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The Epic of Gilgamesh Tablet #1 and the Stars of our Galaxy Return to Homepage

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How to tap into Universal Feedback

Sirius happens to lay very close to the Orion Constellation. Gilgamesh recorded a poem signifying a dream he had where the hero is attracted to a "heavy star" that cannot be lifted due to its immense weight. This star than descends from heaven to Gilgamesh. When it reaches Gilgamesh, it is described as having a powerful "potent essence" or being the God of heaven. It further describes having 50 oarsmen in the great ship Argo (a constellation near Canis Major, where Sirius is located). This poem describes either 2 stars, the star Sirius B, which is a super-heavy gravitationally powerful star, that consists of concentrated super-dense matter associated with the number 50 (its orbital period) or the Star Vega. These are both 2 stars we use in the condition yellow exercise to tap energy from, which is later transferred into information.

ďVega is more than twice as heavy as the Sun, so it burns through its hydrogen much faster than the Sun doesĒ

Here is an excerpt from Tablet #1

"Mother, I had a dream last night. Stars of the sky appeared, and some kind of meteorite of Anu fell next to me. I tried to lift it but it was too mighty for me, I tried to turn it over but I could not budge it. The Land of Uruk was standing around it, the whole land had assembled about it, the populace was thronging around it, the Men clustered about it, and kissed its feet as if it were a little baby. I loved it and embraced it as a wife. I laid it down at your feet, and you made it compete with me."

And further down the tablet, it says this:
"he is the mightiest in the land, he is strongest, he is as mighty as the meteorite of Anu!"

As covered previously, this is referring to the energies we receive from the condition yellow exercise where the body is extremely strong afterwards. I have gotten physical strength from Cygnus/Vega and Information from Sirius/Orion when doing the exercise.

Additionally Transcribed Tablets can be found on this page:

There is one fact that you will discover over time after working with the energies from these 2 stars. That is, besides tremendous personal healing energy, you will begin to receive insights and ideas that will help humanity overall. These insights come in the form of insights to solving complex problems and creating solutions. I am firmly convinced that when you open your mind to receiving this energy (or stellar education) emanating from this part of our galaxy, it has incredible and tremendous healing potential for not only ourselves, but also for our planet as a whole.

The Polarity of these 2 Constellations

The constellation Sirius/Orion is close to 180 degrees in the opposite part of the sky the Vega/Cygnus/Pegasus constellation is in. We can think of these as 2 poles of a charged battery that are providing an energetic exchange of cosmic forces between them. When they are on the horizon and directly overhead is when we can use this energy to bring balance into our lives.

Individuals already tapping into these stars.

The Polaris Writings: This website contains extensive information about information gleaned from the Polaris Star (Ursa Major / Ursa Minor):
Their website is located on the page below:

Orion Transmissions.Com:
An amazing rich colorful website full of information from others who are successfully interpreting the information coming from this part of our galaxy. Their website can be found at the page below

Tapping Energy from Orion with Spheres

I wanted to share with you another respected individual named Dr. Steven Greer, who founded CSETI, a group that has physical contact with extraterrestrials, including actual boarding of interstellar craft. He mentioned in one of his classes encountering energy and information being transmitted from the constellation Orion. Orion happens to lie very close to the Sirius Star System. In the video titled on YouTube: [SIRIUS DONOR 15 Minute Exclusive - Dr. Greer at Crestone CSETI Expedition on Vimeo] go to the 5 minutes and 20 second mark, and Dr. Greer explains how he uses a similar technique to the condition yellow exercise to obtain energy that is full of information from the constellation of Orion, energy loaded with new knowledge. In this video, he calls these "Orion Transmissions" and uses a sphere shaped object to access this energetic information. In the video he discusses how he uses a sphere to tap the energy coming from Orion.
The Video Link is below:

My own experiences

When performing the Emerald Tablets exercise when Cygnus/Vega is overhead (from late September until late October in California, U.S.A.) information is also obtained through the new consciousness that occurs.

The Ancient Egyptians Tapping this Energy

Below can see the 3 vertical belt stars of Orion depicted in the ancient tablet shown below. We can clearly see a person with a sphere on top of his head which he is using to receive the energy. Itís possible that water or wood may amplify this effect as they are standing on wooden boats, or the boats stand for a river of energy flowing from Orion. Dr. Greer uses a similar technique to tap this energy. If you were to ever watch Orion rise in the east, you would see these 3 stars evenly spaced in a vertical layout.

How to Perform an Exercise that Taps into Information from the Stars

Sirius or Cygnus does not have to be visible in the sky, you can do it even if there is a large hill blocking your view of Sirius or Cygnus, as long as it is above the visible horizon that is all that counts. Here is the exercise in detail. Letís start with the term Deltrons.

Where did the term Deltrons Originate?

Deltrons are a term coined by Dr. William Tiller of Stanford University. Dr. William Tiller worked for more than 30 years at Stanford researching the direct action of the human consciousness and intention over animate or inanimate systems. He demonstrated how a remote and specific human intention can be imprinted upon a simple electric device, which than further carries the specific intention to a distant remote target. This than produces the successful result they were expecting. Examples include: Increasing or decreasing the pH of a solution by a full unit or increase, in vitro, the specific activity enzymes or coenzymes. This proves that intention can have an effect on biological living organisms. There are other methods that also use this imprinting method. One such method are finger imprints imprinted upon barley or rye dough to create a powerful Tibetan Healing Torma.
Learn more at:

The Condition Yellow Exercise is done outdoors and close to nature where this energy seems strongest, possibly because this energy is coming from the soil or earth. Because our atmosphere is "charged" with this cosmic energy during condition yellow periods, and some condition green periods, we are going to use our consciousness to connect with our environment to promote healing and/or retrieval of information. When we connect with the Sirius or Cygnus constellations, these periods of high energy can be molded into what we focus on. We need only use our consciousness to "activate" these deltrons that are present all around us.

During sunset I usually perform the exercise 2 to 3 times, while standing on bare ground, facing the Sirius Constellation, especially as it is rising in the east during sunset, and once or twice again while laying down in bed. As mentioned earlier, the results from this exercise are felt strongest from November through January of each year, in my location, which is Southern California. During the Summer I connect with Cygnus as it rises in the east. For some reason the energy is maximized during condition yellow periods. I have included the image below because this ancient Egyptian priestess is in the same position when the Emerald Exercise is performed and the energy is at maximum.

1: While standing facing east, acknowledge the existence of "Deltrons" in the air all around you. Visualize these Deltrons than taking on the attributes of the condition yellow (Strength, Health and Wellness) or condition green color (Harmony and Health). You can also visualize the Deltron attributes as a super-charged force from cosmic and earthbound forces realigning the cells of your body and healing the DNA of your body with health, harmony and enhanced health and wellbeing.

2: Next visualize these Deltrons aligning themselves with the Sirius constellation or Cygnus Constellation and then visualize your heart/soul area aligned with the Deltrons and absorbing this new energy. If you don't want to experience your soul flooding with this energy, than hold your arm out with fingers open, palms facing the constellation, aligned with the Cygnus or Sirius constellation and visualize this energy flowing down your arm and into your body. Some people have also used spheres to collect this energy.

When you do this you will feel a "charge" or rush of energy. Sometimes it may form a sensation of a whirling galaxy in your consciousness. After experiencing this, your body feels strengthend afterwards. Whenever I do this exercise in areas where the soil has high volcanic rocks or lava, such as Hawaii, the results are significantly amplified.

3: Now any excess energy needs to be "bleed" off into the background so that you don't overcharge. This can be done by visualizing the new revitalizing energy flooding your heart/soul area with that new energy coming from the alignment and visualizing the excess Deltron energy exiting from your body and expressing the attributes of the condition yellow (healing and wellness) to do so to their highest potential in the surrounding local geographic region you are in. This means to simply allow the extra excess Deltron energy to flow into the surrounding space and background, so that you can balance this new flow of energy. You can also visualize the Deltrons fully expressing the attributes of the condition yellow or green color (health, wellness, vitality etc.) and doing so into the surrounding location you are standing.

This visualization exercise works best when not overdone, but done 2 to 3 times after 5 to 10 minute pauses. This can then be repeated every 2 to 3 hours while Cygnus or Sirius is still above the horizon.

The Deltrons exercise can also be performed just after a stage 1 condition orange, at the first start of entering a condition green. You can also breathe in and hold Lavender Mist made from essential oil and spring water while doing this exercise, as Lavender has been shown to have restorative effects upon the body. I usually spray it before going to bed during the condition yellow days. I believe higher KP activity and a more active solar flux is what enhances this energy.

4: The next morning spend a few minutes recognizing on how refreshed and revitalized your body feels. This helps cement the new awareness into your mind, which accelerates healing and self-discovery.

I have used the exercise with much success when my body is weak and overcoming an illness to speed recovery.

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