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How Excessive Geomagnetic Energy Causes Psychological Outbreaks of Violence
Condition yellow periods are a special type of powerful energy source.  It can create powerful healing and anti-aging effects.  If a condition orange occurs a few days after a strong condition yellow, it can create events that cause physical human suffering and injury.  Here is an example of a powerful condition yellow period, which occurred on April 12th, 2013. The Solar Wind speeds were extremely high, there was a major rise in the sun's solar flux activity and the KP levels were also very strong, at higher than normal levels.  The sun's solar flux levels were also at record levels since the start of the sun's increasing activity, which always occurs after the December 21st, winter solstice. This resulted in an extremely powerful anti-aging, immune system boosting condition yellow exercise, which you can read more about at the link below:
Now if a condition orange manifests a few days after a strong condition yellow, the energy circulating in the air turns deadly. This we saw in the Boston Marathon Bombings. Perhaps events or emotions from the past manifest themselves strongest during this particular period.
This condition orange period contained the following parameters: Extremely high solar winds for the last 3 days combined  with 3 or more days of high numbers of sunspots dropping. On this day there was a surge of higher than normal levels of KP activity, with the solar flux having been above 6:0 for a period of days beforehand.
I conclude that if these alkaline proteins and amino acids are renewing the bodies of vegetarians or people who do not eat excessive amounts of meat and dairy proteins, could excessive meat proteins be causing the strange acts of violence that occur and reach peak levels from July to December? More research needs to be done on this.
The Anti-Aging Effects of a Condition Yellows
When the solar flux is active and at higher levels and the solar wind jumps and remains at high speeds for a number of days above 380, a "anti aging" bubble forms, This means you feel and inherit the effects of the anti aging proteins for days at a time. This builds up a strong natural resistance to disease and illness. This energy is maximized between October to January, the same time the earth is closest to the sun called the perihelion.  This peaks in January. Shooting massacres occur most often from the months of July to December. 
The Condition Orange Effect 
Although further analysis needs to be done, the pattern of large groups of people dying at condition yellow and condition orange periods is not limited to random shootings. If you research bus accidents involving deaths or injuries of 8 or more people, they also occur during condition yellow and orange periods. Because shooting rampages occur more often between the months of June and December, perhaps deaths from large moving masses of people on planes or buses occur more often from December to June. Further research to identify this trend is necessary.

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