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In studying Chronobiology, I have discovered that when there is a rise in Cosmic Rays, it conicides with a change in the frequency of the Ocean Tides. I believe this "locks in" and confirms the passing of one condition color into the next condition color and that perigee supermoons also amplify this shift into the condition color, as perigee supermoons result in perigean spring tides.

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When there is a change in the Ocean Tidal Frequency, there is a shift in the infrasonic wave vibrations.  This can be felt by people, as well as animals.  Animals can tell whether or not this frequency means danger or not.

What Is a Natural Source of Infrasonic Waves?
The ocean is one of the biggest natural generators of infrasound, according to Milton Garces of the University of Hawaii, Manoa. Source: EHOW.com

Infrasonic waves are also called, Microbaroms, which are regular pressure variations of a few microbars (dyn cm−2) produced by the passage of infrasound (5 see period) radiated from ocean waves
Source: Amestoc

Under proper conditions and using the correct equipment and setup, ( full sound scale speakers, including infrasound ) in an enclosed, hall type setting or room, infrasound frequencies can be directed to affect humans physiologically, and will affect / direct brainwave activity and brainwave states, physical / bodily functions, and produce various physical and sensory response.
Source: Naked Science

Other Infrasonic Source References:

Infrasound Laboratory, University of Hawaii, Manoa. View Site 
Solar and Lunar Tides by GS Journal. View Site
Science and the Sea. View Site
Infrasonic Sound Simplified. View Site

A change in the ocean's tidal wave frequency causes behavioral changes in a large scale region of populated people. It also affects wide regions of the earth, from animals to plants and insects.  Therefore if this energy is entering our consciousness from an exterior point, there must be some way that this energy can be projected outwards. This is where The Sonic Weapon of Vladimir Gavreau comes from. There is also this excellent research article showing that a Bigfoot Entity is using infrasonic waves to stay "invisible" and cloak himself using infrasonic waves. Perhaps the surrounding forest environment, of which this entity is in harmony with is also assisting in the infrasonic waves to help keep it hidden from physical view.

Infrasonic waves can come from the ocean, as well as from large tropical storms, volcanoes, earthquakes, black holes and meteorites.  The further out into space you get, the longer and more deeper these infrasonic waves pulsate. I believe these infrasonic waves travel along the ley lines assisting or riding along the waves of telluric energy and exit outwards at certain points called platonic grid points.  The 2 most powerful platonic grid points on earth are located in Paris, France and Hawaii.

infrasound future waves of energyClick the picture on the left to view real time values of these changing tides, as well as future predictions of frequency "shifts". Because one of these grid points is located in Hawaii, when this energy exits we can watch it as a change in the tidal wave frequency. This change in ocean frequency is what is responsible for a change in the condition colors, moving from one phase to the next, as well as changes in the stock market, and violent mood and behaviour swings.

Infrasonic waves have been shown to affect the pituary / pineal glands of our brains.  This small pine cone shaped organ acts as a receiver and transmitter, which is like an antenna in our bodies.


Using Infrasound to Listen to the Earth Breathing by Lorella Abenavoli - View Article

Ocean circulation generated magnetic signals
5NOAA’s National Geophysical Data Center, Boulder, U.S.A. - View Research Paper

Electromagnetic Ocean Effects National Geophysical Data Center NOAA - View Research Paper

Low Latitude infrasonics associated with geomagnetic activity
Geophysical Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society - View Research Paper

Explaining Ghost Sightings (Part 4 – Infrasound)
War for Science - View Research Paper

So this gives us a model/map to work from if we are studying biology or Chronobiology.  As each condition color passes from one stage to the next it is accompanied by an increase in the cosmic ray count, which is driving the evolutionary process, and is reflected in the change in the ocean tidal frequency change. The reason I choose Hawaii to view the changes in the tidal frequency is because it sits on a Platonic Earth Grid Point.  I believe that as this energy manifests, just like a release of energy from an earthquake causes the plates to shift. it comes through at these points, changing or altering our consciousness, which than affects social and biological systems on earth. You can learn more about these grid points at Montalk.net or by viewing page 21 of the Becker-Hagens Planetary Grid System Coordinates article.

I know from research that when I do the Emerald Tablets Exercise, the refreshing force that heals my body is significantly stronger when the KP levels are higher.  The other period this energy is higher, is when the Cosmic Rays are rising.  So does this mean that Cosmic Rays are influencing the Geomagnetic Energy of our earth?

Reference Article: Are Changes In Earth's Main Magnetic Field Induced By Oceans' Circulation?

Below I show the correlation between increased cosmic rays and a change in the ocean's Tidal Wave Frequency.

August 26th. 2012
Ocean Tidal Frequency

Cosmic Rays

September 21st. 2012
Ocean Tidal Frequency
Cosmic Rays

September 27th. 2012:
Ocean Tidal Frequency
Cosmic Rays

October 2nd. 2012:
Ocean Tidal Frequency
Cosmic Rays

The Origin of High Energy Cosmic Rays

There are different forms of cosmic rays which come from our sun and other stars in our galaxy, however there are sometimes cosmic rays that consist of larger units of energy, which have a greater mass and more energy per density, than say the cosmic rays coming from our sun. Astronomers believe the high energy cosmic rays entering earth are coming from supermassive black holes in the heart of distant galaxies. This makes perfect sense because the time imprint effect (receiving images from the future), that occurs during the Emerald Tablets exercise occurs strongest during periods of higher cosmic ray periods and black holes have the ability to warp time. The time imprint energy occurs strongest from late October to early November each year. This would mean that earth is aligning with a giant supermassive black hole each year during this time of year.

 Futher Reserach. You can view the Cosmic Ray Archive Here:


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Because the Emerald Tablets Exercise works with the Geomagnetic Energy of the Earth, when the Time Imprints from the Future are felt, it is because the earth feels these events before they occur, and if you are doing the exercise, these events manifest themselves as future events occuring in the "Time Stream".  The Princeton Global Consciousness Project is already actively plotting these events before they happen. You can view their website and data at the following address:


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