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Tapping into the Peak Times of Sirius Star Energy Return to Homepage

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On March 24th, 2013, there was a slight condition yellow, because I was feeling a little worn out, I decided to perform the condition yellow exercise.  When doing it on this date, the energy was extremely strong.  I could feel the energy "thick" with Deltrons.  So after doing some research, I discovered that there was a full moon starting and also found this:

"In the future the full moon period of Leo will be a major spiritual festival dedicated to the invocation of the forces of Sirius. August, which is ruled by Leo, is the month of the Dog-star, or of Sirius, which thus brings Sirius into close relation to Leo. Leo, in the cosmic sense (and apart from our solar system altogether) is ruled by Sirius. We shall find that the major, monthly festival in August, held at the time of the full moon, will be dedicated to the task of making contact, via the Hierarchy, with Syrian force."

I also noticed visually when doing the exercise, Sirius was visually longitudinally almost completely aligned with the moon. This was also during the phase of the last 3 full moons headed towards perigee. During this period when you project positive thoughts into the environment, they manifest easier as my research has shown.

So it appears that the energies are stronger when a full moon is present, especially when the moon is in Leo. After last night’s major energies that were felt, this is now confirmed. It is easy to find the dates the moon is in Leo, just use a Void of Course Calendar.  Astro Profile has a void of course calendar, which makes it easy.

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