance to occur, and in some cases causes deception in the selling practice. The key to overcome this is for the sales person to recognize their inner strengths, focus on a niche market, than learn to reward oneself and nurture oneself when a sales goal has been achieved, no matter how small. Even if you sell more than $1.00 in sales that day, it is key to reward yourself to restore balance. Or even if you don't sell anything that day, use your intuition to listen to the new information or ideas you may have received. No amount of energy goes unwasted when you are working towards a goal.

Sales is kind of like a group of soldiers going into battle. After achieving victory it is key to reward oneself. Also one must learn to spend that money earned responsibly and take rest periods or breaks to allow the vibration to raise itself, so you can sell even more next time with a newly redefined clear cut goal.

This is why the commission structure type of selling, such as in real estate works so well. The techniques you practice along the way, as you start with little money at the start gives your body's vibration a chance to move up in steps or a series of stages to eventually sell houses that cost in the millions of dollars as long as you follow the vibration rising guidelines along the way.


Responsibility and Courage


Courage and Responsibility are key elements to personal financial growth. You must have the courage to keep track of living expenses and the courage to try new things to expand and grow. Responsible spending listening to your Intuition, rather than your urges, and having the self discipline necessary to apply a budget to your spending may be necessary for some people. This avoids you being careless and casual about money.


People who have been too strict and applied a too ridged structure to working with money need to learn to let go and relax that structure more. This allows them the spirit of money to work more effectively in their lives. People in these situations also should do things differently and trust their intuition. Be sure to follow your intuition along the way. If you have an addiction to overspending, you must learn to budget and apply the necessary discipline to do so, and you must plan out your expenses more wisely.
Do this and you will never end up broke or lack of achieve a goal.


Raising Your Wealth Vibration Too Quickly


Spending money or nurturing yourself too much or too quickly creates an imbalance. We see this in lottery winners all the time where they spend their winnings in 3 years or less. On the other hand, lottery winners who keep their same job and spending habits, for 3 years, while retiring after a period of time on their lottery winnings live happier lives with their lottery winnings because they allowed their vibratory rate to gradually adjust over a length of time. The more money involved, the longer the vibratory rate, although it may differ according to each individual . On the negative im-balance side, we see sports starts who end up doing drugs to try and cope with the increase of fame and money too quickly.


It is key to work your way up in steps and stages. You will always feel your intuition tugging you along the way as each step completes itself, so don’t worry if you feel a lack of intuition along the way. And as long as you appreciate yourself and nurture yourself with each step, it strikes a powerful balance, which moves you up to the next level. That is why you hear people who may have accomplished a great deal say "I am never done, there is always something else since I completed my goal" and similar statements.


As long as you spend money wisely on the tools, resources and necessary items related to your goal without spending out of fear, lack or doubt, you will always succeed in accomplishing your goal.


Once you have built a life or business built on the joy and trust in the universe, you should never sell it, because it is a source of joy, purpose and satisfaction. If it gets too big, you can charge more for your services or delegate tasks and responsibilities. Many people who built businesses based on this model and sold them ended up feeling empty and directionless afterwards, regretted it and some even tried to buy their company back. It takes years to reach a satisfied level in business and years again to build it up once you've lost it.


Some people believe giving back 10% to a worthy cause helps because it helps keep the creative channel open by showing you are readily out-flowing your energy at the right time. This can be one way to learn how to keep the channel of energy flowing, and is why some churches ask church goers to give 10% of their income.


Short Term Stress Raises Your wealth Vibration


When wealth starts flowing it usually happens unexpectedly and suddenly, so it is key you are prepared as much as possible.  The best way to cope with this is to use visualization, seeing the money flowing arriving smoothly and that you are adapting to this new wealth.  You may want to put a portion aside for a few weeks or months until your wealth vibration has adjusted to the new vibration, than wisely invest it in future projects or as a long term monetary investment.

Nurturing yourself can be a way to relieve yourself from breaking out of your previous comfort zone, when you choose to accept the opportunities that are presented to you.  taking the time to appreciate where you area and how you arrived there can work wonders on accelerating your wealth and keeping you there.
Positive stressful opportunities can be seen as changes for growth, unlike negative stress, which causes irregular sleep patterns, body pains and depression or hostility.

When your money starts flowing again, it is key to open yourself up to allowing your wealth vibration to increase and multiply itself accordingly.

Many people are comfortable with their current financial experiences so they will avoid stress related opportunities that can lead them to increased income.  They may be afraid of the extra responsibilities or the other major things more wealth brings.

When you want to increase your wealth vibration, you must move out of your current comfort zone.
One way to start is to write down clearly how much more money you want to make this week, this month, this year and the next 10 years ahead.

Visualize you in your new lifestyle, accept the new responsibilities given you and be prepared to sacrifice your current comfort zone by possibly having to take on a new career or work change.

This process only requires a very short term period of intense, but focused self-discipline accompanied by your willpower and effort to shift into a new zone of experience.

Start making changes to your living environment that reflect your new financial goals.  This can involve nurturing processes such as purchasing a new set of clothes or furniture.  You will also need spiritual strength to help you during this transition, and prayers such as the abundance prayer can help you give you the needed energy you require during this short intensive transition.

Also you will need to weaken the bonds and structures that are resisting your future financial goals and instead surround yourself with people and environments who support your financial expectations and goals.
When you start doing this you will build momentum and as you work more towards your goal you will feel the positive pressure and stress start to build.  This will have a beneficial side effect in that it will attract to you like a magnet many more opportunities for you to reach your goal.

Be wary of distractions that take you off your long term goal during this period. Instead focus and jump on as soon as possible the opportunities that are presenting themselves to you that support your new financial structure and scaffolding.  Focus on the opportunities that allow you to contribute twice as much value to others.  When you double your contribution, you receive twice as much income.  This is the law of energy. It is never wasted, but returns to you in some form or another.  The more you contribute, as long as you can understand that failures are only blessings in disguise and treat them  the same as successes, the more society will give back to you in return.
To keep this flow of new income positive and stable, have genuine heartfelt gratitude at times, as this will lock in the flow and keep it stable, not allowing you to fall back down into your previous comfort zone.

When wealth starts flowing it usually happens unexpectedly and suddenly, so it is key you are prepared as much as possible.  The best way to cope with this is to use visualization, seeing the money flowing arriving smoothly and that you are adapting to this new wealth.  You may want to put a portion aside for a few weeks or months until your wealth vibration has adjusted to the new vibration, than wisely invest it in future projects or as a long term monetary investment.

It is also key to graciously accept the tests, trials and tribulations you encounter along the way as they strengthen you and make you grow.  Experience each stage of your new financial growth as much as possible and learn as much as you can from the experience.

View excessive comfort as a stage of eventual decline instead of allowing your ego to express it as a long term victory.  Long term periods of comfort do not allow new growth experiences and the passion and drive you feel from obtaining the victory to be felt.   This lack of a sense of achievement from fulfilling your true purpose can leave you feeling empty and depressed.

The real satisfaction comes from looking back on all the people whose lives you have touched and how they were inspirited to improve their own.  It also means looking back and remembering the experiences and having deep gratitude for the experiences allowing you to grow and go further.
Fear of Success

One way to remove a fear of success is to ask the end result of your goal in the form of a question. For example:  "What would happen if I succeeded at ________?"  When you don't evaluate your fears, they grow and have a tendency to manifest themselves.  This is how procrastination works because your hidden fear avoids you working on your goal.  Fear will shrink when directly observed.  By directly observing it, you empower yourself to take action.


So in conclusion, the only constant is change, which leads to growth. If we want to grow financially, we must shift out of our physical and emotional comfort zone. There really is never a lack of money, only a fear to express our true potential, learn to budget at the right time and to trust our intuition by acting on our impulses at the right time.

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