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From my research, certain constellations open up certain energies that can be tapped at the right times. For anti-aging I use the Sagittarius and Scorpio constellations which are close to the star Vega and Cygnus constellation.
Exercise #1 -

Exercise #2 -

Although I have not researched this further, I have also had some success performing the condition yellow exercise when the star Sirius (which is near the Orion constellation) is coming over the eastern horizon, although more research is needed to confirm this.

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The Condition Yellow Period 

The money multiplication exercise opens a money portal with strength maximized at dawn from March to May. This is because the generation of money is based on awareness. I strongly believe that there are many other numerous constellations that open portals of energy that can assist with various projects. Most well known of these is the constellation Orion, which the Ancient Egyptians used.

"A little known subject for most, are the Mysteries of the City ofOlyphant, PA. Olyphant, a town of approximately 5,000 residents sits in the Northeast corner of the state of Pennsylvania. The town, from all outward appearances, looks like any other town of it's size. But there are those who talk about the "Stargate" and it's connection to the Constellation of Orion and UFOlogy, as well as the connection to ancient Egyptian symbolism."

Source: Mysteries at Olyphant Blogspot

The 7 churches Olyphant and the Orion Stargate

 stargate portal orion starway stars  

The image on the left is from a rural location in Peru.  The area this flat stone is in has a lot of strange activity around it, and some people say that beings from other worlds with blond hair and fair skin are sometimes seen throughout this area.  More about this can be found at the website address under the photo:

I discovered the power of the money multiplication exercise after performing the money multiplication exercise over the previous 5 years and discovered it was most powerful from March to May. Guess which constellation is rising over the eastern horizon during late March? The constellation Aquarius. This constellation rules the new sustainable green way of living and technologies and products that are in harmony with our planet. My company sells  non-toxic and natural herbal products, so when performing the money multiply exercise at dawn in late March, I would attract numerous investors as well as have a major surge in sales always during this part of the year. Another period was when the moon was in Aquarius (which you can find using a void of course calendar). We'll go more into this about how this works later on.
Void of course calendar -

Sales would also go well when the constellation Virgo rose over the eastern horizon at dawn during the September Equinox  (Virgo rules communication), and when Taurus rose over the horizon (rules banking, artists and agriculture) at the June Solstice.  Other periods were when the sun would align longitudinally with the asteroids Chiron or Europa.

Additional amplifiers of this energy was when the moon was closer to earth (Perigee moon) and when the suns energy was more active, which is demonstrated by higher solar flux values. Condition Green and Condition Blue periods also boost this energy.

So from all this, we can locate additional portals and their energies by observing when the moon is in that house (using a void of course calendar) and by looking, observing and paying attention to what effects that is having on the environment. You could also do deep historical research to verify and locate other constellations that represent various energies.

For example, sales also go good at Taurus, which is part of the Orion Constellation, which represents artists, banking and agriculture. I discovered the anti-aging constellation Ophiuchus because by studying a moon void of course calendar, the moon leaving Scorpio and entering Sagittarius happens to lay very close to the Ophiuchus constellation.

"In Greek mythology, Ophiuchus is a legendary physician who tried to become immortal to avoid death. "

When the Emerald Tablets exercise is performed when the constellation Ophiuchus is directly overhead, which in California is from late October to November, the revitalization energies are maximized.
Complete Profile on the Constellation Ophiuchus

From October 23rd until December 21st the sun is in Scorpio and Sagittarius. The constellation Sagittarius is ruled by the planet Jupiter and the constellation Scorpio is ruled by the planet Pluto and Mars.  Virgo, which is just before these is ruled by the asteroid Ceres. From researching the Emerald Tablets exercise, when the asteroid Ceres is aligned with the sun, around September, the revitalizing energies are also felt stronger. Out of all these planets Pluto is a healing planet. Pluto goes retrograde 2 times per year. Pluto happens to go retrograde 2 times per year.  April and September, the same times the constellation Ophiuchus/Cygnus is directly overhead.
Source: Moon

The energies of the Planet Venus may also be acting as an energy source to open a celestial portal.  More of this can be learned at the website address below:

Just as a perigee moon peak creates a peak of emotion, so too does a planet when it goes retrograde, because it is also at its peak close point to earth and turning back towards its journey back to the outer part of our solar system. This means as the earth rotates, at these particular times the suns energies are amplifying/focusing the energies coming from that constellation as it streams towards earth, especially as the suns solar flux becomes more active.

When you open a portal using these constellative energies, you are intending that their energy multiplies.  This is done two or times when facing east and then again repeating  the intention when the sun is in the position when that constellation is rising on the eastern horizon.  The article titled How to Apply Intention to Multiply Money and Matter located at:

goes into more detail about how to do this properly.

The intention must resonate or be in harmony with the qualities that the rising constellation represents. Aquarius represents sustainability, so intending that sustainable products will sell well for that day or week, as it rises on the eastern horizon will boost sales.

The most powerful times this energy is available for intention, is when the constellation is rising over the eastern horizon at the same time the sun is rising on the eastern horizon. At this point in history, Aquarius is rising at the March equinox during sunrise.

This portal energy becomes maximized seasonally when the sun aligns with that constellation as it rises on the eastern horizon at dawn. You can find these by using a solar lunar ingress calendar.
Solar Ingress Calendar -

 The constellation Virgo is represented by the planet Mercury which represents communication. These energies are especially strongest around the equinoxes. This is why sales go much better around the September equinox (for my business anyway).

The constellation Taurus/Orion rules banking, agriculture and artists. This constellation rises in the east at the June Solstice. When this constellation was on the horizon, the IPOD was released and Star Wars opened as we show in our Tapping Galactic Energy article on

I noticed in Portland OR, the Ophiuchus/Cygnus constellation is almost exactly overhead in Spring and October/Fall suggesting a very powerful location for the Emerald Tablets and Money Multiplication exercises.

It is also interesting to note that the constellations Sagittarius, Orion, and Virgo are all areas in the sky where there are a dense number of galaxies or areas where a lot of energy is coming from, which is why they are so bright at night.

What is most fascinating is that because the Portland area is so perfectly aligned with these overhead constellations that the James Gilliland ranch is located just a few miles from Portland and is the home to numerous UFO sightings over the last 100 years.  This area is so ‘hot’ for UFO activity that James Gilliland has learned to summon them on command. This means there must be some link between these longitude and zenith alignments of these constellation star systems. I also go into how certain frequencies of the sun can be used to summon UFO's on my UFO summoning page.

How to determine Wealth Alignments

There are a couple of ways to do this.  You can use dots on a wall to signify where the sun will be at the time the constellation rises.

When you position the dots of the positions of the sun, it will appear to move backwards or from right to left.  This is because the sun is rising earlier each morning from November to June, and Aquarius rises earlier each morning. Now the times listed below are when Aquarius is rising on the eastern horizon. What you do next is you place dots where the sun will be as Aquarius is rising on the eastern horizon.  This dot is where you will face the $1 bill to perform the money multiplicaion exercise.

For Oregon, I use the following for Aquarius Rising

Dot 1 - Jan 5th 10:45 am

Dot 2 - Jan 10th 10:38 am

Dot 3 - Jan 16th 9:54 am

Dot 4 - Jan 22nd 9:38 am

Dot 5 - Jan 30th 9:00 am

Dot 6 - Feb 4th 8:45 am

The money multiplication exercise goes into more detail about how to properly perform the exercise.

We could also apply this to levitation of large stones.  Edward Leedskalnin, who created Coral Castle has a moon garden with the planet Saturn represented by a large statue in it.In astrology, the constellation Capricorn happens to be ruled by the planet Saturn.

Edward Leedskalnin also happens to have been born under the sign of Capricorn.
The Constellation aligns with our Sun from December 22 to January 20.

On earth, the magnetic reversal areas of south to north magnetism flow are near the Tropics of Capricorn. So is it possible that as the constellation Capricorn was rising on the eastern horizon and when there was a new crescent or full moon that Edward Edward Leedskalnin somehow used this celestial energy to levitate large blocks?

The stars are interconnected with each other, all flowing along magnetic field lines, the arteries of the galactic body. The galaxy's coiled field lines diverge into intergalactic space where they ultimately connect to other galaxies. Do these tendrils of energy act as the nervous system of the universe, relaying information from star to star, galaxy to galaxy, on and on?
Source: Souledout

Although I have not yet tested this theory, it is one possible way he was able to move such large stones.


How to Make  A Wealth Sphere
If you don't want to litter your house or room wall with dots, you can use a sphere.  Just point one part of the sphere directly east to know the positions of the sun.

Tools Needed:

1 Styrofoam Sphere
Copper, Brass or Wooden Sticks

With this sphere you will be able to know the alignments in advance of when Aquarius, Taurus and Virgo are rising on the horizon and use the sun to open a wealth portal.
First of all using a longer stick, place this on the side of the sphere. Point this stick north.

Next have in advance the times that Aquarius, Taurus and Virgo are rising over the eastern horizon at your location. You can use the Google sky map ap to show you this.

Now that you know the times that these constellations are rising over the eastern horizon, using the google sky map plot exactly where the sun will be as these constellations are rising over the horizon.

Next with the sphere aligned east using the longer rod/stick, add sticks to the sphere showing the suns position at those various times. Be sure you number the sticks in order with each number representing the date.

To find the proper sun position, you just match the numbers with the sticks in the sphere as one side of it is facing east. I choose to space the sticks approximately 14 days apart, which gives enough distance between the sticks. Now you have a way to find the portal opening points without having to use your sky ap map each time or put dots all over your wall.

To open the wealth portal, all you do is first point a dollar bill east, than at the future suns position as the constellation is coming up on the eastern horizon.

It is key you are facing the actual constellation star system or sun when doing these exercises.  Be sure to close your eyes if facing the sun, or you can do it indoors to avoid looking directly at the sun.

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