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A good example of Using the Power of Your Mind when a Condition Blue occurs is when the Sunspots or Sunspot Area of the Sun are Increasing. Here is a man using it to summon UFO spaceships .

And if we look at the date when this occurred. April 20th, 2012, we see 3 days or more of rising sunspots going above 80 and another "hot period" when the sunspots pass 160, or when the Sunspot Area 10E-6 has been growing for 3 or more consecutive days. This results in a perfect Condition Blue Period. If you look at all the videos on Third Phase a Moon, where UFO's were summoned on command, they all occurred during this "window".

In my article Using Celestial Energy to Open Portals I explain that certain locations in the country naturally align to specific constellations, which create a natural gateway to higher energies. The Portland, Oregon district is one location. What is most fascinating is that because the Portland area is so perfectly aligned with these overhead constellations that the James Gilliland ranch is located just a few miles from Portland and is the home to numerous UFO sightings over the last 100 years.  This area is so ‘hot’ for UFO activity that James Gilliland has learned to summon them on command. This means there must be some link between these longitude and zenith alignments of these constellation star systems.

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This page shows numerous descriptions of "sun wheels" that contain between 4 and 8 "spokes" or "energy flows".  This is the exact same number of C Class Solar Flares that "stimulate" the body, which can be used for healing "miracles" or to get people enthusiastic about a product or service.  solar wheels sunwheels sunspotsClick image to view more information.
The other powerful window is when the sunspot number reaches 80 and again at 160. These powerful periods, especially when they overlap, are when the mind can be used to do amazing things, as we are just discovering. Could it be that Christianity and other organizations are using these same "energy stimulation portals" to stimulate people for their own purposes?

Below in the image, is a perfect example of a condition blue in progress. I have outlined the phase in red.
sunspots intention

As we can see between the 26th and 27th of July 2012, the sunspot count went from 77 to 91, which is in the 'stimulation' phase range.  On July 27th, 2012, there were 8 C class Flares, another "stimulation" period.

As we can see from the Goes X-Ray Flux chart courtesy of NOAA, the Watt Meter (red line) went from 10.7 to the 10.6 and a half range.  So in the future, when we want to look for this "stimulation" period, we only need to keep an eye on when the red line reaches this "threshold" period, which is the perfect time for stimulation.

If you look into the archives and match this with the C Class Flare Numbers between 4 and 8.  Whenever the C Class Flares are between 4 and 8, the red line will be always be within the 10.6 range. Therefore the best way to predict when this period occurs is to look for the red line within this range.

You can learn how to predict when sunspot rise by vising the predict condition blue page.

At certain UFO "Hot Spots" on earth, many craft appear to emerge from the Big Dipper region of the sky. If you Google: Big Dipper, Star gate, Portal, you get numerous websites and independent stories of people who recorded alien craft emerging from this region of the sky.

Here is one I found from a very intensive night sky watcher:
"around the 2200 hours mark in the constellation of the big dipper..between the stars Mizar, Megrez and dubhe...later on in the year the time you can watch comes down...right now it's around the 18:25 mark. The reason the times seem important to me is that's it when i have seen them most"
Source: Above Top Secret

Another UFO Hot Spot is Mt. Hood, near Portland, OR.  One person who has been doing UFO sky night watches for years has recorded them also emerging from the Big Dipper Part of the sky as the below image shows:

Click on the Above Image to Enlarge

His research page can be found at this address:

The Institute for Solar Studies on Human Behavior and Health has published a study revealing details about why UFO's appear when summoned and why they don't. We give the details on how to summon them with 100% accuracy every time on this webpage.

If you study the 2 most recent UFO Summonings on You Tube you will find the dates. June 3rd, 2012 and May 19th, 2012. These are 2 days when the sunspot area 10E-6 was increasing and/or the number of sunspots was increasing. If you forward to 35 seconds to the video below:

You will see that he stares directly into the sun (just a little to the right as you can see from his shadow). In conclusion, a brilliant example of using a Condition Blue to make thousands of people believe UFO’s are coming. It is the Institutes Conclusion that these “UFO’s” are more easily able to be summoned at this time because the mental energy of humans is stronger during a Condition Blue, so in theory anyone should be able to do this, as this man in Las Vegas did for a television news station.

Some people unconsciously know when this Condition Blue period appears, and then use their mind to perform “miracles”, especially; (although this may sound Unbelievable) curing cancer during these times really works well. Here at the Institute, we have found that using condition blues, results in the letmost powerful times to perform “miracle” healings.

So let's examine when Mr. Bingham tried to "summon" UFO'S during a period of declining sunspot activity, we can see that he failed. Mr. Blake did not do a follow-up interview video, on this day, and you can see in the comments section people saying that nobody showed up. On July 4th, 2012, the sunspots dropped from a peak of 165, and continued to decline for 3 days in a row. The sunspot numbers were also not at 80 or 160, the key window periods.

Above is Mr. Blake talking about summoning them on July 4th, 2012.
Above you can see Mr. Bingham talking about summoning them on July 4th, 2012 at which time they did not appear.

I have posted a Video Response to Mr. Blake Cousins'.

Mr. Bingham would have had more luck summing them on July 2nd when the sunspots were rising for 3 or more consecutive days. Once these sunspots go past 80 and again just after recently going past 160, all past intentions/efforts come into fruition/reality on this day, including the ability to manifest/summon UFO’s. NOAA Historical Sunspot Archive. Thank you NOAA for this information.

NOAA Real Time Sunspot Numbers.

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