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The Link between Higher X-Ray Background Levels, The Immune System and Allergies and Asthma  Return to Homepage

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Foods and Techniques that rebuild the body via new proteins such as Fish, Raw Peanuts (especially foods high in Aflaxtoxin such as Peanut Butter), Tomatoes, Whey Protein Powder, Sprouted Wheat Seeds, Sprouted Soy Beans, Periods of Bodily Stress, Dairy Foods, Ormus, the Chitosan Mix (see book), and the Pole Balancing Technique (see book) will "turn on" or cause allergies to the body when the X-Ray Background Flux Levels reach above 4.0 or higher and there are 8 or more "C" class solar flares, also known as a "Condition Red".

90% of the time a condition red will also match a rise in the allergy pollen forecast.

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sunspot intention Click the image to the left for real time values courtesy of NOAA> From personal research at the Institute for Behaviour and Health, I have discovered that the more extreme the temperature, the more the immune system is affected. For example, if the weather is really hot, and there are high X-Ray Background Flux Levels, the heat will aggravate the immune system. If it is super cold, the cold will aggravate the immune system.

The seasonal periods with the most energy (or most dangerous) are Fall and Early to late Spring. This results in the bodys immune system making a protein called Immunoglobulin E (also known as IgE). It causes an allergic reaction in the body, resulting in inflammation, fatigue, coughing and other upper respiratory effects.

"There is a seasonal variation in Total IgE with levels peaking in spring for pollen allergic individuals." Reference Source: Dr. Adrian Morris, Surrey Allergy Clinic, London

I have noticed from experience that taking anti-inflammatory herbs for long periods of time will cause an allergy reaction, especially during condition red periods.  Therefore I take these herbs more in the summer time, when condition red periods are much more less frequent.  Most anti-inflammatory herbs, if not all of them will greatly contribute to workout recovery, or if you have been exercising for long periods of time will help ease muscle pain. It is interesting to note that the same herbs that you can become allergic to are also anti-aging herbs.  So these should be used in moderation, especially during condition red periods.

From my own experience, I always get allergies and inflammation during the spring time, from Late February to Late April and never at any other time of the year. Usually I have discovered that most of these “allergies” manifest around the perigee moon periods during this time, so I watch my sugar intake and have Pomelo or Grapefruit in the mornings for at least 7 days in a row, starting at the first moon headed towards perigee close to spring (late February to late April) I will do a 24 to 48 hour citrus fast and during the fast take a mixture of cat’s claw, oregano, mullein and garlic granules to help flush toxins from the body. Visit the Flushing Toxins to Boost The Immune System

Below I show a technique I use each spring to help my immune system readjust for the new year ahead.
Pole Balancing not done during Condition Red Periods
Herbal Mix #1, taken up to 3 times a day (see condition red page)
More yogurt and walnuts during this time, as the suns activity is also increasing.
For Breakfast Grapefruit or Pomelo, which is high in Naringin.
Moderate to Mild Exercise

When the X-Ray background levels start dropping to below 4.0, along with less solar activity, the inflammation subsides and the above foods may be re-taken without any side effects. . From my experience, I eat these foods no more than once every 4 days, and never at these "condition red" periods, and never get an allergic reaction.

A simple way to confirm this is that the energy emitted by a solar flare consists largely of Cathode Rays, as noted by the great scientist Kristian Birkeland. These cathode rays are the same rays you find in television sets. As research has consistently shown a link between cathode rays and allergies.

German Research into Allergies and Cathode Rays showing cathode ray tubes in color television sets and the etiology of allergic reactions to organic dust particles

US National Library of Medicine study showing Allergic Conjunctivitis increased by Cathode Rays

When the "condition red" appears instead of doing the pole balancing exercises, I do physical Resistence Exercises.  Instead of  taking whey protein powder, I take the herbal mixes shown on the condition red page to ward off fatigue and allergies, and I  avoid any foods high in Aflaxtoxin (the herb mixes contain brewers yeast, which causes no allergies in me). Another good sign to know when the condition red period is subsiding is if you take Herbal Mix #1   mix your head may feel slightly sore or the restorative effects are significantly lessened.  This is a good sign that your bodys immune system is  calming down and you can go back to taking the above foods without having to worry about allergic reactions. It is an interesting coincidence that our large intestine is sigmoid shaped and Solar Xray observatories have observed Sigmoidal S-shaped magnetic structures in the solar active regions of our sun. These magnetic structures have been shown to be precursors to CMEs (also known as solar flares).  These occur several days before a solar flare eruption.  Could the shape of our stomach be acting in coherent resonanation with the activity of our sun, thus causing our immune systems to overreact? Many natural processes, including those of complex system learning curves, exhibit a progression from small beginnings that accelerates and approaches a climax over time. A sigmoid curve is produced by a mathematical function having an "S" shape. Reference:

The things that trigger allergies can also trigger asthma attacks. Allergy symptoms may be a sign of irritants in the air that can provoke asthma symptoms, and allergy attacks can lead to asthma attacks. With both allergies and asthma, people's immune systems react to fight off the allergens (the material that sets off the reaction). The resulting inflammation causes the airways in people with asthma to become significantly narrowed. An immune reaction to a foreign invader, as fever to kill a virus, is an indication of a healthy immune system, but when you have a strong reaction to flower pollen your immune system is overreacting. Close to 1/4th of the population have some kind of allergy to thing's like pollen, mold and other stimulants, especially during spring and fall. The swelling that is called inflammation comes from increased mucus and an increased number of white blood cells in the walls of the air passages. Another common trigger is if the moon is in full apogee (furtherest from earth), there is very little moisture in the air. Dry air will further irritate allergy sufferers by drying the delicate membranes of the nose and respiratory tract, causing difficulty breathing and a sore irritated throat. This is especially accelerated if the apogee moon occurs during the worst allergy months of Early Spring or Fall.

Allergic Reactions occur in two types in the body. 1: Food and 2: Seasonal Allergies. The most common and worst kind are seasonal allergies when the foods you eat, "turn on you", and worsen the allergies. This occurs as a reaction in the immune system, where your immune system will "turn" on you from these foods. The main activator that causes this is called Immunoglobulin E (IgE). It is an allergic antibody, a type of protein made by the immune system to recognize and fight specific body "invaders."

This is why certain proteins can worsen the condition. Being vegetarian, I use both whey protein powder and brewers yeast for amino acids. However, during the condition red periods, which occur most often around March and September (pollen allergy season can span from May to August, which happens to be the time the sun is aphelion to earth), I don't take the whey protein powder, because it is dairy based. Instead I take the anti-allergy mix that has brewers yeast in it, so I still get my share of amino acids, while it stops allergies occuring.

This makes it easy to predict. If a solar flare is due to occur around an Equinox or Solstice (mainly the March and September periods) and it has the following above parameters, you can be assured, condition red reactions will appear. Below are the links showing details about the above graph.

Longer Swings in the Moons Orbit

"C Class" Flares = More than 8

2 or more days of rising sunspots

X-Ray Background Flux rises above 4.0, especially if it has risen for 3 days in a row

Solar Wind "Jumps" or rises suddenly during the above periods

Rising Humidity Levels

Equinox or Solstice

Eating in Season to Reduce Allergies and For Long Term Health

When eating in season, you are in harmony with your local geographic region.  This is because your environment has a lot to do with your immune system. The more you are in harmony with your environment, the more your immune system remains in balance.  
Winter - Sweet Potatoes and Root vegetables. Less Dairy. This is a time to tonify and rebalance.  Yang-QI is less stronger during this period.  Avoid excess beef, mutton.  Take more soybeans, cottage cheese and other plant based proteins instead of meat based proteins.
Summer - Watermelon and Salad Greens. Light foods that digest easily such as yogurt, keifer, watermelon.  Reduce intake of meat or avoid altogether.  Take more fruits.
Fall - Avoid extreme hot or cold.  This is a period of dimishing QI Energy.  Take more growing foods such as sesame seeds, Goji Berries, Mulberries.
Spring - More sweet foods.  A time to nourish the spleen QI.  this is a period the liver QI is strongest.  Take more Rice and Wheat.

We can further disect the negative effects of excess "C" Class Solar Flares as Follows:

Right at the point where the number of “C” Class solar flares is between 4 and 8, the stimulation of the body is maximized. As the C flares continue to increase, leading up to the peak of the solar flare, going past 8, we move into a condition Red. This is also known as the peak of the solar flare where the energy is maximized. These are time when huge amounts of energy reach earth, stimulating non-human and possibly advanced life forms with these huge energies. In humans they overstimulate the immune system and can cause bad health. The most powerful effects of these outbursts are felt if the suns activity has been quiet for a while, or when the X-Ray Background Flux Levels have been below 4.0 for a period of time. This quiet period is most common from December to January, than starts becoming more active again around February to April. When the X-Ray Background Flux Levels rise to above 4.0, and there are 8 or more “C” Class solar flares, it has a huge “shock” on the body because it has been so used to a quiet period for the last few months. If these energies stay at high levels, which is most common during March and September, the body eventually gets used to them.

Research References

- One form of "bad bacteria" occurance, commonly known as allergies, can be triggered by Solar Flares - 
Allergies more commonly occur during a condition red. And because the same triggers that cause athsma, also trigger allergies, a good scientific study showing higher X-Ray Background Radiation and Asthma can be found in the research article titled "Induced Effects of Solar Variability on Asthmatic Crises in Adults"


- Antioxidants protect against solar flare radiation - As this article shows: "as is possible when encountering solar flares, it is important to provide long-acting protection, and this may be provided by antioxidants and well functioning DNA repair systems." Title: New approaches to biochemical radioprotection: antioxidants and DNA repair enhancement.Ref:


- Antioxidants are used to heal allergies and quench free radicals - "Given their damaging effect, free radicals may well be involved in allergies. Antioxidants are generally health-promoting, and are indicated in dealing with allergies."Ref:


"In mice exposed to whole-body gamma irradiation, only 17% of mice who had been fed peppermint oil died; while 100% of mice who did not receive peppermint oil died. It was also found that mice pre-fed peppermint oil were able to return blood cell levels to normal after 30 days, while control mice were not--suggesting a protective or stimulating effect of the oil on blood stem cells" (Samarth et al,. 2004).
Ref: Research has shown that it takes up to 30 days for the human body's immune system to undergo a complete transformation


"Peppermint essential oil demonstrated antioxidant activity in a model linoleic acid emulsion system in terms of inhibiting conjugated dienes formation by 52.4% and linoleic acid secondary oxidized products generation by 76.9% (at 0.1% concentration)." Ref:


"Then he started consuming ionized water. The allergy responded very well and was soon completely cured. No relapse had occurred." Ref: Note: This would also make sense in that because Ionized Water, which is one of the most powerful free radical quenchers, also has been used to treat allergies.

- The same foods / combinations used to successfully treat allergies during a X-Ray background flux of 4.0 or higher, are coincidently the same foods that heal allergies. These are: - Cod Liver Oil - Reduces Inflammation, calms the immune system and repairs mucous membranes and Vitamin C.  Cod Liver Oil should be taken with a saturated fatty acid, to boost its absorption properly into the body. Dr. Weston A. Price discovered High Vitamin Butter Oil in the 1930's. The pinnacle of his X-Factor discovery was the extreme synergistic effect between High Vitamin Butter Oil and traditional Cod Liver Oil. One without the other did not do his patients justice, but the two together worked like magic. Other foods high in saturated fats include: Cream from grass fed cows is one of the best followed by: Butter, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil or Raw Egg Yolk. These foods are also very high in Lecithin and are Emulsifiers. I personally have found taking Lecithin Granules with the Cod Liver Oil to be extremely effective. These combinations have also been used to reverse cavities in teeth. Ref: 

In the Middle East, herbs have always been a primary treatment for asthma and allergies. A Traditional Extract traditional extract used in the Middle East taken with honey includes black cumin (Nigella sativa), chamomile (Matricaria recutita), cinnamon (Cinnamomum cassia), cloves (Syzygium aromaticum), rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis), sage (Salvia officinalis), spearmint (Mentha spicata), and thyme (Thymus vulgaris). These happen to be the same herbs that are not only high in antioxidants, but boost the immune system as well, especially Black Cumin Seed.

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