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One of the most accurate methods to predict rising sunspots is when the sunspot count has dropped below 80 and there is no activity or it appears flat. Watch during this period for rising sunspots 3 or more days in a row. When they are rising 3 days in a row from a low number of sunspots, this is usually a pretty accurate indicator.

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solar wheels sunwheels sunspotsClick image to view more information.
This page shows numerous descriptions of "sun wheels" that contain between 4 and 8 "spokes" or "energy flows".  This is the exact same number of C Class Solar Flares that "stimulate" the body, which can be used for healing "miracles" or to get people enthusiastic about a product or service.  The other powerful window is when the sunspot number reaches 80 and again at 160. These powerful periods, especially when they overlap, are when the mind can be used to do amazing things, as we are just discovering. Could it be that Christianity and other organizations are using these same "energy stimulation portals" to stimulate people for their own purposes?.

sunspot intention. Click the image on the left for real time values, courtesy of NOAA. Please note that the intention exercise has the most power from March through May. This is the only time of year I have had the most success with it. 

As quoted from US
"Eleven miracles occur when the sun is in Aries. This is when the sun crosses the vernal equinox, when daylight hours start to exceed nighttime hours. The sun has conquered darkness." In other words, this is at the Spring Equinox.  "One miracle occurs when the sun is in Gemini. This occurs just before the summer solstice."  This is the last time the power of the money multiply exercise works, after that the power fades. "When we tally the miracles, there are twelve when the sun is stronger and gaining on the dark forces and six when the sun is descending and losing to the dark forces."
The spring equinox is also a time many cultures start their new year.

Below in the image, is a perfect example of a condition blue in progress. I have outlined the phase in red.
sunspots intention

Real Time Sunspot Values Courtesy of NOAA.

Other methods are shown below
Look for a sharp sudden "rise" in the solar wind.

Look for a sharp or sudden "increase" in the KP index.

KP Forecasting Source #2

Watch NOAA Space Weather Forecasts

Video Explaining Condition Blue Prediction.

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