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Original Date this Article was Published:  January 23rd, 2013.


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Added January 21st, 2015.

CDC Admits New Flu Shot Protects Less Than 1 in 4

One of the best ways to keep your body free of the flu during flu season is to know when the outbreaks are occurring.  This combined with knowing when your health biorhythms is at its most vulnerable gives us an ideal time to know when to strengthen our immune system and be aware of when the flu strain may negatively impact our health more.

Flu Virus Outbreak Graphical Maps

Worldwide Outbreak Map of all Major Outbreaks

Influenza Survellience:

I don't recommend flu shots for 2 reasons:

1 - Since using the techniques mentioned below in this article, I have never gotten the flu for over 7 years and this includes living in vast cities such as Los Angeles (2 years) and Portland OR (1 year), and the tropical islands (2 years) where people from all over the world are living.

2 - Flu shots contain mercury and Formaldehyde.
Source: Dr. Gangemi 

"Formaldehyde has been classified as a known human carcinogen (cancer-causing substance) by the International Agency for Research on Cancer and as a probable human carcinogen by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency."
Source: National Cancer Institute

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 I don't know about you but has anyone done a study of people who have taken flu shots for 7 consecutive years, compared to somebody using natural organic immune system boosting methods (such as vitamin D or D3) what their chances of contracting cancer are? I would bet that those who took the flu shot have a higher risk of developing cancer than those who did not take it. Considering many hospitals now make it mandatory for their hospital staff to take flu shots, they would be an excellent target group to study if they had contracted cancer after taking the flu shot for a number of years. Remember these toxins contained in the flu shot gradually build up in the body over the long term.

Because health care workers are now forced to receive the flu shot, and soon nanotechnology will make robots small enough to fight off the flu virus, does this mean that health care workers are going to be the first robot/cyborgs? We already have surgeons performing remote surgery via robotic technology, could this be the start of the human cyborg transition occurring via the healthcare/medical field.

 Another interesting fact is that the flu shot does not have a 100% success rate, as I shall prove below.

Does the flu vaccine work the same for everyone? No. While the flu vaccine is the single best way to prevent the flu,   protection can vary widely  , depending on who is being vaccinated (in addition to how well matched the vaccine viruses are with circulating viruses). In general, the flu vaccine works best among young healthy adults and older children.

Source: U.S. Centers for Disease Control

The term "circulating" mentioned above means the flu shot is based on the virus that is most prevalent in the community you are living in. This means that if you travel, a flu shot is useless in the location you are in because it is incompatible with the circulating virus in the community you received the flu shot in.

As the study shown below shows, even when the flu shot has a high "circulating match" to the virus in the community, the resistance to flu results are just over a 50% success rate.

What do recent vaccine effectiveness studies show? Preliminary data for the 2010-2011 influenza season indicate that influenza vaccine effectiveness was about 60% for all age groups combined, and that almost all influenza viruses isolated from study participants were well-matched to the vaccine.
Source: U.S. Centers for Disease Control

According to the findings from a 2010 study, children taking low doses of Vitamin D3 were shown to be 42 percent less likely to come down with the flu.

Now the above study using Vitamin D3, was done without using matched or unmatched circulating viruses. So it's pretty impressive. Because Vitamin D intake tolerance is different for everyone, it's best to take enough Vitamin D or D3 until you feel the results. Also if you travel, Vitamin D is your safest bet against contracting influenza.

Published January 2013 - Nearly 800 children in Europe have developed narcolepsy, an incurable sleep disorder, after being immunized with the Pandemrix H1N1 swine flu vaccine produced by the British drugmaker, GlaxoSmithKline in 2009. Reports of spikes in narcolepsy cases are also surfacing in Finland, Norway, Ireland, France and Sweden.

What Are the Different Types of Flu?

Different strains of the flu virus mutate over time and replace the older strains of the virus. There are three types of flu viruses: A, B, and C. The Type A and B cause the annual influenza epidemics that have up to 20% of the population sniffling, aching, coughing, and running high fevers. Type C also causes flu; however, type C flu symptoms are much less severe.

Type A flu or influenza A viruses are capable of infecting people as well as animals. People suffer from the ailments associated with this type of flu. Wild birds commonly act as the hosts for this flu virus. The Type A flu virus is generally responsible for the large flu epidemics.

Unlike type A flu viruses, the Type B virus is found only in humans. The Type B flu virus causes a less severe reaction than type A flu virus.

Type C viruses are also found in people, but are milder than either type A or B. Type C flu viruses do not cause epidemics.

How To "Flu Proof" Your Body During Winter

Everyone is different in the types of dosages for immune system boosters.  And the key success to boosting the immune system is to not over do it.  I spend 1 day taking a large amount of Cod Liver Oil, than stay off for 3 days.  It takes practice, but if you listen closely to your body, you will intuitively find the dosage that is right for you. For flu prevention during winter, the best time to start boosting the immune system is at the very start of the cold season. This means boosting vitamin C from organic sources such as Parsley, Goji Berries, Tangerines, Grapefruit and the like. These are foods high in Vitamin C.

Another excellent idea to help boost the immune system and ward off the flu is to take a cup of very hot or boiling water and place pieces of Organic Parsley, with their stems included, into the hot water.  Allow to soak for 5 to 7 minutes, than drink the water.  The beautiful rich green water is also one of the best heart tonics, making it great for endurance.  You can mix with beet juice to make a powerful winter endurance tonic. Parsley is also one of the best plants to chelate heavy metals from the body, especially lead.

One of the better combinations I have come across is chicken vegetable pasta soup along with chocolate or 3 bagels for dinner or late afternoon, and than 2 to 3 oranges the following morning.   This not only gives you strength, but can cut the amount of suffering from the flu by up to 1/3rd, allowing you to recover up to 3 times faster.

Elderberry is another powerful flu fighter.

Here are two more great flu buster recipes:

1: A few grains of Cayenne Pepper, one Vitamin C Tablet, two Tablespoons of Honey, Hot chrysanthemum tea, 1 Carnosine Capsule or 1 Overnight RejuvenEssence capsule.


2: One Elderberry Capsule, Hot Green Tea, two Tablespoons of Honey, Two Cod Liver Oil Capsules, 1 Carnosine Capsule or 1 Overnight RejuvenEssence capsule, two to three cups of Spring Water.



Another powerful food that fights bacterial inflammation is Shark Liver Oil. Shark liver oil contains the highest level alkylglycerols boosts immune system and detoxes the body of metals. It is similar in structure to Cod Liver Oil, which contains high levels of Vitamins D and A. It is used as a very powerful flu and cold preventative. Because this is very powerful immune system booster, large amounts of Shark Liver Oil should be avoided, as cases of pneumonia and immune-system cancers among fisherman and others exposed to high amounts of the substance squalene, which is found in Shark Liver Oil.

Other natural antibiotics proven to fight pneumonia include bee propolis and grapefruit seed extract

Mixing grapefruit with orange, lemon, garlic, onion and cayenne pepper works well.  Here is a simple formula.

1 grapefruit (peeled very thinly so some of the white pith remains)
1 orange (peeled very thinly so some of the white pith remains)
2 lemons (wash thoroughly, can leave peel on)
3 garlic cloves
1/2 large onion
3 drops peppermint oil (optional)
1/16-1/8 teaspoon cayenne pepper (if heavily congested)

1 Cut the fruit and onion into coarse pieces.
2 Place in a blender and mix well.
3 You may need to add a little bit of water to get the blender to mix it without clogging.
4 Dosage: Adults - one cup a day.
5 Children - 1/2 cup a day.
6 This amount is not to be taken all at once, but just a spoonful at a time every so often throughout the day, until the total amount desired has been consumed.
7 Pour remainder into glass jar and keep refrigerated. When ready to use, warm slightly in a pan before serving.

For those of you who have contracted Stomach Flu, a stomach ache, or a very bad bladder infection, a combination of Honey, Cinnamon and Organic Craberry Juice works excellent. The not from concentrate Cranberry Juice is stronger and more concentrated.

Usually at the very start of winter I will take foods to enhance the immune system, than after this "rise" in immune boosting foods, I will take a little less. For some reason taking these foods at the very start has the best effect. You will also see flu shots advertised heavily around this time of year, so this is a good guide to use, when you start seeing flu shot advertising, start the immune boosting foods.

I don't like taking too much of the ascorbic acid type of vitamin C this time of year because excessive vitamin C can lead to calcium loss, which weakens the teeth. As temperatures become cooler, you will feel your teeth become more sensitive to "micro cracking" from the constant cold and re-warming of the calcium in your teeth.  This repeated expansion and contraction along with excess vitamin C can cause the teeth to become more sensitive to chipping and cracking.  This is why only during this time of year I increase my vitamin C intake from organic sources, which are better absorbed and can re-supply the loss of calcium that comes from taking the ascorbic acid type of vitamin C.

For example Parsley contains high levels of Vitamin K, along with small amounts of other minerals, such as Vitamin K, which are necessary for healthy teeth, and when combined with Cod Liver Oil or butter from grass fed cows, can heal cavities Parsley happens to be one of the top 10 foods highest in Vitamin C.

Another interesting thing about the onset of winter is there seems to be an increased craving for sweets. I have found the below combination to not only remove sugar cravings from the body, but to help boost the immune system, making it a very effective flu resistant strategy.

Here is the combination I take every 2 to 3 days during the heavy flu season.

Before eating yogurt, I will eat a 1 to 2 cups of raw organic parsley before eating plain yogurt (Greek or Organic yogurt contains the highest levels of Calcium).

To offset the sour taste of plain yogurt, I sweeten it with Clover Honey. Parsley is packed with Organic vitamin C and Vitamin K.  To the yogurt I add the Yogurt Mix, which is a herbal formula designed to synergize the Prebiotics in yogurt and boost and add stability to the immune system naturally. The formula is found in my book Living Healthy Beyond 120, A Centurion's Plan for Longivity. A couple of hours later I take between one and two teaspoons of cod liver oil, cod liver oil is extremely high in Vitamin and 1 vitamin C capsule (abscorbic acid).

During winter vitamin D levels drop because of the lower rate of sunshine. Cod liver oil happens to be one of the most efficient methods to boost the immune system and ward off the flu virus.  It is also extremely high in the antioxidant Vitamin A.

The main reaction that is occurring in the body to help flu proof yourself is that as the Vitamin K from the parsley is being absorbed into the body, and the calcium from the yogurt is helping heal cavities because the Vitamin D and D3 in cod liver oil increases Vitamin K absorption into the body.

Another D vitamin which was mentioned earlier in this article proven to help boost the immune system and help the absorption of vitamin K,  is Vitamin D3. If you don't want to use Vitain D3 from foods, The Solgar brand has had a lot of good press.  It can be found at

So not only does the above combination become a powerful natural immune system stabilizer/booster, but this food combination helps prevent and heal cavities. I prefer the Organic type of parsley, which costs around $1.30 US for a large bunch, which gives me about 3 days supply (or 5 to 6 cups) to take with the yogurt.

Having "Fun" with The Flu Virus

After a few years of listening to your body and knowing when to boost your immune system you will soon find out that on average 3 to 4 times during the flu season your body will feel the creeping sensation of the flu virus and you will know at this time to strengthen your immune system.  It is impossible to avoid exposure to the flu bacteria, unless you live in a very remote area.

What I have discovered is that at the first onset of the flu my reactions become faster and I have an accelerated metabolism.  What I do is I let this go for 12 to 14 hours, and use this period to increase my productivity substantially than I hit the virus over the head with the following:

Hourly surges of taking 1 to 3 teaspoons of Cod liver oil and other immune system boosters mentioned on this page, as well as reduce my stress/workload slightly.  I will than consume 1 to 3 gallons of water over a 2 to 3 hour period, flushing the virus out of my body.  For breakfast I will have grapefruit and 1 Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) to synergize the Vitamin C in the grapefruit. I also try and avoid foods high in Iron during this time. Usually towards the end of this clearing session I may get a slight cough, of which I use the herb Star Anise, which is proven to stop coughs and relieve sore throats.

I have also had much success taking 2 yellow raw egg yolks in 24 hours. Egg yolk has been shown to destroy the influenza virus.

And for lunch I will take coconut oil, or raw coconut as this helps complete the cleansing process.  I have also found using mental healing visualizations also speeds up the healing process. I visualize my body surrounded in a white healing light, absorbing the healing rays and energy. I do not over visualize this, but only until I feel a "click". By the afternoon, all symptoms have disappeared. After that no part of the virus remains and I can carry on as usual.

It's an interesting experience to feel to virus "lift" out of the body during this stage.  It's like the early stages of the flu virus is a natural stimulator of all the body's senses, from mental to muscular during the early stages, which in my case, has helped accelerate my productivity.  I am able to write faster, think faster and react faster.  I have also noticed that once I "conquer" the virus, I become resistant to it in the community I am in, so I don't have to worry about having to go through the above immune strengthening method listed earlier.

So after some experience you can take advantage of the very start of these flu viruses, but remember if you go past 48 hours of not strengthening your immune system during the early stages of the onset of the virus, it is almost impossible to purge it from the system.

Another interesting fact about winter is that because people are eating more junk type and sugar loaded foods, due to the cold causing an increased appetite, the body has a tendency to become more acidic. When the body becomes more acidic, the immune system starts to drop in its resistance to bad bacteria. It becomes an incubator for disease.  This means sore throats, coughing, tuberculosis as well as a tendency to become sick from other types of bacteria that inhibit the body become much more common during mid to late winter. Yogurt and parsley are also foods that help make the body alkaline.

Another good formula that helps make the body alkaline is apple cider vinegar. What I have discovered is that adding apple cider vinegar to hot water and drinking it really warms the body quickly, helping achieve long term warmth. A pinch of Ginger to this mix also works well. I add one and a half cap full’s of Apple Cider Vinegar to between 4 and 5 cups of hot water.  Apple cider vinegar also helps digestion in the stomach because it contains a small amount of hydrochloric acid, which is what our stomach uses to digest food. So this eases the burden on the digestive system, allowing the body to absorb more nutrients from the food it eats.

And finally as a closing note.  This winter I have spent in snow conditions in far North America. During this time I have found that alternating layers of hot and cold have a calming and therapeutic effect on the body. I would spend 6 hours outside with temperature ls between 30 and 40 degrees F. Than in the morning and mid afternoon I would soak myself in a hot tub Jacuzzi and steam room, re-warming my body. Doing this twice a day, alternating between hot and cold seems to have a very powerful healing effect on the body. I believe this is the same effect as alternating between hot and cold water when taking a shower, which has been shown to have positive health benefits. The hot cold water immersion healing technique works best during the winter cold months. Because a new moon has more healing energies available, doing visualizing healing exercises near large bodies of mass such as a pool creates larger than normal healing energies. So I'll keep doing this winter and reap the positive effects from it.

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