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How We Can Influence Earths Geomagnetic Field Using the Power of Our Heart Return to Homepage

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Heartmath researchers have shown that when we perform acts of intention from our hearts the geomagnetic field of the local environment is affected in a positive way. If any of you have had the opportunity to live near a "community garden" where volunteers maintain a garden of fruits and vegetables, you will know that in teh approximate area resides an environment of "calm" and harmony, because these people worked together as a group with the soil, creating a beneficial local coherence in that area. They have also shown that certain events that trigger a critical mass in human emotion will effect the geomagnetic energy field of the entire planet. They also disovered that the stronger the emotion and the more focused the people were on a specific objective, the more the geomagnetic field was affected. The heart is also the part of the body strongest affected by geomagnetic energy (also called KP storms). When the KP index is higher, heart attackes are more common and more physical violence occurs.

Quote from the HeartMath website: “Step 2: Heart Breathing. Breathe deeply but normally and feel as if your breath is coming in and going out through your heart area. As you inhale, feel as if your breath is flowing in through the heart, and as you exhale, feel it leaving through this area. Breathe slowly and casually, a little deeper than normal. Continue breathing with ease until you find a natural inner rhythm that feels good to you”.

One of the most powerful experiences I have had doing the HeartMath exercise, is if at the end of the day I may be stressed and sore, but after performing just a few minutes of HeartMath breathing in and out unconditional love, my body no longer aches and I feel no more stress. I have also noticed that doing the HeartMath exercise, that before eating a food, I would send energy into the food to allow the food to keep my body in perfect health and harmony. It also works really well before performing the Emerald Tablets Exercise, by sending energy to keep the body in peak health and well being. For me, I send my awareness to the center of my heart, than visualize my breathing in and out through my heart, than after I feel a "peak of energy" I use it for healing or well being etc.

The process of HeartMath works by using your heart to generate an increase in the Geomagnetic Energy in your location or at a projected point or location. Proof of this is that Geomagnetic Storms affect the heart. And because earth's geomagnetic storms are strongest during October, it is a time of physical aging on the body. The Emerald Tablet exercise is strongest during this time.  This same energy generated by the heart is present in Geomagnetic Storms. Which is why more heart attacks occur during geomagnetic storms. This frequency has been found to also preserve orange Juice.  40khz is also used in UltraSonics to seperate fat and water. It is also used to make fat burning machines. This frequency is strongest at sunrise and sunset.

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This effect is very similar to the ancient Egyptian pole balancing exercise where you use breath and focus on your consciousness between your chest and head.This means that the same energy that comes from our heart is the same energy as earths protective magnetic shield, which is why it responds to emotion and heart induced acts of intention.

Another very interesting fact is the heart of our bodies is cancer proof. The heart cells never mutate, making it the perfect organ of the body, from which all good health comes from. Our heart is the strongest organ that generates the strongest magnetic field out of all parts of our body. It is nearly 5,000 times stronger in field strength than the field emitted by our brains. Researchers have discovered that this field has a doughnut shaped form that extends from 5 to 8 feet or more from our bodies. Researchers have also discovered that frequencies in our atmosphere between 0.1 to 300hz overlap the same frequencies emitted by our hearts. This also explains why when there are more electrons in the atmosphere (measured in 2mev electrons) the energies of pole balancing are stronger also. I believe that these higher 2mev energies are affecting our hearts more, creating tremendous healing energies you can tap into during these times, using the ancient Egyptian pole balancing exercise.

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