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The Condition Red 

I know this inflamation was not caused allergies related to a specific geographic location, because it has happened when I am in areas on the other side of the world. I never get any sort of allergy or illness of any kind any other time of the year, it only happens around this time of year.

I also noticed the inflammation would occur when the moon was headed towards perigee. This scientific study showed that during apogee moon (when the moon is further from earth), there was a reduction in doctors calls when the moon was in apogee. During this time, I would also be taking large amounts of Ormus during this period, as well as doing pole balancing which always seemed to aggravate the condition.

The only way I have found to remove this allergy; is to reduce the amount of pole balancing I perform, as well as significantly reduce my Ormus intake during this time of year. But the most powerful method that always gets results every time is to do a citrus fast, as I will clearly outline below.

As you will see later on in the article on this page, around Spring, I use grapefruit to reduce inflammation that seems to pop up around this time of year. I have extreme success in using Grapefruit or Pomelo fruits. Other foods that are anti-inflammatory include: red grapes, plums, pomegranates, cherries, apples and pears. I have found that grapefruit also has a detoxification effect.

The liver's detoxification process may not function properly due to high amount of toxins it must filter; this can contribute to the accumulation of toxic free radicals. Eating grapefruit, however, can help prevent this dysfunction, thereby preventing the buildup of such toxins, according to holistic nutritionist Julie Daniluk, RHN. Grapefruit also contains a substance called D-glucaric acid that inhibits the intestinal enzyme beta-glucuronidase. Beta-glucuronidase prevents the mechanism that allows toxins to reach the intestines for later excretion. Grapefruit may also play a role in reducing cancer risk,

During my citrus fast, I stop taking my brain food and SOD herbal mixes (see book for these herbal mixes), as the energy obtained from the fast clears out my mind and body and I reduce the amount of physical exercise I perform. An interesting note is that many people find that Pomelo, like grapefruit is also high in naringin. If you are using prescribed medication, it is not recommended to use Grapefruit or Pomelo because the naringin can cause an allergic reaction. Grapefruit and Pomelo are also extremly beneficial for the lymphatic system.

You will discover that fasting during a full moon does not drain your energy as much, probably due to the high amount of energies that occur around a full moon. Therefore, because these high energies are occurring around springtime, this is a good time to fast/detox, especially during the Full Moon in Spring. Another interesting observation, as noted earlier is when the moon is in perigee, disease is much more common, so supermoons (when the moon is at full and closest to the earth) is another good time to fast/detox. It just so happens that we have a supermoon in April of 2012 this year. The next supermoon after that is May of 2013.

Detoxing of the body to remove toxins and metallic particle build up, is best done around new the new moon. A full moon is also effective. Mental healing visualizations work best at the crescent moon .  A mental healing visualization is where you use your mind to see a white light surrounding your body.  This white light has healing properties that re-energize and heal the body.  This light is seen as having the right luminosity, not to bright or not too soft, but just the right luminosity to perform the healing.

From my own experience, I always get allergies and inflammation during the spring time, from Late February to Late April and never at any other time of the year. Usually I have discovered that most of these allergies manifest around the perigee moon periods during this time, so I watch my sugar intake and have Pomelo or Grapefruit in the mornings for at least 7 days in a row, starting at the first moon headed towards perigee close to spring (late February to late April) I will do a 24 to 48 hour citrus fast and during the fast take a mixture of cats claw, oregano, mullein and garlic granules to help flush toxins from the body. Oregano just happens to be high in Naringin.

I also wanted to add this interesting piece of information I have uncovered. Each year the EPA is required to perform a Broad Scan Analysis of the Fy82 National Human Adipose Tissue Survey.  This is a survey describing in extreme detail every bit of toxin that is present in the human body of citizens residing in the United States. More information on this survey is available here:

Below I show a technique I use each spring to help my immune system readjust for the new year ahead.
Pole Balancing not done during Condition Red Periods
Herbal Mix #1, taken up to 3 times a day (see condition red page)
More yogurt and walnuts during this time, as the suns activity is also increasing.
For Breakfast Grapefruit or Pomelo, which is high in Naringin.
Moderate to Mild Exercise

I believe that what is happening is a new influx of powerful high energies are streaming into the earth, through both organic and inorganic matter, and the moon in perigee (being closer to the earth), acts as an amplifier for these energies. These energies are affecting the immune system of the body. If the body has too much processed food and Ormus (which is super high in certain minerals), it negatively affects the immune system of the body. Even doing exercises that "renew" the body such as pole balancing can cause the allergy to manifest. Once the toxins from the previous year are purged; from the body, during this tiem of year, the immune system has been re-tuned and recovers. It is interesting to note that Tonsillitis affects the tonsils. The Tonsils of the throat are part of the immune system. Their job is to reduce and fight infection. Doctors now know that removing the tonsils reduces the ability of our immune systems to fight infection.

One of the more interesting things about spring is that Ants are most active during late winter into early spring and mid-summer.  There is a tonic that is made from ants called Ant Extract that is used as a powerful anti-aging medicine, with over 70 years of research proving this. This is interesting because as these powerful energies come in during spring, and ants start to become more active during this time, it shows the ants are re-acting to these energies.

The Miracle of Naringin

Grapefruit or Pomelo, is high in the rare substance Naringin, the cell repairing antioxidant. Here is a scientific article discussing its power over insulin, one of the most powerful anti-aging factors. Citrus fruits especially grapefruit, are high in the flavenoid glycoside, naringin, a compound studied by Canadian scientists. They gave mice a western style diet calculated to give them the metabolic syndrome. Experimental mice were given naringin while control mice were not. The mice without naringin developed high cholesterol and insulin resistance. The mice fed the naringin did not experience high cholesterol and their sensitivity to insulin remained normal. Article Reference Source

I have found the best cure to remove this allergy that appears in spring quickly is to go on a 24 to 48 hr citrus fast, which removes large amounts of toxins from the body as quickly as possible. Within doing this, my symptoms were relieved within 12 hours or less. I have also found that herb mix #1 on the condition red page also helps alleviate symptoms. I also discovered that 90% of the time a condition red will also match a rise in the allergy pollen forecast.

When doing the citrus fast, I use the fruit Pomelo or Grapefruit and then take some honey afterwards to get rid of the bitter taste. Pomelo contains over 193% of the RDA for the body. I than take a Vitamin C tablet which boosts the synergy of the grapefruit even more. This is why grapefruit seed extract is used to fight and prevent colds and flu, as it is a powerful natural immune system booster. During my citrus fast I also drink lots of spring water. The vitamin C pill I take also has zinc in it, which boosts the immune system. The immune system is being boosted by removing the toxins from the body. I no longer buy cough drops, I use star anise seed. It is one of the best methods to stop coughing and clear congestion. It also kills bad germs and bacteria in the throat.

Walnuts are also a powerful way to boost the immune system and they are high in Zinc and Ellagic Acid which boosts the immune system. Ellagic Acid is also used for detoxing routines. Other natural immune system boosters that fight inflammation include Garlic and Pau Darco. I have personally had great success taking 10 parts Olive leaf Powder or Extract (Olea europaea) to 1 part Pau Darco with 1 cup of spring water (only during the spring). Other effective natural antibiotics include: Honey, Oregano, Cats Claw, Green Tea, Elderberry.

When you combine Elderberry with Grapefruit or Grapefruit Seed Extract, you get a powerful healing synergy. Cats Claw synergizes with Rosemary. It is not recommended that Echinacea/Goldenseal is taken if inflammation has begun because it can worsen the condition. If you are not vegetarian, chicken soup reduces inflammation rather quickly, especially when made from older chickens. The bones from the neck contain the best nutrients that fight inflammation.

In conclusion, I believe that fasting on grapefruit or similar citrus fruits flushes toxins built up throughout the year that exist in the body and when these toxins are removed, the immune system is rebuilt or recharged� for another year.

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