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Galactic Energy - Tapping Orion/Sirius for wealth and fortune and the Cygnus/Vega constellation for maximum health and anti-aging Return to Homepage

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If you want to maximize the power of your intention either for healing, to increase your sales or business or perform other works, using the energy from Orion can give you a huge boost. All celestial rising and settings were calculated using the free Google star map AP in Time Travel mode.

All celestial positions in this article have been calculated for southern California (I have noticed almost exact perfect overhead alignments occuring over Portaland, Oregon, USA.). If you reside in a different part of the world, you need to re-configure the latitude/longitude for your area.

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Galactic Energy - Tapping Orion/Sirius for wealth and fortune and the Cygnus/Vega constellation for maximum health and anti-aging

My book Solar Visualization Tools for Health and Prosperity goes into more in-depth detail about how to apply the techniques mentioned in this article properly to achieve the desired results.

There is one fact that you will discover over time after working with calling in the Sirius Energies.  That is, besides tremendous personal healing energy, you will begin to receive insights and ideas that will help humanity overall. They may not make you a lot of money at first, but if you keep following these insights or "messages" received from Sirius, you will eventually gain a pretty good income from solving problems that humanity is plagued with.  (For some reason when the moon is in perigee, the results are amplified). These insights come in the the form of insights to solving complex problems and creating solutions.

"The Dog Star is also described as "he who awakens the gods of the air, and .... Could this have been a reflection of the great rivers of energies streaming out from Sirius?"

I am firmly convinced that when you open your mind to receiving this energy (or education) emanating from this part of our galaxy, it has incredible and tremendous healing potential for not only ourselves, but also for our planet as a whole.  Sirius I believe is a good star, emanating good energy necessary to defeat the darkness that earth can sometimes be plagued with. Perhaps this is where Dr. Steven Greer got the idea to name the Sirius Discloure Project from. Learn more at

I strongly believe that this energy coming from Sirius is informational energy that helps renew and recharge our purpose in life. Research has shown that those who live the longest lives have a strong sense of purpose, which helps them get out of bed each morning and is a core value contributed to living an extremely long life.

The energies are divided up into 2 categories, unconscious/intention and accomplishment/acknowledgement of the intention.

With intention you project from your unconscious mind what you want to have happen. You could use mantras, visualization exercises or other tools.

Accomplishment/ acknowledgement or presentation of your finished works or intentions is where you have gratitude and appreciation for your efforts and broadcast or present this energy as "completed" and acknowledge its presence.

Below I give examples of just 2 instances where this energy was used to create massive changes in human consciousness, which altered our world for the better;

6 pm June 29th was when the first IPOD was released by Apple, At this time Orion’s middle star was directly setting on the western horizon. Orion is based in the Canister Major constellation of stars, which includes Taurus and Sirius, the thought seed stars, because they are the constellations where the seeds of our desires come into frutation.

This means rising Orion (or when Orion is above or below 19.5 degrees the eastern horizon) it is fueling or giving power to birth ideas in our unconscious minds.

It is a period of stimulation of works related to our imagination and fantasy, wishing for goals/intention.

The movie the Phantom Menace, a star wars sequel by Lucas Productions was released on the date of May 19th. On this date, at the Skywalker Ranch where the movie was produced, at 12:00 pm happens to be 19.5 days into the month of May. At exactly 12:00 in the afternoon o this date, Orion, with its middle sister star Alnilam, happened to be 33 degrees above the south eastern horizon.

The last few minutes of setting Orion (or the 19.5 degree fields) represents physical matter, accomplishment/"cashing in" on finished works or accomplishments. You will notice a correlation between Apple and Star Wars, they both are dealing or displaying high technology. Orion sets around midnight around the march equinox period. This is the period the money multiplication exercises are strongest. From Orion rising in the east going overhead towards zenith Orion’s energies represent intention and the unconscious mind.

In the morning hours around the March equinox, Orion has reached it's zenith or maximum energy overhead. So the energies change to acknowledgement mode or accomplished work or a fullfillment/completion.  Intention should be performed during the very early morning hours just before sunrise for sales or similar works to go good. I believe that the early Ancient Egyptians crated large stone figures and named them Gods, as a physical way to handle or express the acknowledgement of these energies, which acted as a conduit or "source" to allow this energy to freely express itself.

Around early July Orion rises in the east, approaching Zenith at around midday. This means you should begin sales or accomplishment/ acknowledgement acts 1 to 2 hours later than you would usually begin. Orion sets around 4pm in the afternoon during the July period. Intention in the early morning hours, especially just before sunrise works best during this time. Around December in the morning Orion has set on the western horizon,(during this time sales are maximized)  with Orion’s Zenith (maximum overhead)  peaking from late evening until around midnight.

Orion rises around sunset during early to late December around this time. This means intention in the late afternoon boosts sales.

The anti-aging constellations include that Scorpio, Sagittarius, Vega and Ophiuchus are relatively all bunched close together if you look at them on a star map. These constellations exist in the star system Vega and Lyra.

If we are working with the energies of Cygnus for anti-aging, it explains why the rejuvenate energies from the Emerald Tablets exercise (matter or anti-aging exercises) are maximized during late October in the afternoon, or early to late sunset, as Cygnus/Vega are setting on the north western horizon during this time. This means intention/visualization related to health and anti-aging is maximized from 10am until 4pm as the Cygnus/Vega stars are rising in the east at 10 am with their maximum energy overhead / zenith occurring at around approximately 4pm. After 4pm these constellations head towards the western horizon with Vega and Cygnus reaching the western horizon around midnight to 2am. From the zenith point overhead until its setting point on the horizon, we exert physical acts/movement/willpower/ to direct an project this energy. Examples include the Emerald Tablets exercise and the condition yellow exercises.

New Important Discovery added February 5th, 2013. Further research has now confirmed that the anti-aging exercises are just as effective with Sirius rising on the eastern horizon. View Research Article

So in conclusion, as these constellations rise in the east until they are maximized overhead, we use archetypes/intention/unconscious mind for directing and projecting this energy. One of the most remarkable discoveries out of these celestial positions is these constellations of star groups lay at completely 180 degrees of each other, or are directly opposite each other. Just like the opposite north and south poles of a magnet. For example when Vega (which lays in the Hercules / Ophiuchus / Lyra constellations)  is directly overhead (zenith), the star Sirius (located in the Canis Major constellation) will be directly below us (Nadir).

Health + Fortune = Balance is Key

Could this mean then that true wealth and fortune come from keeping ourselves healthy, or at a peak state of health, or because Orion is related to our unconscious that we could use archetypes for healing, as new research is starting to show. We can also see these polarities in real life, those that  seem to be ways sick or have health issues also have lots of money, and those who are always healthy may not be super rich.

The reverse can be applied. Those who have proper nutrition also can have good financial fortune. Examples of this inude Dr. Weir, Richard Simmons, Dr. Gabriel Cousins. These people all stress adequate  nutrition and the avoidance of long term built up  stress and anxiety. This explains why the mainstream medical establishment is undergoing a major shift, because a standard physician won't confront inadequate nutrition or work stress as being one of the major problems for Illness. As an example long term consumption of hot dogs, red and lunchon meat causes diabetes and other health problems.

When your body has adequate nutrition, instead of getting sick, you have increased productivity to invent create and explore your true talents, skills and inner potential. When you get good at what you enjoy doing, you naturally start making money from it. This means that true wealth is an expression of our inner potential and how much fulfillment we get from producing something we have created. By continuing to live on a diet of junk food and jobs that don’t properly challenge our potential, we are ignoring the responsibility to utilize our full potential and creativity. This also explains why people who do what they love live long, happy and fullfilling lives.

Research has proven it takes 2.5 years working an average of 12 hours per day to perfect any given skill. You won't read this fact in schools, who make money from long term education and debit. These 2.5 years take far less time than a college degree with far less debit, no wonder Bill Gates dropped out of college to pursue Microsoft, or that Steve Jobs dropped out of college or other major successes came from people who enjoy what they do, and got good at it. Steve Jobs had a diet high in proper nutrition and ate no animal products.

Source: The Strange Eating Habits of Steve Jobs. This also explains that if we overwork ourselves at something we hate for years on end, it can contribute to ill health, which leads to a decline in our net worth or financial fortune over the long term. My new book Solar Visualization Tools for Health and Prosperity goes into detail about not only using Orion for wealth and intention, but also constellations that relate to anti aging and how to use these constellations for anti aging exercises.

Thank you for reading this article and I wish you the best in your creative endeavours!

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