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Published August 2013, Anti Aging Nutrition Secrets. The Fountain of Youth Seekers Guide to Longevity
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This book puts into a simple format the main elements of healing and longevity used for thousands of years by people around the globe with success and combines them into a simplified format. This book has been designed to be the last book on anti-aging and longevity ever written. Newly revised and updated, this third edition takes you beyond the simple nutritional aspects of longevity. Where needed, complete scientific citations and documented references are listed for the reader’s convenience and follow up for further information contained therein.

Included in this third edition, we cover the 3 main traditional forms of healing, Ayurvedic (Ojas, Tejas, Prana & Rasayana Longevity), Tibetan and how the interaction of Yin and Yang and the 5 elements/phases used in Traditional Chinese Medicine promote healing and longevity. It helps readers realize how all three of these longevity systems utilize the same structure to create rapid healing (free radicals, oxidative stress, DNA). This third edition also includes the proper nutrition, awareness of excess occurring in one branch of the body and methods used to restore balance to the emotional side of healing, how to eliminate toxins and the removing of negative emotions that are responsible for also lowering our spiritual vibration/frequency, which in turn eventually manifest as illness. We also list alternatives to open heart surgery, and the amazing 100% malaria cure, covered in our earlier edition, that costs just pennies. One of the key highlights of this 3rd revision is we list some of the very best dairy alternatives. We also carefully examine some of the very best exercises, herbs and routines that keep bones flexible and strong, well past 70 years of age. Also included are some of the best methods of all time used to heal cancer, from stomach cancer, topical pastes used for treating skin cancers to leukemia and brain cancers. This third edition continues on the tradition using herbs, and in this third edition we focus on Chinese anti-aging herbs and their associated formulas. We also have finalized the very best Pneumonia cures ever found, by using herbs recovered from ancient texts to Dr. J.H. Tilden of Denver, Colorado by examining the dietary formula he used to treat his patients.

This 2016 third revised edition includes the latest anti aging pills, as well as time tested anti-aging Chinese longevity formulas. Included are modern anti-aging lifestyles that boost Human Growth Hormone naturally and a complete list of do it yourself anti aging herbal formulas. As an added bonus, this third edition includes the latest scientific research studies on reversing osteoporosis and methods used to treat arthritis naturally without any side effects.

One of the most remarkable discoveries we have made is healing through spiritual methods, or healing through dreams. We especially examine the remarkable healing abilities of the Tibetan Tormas used in many healing cases where all other forms of healing have failed. We also continue to seek out and list alternatives to surgery, with this revised edition containing up to 8 healing alternatives to surgery. This third edition has also simplified techniques that re-mineralize teeth and heal cavities faster and with less cost than ever before. This book puts the power to heal, stay healthy and maintain a longevity mindset, allowing you to be responsible for your health and longevity. In a few places in this book, when necessary, you may see reference to the words "dampness", "fire" or similar terms. The mention of these refer to the 5 phases used in Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine and are a simplified way to identify and treat general conditions. While a full explanation on the 5 phases is outside the scope of this book, my book Eternal Youth via Tao Te Ching. Longevity Secrets via Universal Energy, outlines the complete healing concept using the 5 elements/phases of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Included in the Tao Te Ching book are over 30 rare ancient charts and tables which thoroughly explore and explain the 5 phase / element concept that has existed in China for thousands of years. For the reader’s convenience, this third edition includes a complete index at the end of this book, making it easy for the reader to locate their subject in mere seconds.

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Number of Total Pages: 461

Book Chapters and Subject Headings

Chapter 1 - Diets and Lifestyles of the Longest Lived Cultures. Page 4 Using Exercise to Reduce the risk of Contracting Alzheimer's. Maintaining Healthy Insulin Levels. The Sardinan Lifestyle. Advantages of Potassium. The Greek Ikarian Lifestyle. What does Bioavailability mean? What is Lactobacillus Sanfranciscensis? The Costa Rican Nicoyan Lifestyle. Depression and Dementia. Lysine Enhances the Absorption of Calcium. Foods highest in Lysine. The Anona Fruit. The Geographical Region of the Costa Rican Nicoyan Centurions. Scientific Results of testing the Costa Rican Nicoyan Water. The 5 Phases and Longevity. The Lifestyles of the Okinawan Centurions. The Lifestyle of the Californian Loma Linda Community. Does Phytic acid soak up radiation? Metals Prefer to Lodge themselves in Different Regions of the Body. Omega 3 and Longevity. Toxins. Global Climate Change is affecting Lifespan. 35% of Centurions Die Without Serious Illness. The 7 Major Causes of Death in the Western Industrialized Nations. What does non communicable disease mean?

Chapter 2 - Senescent Cell Removal Extends Lifespan of Mice by 35%. Page 24
The Destructive Effects of Senescent Cells. Does Ginseng Help Sweep Senescent Cells from the body? Calorie Restriction. Vitamin E. Excessive Iron. Use of the Mind Enhances Longevity. Short Term Chocolate Treats Are Good for You. What do the Scientific Studies Reveal about Macrobiotic diets?. The Pros. The Cons.

Chapter 3 - Alternatives to Dairy for building Strong Bones. Page 31
Why Animal and Vegetable Proteins Cause you to Lose Bone. What is Kelp and Where does it Come From? Why Vegetarians Need more Calcium in their diet. Vegetarian Dietary Guidelines According to the 5 Phases/Elements. The powerful healing combination of Spirulina and Sardines. Arterial Stiffness and Dairy. Foods that Create Strong, Flexible and Healthy Arteries.
Mesoglycan. Barley Leaf. Omega 3. Chelation Therapy. What is Arteriosclerosis?

Chapter 4 - The Best Non-Invasive Methods for Treating Arthritis. Page 37
Scientific Research Studies Documenting how Fasts Reduces the Symptoms Associated with Arthritis. Maximilian Bircher-Benner. A general guide for an arthritis curing fast based on the same fasting program used in European fasting clinics. Important Information as you Near the End of Your Fast. Why Processed Food Lacks Fundamental Nutrients. The Many Miracle Uses of Kyolic Garlic. Aged garlic extract and coenzyme Q10 for flexible arteries. What is Coronary Atherosclerosis? Relief from Multiple Sclerosis. Fingolimod. Ray Evers Therapy. Surgery is No Longer Necessary for Heart Disease. Foods that Bring Health and Vibrancy to the Heart. Foods that Restore Flexibility to the Arteries. Potato Juice.


Chapter 5 - Using Bone Breathing to treat Osteoporosis and Build Strong Bones and Tendons. Page 48
The History of Bone Breathing. How Bone Breathing Works. A Simple Bone Breathing Exercise. Foods that Help Reduce Bone Loss and Reverse Osteoporosis. Chujo-to Herbal Combination. Royal Jelly. Is Vitamin K the Key Mineral for Strong Bones?
How Fructooligosaccharides, Dried Plum and a Soy-Based Diet helps treat osteoporosis better than some prescribed medications. Dried Plum Synergy Reverses Bone Loss. Plums Protect Bones From Radiation. Red Marine Algae. Selenium. Turmeric.

Chapter 6 - A Summary and Analysis of the Diets and Lifestyles of Centurions and Super Centurions. Page 59
What is the difference between a centenarian and a super centenarian? Mr. Zaro Agha. The Miracle of Black Cumin Seed. Mixing Black Cumin Seed Oil and Olive Oil. Neurocognitive Effects of Black Cumin. Turmeric and Black Cumin Seed protect against seizures and act as a powerful antioxidant. Rhodiola Rosea. Mr. Li Ching-Yuen. Shigechio Izumi. Biblical Super Centurions who Lived 900 Years or More. A List of Over a Dozen Super Centurions Through history. Lao Tze. Reversing Diabetes Naturally.

Chapter – 7 Methods that Induce Healing through Dreams. Page 70
Lucid Dreaming and the Neuroprotective Effects of Banisteriopsis. What exactly is an MAOI Inhibitor? MAO Interactions. The Mao Inhibitor Syrian Rue combined with Vitamin E Preserves Vitamin E. Can I use Banisteriopsis to relieve Depression? Banisteriopsis has been Scientifically Proven to Cure Addiction. Instructions for using Banisteriopsis. For Lucid Dreams. A Clear Mind. How to Use Syrian Rue Safely. Foods that Induce Lucid Dreams. Why Healthy Iron Levels are Vital for proper Tryptophan Utilization. In order for tryptophan to effectively function, the body must have adequate iron levels. In a research study published in March 1994 titled Iron deficiency reduces the efficacy of tryptophan as a niacin precursor, and conducted by G.W. Oduho and colleges, the study concluded that chicks fed a diet low in iron showed reduced tryptophan utilization. Tryptophan-rich foods. Cheese and Dreaming. Cheese and the Immune System.

Chapter 8 - The Anti-Aging Diet combined with The Five Tibetan Rites of Rejuvenation. Page 79
Berries. Excess Dampness.

Chapter 9 - A high IQ does not Guarantee a Longer Lifespan. Page 85
The Marshmallow Experiment.

Chapter 10 - Herbal Remedies for Blurry or Poor Eyesight. Page 87
Keeping the Liver Healthy. Polygonum Decoction #2 / Shou Wu Chih. The Hoelen Five Herb Formula (Wu Ling San). Vision Restore Formula. Goji Berry and Chrysanthemum. The AREDS Formula. Yin/Yang Conditions that Lead to Glaucoma. Standard Chinese Herbal Formulas for Treating Glaucoma. Reducing Fire Symptoms. Reducing Fluid Accumulation. Depression and Poor Vision. Glaucoma Treatment Formulas shown in The English-Chinese Encyclopedia of Practical Traditional Chinese Medicine. GT-704 Bright Combination. How to Use Quercetin for Reducing the Risk of Cataracts / Glaucoma Oxidative Stress and to Increase Endurance. The Oxidative Stress Connection. Glaucoma peaks during Winter. Decreasing Sunspots Increase Glaucoma. The Link between Glaucoma, Computer Use and Oxidative Stress. Heavy Computer use and Glaucoma. Foods that reduce Oxidative Stress can improve vision. The National Eye Institute. How to Get Adequate Amounts of Quercetin. Foods high in Quercetin. Using Quercetin to Relieve Dampness. Foods to assist in relieving Dampness. Herbs used to relieve dampness. SKQ1.

Chapter 11 - The Amazing Anti-Aging Properties of Melanin. Page 107
Berberine. Barberry Root. The Connection between Gamma Rays and Melanin. What Is the Connection Between Moss, Cadmium and Lifespan? Gamma Radiation Affects the Crown, Heart and Pelvic Regions the Most. Low Energy Gamma Rays Reveal Themselves During Therapy. Gamma Rays and Fungi. Radiotrophic Fungi. Background Radiation and The Great Flood. Melanin and its anti-aging properties. The Great Pyramid of Giza and Gamma Rays. Scientific Studies Confirming Low Dose Radiation Extends Lifespan. Quercetin Enhances Melanin Production. Melanin Herbs and Foods. Psoralea. Polypodium Leucotomos. Black Cumin Seeds. Cyrtonium Fortunei J. Smith. The Power of Vitamin D. A combination of B vitamins, Sterols and Fish Oil Lowers Homocysteine Levels. Mucuna Pruriens. The Anti-Aging Effects of DOPA. How to Increase Melanin levels Naturally. Geographic Region, Gamma Rays and Lifespan. Low Dose Radiation Causes Increased Resistance to Aging and Strengthens the Immune System. How DNA Extends Lifespan. Ginkgo. The Ginkgo Tree and its Ability to Withstand High Levels of Radiation. A combination of Selenium and Ginkgo Biloba Extract preserve Cognitive Abilities. Ginkgo Repairs DNA. Magnetic Fields and UV.

Chapter 12 - Anti-Aging Minerals and Vitamins Including their Recommended Daily Allowance. Page 132
General RDA's for Anti-Aging Substances. Foods Highest in Longevity Minerals and Nutrients.

Chapter 13 - What Causes Alkalinity and Acidity to Occur in the Human Body? Page 137

Chapter 14 - Transformation of Biological Elements in Nature. Page 138

Chapter 15 - Proven Methods to Rebuild Bone and Tendons Using Herbs and Physical Exercises. Page 141
Amino Acids Heal Fractures. Chinese Herbal Bone Restoration Formula #1. Chinese Herbal Bone Restoration Formula #2. Chinese Herbal Bone Restoration Formula #3. Chinese Herbal Bone Restoration Formula #4. Proven Methods to Rebuild Bone and Tendons Using Single Herbs, Resistance Exercises and Internal QI Gong Techniques. Why Seaweeds Are a Good Source of Bone Strengthening Nutrients. Seaweed reduces the risk of Cardiovascular Disease. Herbs that Increase Hearing Also Enhance Bone Strength. Bike Enthusiasts and Bone Loss. Tips for those who commute daily on a bicycle. Strontium Ranelate.

Chapter 16 - Lead Accumulation Creates Weak Bones. Page 151
Foods that Remove Lead. Vitamin C and Garlic. Enhancing Calcium Retention. Phosphorous. How to Use Zeolite. A Zeolite Synergy Detox Formula. How to Use Zeolite to remove lead, mercury, aluminum and barium from the Body. Zeolite Synergy. Where does Zeolite Come From? Zeolite Removes Pesticides.

Chapter 17 - Traditional Chinese Herbs that Build Bone and Tendons. Page 159
Vegetables that contain Lots of Calcium. Herbal Formula #1 to heal fractured bones. Herbal Formula #2 to strengthen bones (also called zheng gu shui).

Chapter 18 - Rebuilding Bones via Resistance Exercise. Page 161
Push Ups. Squats. Crunches. Bicep Curls. The Static Lung. The Grip Squeeze. Maral Root. The Miracle of Bagua Zhang. Additional Bagua Zhang resources.

Chapter 19 - Vegetarians are at Risk of Premature Aging due to a lack of Carnosine in their Diet. Page 165
What is Glycation?

Chapter 20 - The Basic Underlying Concept of Longevity. Page 167
Longevity Nutrition.

Chapter 21  The Long Lived Gymnosperms. Page 169
Pine Cones Reveal the Secret of Resiliency. The Bristlecone Pine Tree. Pine Pollen and Anti-Aging. Interesting Facts about Pine Pollen.

Chapter 22 - Improving Nutrient Absorption with specific Vitamins and Minerals. Page 172
The 1 hr. delay effect. Herbs that Boost the Absorption of Other Nutrients. Phytochemicals and How They Cause a Natural Increase in the Body's Superoxide Dismutase Enzyme.

Chapter 23 - Foods that Boost Human Growth Hormone and their RDA's. Page 178
Excess levels of the Amino Acids Methionine and Tryptophan Reduce Lifespan. Additional Foods that Help Stimulate HGH.

Chapter 24 - The Latest Life Extension Formulas and Therapies. Page 181
Rejuvenative Therapy. Gerovital Therapy. Alagebrium. Quantum Healing Research using Illuminated Laser Light. Reversine. The Life Extending Properties of the Sirtuin Protein. SRT1720. CETP Inhibitors. Pharmaceutically Manufactured Longevity Supplements. Metformin. Mitiglinide. Resveratrol. Berberine, the cost effective alternative to Metformin. Longevity via Gene
Manipulation. Anti-Aging Nutrients Are Sensitive to Toxins. What is Protein Toxicity? Chanca Piedra for Dissolving Kidney Stones.

Chapter 25 - Scientifically Proven Methods to Boost Human Growth Hormone Levels 600% or more Naturally. The HGH Longevity Routine Exercise. Page 187
How to Use Niacin to Create Massive Amounts of HGH. A new study reveals that Short bursts of intense exercise build just as much strength as regular endurance training. Geomagnetic Storms Have Been Proven to Boost Cortisol Levels. Are strong geomagnetic storms producing more Human Growth Hormone? Moon Phase and Cortisol Levels. Cycles of Human Growth Hormone. Saunas Increase HGH. How to Safely Use Niacin. Noted Effects after Geomagnetic Storms. Research on Magnetic Fields and the Lifespan of Animals. South Pole Magnetic Fields. Geomagnetic Storms and Aging. Solar Flux Activity and Healing. A Clean Colon Extends Lifespan and Enhances the Immune System. Why a Clean Colon Contributes to Longevity. Simple and Quick Natural Methods to detoxify and cleanse the colon.

Chapter 26 - 2 Formulas from the 16th Century with Significant Anti-Aging Attributes. Page 207
The St. Germain Formula. Elixir Ad Longam Vitam.

Chapter 27 - Food Combining and Longevity. Page 213
Starches. The Link between Processed Grains and Alzheimer’s/Dementia. The 3 Longevity Elements and Nature. Simple Food Combining for Longevity. Starches and Oligosaccharides.

Chapter 28 - Vanilla, the Most Powerful Anti-Aging Substance Known. Page 219

Chapter 29 - Food types and Protein Combining. Page 221
Proteins and Sugars. Melons.

Chapter 30 - Amino Acids and Longevity. Page 224
Dietary restriction and the Amino Acid Methionine. Amino Acids Boost Human Growth Hormone. Arginine. Citrulline. Leucine. What are Essential Nutrients? Lecithin and Choline. What are the 9 Essential Amino Acids? The Non Essential Amino Acids. Where to get the 9 Essential Amino Acids. Amino Acids Regenerate the Liver. The synergy of combining Lysine and Arginine. Combinations of Arginine and Lysine. Garlic Enhances the Effects of Arginine. Healthy Essential Nutrient Food Combinations. Glutamine.

Chapter 31 - How to Balance Hormones Using Seed Cycling. Page 233
Methods used to increase Progesterone. Seed Cycling Recommendations for Men and Women. Hormones Drive Purchasing Behavior. Hormones Affect Perception. The New Moon’s Influence on Human Circadian Rhythms

Chapter 32 - Ions, Hormones and Health. Page 239
Negative Ions and Hormones. Positive Ions and Hormones. Additional Studies linking an Overbalance of Positive Ions in the Environment to Ill Health.

Chapter 33 - Simple and Gentle Methods that Restore Balance to the Body's Immune System. Page 246
Rose Hip Tea. Glossy Privet. Honeysuckle. Building up a Proper Stress Tolerance to Ward of Disease. What do the Anti-Aging Studies reveal about Vitamin C extending Lifespan? Healing with Vitamin C using the Diarrhea Threshold. Vitamin C Tolerance Dosages Chart. Fruits and Herbs with between 5 and 20 times more Vitamin C than Oranges. Water Soluble Vitamins and Stress. Choline levels vary according to season. B Vitamin Synergy. The Exercise Threshold.

Chapter 34 - Flu Shots VS Vitamin D, which Works Better? Page 254
Scientific Proof the Flu Shot does not Have a 100% Success Rate. The Success of adequate levels of Vitamin D3 on Flu Prevention.
What Are the Different Strains of the Flu Virus? How to "Flu Proof" Yourself During Flu Season. Flu Virus Resource Outbreak Graphical Maps.

Chapter 35 - A Simple Toothache Cure. Page 260
Tooth and Gum Restore Formula.

Chapter 36 - From Herbs to Honey, A Dozen 100% All Natural Sugar Substitutes. Page 262
Scientific Studies confirm Aspartame Increases Cancer Risk

Chapter 37 Junk Food and Sugar Cravings. How to Eliminate Them. Page 265
Dynamic contrast. Salivation. Melt in Your Mouth. How to Kick the Junk Food Habit. The Mouth Watering Effect of Taste Buds.

Chapter 38 - Herbs that help Relieve Cravings for Alcohol and Repair the Liver. Page 268
Essential Oils for Alcoholism Treatment. A Combination of Rooibos and Dandelion Boost Testosterone and Alleviate Male Menopause. Isoflavones and reduction of Alcohol Cravings. Herbs that Relieve Cocaine Addition/Cravings. Herbs to Reduce Nervousness

Chapter 39 - Tasty, Healthy Homemade Longevity Recipes. Page 274
How to Make Apple Muesli. How to make Waerland 5 Grain Kruska. The Barley Bun for Youthful Digestion. How to Prepare Apricot Seed. How to Make Homemade Cottage Cheese. How to Make Homemade Yogurt. How to make Sour Rye Bread. How to make Potato Cereal. How to Make Sour Pickles. How to Make
Excelsior. How to make Molino Cereal. Homemade Sour Milk. How to Make Halvah. How to make Homemade Kefir. How to make Vegetable Broth.

Chapter 40 - How to Properly Prepare Herbal Infusions, Steamed Towels, Compresses and Tinctures. Page 279
The Steaming Towel Method. How to Make Herbal Infusions. How to Make a Compress. 4 Methods to Use Essential Oils. A Herbal Compress to Detox the Liver How to Make a Tincture. Homemade Poultices that Ease Stress and Pain. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Natural Cure. How to Make a Poultice. Natural Gout Relief. Varicose Vein Relief.

Chapter 41 - Foods and Fruits that Retain Artificial Pesticides the Longest in their System. Page 283
Instructions for successful Removal of Pesticides before eating. The Safest Fish to Consume. Which Fish Absorb the Lowest Numbers of Pollutants and Toxins.

Chapter 42 - The Best Seasons and Times of the Year to Gather Herbs. Page 287
General Guidelines for Combining Herbs.

Chapter 43 - Herbs that Remove Parasites from the Body. Page 290
Parasites cause Inflammation. Parasites and Pneumonia. Wormwood Clove and Black Walnut Tincture. Antifungal, Anti-parasitic, and Antibacterial Herbs.

Chapter 44 - The Best Short Term Fasting Foods to Restore the Body back to Peak Health. Page 293
The results of Scientific Studies done on Fasting Participants. How to increase Human Growth Hormone 300% How to Increase Human Growth Hormone 1250% How to use Brown Rice for a Safe and Effective Fast. Cautionary Notes About

Chapter 45 - Herbs for Quick Detoxification. Page 298
Detoxification Spices and Foods. Herbs and Methods to Detoxify the Body. Relief of Excess Toxins Formula (Ling Qiao Jie Du Pian). Bupleurum Root.

Chapter 46 - Herbs used to Treat Nervousness and Mental Disorders. Page 301
A Formula for Nervous Insomnia. To reduce nervous disorders. Chinese Herbal Formula #1. For Relief of Mental Stress and Anxiety. Foods and Herbal Combinations that Induce a Deep Relaxing Peaceful Sleep. Sleep Deeply with this Warm Milk Formula.

Chapter 47 - Herbs that bring clarity to Thoughts and Enhance IQ. Page 304
Lemon and Lithium.

Chapter 48 - What is Ormus and How Does it Heal?. Page 306
How Ormus Works. Getting in touch with Higher Dimensions. How much Ormus gets the best results? What does using Ormus Feel Like? Research Study #1 Research Study #2 Where did the Name Ormus Originate? The Mineral Indium. How to Make Ormus. Making Ormus with Hawaiian Seawater. To create a supercharged form of Ormus use the following formula. Dosage.

Chapter 49 - When all other methods of healing have failed - Tibetan Tormas; A Thousand Year Old Proven Powerful Healing Secret. Page 317.
How Tormas are Created. The Fingerprint Torma. Knowing when to End the Nourishing of a Torma. Advanced Tibetan Tormas. Ransom Torma Rituals. Notes on Making Your Own Tormas. The Healing Power of Surrendering.

Chapter 50 - A Listing of Verified Longevity Foods. Ranked from Best to Last. Page 323
The Profound Healing and Restoration Powers of the Goji Berry.

Chapter 51 - Fertility and Sexual Energy Boosting Herbs
Chinese Herbs Used to Assist in Restoring Fertility. Time of Day to take Longevity Herbs. Page 327

Chapter 52 - New Therapies that Treat Cancer. From Chinese Herbs to the Gerson, Hoxey, Caisse Therapies and More. Page 332
Is GcMAF the Ultimate Cancer Cure? Distance Healing. Using Vitamin C as part of Cancer Therapy. The Caisse Cancer Cure. Hoxey Herbal Therapy and the Red Paste that helps treat Skin Cancer. Indigo Naturalis. The Gerson Diet. Dichloroacetic Acid. Chlorine Dioxide. Herbs that help assist in the healing of Prostate Cancer. PC-SPES - the herbal formula used to treat prostate cancer. Herbs that have been used to treat Stomach Cancer. Shan Dou Gen (Sophora Root or Subprostrate). For Leukemia and/or Brain Cancer. Phytoestrogens. The Most Powerful Cancer Preventative. Soybean Paste Soup (Miso). Kelp, The Powerful Cancer Preventative. Can Arsenic help prevent Cancer? Supplementation with selenium and vitamin E used in cancer treatment.

Chapter 53 - Favorite Recipes that Rejuvenate the Skin. Page 341

Chapter 54 - Effective Herbs for Tuberculosis, Sore Throats and Coughs. Page 343
Herbal Combinations for Tuberculosis and Tonsillitis. Seasonal Variation of Tuberculosis. Herbal remedies for Tuberculosis and pneumonia prevention. The various Types of Coughs. What Causes a Cold? What Causes the Flu? Seasonal Variations of White Blood Cells. Seasonal Variation of Tuberculosis. The Flu Fighting Power of the Elderberry. Chicken Soup.

Chapter 55 - General Multipurpose Commercial Herbal Formulas. Page 350
To Heal Leprosy or Scabies. Where Fatigue Comes from. How to Prevent and Replenish Your Energy Levels. Vitamin B12 absorption is dependent upon stomach PH. How Iron Contributes to Strong Bones and Replenishes Energy. Herbal Formula for Retaining Strength when Travelling. The Ren Dan Formula. What is the Center Burner?

Chapter 56 - Proven Modern Herbal Formulas for Health and Well Being from the Institute for Solar Studies. Page 352
The Vital Nutrients necessary for Living a Long and Healthy Life. How to make the SOD Mix (Superoxide Dismutase). Brain Food. A Formula to Increase Brain Power and Receive More energy for Thinking. Mind Boosting Formula. A formula for a strong clear mind. The Sardine Mix. How to Increase the Prebiotics in Yogurt Safely. Yogurt Mix. Overnight RejuvenEssence. The Anti-Aging Carnosine Mix Formula. How to Make Spring Wine. The Anti-Aging Spring Wine Formula. Steps for Brewing Tea for Maximum Medicinal Benefit.

Chapter 57 - Where Fatigue Comes from. How to Prevent and Replenish Your Energy Levels. Page 356
Vitamin B12 absorption is dependent upon stomach PH. How Iron Contributes to Strong Bones and Replenishes Energy. Herbal Formula for Retaining Strength when Travelling. The Ren Dan Formula. What is the Center Burner?

Chapter 58 - The Longevity Formula of Count Saint Germain. Page 365
Who was Count Saint Germain?. A Closer Look at the Ingredients in the St. Germain Formula. What is Manna Ash? Additional Senna and Mana Ash Combinations. Jalop. Instructions for Properly Preparing the St. Germain Formula. Enhanced St. Germain Formula. The Bland Diet.

Chapter 59 - Proven Natural Methods to Regrow Hair. Page 379
A Chinese Herbal Formula to Turn Grey Hair to its Original Color. Food Sources Rich in B Vitamins.

Chapter 60 - Natural Herbal combinations that increase Telomere Length. Page 382
Excessive Stress shortens Telomeres.

Chapter 61 - Chinese Folk Medicine Herbs and their Healing Uses. Page 386

Chapter 62 - The Quantum Entrainment Exercise. How Emotion Assists in Reality Creation. Change Your Reality by Changing Your Experience. Page 400
How to do the QE Exercise. What is a EU Feeling? Helpful notes on the Quantum Entrainment Exercise. Remote QE. Remote QE.

Chapter 63 - How to Perform the Grounding Exercise. Page 405

Chapter 64 - Using Forgiveness as a Powerful Healing Force. Page 407

Chapter 65 - How to Tap into Theta to Choose Your Reality. Page 410.
How to Get the Most out of Theta. The levels of our Beliefs. Geomagnetic Storms and Theta Brainwaves. Moon Phase and Theta Rhythms. How to Use Green Tea to Boost Theta Brainwaves. Theanine and Green Tea Enhance Theta Waves.

Chapter 66 - How our heart Influences the Local Geomagnetic Field. Page 421
How to Do the Heart Math Exercise. Using Heart Math for Rejuventivity. Heart Math and Healing.

Chapter 67 - Hidden Dangers in Pharmaceutical Prescriptions. A Report on the Dangers of Prescription Drugs and Their Forecasted Eventual Decline. Page 424
MD directed treatments are now THE LEADING CAUSE OF DEATH IN THE USA. Side Effects of Prescribed Medications. dangerous pharmaceutical combinations. The Dangers of Antibiotics. Prescription Drugs Your Doctor Would Never Prescribe Himself

Chapter 68 An Introduction To The 5 Climates, and Their Related Metals / Elements. Page 429

Chapter 69 - Why Life is Good and Death is Bad. Page 436


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