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For those of you who are new to this site or have not read my published books and information, as a simple analysis, we study the energies of our sun, than create methods to work with the power of the sun to create beneficial changes.  Just as there are multiple parallel universes all around us, we can use the energy of the sun to tap into these alternate realities.  Here is a simple experiment anyone can try at home to get results. 

1: On a Sunday morning, preferably as the sun is just rising, face east and acknowledge the rays of the sun and its healing light. Experience this sensation as much as you feel comfortable.

2: Next using the power of intention clearly put forth a simple intention for the day.  It could be to successfully complete a task or request more energy for the day. Just keep the intention simple and something that you want to accomplish during the day

3: Next detach, release and forget about your previous intention, and than start going about your day.

What you will find is that problem solving skills become strengthened and the ability to think things through using critical thinking becomes greatly enhanced.

Here is another exercise, which is a little more advanced, showing how to connect with the sun. And if you choose to get really good, you can use the stars Orion to connect with the Sun and create some powerful healing effects, as I explain in the article How to Amplify Emotion and Thought with Rising Celestial Constellations

In more advanced areas, we are beginning to use this method to work with it for overnight healing, anti-aging and wellness.  As has been demonstrated in many of our condition yellow exercises. Thank you for your interest and take the time to explore the site, there is much to uncover about the secrets of our sun!


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