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The End Of Tireless Struggle. How The Law Of Non-Resistance Is Transforming Our World. Return to Homepage

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Like nature has proven time and time again, the safest way to escape quicksand, or an ocean riptide, is not to struggle and fight the resistance, but instead to relax, let go and surrender, allowing your mind to become filled with the new experience.  This than allows us to regain our buoyance and float ourselves out of the situation.  Non-resistance means allowing yourself to open up to opportunity, than trusting in your guidance and intuition to follow through on that decision.

Gandhi applied the law of no-resistance to liberate India from British Rule.  Instead of raising an army and fighting the British, he instead focused on how man was already free, free to breathe, free to get up in the morning and free to participate in democracy.  He then expanded upon that theme and used it as a powerful lever to liberate India.

Think of the last time you struggled in a situation, than think of all the times you were good at overcoming it.  The key is to focus on what you have, than with respectful kindness, allow your thought to dwell on expanding it, like an all expanding never ending horizon of plenty.

If you want more money, don’t' struggle to make more, instead focus on the unlimited opportunities that exist and take advantage of them. If you have an idea, one opportunity that might enter your mind is to use crowdfunding to make your idea a reality. If you want to publish your book, than use CreateSpace or many of the other independent publishers.  There are opportunites all around us, we just need to open ourselves to them.

Today one of the safest places to put your money is BitCoin, which gives complete piece of mind. As long as you store your Bitcoins offline, they are completely safe. 

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The key to applying this technique is whenever you feel struggle starting to enter your life, focus on alternatives that are positive, uplifting and rational.  If it is a relationship matter, think of the last time the relationship was successful, and focus on the unlimited possibilities you have to make it a success again, it could mean going to dinner, re-celebrating your anniversary, the list goes on. 

The key is to allow the opportunity or thought of plenty to expand into a vastness of unlimited potential.  These both cannot co-exist together.  Struggle and an horizon of countless, unlimited possibilities.  When you focus on one, it cancels out the other.

If you want to keep what you have, be thankful for what you have.  In the famous experiment titled: Rice Hado Experiment by Masaru Emoto, when thoughts of thankfulness or love were projected into white rice, it preserved it 3 times longer than untreated rice. Below is just one of many videos where people have repeated the experiment and got positive results. 

Where the law of non-resistance is most often used is in the area of protests.

Instead of "fighting the corporations" or problem, The message behind your strike or protest should reflect a never ending horizon of continued daily protests and messages against the corporation or company you are protesting about..

When you allow this awareness to expand by focusing on it, it provides the fuel necessary for non-resistance to take effect. During our research into solar conditions, condition green and blue periods are times when accessing this awareness is easiest, as we have shown that condition green periods are periods where peaceful protests have the best effects.

So in conclusion, struggle is really just an illusion, and knowing how to counteract it can end your struggle in any situation.


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