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During the time the great pyramid of Giza was built, light from the star Sirius shined into the southern part of the queen’s chamber of the great pyramid at 39 degrees. The southern shaft leading to the kings Chamber is aligned with Orion at 44 degrees. All three of the main pyramids on the Giza plateau are constructed in the same pattern as the Orion Constellation of stars. To show this is not a coincidence, another set of pyramids was built with Orion patterns.  These pyramids are called the queens pyramids.  These pyramids demonstrate the setting and rising of the Orion constellation of stars

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The Emerald Tablets Exercise

Because this area of our sky emits the most amount of photons, gamma rays and cosmic ray particles, the pyramids are possibly a device to capture this energy and use it for various uses. Perhaps re-transmitting it as a power source, or compressing the energy inside it for other uses. This means that being Inside the great pyramid during the months Cygnus X-1 is directly overhead Egypt would be the time these energies are at their maximum. For California this works out to be late October. Orion, which is close to the Canis Major has two meteor shower sassociated with Orion, the Orionids and the Chi Orionids. The Orionid meteor shower reaches its peak around October 21 every year. Quote from: Research Physical Scientist Michael Callahan of the NASA Goddard Spaceflight Center
"New evidence from meteorites supports the ongoing speculation that life on Earth might have been seeded from space. Research published in August, 2011 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences – suggests that meteorites are likely the source of certain nucleobases – the building blocks of our genetic material on Earth – in greater diversity and quantity than scientists previously thought."

Granite is one of the best conductors and materials for capturing this energy, as I have uses it when performing the Emerald Tablets exercise. It just so happens that Granite is one of the stones that emmits the most Photons, especially in the 2mev range. Cygnus-X-1 is one of the most energetic particle emitting portions in our galaxy and lies very close to The constellation of Orion. When I place a Granite slab on my chest during the Emerald Tablets exercise, it amplifies the effects considerably. And my early research has shown that when I rotate a series of magnets in front of a slab of granite while facing east, the "white light" becomes super strong.

I have based the above information on the following formula. During the month of late October in California, the rejuvenating energies from performing the Emerald Tablets exercise are at their peak, which also happens to be the time the Cygnus-X-1 constellation and one of the brightest stars in the sky Vega, is directly overhead at late sunset. Now at exactly 180 degrees opposite or directly below is the star Srius with the Orion constellation a little bit north east. Perhaps these 2 polarities when aligned create a powerful line of energy. Perhaps it is these 2 energy sources, the cosmic rays from Cygnus and the high energy photons from the stars Orion cluster that create a unifying dual magnetic polarity, birthing matter at the sub-molecular level. This index of The Brightest Stars, as Seen from the Earth shows Sirius as the brightest with Vega as the 3rd brightest, with Sirius being one of the closest stars to earth.
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Gamma Rays and Healing

"Healers caused the background gamma radiation to decrease during their laying-on-hands healing sessions. This indicates that the human body is an absorber of gamma radiation during healing. ZEB yielded the same results as the hands-on-healers: gamma radiation was absorbed when ZEB was used."

Gamma radiation fluctuations during alternative healing therapy
Article by the U.S. Library of Medicine

The pyramids of Giza have been placed in the following pattern of these stars: Betelgeuse and Rigel. Many of the tips of these pyramids will align very close to the exact center of the star Alnilam. Two smaller pyramids near this cluster of pyramids patterned after the Orion cluster, one near Abu rawash represent  the star Sailh and another zawiyat ai Aryan represent the star Bellatrix So if these pyramids are receivers of these powerful cosmic energies, they must also transmit energy also. The red pyramid represents Aldebaran and the bent pyramid Epsilon Taurus. So what does all this have in common?  A large mass of energy is being tapped, which can be used to alter consciousness, than alter our reality.  So what besides our sun, moon and plants. These moon phases are what Ed has in his moon garden.
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Because Taurus lies so close to the Orion Constellation and is related to renewal, money and love, besides the money multiplication exercise, which is strongest in spring  

The next time Cygnus and Sirius are directly overhead again in California, is at sunrise in early Spring. As this article shows  when the moon is overhead it has a powerful effect, the same is occurring when these constellations are directly overhead.

I strongly believe that Edward Leedskalnin was able to levitate such large stones is because Coral Castle lays on one of the major Ley Lines that circulate around the earth. Learn More about how Sonic Levitation using Earth Energy Works

So it is possible that compressing these gamma rays, either in our consciousness by visualizing exercises, or by a device that compresses the gamma rays is the key to tapping them.

At around Midnight on October 26th happens to be the time that Sirius is starting its rise in the sky over the horizon. There appears to be some sort of energy that occurs when these objects rise over the horizon and when they are directly overhead. You can get rising/setting times of the brightest stars in our sky, including Sirius, our Sun and Moon for anywhere on earth courtesy of the U.S. Navy's Astronomical Applications Department Website

As U.S. shows, the sun starts to gain in strength when daylight hours start to exceed nighttime hours which in North America is when the sun rises in the eastern sky at the March Equinox. Around July 22nd, the next source that emits lots of energy is the Star Sirius, which rises on the eastern horizon at dawn just like the sun. All star constellations always rise from the eastern horizon. Perhaps as Sirius aligns with the Sun, huge amounts of energy are occuring, and when it is directly overhead, as it is on October, the energies are at maximum.

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"As was noted in Chapter 2, Einstein's "cosmological constant," a postulated minute repulsion force necessary to account for the absence of universal gravitational compression was not completely rejected until 1999 when it was discovered that it was not a constant at all, but must have varied over the universe's life. Equations didn't allow for the acceleration of the newborn universe accurately  without Increasing the cosmological constant. Also that year, it was determined that the beautiful, unexplained, axial jets of matter and x-rays and gamma rays observed from black holes, neutron stars and galactic centers were the result of a repulsive force arising perpendicular to their rotation.  Not only that, but the light emitted by the sun would be compressed to x-ray and gamma-ray energies as it traveled down the repulsion gradient. This wavelength compression happens in an opposite fashion to the wavelength expansion that is theorized to occur as light nears a massive gravitational source. Soon after these discoveries were described, the "cosmological constant" was discarded and equations describing the antigravity effect substituted.

I think Ed found a way to amplify this gravity wave using it to levitate his stones, which were made of coral calcium, which is similar to our bone structure which is made of calcium. During a full moon there are increased positive ions in the air. If you search a little deeper into Mr. Edward Leedskalnin’s work, you will find that he had a series of black boxes that were placed directly overhead the stones he levitated. He than rotated a series of magnets, which acted as a transmitter.I believe he amplified earth’s natural gravity wave to levitate the stones. And he always worked at night, which are times the moon and certain constellations are directly overhead. 

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Quote From Edward: "When I reduce the material from which comes out the alpha, beta and gamma rays, so small when it is magnified one hundred times and appearing the same size as an average salt crystal, then there is nomore rays, but has flashes the same as when a connected wire end is tapped on the battery's terminal, but without the red sparks. Depending on the size sometimes, I have to wait five minutes before I can see a flash."
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"Similarly, cosmic ray protons (and energetic particles associated with solar flares) can interact with the asteroid surface and produce gamma rays characteristic of the nuclear energy levels of a given element. " View Source. This means that the asteroids closest to earth are emitting powerful gamma rays at certain times.

Now because the ancients used these high energies to alter reality, here is an article confirming that:
"According to Dr. Pillai, these archetypes utilize gamma rays to transfer their impact to the physical plane through the medium of the pituitary gland. Through visualizing the archetypes in our third eye, which exists in the region of the pituitary gland in the center of the head, between the eyebrows, we are able to produce a connection to the energies of these archetypes to aid us in furthering our material and spiritual evolution. In his book, “The Immortal Body of Light” Dr. Mitchell Gibson MD, shares his own experience of making contact with one of the archetypes–the Egyptian archetype Jehuti (who in the book he calls Djehuti), and who is also known as Thooverth."
Source: PillaiCenter

And we all now know who Toth is?  He created Emerald Tablet #13, which are a recipe for immortality.  It is interesting to note that the most powerful man-made source of Gamma Rays, are a nuclear reaction or explosion. So this could easily explain why asteroids, when exposed to light emit gamma rays.  If one of these asteroids moved closer to the sun, than was headed towards earth, it would explain why such small celestial objects have such tremendous power. If an asteroid becomes charged with enough Gamma Rays from our sun, than enters our atmosphere, it would rival the same reaction as a nuclear explosion.

California Pacific Coast Sirius times:

In spring Sirius does not rise until almost 2 pm. At around late sunset or 7:43 p.m. during spring Sirius is almost directly overhead just like Cygnus is directly overhead at sunset in October.

The powerful emitter of gamma rays, Cygnus-X is overhead during late October in the afternoon.  This explains why the emerald Tablets exercise is most powerful in the late afternoons in October. By late October Sirius is almost directly overhead in the sky as the sun rises. This means the 2 most powerful constellations are overhead during the daylight hours of October. So what appears to be happening is the sun is acting as a lens for these constellations with this energy peaking in October. At sunrise in late July Sirius rises at sunrise. This means that thought/mental/mind is stimulated in Spring, and the Body/DNA is stimulated during fall and our Spirit/SOUL is stimulated during July/summer. Therefore we consist of three levels of being: Mind, Spirit/ Soul and physical/DNA.

I have had much success doing a similar exercise when the sun is aligned with the asteroid Europa, which occurs on average once per month. This exercise is maximized from July through August, just as the money multiplication exercise is maximized during spring.  So to tap these gamma rays, we need to align the celestial body with the sun or moon or certain planets  I use the sun because it is the most powerful source. I have had incredible success using these high energy rays for doing artwork and advancing business interests when Europa is aligned with the sun. Here is the exercise I use with success. 

As the sun aligns with a particular asteroid or planet, it acts as a "lens" sending certain types of energy to earth. One that I have had great success with is the sun aligned with the asteroid Europa and the sun aligned with the planet Jupiter. Europa is the most powerful one. Another powerful one is the star Orion. When it is on the horizon during high energy periods, such as the solstices, it is powerful. When it is at the angles 19.5 and 0 degrees these are the strongest periods. But you can always tap into these energies when the sun is aligned with Europa. Another good time is when Orion is aligned with the sun, especially when it is rising in the eastern portion of the sky. I believe that because Orion is one of the brightest stars in the sky, it sends its energy to earth, helping to illuminate the consciousness of man.

There is the only day in the year where the three stars of Orion's 'belt' rise almost perfectly due east and at the exact moment with the rising Sun...The 4th of July. So whoever designed the 4th of July holiday, designed it as a way to "recharge" the archetype spirit of freedom. "As Herschel correctly mentions, the Fourth of July is the only date of the year that Orion rises along with the Sun." 
View Excellent Pictorial Source.

Quote from the hidden "The Ancient Egyptians celebrated the rising of important stars on the eastern horizon across the Nile River and would probably have known this special date. What is becoming quite evident in Wayne's research is that the same is true for all the other ancient civilizations. They too revere the rising of important stars when they rise at the exact same time as the Sun. The pyramids possibly acted as a giant lens to focus these photons, thus helping create a quantization effect. Research is showing that photons are related to quantization. I believe the more intense or compacted these photons, the easier it is to collapse into reality what we desire

You can get the planet and asteroid degrees here or find any good online ephemeris that lets you display the longitudinal position of the sun with Europa.


1: Under Comma-Delimited List of Names Enter: Sun, Europa
2: Keep Show Zodiacal Longitude: Checked, as we are using longitudinal alignment with our sun
3: Click Get Ephermis and look for when the sun aligns with Europa

Be sure to send him a donation as he does it for no charge.

Backup 1

Backup 2

 By doing the exercise presented below you will receive new ideas, insights and more personal power to proceed with your goals, ambitions and dreams. This is the meditation below:

We are working with "longitudinal" energy. This creates a "resonance" within the area, as well as your consciousness, a higher vibration you might say. I like to place essential oil or Ormus on my hands as they pick up the resonance and amplify it. A good essential oil to use is Rose or Citronella. Focus on aligning yourself with the sun as it is aligned longitudinally with Europa or Orion. Next to the right energy level, let your soul be flooded with this new energy. Next focus on your purpose to bring, joy and light into the world through your ideas and creations or products you make or are selling. Next, using intention, send this new energy onto the items and put some of the citronella or Ormus onto the products. Allow the items to also align themselves with this purpose to bring joy and light to the world. Take a pause. Next let the new cosmic resonant energy take their place of the old energies. Look upwards at the sky and allow the influx of cosmic energy to fill the area you are meditating in. Next focus on the tools you possess that bring joy and light to the world, honor, acknowledge and appreciate these tools for helping you bring joy and light to the world. Next do a "grounding" exercise to ground these new energies. Next give thanks once again for the tools and items that help you bring joy and light to the world and allowing them to fulfill this purpose.

Ceres, another interesting asteriod, happens to be the asteriod with the largest diameter with one of the highest magnitudes of brightness, and early in my research I had much success with Ceres being aligned with the Sun, when performing the Emerald Tablets Exercise. So we know that these brightest constellations are major sources of Gamma Rays. So maybe the sun aligned with the asteroid Ceres is emitting a form of Gamma Rays. So by using the brightest stars, and objects with the largest mass, which give off the right amounts of gamma rays we can tap into this powerful force and use it to help shape our reality. "in the constellation Orion where gamma rays were detected in a range of energies between 3 and 7 MeV"

How to Use the Emerging Energies of Sirius

This is the time of year (as Sirius rises in the eastern sky around July 22nd) we recharge our soul, using it to manifest, rather than using our mental intention to manifest. This is a time to acknowledge the cycle of time.  It is the time of year to make spiritual new resolutions and to release your soul of all old energy that no longer is serving your higher purpose.

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The exercise: At sunrise, face east and allow these pre-dawn energies to flood your soul-being.  Visualize the emanating new energies of Sirius flooding your heart, pineal gland and upper head areas.  When ready, hold in your thoughts a sacred intention. 
A good tone that works well at this time is the sound OMMMMMMNURRRRRRRRRR, which amplifies your spiritual intention.

The Source of Cosmic Creation

At 5:08 p.m. In California, U.S.A., during late October (the start of Autumn) Vega, one of the brightest stars in the sky is directly overhead. There is only one other period of the year Vega is directly overhead, and that is at 7:00 a.m. in late March (the start of Spring). This is why the refreshing energy from the Emerald Tablets exercise is stronger is the mornings in Spring and stronger in the late afternoon in Fall/Autumn in California.  Another anti-aging exercise that works extremely well is what I call the “Celestial Deltron” Anti-Aging exercise. This only works well at the start of Spring and Autumn in California. This is the time the bright star Vega is directly overhead.  You can find the times for your location here.

What are the Deltrons?

I have also had incredible success doing mind tool exercises when there is a perigee moon, especially perigee supermoons. This is the time the moon is closest to earth. When this happens, the moon is significantly brighter, once again showing that the brighter a celestial body, the more power you can tap from it.

And we know from experience that when the 2mev levels are at high levels the "refresh" feeling of the body's aches and pains disappearing is one of the most powerful times. So perhaps the pyramids altered consciousness, which in turn had an effect on the surrounding countryside, perhaps to bring health, healing or even power to those who know the correct "consciousness exercises". 

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