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Condition Yellows, The Holy Grail and the Last Supper Return to Homepage

Below are the perfect conditions for the condition yellow exercise.  Please note later in this article I will show how they relate to the Last Supper or the Holy Grail Cup of Eternal Life.

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Results from the Condition Yellow on Tuesday October 16th
Results of Overnight Physical Rejuvenation Feb 3rd, 2013

The main clue that is used to identify when condition yellows occur, is the solar wind will always "jump" or leap at the same time earth's KP activity also shows an increase in activity. Below I have put together a graph of the condition yellow event that occured on Feb 2nd, 2013.

time travel

Additional solar data that can boost the results include:  In order from best to last:

These 3 below energetic events shown below usually occur together because increased solar activity will usually create more solar flares and this increased energy usually results in an increase in cosmic rays.

1 - 4 or more "Optical" solar flares -

The above energy windows closely when eating yogurt and taking Vitamin C and Cod Liver oil 2 hours later, as mentioned in my previous article
Using the Microbes of Prebiotics to Boost Health Naturally

2 -  When there are between 4 and 8 C Class Solar Flares 

Below I have outlined the proper energetic values below in graphical format. As you can see there are 18 Optical S Class Flares, 4  C Class Solar flares, and most importantly of all almost 80 sunspots. The symbolic meaning of the number 8 in the bible represents creation.
Souce: BibleWheel

eternal physical immortality

2Increased Cosmic Rays

Other factors:

*** When there is an increase in sunspots, especially if they are around 80 and rising (which occurs most often from January to June)

*** When KP levels are at higher than usual levels.

*** Especially good results occur when the sun's solar wind remains at high levels for 12 to 48 hours after the solar wind has "jumped", along with increased or higher than average levels of KP activity. It is like the rejuvenative effects stay stored in the body's cellular memory when the solar wind and KP levels remain at high levels for up to 48 hours after the increase. 

Other solar environmental effects that also may increase the rejuvenation energies include:

** A moon in perigee

** When the sun's BZ is south (earth points towards the sun) 

"When the IMF and geomagnetic field lines are oriented opposite or "antiparallel" to each other, they can "merge" or "reconnect," resulting in the transfer of energy, mass, and momentum from the solar wind flow to magnetosphere The strongest coupling --with the most dramatic magnetospheric effects-- occurs when the Bz component is oriented southward. "
Source: Stanford Unviersity

** Performing the exercise from November to early January, when earth is closest to the sun.

I believe that this rejuvenative effect follows the same effects as computer programming, garbage in, garbage out. If you eat a lot of junk food during this "window" it will cause more toxins to build up in the body, resulting in fatigue, and for the most part, mental imbalances, as shown on the How Excessive Geomagnetic Energy Causes Psychological Outbreaks of Violence page.

But instead if you eat foods that renew the body, especially the prime fundamental building blocks of life, such as amino acids, the opposite occurs, they start to repair and rejuvenate the body practically overnight, resulting in the tremendous healing energies that have been encountered after working with these energies. Especially the spontaneous healing of sore throats, arthritis, aches and pains etc.

In Summary, it is critical to take the amino acids within the first 6 to 10 hours after the condition yellow period starts in order to reap the proper rejuvenation effects. See the above related articles for more information on how to predict condition yellows or watch the Daily Health Forecast for days when it occurs. Good condition yellows occur on average every 11 days or so. P.S. The most recent condition yellow exercise I performed on February 8th, 2013 I was hit by a car during my exercise run.  I sustained bruses and other minor injuries.  By the next morning the only remaining injury was a pulled muscle, which repaired itself after 20 mins of physical exercise.  All other pains and aches vanished overnight.  The only sustained injury being to the driver of the car and my IPOD which was totally destroyed.

The Solar Wind and Restorative Effects
One of the profound discoveries I have made researching condition yellow periods over the last few years is the restorative energetic effects upon the body are felt up to 3 days later.  This only works if the solar wind is above 390, the suns solar flux is active and the KP values were at higher than average when the solar wind jumped.  I liken this effect to creating an “Anti-Aging Bubble” that rides upon this energy for the following the days, creating restorative effects.These effects are very real.  Pains  vanish, the immune system is perfectly balanced and the body looks and feels extremely youthful.

Research has proven that after 3 days, amino acids have been responsible for regeneration of the liver
Souce: U.S. National Library of Medicine

If we go back to looking at the last supper, which was composed of amino acids, and we read in the bible the story of Christ rising after 3 days being in the tomb, he comes back to life. 

So let’s put the pieces together. In many religions Christ or a similar deity represents our sun, the resurrecting or coming back to life in 3 days represents the restorative effects felt in the body, which are maximized for the 3 days following the condition yellow exercise.

Because there is a Anunnaki connection between the bible and humans, we now know the Anunnaki lived for well over 800 years of age. So someone who wrote about the last super must know about the solar winds and its effects on health.

One other observation I have noticed, when I do a hot and cold bath, which I perform a cycle of this 3 times by soaking in hot water for 15 minutes, followed by 3 to 5 minutes of cool water, I feel really refreshed and detoxed. 

Now if I perform this exercise 24 hours before or after a new moon, my body feels extremely detoxified and energized, especially if the new moon happens to be closer to earth, also known as a perigee. This effect is, maximized during what, are called super moons, or the period our moon is closest to earth, especially the last 3 supermoons.

What is most interesting to note here, new moons will make a higher solar wind speed last longer at its high speed and a full moon has the opposite effect. This means the solar wind consists of negative ions, just as a, new moon creates more negative ions and a full moon creates  more positive ions. Negative ions just happen to be used in detoxification programs.

How The Condition Yellow Relates to the Holy Grail of Eternal Life


The Holy Grail was believed to be the cup that Jesus Christ used during the Last Supper and gave eternal life to whoever drank from it.

immortalAfter the last 2 to 3 years of researching the condition yellow period, I believe that the last supper spoken of in the bible was actually a secret method to bring eternal physical immortality.  Now, I don’t want to insult Christianity, as myself having been brought up strict Jehovah’s witness, for over 10 years. (From age 5 to age 12). I am fully aware of studyign the bible for hour long marathons 3 days a week. I no longer am associated with Christianity, but still have respect for it, and I know that the bible being the world's oldest and most read book contains some very powerful elements of truth within it.  So there must be more to the last supper mentioned in the bible than just a symbolic representation of spiritual everlasting life.

Final confirmed research now shows that it is the amino acids shown in the meal process are responsible for the overnight rejuvenation effects felt when performing the condition yellow exercise. There is now scientific research confirming that amino acids and the solar wind interact with each other.

"The evidence indicates that compounds yielding amino acids were implanted into the surface of the moon by the solar wind"

I believe that increasing the amino acid content in the body and performing the right physical exercises during condition periods is acting as a synergist for the amino acids that are forming during this time. So what was the main component during the last supper? Wine was not only consumed during the last supper, but was symbolized heavily.

Wine just happens to be very high in Amino Acids

"Free amino acid content of 54 Greek red wines"
Source: VITIS

These amino acids can vary by region

Also Barley is heavily mentioned during the last supper and barley happens to be very high in amino acids

And science is now confirming that amino acids extend life, outliving the calorie restriction diets.

Anti-aging secrets: Balance of amino acids may be the key to staying young and living longer

The time of year the last supper took place was during early spring.  This is the same time of year that the suns sunspot activity, as well as solar wind speeds start to increase to the perfect levels for overnight rejuvenation in the body as mentioned earlier at the start of this article. Passover begins at sunset on the 14th day of spring.  This season is the same time the suns energies are increasing in strength and we have more occasions of between 4 and 8 C class solar flares.

Below are the historical results of sunspot and C Class Flare Activity from January to June.

Jan to March

March to June

So in conclusion, someone in the very distant past also knew about these rejuvenative solar wind energies.  It is too much of a concidence to think otherwise after researching this for the past 3 years and getting the results I have been getting. As a side note, the "fountain of youth", usually refers to healing springs that help people feel better after soaking in them.  NHT Global is adding amino acids to this water, based on the research conducted from healing springs and has created water that penetrates the cells easily and is also a healing water.  More info can be found at: NHT Global

So once again, we see that amino acids play an important part in healing and water.

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