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We all know that information composed of truth is virtually indestructible, which is why the Bible has been around so long.  That is why people are drawn to books that reflect truth, because it is a source of strength.  I have found throughout the years that when a condition yellow occurs, and when I am researching a food or formula, or topic and I am trying to sift through all the information to find the one that is getting the best results, when I review the information, or take a food the night of a condition yellow, my body feels extremely refreshed the following morning when I have hit upon the right answer.

What I believe is happening is a form of universal feedback is occurring, or the universe, or a part thereof, is sending the answer in an emotional matrix, which is experienced as a form of lightness and strength throughout our mind and bodies.  I have successfully been using this to get excellent results when data mining information or testing new longevity extracts and herbal formulas. 

A way you can experience this for yourself right now, is if you have trouble making a decision or want to get an answer to a question, is to hold out both your arms straight out in front of you, and allow your hands to form a fist.  Close your eyes, and with your left hand, imagine the answer to your question as a yes being experienced in your left and with your right hand imagine the answer to your question being no in the right. Next silently in your mind, ask a simple question ,something like �Should I take the long way home tonight?� Next you will experience a slight tugging sensation in one of either of your arms,  The left being yes, and the right being no.  In the majority of cases, the yes answer will be correct. But what is more important is feeling associated behind the answer.  The right answer will always feel light, truthful and of strength. 

Another method is to write down on a piece of paper Yes and No, than visualize the words entering your body one at a time. Which one feels more lighter and energized? Usually it will be Yes.

This is just a small example of how universal feedback works to provide information to questions.  So perhaps during the condition yellow periods this emotional matrix informational flow is much more clearer, much like the reception of a radio is better at some times than others.  What is most interesting is condition yellows are maximized from October to January, the time of year, most major scientific breakthroughs occur.


Below is an image taken from an ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphic showing energy flowing into them also. The image is courtesy of Mr. Graham Hancock, which you can find at the following address below:



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