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After practicing the Emerald Tablets Exercise for over 5 years, I always noticed that during the last 24 hours of an apogee moon, that a huge gravity wave would appear, that would almost levitate my body, if I held the recharging polarities long enough that I felt I might go flying out into space. This energy was so strong that when I was re-aligning my body's north/south poles and holding in the white light, it literally felt like my body was going to fly through the air, or cover a major distance across the ground. So you have to be careful when you do it during this time. I also believe that a higher KP value or stronger geomagnetic energy will hold this "charge" for a long period of time. So if you do the exercise when the KP levels are higher and it is during a gravity wave period, the results are stronger than usual. Therefore gravity and geomagnetic energy mist both complement each other.Other effects I have noticed that around this time, mental intention or visualization is strongest. At perigee moon or December physical exercises for the body are best performed.

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From personal observation, during early spring, I have always had to reduce the intake of my anti-aging herbal mixes and do a 48hr grapefruit detox to cleanse my body of toxins. After doing this I always feel terrific for the rest of the year. I have also found this the most powerful time of year to do toning and to do visualization exercises related to perfect health and healing.  I believe that this time of year is the most powerful time to use the mind to visualize good health and wellbeing using our power of mental intent. Now April happens to be 6 months or 1/2 way though a year from October, the last time the Emerald Tablets exercise was at its peak. 

After further research I found this article:

"The moon pulls on you slightly more than the center of the Earth because you are a bit closer than the center is. So you're lighter. And also, 12 hours later, when the Moon is the other side of the Earth from you, you're slightly lighter as well, because the center of the Earth is accelerated towards the moon slightly more than you, it turns out that this makes you slightly lighter as well, by the same amount."
Source: Naked Scientists

During early July, the earth is farthest away from the sun also known as aphelion and after early July, the earth starts its journey back towards becoming closer to the sun which occurs in January and is called perihelion. The moon follows this same cycle, apogee for maximum from earth and perigee for closest to earth.

Another powerful period I have discovered when the refreshing white light is strongest is at the moons first quarter.The times the moon is directly overhead is during a waning crescent at sunrise and the first quarter moon, is high overhead at sunset. These have both been peak times I have noticed the refreshing white light energy is strongest also. These seem to mirror that same orbit just like the Cygnus Constellation which is overhead maximum in October. As this previous article shows, this is the same time that the refreshing "white light" energy responsible for quick healing and wellness is maximized.

Another interesting observation is that during a new moon, the moon is between the earth and our sun, and than begins its journey back towards the opposite side of the earth, ending at the full moon.  Could the moon being between our earth and sun be creating a gravity shielding effect?

We can see 3 major factors contributing to this "gravity wave effect".

1: The new moon when the moon is closest to the sun.
2: The aphelion sun when the earth is furthest from the sun.
3: The apogee moon, when the moon is furthest from the earth.

It is the last 24 hours just before the planetary body begins its journey to move closer to earth, this gravity wave is felt strongest. Perhaps the moon is acting as some type of huge shielding lens, causing this gravity reduction feeling experienced during the Emerald Tablets exercise at this time. At the peak of an apogee moon, as the moon swings back towards earth, a "tugging" force occurs. This "tugging" is maximized at the first apogee moon closest to the new moon period after early July, as the Earth has reached it furthest point from the sun and begins heading back, closer to the sun where it will be closest in January. So just as the moon swings back and forth or closer and further towards earth every 2 weeks, the earth does the same with the sun, but only twice yearly, and the moon, swings back and forth between the sun monthly, which we are all familiar as being the new moon (closest to the sun) and the full moon (the moon is furthest from the sun).

From this we can calculate the next "gravity wave" felt during the Emerald Tablets exercise.  This means the next "Gravity Wave" will occur between October 14th and October 17th, 2012.  The maximum effects of this gravity wave are felt in July/August

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