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A simple way to use the earth energy to charge water
Making a magnetic water charger is fun and easy. It takes about 2 to 3 hours to do it properly. You must use the following:
1: Iron Oxide (also known as Magnetite)
2: Sand
3: A round cylinder or large bucket.
4: A plastic or glass bottle
5: Spring Water
As shown below I use an old wine bottle and wrap it in cardboard, in this case a USPS envelope.
I than tape the cardboard around the bottle, making a "tube". Some of you may want to use a plastic pipe, which works just as well.
I than place this bottle in a large bucket, ready for the magnetite sand
The bucket is than filled with magnetite sand, which fills around the tube, making the bottle easily removeable
Here is a beer bottle that I place inside a glass cylinder and fits perfectly in the tube.
When you use cardboard tubes, they become moist, because the magnetite soil tends to soak up huge amounts of moisture, especially if you leave it in sunlight. My chargers are exposed for only a few hours to the afternoon sun, which creates just the right amount of moisture.
When you are done making the device, than just add spring water. In 5 days it will have fully charged. I use 3 units that give me a cup of water daily for 6 days. Every 4th day I skip a cup, as my body is fully charged and I only see taking more as a waste.
Because Iron Oxide absorbs moisture like a sponge, it is very important that you place a thin layer of plastic over the top of the jars, I use a circular sheet with a rubber band to keep out rain and moisture. If it rains, you will never be able to get the water out of the bottles filled with Iron Oxide, as they stay damp for days.
I mix my iron oxide with Hawaiian Beach Sand (as I live right on the Hawaiian beach). I use 2 Tablespoons of Iron Oxide to 1 gallon of beach sand. You don't need a lot of iron oxide, only just enough to turn the sand 40% dark or "grey".
As you can see from below, after about 6 weeks I removed the cardboard tubes and only a hole remained, therefore the water is closer to the magnetite, giving powerful ressonance from the soil, giving good strong charged water.
When the solar flux is higher, with the X-Ray Background Flux at 4.0 or lower, I can stand among the "water chargers" and my body feels fully charged in just a few minutes, especailly if I hold a cup of the water in my hands.  It also induces very lucid dreams at night. I can also get a "shock" when I do toning when the X-Ray Background Flux is at 4.0 or higher.

When the pineal gland is properly stressed it secretes dimethyltriptomine (DMT). This is the chemical released which produces the visions/ hallucinations one experiences from meditation, fasting, sleep deprivation, and out of body-near death experiences and since DMT is released during R.E.M sleep, it explains why our dreams can be extremely vivid yet impossible to articulate. This effect occurs strongest when we drink magnetic water during times of higher solar flux activity. From this we can conclude that during times of higher solar flux activity, the Pineal Gland secretes more DMT, creating the lucid dreaming experiences during this time. Solar Flux Link:


Awakening this gland can speed up our learning, improve our memory ability, enhance our intuition, wisdom and creativity, trigger our psychic healing abilities and experience bliss.

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