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The following food was taken in the late afternoon - Drank half a gallon of spring water and ate half a cup of sunflower seeds in the afternoon. Took 4 Spirulina tablets which seems to be the most beneficial amount along with the usual vitamin E, Potassium Glutonate, Sesame Seeds and Brewer’s Yeast.

For a gravity wave to occur, there must be something to trigger it. Just like the rock thrown into a pond, a mountain or a thunderstorm can disturb otherwise stable air to create a gravity wave. 
Source: WiseGeek
Also from the past few years of experience from performing the Emeralds Tablet exercise I have written that this revitalizing energy is strongest just before thunderstorms. What makes the exercise so different this time is that the energy felt was substantially stronger than the previous ones, but it was short lived (just 24 hrs).  Now this could have been because the KP levels were much stronger, along with 12 S Class Optical Flares and the full moon.  It is possible the 12 Optical Flares were responsible for this short burst of revitalizing energy.  

After researching images of pine cones and hills I discovered the following:
This Ancient Sumerian Priest with a Pine Cone in his hand.  
I believe he is channeling this energy into the bucket that he is holding in his hand.
And in the image below, perhaps he is transmitting the energy which has been stored in the bucket, perhaps using it to heal the animal, just like we use quartz crystals to receive and transmit radio waves.
Also further research reveals that the pope uses a pine cone in his staff.  
Even the Vatican has a giant pine cone in its courtyard and if you look closely, behind it is a curved building.  As we know in acoustics, any curved surface reflects soundwaves.
So we now connect gravity waves and pine cones and this is the result:
The voltage generated by a fresh egg or a pine cone (apparently from the gravity field by being a fractal at tractor for weak capacitance)- is the only truly SUSTAINABLE BIOLOGIC source of energy. What happens when a biological capacitor like a pine cone or a fresh egg or the electrical shape of your heart wiring which cause it to 'phire', starts getting VOLTAGE FROM GRAVITY? ... We call that - the moment it becomes ALIVE. (2 to 10 millivolts generated from gravity by the average fresh chicken egg
Source: FractalField
This has already been confirmed in the lab:
Researchers hope to improve supercapacitors using chicken-egg shells. Researchers hope to improve supercapacitors using chicken-egg shells
A similarly shaped pine cone like array of capacitors - triggered by simple single pulse- WILL CREATE GRAVITY measurably.
So in conclusion, I believe that the energy that is emitting from Sirius and Orion is being stored in the Pine Cones, as well as Fresh Eggs.  Also my research over the years has shown that fresh egg yolk is one of the best ways to keep the body flexible.  I always use organic eggs, which are always more healthy. 

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