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Results from the Condition Yellow on March 17th, 2013 Return to Homepage

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I had originally flagged this day as a 100% Condition Orange, but after awakening the following morning discovered the "rejuvenation effect" had taken place.  What had happened was the solar wind had jumped on this date and the KP levels had jumped also, leading to a strong condition yellow.

This occurred because the night before I took an amino acid synergistic meal consisting of organic pinto beans, organic tofu and a vitamin C capsule.  I also drank spring water throughout the day, allowing my body to become more alkaline. Also in the mid afternoon I used healing visualizations to visualize my body surrounded in a white light of perfect luminosity that recharged my body in perfect health.  I than performed a heart math exercise

Immediately upon exercising the following morning the rejuvenation effect was experienced, meaning I had extreme mental clarity and significantly more physical endurance.  This is the usual experience obtained from practicing the Sirius exercise during condition yellows.
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I conclude that because the KP storm was so powerful that I only needed to eat the proper amino acids and perform heart math to experience the aforementioned results.

I also conclude that using mental visualizations and imagery to heal and rejuvenate the body or perform other mental visualizations is strongest from late March until late May, as my research has proven over the years. 


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