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Throughout the world there exist clusters of communities called "Blue Zones".  The people living in these communities have been scientifically verified via their date of birth and over meticulous methods, proving that they actually do in fact live well over 100 years in perfect physical and mental health, many without contracting Alzheimer’s .  These communities include the Sardinian Centenarians, The Greek Ikarians, The South American Hunza, The Costa Rican Nicoyans.  The Vilcabambas, The Abkhasia and the Japanese Okinoaians.

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So far my research has found the following methods to greatly extend the Human Life Span.

The Condition Yellow Exercise
Adding Digestive enzymes to your diet
Practicing QI Gong Exercises
Having an adequate supply of SOD Enzymes
Methods that boost nutrient absorption from eaten foods
Removal of lead and mercury from body
Diet mostly of berries high in vitamin C, nutrient dense herbs, herbs that boost nutrient absorption, herbs that assist in digesting foods, especially proteins, immune boosting herbs called adaptogens taken in moderation, herbs that are high in prebiotics possibly also are digestive assistive herbs, meat eaten rarely, amino acids taken during condition yellows

Major Causes of Death in the Western Industrialized Nations

The Yearly Totals shown below have been rounded off to the highest number and are approximate.

Heart Disease: 800,000, Cancer: 600,000, Stroke: 160,000, Lung Diseases: 106,000, Accidents: 93,000, Pneumonia and Influenza: 82,000,  Diabetes: 61,000

All the remarkable cultures discussed in this article do not live in major cities or areas of high pollution. Their diets all follow the same pattern: A diet rich in antioxidants with positive community relations and strong social connections in a low stress environment with the proper amount of rest with red wine before resting. They also take herbal teas occasionally for healing and for immune boosting and adhere to ethical morals and values through a respected religion. Their strong sense of purpose also helps them contribute to the greater good, giving them a reason to awaken recharged each day. But most of their diets contain no heavily processed foods and their vegetables and fruits are grown without pesticides. Food is usually eaten just before sunset and they never consume heavy foods late.

After extensive scientific research, their diets were analyzed and the following was discovered:

They received between 65% and 75% of their calories from carbohydrates.


Between 15% and 20% of their calories were from fat


Between 10% and 15% of their calories were from protein


No more than a total of 2,000 calories per day were consumed


Between 90% and 99% of their food came from plants they grew, harvested and prepared themselves


Between 1% and 10% of foods came from animals


There was low salt consumption. (low sodium levels)


They ate very little to no foods containing sugar


None of these cultures had any rates of obesity


Over the years after much research study into how the body repairs itself to defeat the natural process of aging, the following pattern continues to reveal itself.

Continued detoxification of metals and other substances that gather in the body's tissues and fat and restoration of calcium to keep the bones strong and healthy. This has been divided into 2 main areas. 1: Amino acids and similar minerals used to rebuild muscle and tissues and 2: Detoxification and optimal health of the body's liver which is the main organ  used to purge the body’s blood and circulatory system of toxins.


This restoration process is greatly accelerated during the condition yellow periods and the taking of the SOD mix, which is filled with liver detoxification herbs.


The majority of the best longevity foods will always detox the body's liver and/or have laxative effects (relief of constipation or make you want to go to the bathroom) which is essentially a method of flushing out toxins from the body.


This method takes place on a seasonal basis such as detoxing the body via liver cleansing foods during late winter into spring and more anti-aging foods (or their combinations) during late fall onto early winter. In this article we shall show how these 2 main methods, detoxification and calcium replenishment are the main methods used by these long lived cultures.


Additionally other factors that allow these people to live to extremely long ages include the geology of the region they live in and their lifestyle which consists of daily chores and exercise. This keeps their mental attitudes positive and optimistic.


Now let's closely examine the diets and lifestyles of these cultures in greater detail.


The Sardinas

Their diet consists of whole grain bread, beans, goat’s milk, garden vegetables fruits and mastic oil. The cheese they consume is made from grass fed sheep and is called pecorino cheese.


This particular type of cheese is extremely high in omega-3 fatty acids. Meat is occasionally consumed on some Sundays and on special occasions. They consume wine in moderation (1 to 2 glasses daily) and because they care for their families, they have low rates of depression and stress related suicides.


Goats milk happens to contain 13% more calcium, 25% more vitamin B6, 47% more Vitamin A, 134% more potassium and 3 times more niacin than standard cow’s milk.


A local herb named Sardinian dwarf curry, has been shown to have anti-inflammatory and bactericidal properties. It ranks as one of the most powerful natural anti-inflammatores available. Perhaps the goats feeding on this herb have more arzanol (Helichrysum italicum ) in their systems, which creates a powerful anti aging cocktail mix.
Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of Helichrysum italicum
Source: U.S. Library of Medicine


They do not consume a lot of fish because of their geographic location, and when they make their wine, the grapes are allowed to mature longer than usual, which results in this particular blend of wine having significantly more flavonoids than standard wines. They also make tortillas out of barley, bran and potatoes or lined.


In conclusion this culture has one of the most impressive Longivity backgrounds to date, having loved this way for thousands of years. We can clearly see that the foods they eat contain high levels of antioxidants, as well as natural proteins from beans and lintels. Most interesting of all their goats milk is their main source of calcium.


The Greek Ikarias


This next culture has a diet consisting of Goats milk, which is naturally high in Oligosaccharides. Oligosaccharides naturally binds itself to amino acids and minerals,  boosting absorption of them significantly when digested.  Goats milk also contains the important amino acid Tryptophan, which naturally boosts serotonin levels. Goats milk is also extremely easy to digest.
Source: KarboStore:


Inulin and oligofructose: what are they?
Source: U.S. Library of Medicine


"There is evidence that fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS) and inulin can impart a range of health benefits if consumed on a regular basis. The health benefits include increased mineral absorption and improved immune response and while there is mounting evidence that prebiotics play a role in colorectal cancer prevention, their role of satiety and weight management is still being investigated."
Source: Science Direct


Strong evidence now exists that these pathogens preferentially bind with the mannan oligosaccharides (Karbo Formula) added to the feed, giving greatly reduced attachment to the host cell walls. (Figure B) Because the Karbo Formula is not degraded by digestive enzymes, it passes through the body with the pathogens attached.


Common foods highest in Oligosaccharides include garlic, onion and chicory. These have been scientifically proven to boost amino acid and mineral absorption, especially zinc and iron.


These foods also contain high levels of sulphur which boosts the absorption of biotin, potassium and B vitamins.


"Compounds in both garlic and onion may increase the bio-accessibility of iron and zinc from cereals seven-fold, according to new data from India."

Source: NutraIngredients


Additionally this special culture consumes vegetables, whole grains, beans and potatoes.  During mid afternoon they will take a small nap. They would also fast at certain times of the year and take spoonfuls of honey each morning for a natural energy boost.


The herbal teas they drink nightly are rotated throughout the week so their immune systems do not develop a resistance to their effectiveness, much like the same antibiotic strain will lose its effectiveness over time.


These herbal teas help lower blood pressure, causing a the "balloon type effect", where blood pressure at the end of the day is gradually reduced. High blood pressure happens to significantly contribute to heart attacks and Alzheimer's.


The herbal teas they consume are: Sage which is high in Vitamin K, Oregano which destroys bad bacteria and parasites in the body and Rosemary, which helps preserve brain and muscle function. These herbs have also been shown to keep blood pressure levels healthy by removing excess sodium and water from the body. This flushing of the system also helps remove built up nitrogen and ammonia from our bodies.

Excess proteins that build up in the body can cause ammonia to form in the body, which leads to illness. The amino acid Arginine, which can be found in high levels in sesame seeds, naturally removes high levels of toxic ammonia from the body. From my many years of researching anti-aging methods, I believe that a build of ammonia in the body, resulting from excess proteins can cause significant health problems.

"Diseases Associated With Elevated Blood Ammonia Levels"

Scientific Research is also proving this, such as the work done by Egyptian biochemist Mohamed Gad. "If you're over forty and starting to notice signs of aging then, according to the Egyptian biochemist Mohamed Gad, there's a very simple way to restore your youth and vitality. Every evening before going to bed, take 5 g L-arginine and your body will soon start to function better"

To amplify the effects, the amino acid lysine, will boost Arginine’s effects.

"When combined with L-lysine, L-arginine's effects on growth hormone levels are amplified. A. Isidori combined 1.2 grams of L-arginine with 1.2 grams of L-lysine in a 1981 study at the University of Rome. The combination increased hGH levels 10 times over what was achieved with L-arginine alone (Isidori et al., 1981)."


Foods highest in both Lysine and Arginine include: Bacon, egg white, tofu, and whitefish.

Therefore good combinations include Tofu and Sesame Seeds as a powerful anti-aging remedy.

A food highest in Lysine is Light Canned Tuna.
Foods that are highest in Arginine: Low Fat Sesame Seed Flour, Sesame Seeds, Raw Crab and Spirulina.

Therefore another good combination would be Light Canned Tuna with Spirulina.

To add further synergism to this combination, when you add Vitamin C to Arginine and/or Lysine, it boosts the effectiveness of both of these amino acids considerably. Foods highest in all three of these: Arginine, Lysine and Vitamin C include:
Freeze-dried Sweet Green Peppers, Freeze Dried Chives, Dill Weed Herb,

Data courtesy of Nutrient Search Database

It is important to note that Mr. Li Ching-Yuen, who allegedly lived to 256 years, ate lots of Fo-Ti. This herb is a mild laxative, which also helps flush out unwanted toxins from the body and it also helps digestion. So we can clearly see that herbs that have a laxative type effect are in the class of the most powerful anti-aging herbs.


These herbal teas were sent to the University of Athens and they were all found to possess significant antioxidant properties, especially the polyphenols class of antioxidants.


This culture resides in the mountainous highlands free of toxic and contaminated air. The hills also give them the ability to use their muscles to exercise. They use fresh olive oil, which is high in natural antioxidants.


The Sourdough bread they male contains Lactobacillus Sanfranciscensis, which has been proven to lower blood sugar levels after eating.


In conclusion the majority of the Ikarias diet, obtained from The Ikaria Study (which surveyed 674 Ikarians), found it to be high in Olive Oil and vegetables and low in fish, fruit, wild greens, meat and dairy. It was also moderately high in potatoes, goats milk, wild honey, lentils, garbanzo beans and black eyed peas.


Once again we can see the presence of goats milk, with its higher than usual concentration of important vitamins and minerals, especially calcium. Once again we see the importance of organic calcium showing itself in the diets of these long lived cultures.


It is quite obvious now that goats milk is far healthier for the body than standard cow’s milk.


The Costa Rican Nicoyan Centurions


This culture is especially interesting, mainly due to the fact that the water they consume has the country's highest levels of calcium in it, compared to other regions where the water is much lower in calcium. Most interesting of all they use a special process to infuse corn with lime (calcium hydroxide), to increase the amount of calcium in their food. This special process we shall get to later on in this article.


Their evening meal is light, and they only eat until barely full, avoiding overeating, which puts less burden on the amount of stomach enzymes they need to produce.


They have everyday tasks to keep them busy and also enjoy a strong local social support network of connecting positively with each other in their community.


Most interesting of all in this study was that they consumed 6 times as many beans as the standard American or European, ate fish twice weekly, consumed meat once per week.


The coffee they consume is black coffee made from the beans of local berries of mashed seeds of Nanju (Hibiscus Esculentus).

In coffee, free and bound proteins account for roughly 10 to 13% of coffee
Source: Coffee Chemistry

They drank this coffee up to 6 times a day (coffee is one of the few foods high in Niacin and the 9 essential amino acids)

What is even more interesting is the combinations of foods they consume. Food combinations include:


Fried Eggs, Rice and Beans


Soups containing Yuca, Fat, Tisquisque and boiled plantains.


Cabbage and Potatoes


During heavy physical labor, they would eat rice and beans fried in pork fat.


The corn that they use to make their tortillas uses a special process that infuses the corn kernels with lime (calcium hydroxide). What this does is create a powerful corn that makes it easy for the cells of the body to absorb the nutrients of the beans and corn when eaten together. This process is much like how high oligofructose foods bind to amino acids and minerals, boosting nutrient absorption up to ten times.

The reason the corn tortilla and lime combination (calcium) works so well is due to the fact that the resistant starch in the corn boosts the absorption of the calcium. These partiular types of starches: Inulin or High Amylose Cornstarch or Native Resistant Cornstarch or Calcium Alginate Resistant Starch when these are combined with high calcium foods or probiotic foods, especially yogurt, it significantly boosts the absorption of Calcium, Magnesium and Iron as well as other key minerals.  It is key that these food combinations are allowed to cool down after cooking and served cold.  They can be added to foods such as yogurt or cooled boiled or cooked potatoes, cold hard boiled eggs or cooled cooked corn and taken with a high calcium food. For some reason the reduction in temperature of these starches causes a powerful healing chemical reaction to occur within the starch. High Amylose Corn starch also just happens to be a very powerful crosslinking agent. I go into detail about how this special cross linking sequence makes a powerful anti-aging formula in the Turn Back the Hands of Aging Using Natural Non-Invasive Technology article.

The type of starch that potatoes contain Amylose, which has been shown to have significant healing effects upon the body, as the below published scientific research abstract shows:

Cooked potatoes boost the immune system because it turns the starch into resistant starch, which ferments in the lower stomach. This is why potatoes are a powerful longevity food.

"Chicory is high in Inulin, which has been scientifically proven to boost the absorption of calcium."

Therefore a good combination is Chicory and Potatoes.

What is even more fascinating is that out of all the foods, corn is the easiest to treat. It has the unique ability to absorb and latch onto specific minerals, much like a sponge. This is why genetically modified corn is so common, because the structure of corn is so easy to manipulate.


Here is  the secret formula they use to increase the calcium:


Upon cooking the corn, they use a small amount of lime (calcium hydroxide). They then use this corn to make a special dough called Maize Nixquezaso. Some South American countries including Guatamela also prepare grains in this manner for their tortillas, and many people who consume this special food have very low rates of rickets.


Most important of all is that as the body ages past 43, instead of the body holding onto calcium, it starts to lose it, so it must be replenished through the diet in foods that are not only high in calcium, but these foods must also be able to be properly absorbed by the body so the calcium can be properly distributed.kat


As these cultures of centurions grow older, research shows another factor that contributes to their longevity is their having a sense of purpose and service to their community. As they age, they continue to perform, work and participate in community events.  This helps them stay mentally sharp as well as fulfill their role in the community they live in. So the role of proper mental attitude and positive outlook on life must increase as one ages if one wants to avoid dementia and similiar related diseases.


One of the most powerful secret anti-aging weapons in this culture is a special fruit called Maranon. This reddish orange fruit contains 5 times as much vitamin C as the standard orange.


Most interesting of all is the correlation between Mr. Li Ching-Yuen and these long lived people, is Mr. Li Ching-Yuen ate lots of Goji Berries, which are also significantly higher in vitamin C than standard oranges. By eating many of these, he lived to be 256 years of age.


Fruits and Herbs with between 5 and 20 times more vitamin C than oranges include:


Goji Berry (Chinese Wolfberry or lycium barbarum), triphala, cashew apple fruit, Amalaki, Arjuna (Terminalia Arjuna). This is also an Ayurveda food. Centella Asiatica (brahmi),Gokshura (Tribulus Terrestris), Soursop (Graviola), Gojihva (Sedge Onosma bracteatum) Camu Camu Fruit (1 teaspoon of Camu Camu Powder has about 15 times the USRDA of Vitamin C)and Acerola Cherries.

Amla fruit (Phyllanthus emblica Linn) extracts contain as much as 35 times as much vitamin C as limes and 30 times more than oranges.  This fruit also goes by the following names: Coromandal or Amalaki gooseberry (Indian Gooseberry).

Other minor herbs and fruits that contain very sitnificant levels of vitamin c include: Maca, Acai berries, Sea Buckthorn Berries (Hippophaë rhamnoides L. ssp. rhamnoides), Cayenne (Capsicum annum), Guayabo, and Guavas.


Vitamin C is the ultimate anti-oxidant because it is water soluble, and does not stay in the bodies fat tissues, where it can gather toxins, leading to disease. 


So we can easily conclude that fruits and berries that contain extremely high levels of vitamin c, most especially of all berries, which require the least digestion, are the single most powerful anti-aging food available.


Please note that taking vitamin C supplements (ascorbic acid) is not going to have the same effect, because with natural fruits you don't lose calcium in large amounts (excessive levels of vitamin c deplete calcium levels from the body) and the fruits contain important minerals that the body must have when large doses of vitamin c are taken.


From my research when I take 1 or 2 vitamin c tablets (ascorbic acid) with a food high vitamin c,  it boosts the vitamin c content many more times, but I only do this a few days of the week during flu season, and much less in spring and summer, when eating the fruit without the tablet can be safely done in large quantities.  This is because during winter more vitamin c is needed to boost the immune system.


This trick only works because the ascorbic acid tablet form of vitamin c boosts the absorption of the bioflavonoids and the magnesium and calcium in the grapefruit or other high vitamin c fruit or berry.


The Costa Rican Nicoyan Centurions also grow a special fruit called Anona, whose appearance resembles a mis-shaped pear. Research has shown this fruit to protect against certain types of cancers.


They also grow their own Ginger, which is high in levels of the SOD producing enzyme Manganese, and contains significant levels of vitamin B6. Ginger is also an excellent food that when consumed on cold days, helps keep the body warm. Ginger also helps boost digestion due to the enzymes it contains which help proteins digest easier in the stomach. Many of these foods just  mentioned above are rich in natural antioxidants.

Telomeres have been shown to boost longevity and lifespan.  The longer your telomeres, the longer your lifespan.  Fish are one of the best sources, because Omega 3's increase telomere length. Some of the best fish shown to lengthen telomeres from best to last are: Washington State and Alaskan Wild Salmon, Anchovies, Sardines, Pacific Halibut, Striped Bass and Black Cod.


The Geography of The Costa Rican Nicoyan Centurions


This region is situated in a dry climate with lots of sunshine, similar to Arizona. The water they drink flows down through limestone rocks making it hard water naturally filled with calcium and bio-available minerals. This unique water is completely different from any other type of water found in Costa Rica.


Scientific testing of this water revealed the following:

The water is hard water, which contains high levels of calcium and magnesium. Many people drinking this water were discovered to have effortlessly received close to a gram a day of calcium, which is the daily recommended dosage. Once again this is calcium that is easily absorbed by the body, due to the minerals and where the calcium is coming from, which is limestone. Limestone is a natural source of calcium hydroxide or lime, which the body is able to easily use and absorb.


One of the major diseases in Costa Rica is stomach cancer, which scientists are discovering maybe caused by the Heliobacter pylori bacteria, of which people living in Nicoya have the lowest rate in the country. This is probably due to their rural lifestyle and the lack of stress and processed foods. As we have shown in other articles on, the longest lived trees in the world live in Dolomite soil and live at a high elevation, Dolomite soil is high in calcium and magnesium.

The People of the Island of Okinawa

These are  people with a strong sense of purpose in their lives and follow through on that reason for getting up in the morning.  There are no old person’s homes.  Whenever someone is well into their 100's, they still fulfill their purpose and role in life, which includes tending the gardens and crops.  Their diet is mainly plant based and high in sweet potatoes, Tofu and Miso.  Tofu is high in amino acids and an alkaline protein.  Their local food source named Goya, lowers blood sugar levels and is rich in antioxidants. 

Fermented Tofu or Soy is better than standard soy or tofu because of its ability to digest better in the stomach. They eat pork only on special occasion.  The elderly receive plenty of sunshine, which boosts their immune systems and vitamin D levels.  They also perform various resistance exercises throughout the day, such as squatting on the floor and rising, which is a rising and lowering of the body's lower extremities.

Their home gardens contain turmeric, garlic, ginger and mugwort.  Their foods are packed with important nutrients.  When their food is nutrient rich, they don't crave food and they can get away with eating less food, which causes less of a burden on the stomach and digestion. They also consume green tea in the mornings to boost their metabolism. 

The Okinawa mugwort species is called Artemisia (also known as Wormwood), which is a powerful malaria disease fighter. 

The elderly follow the 80/20 rule when eating.  They eat until they feel 80% satisfied.  This is because it takes 20 minutes for the food to reach the stomach.  After 20 minutes your stomach tells you it is full. 

The People of Loma Linda, California

Another longevity culture is the Adventist Health Study, which studied a region of people living just outside of Los Angeles in the city of Loma Linda (in San Bernardino County).   Their diet is high in Nuts, such as walnuts, pecans, brazil nuts, cashews and macadamia nuts.  This community is religious, and has strict spiritual principals.  Much like you would see in a monastery, although not as strict. They lead a life of prayer and maintain strong social networks within their community. What makes this so remarkable is that they live in one of the most polluted cities on earth, yet live to extremely old age and in good health. So we can see that having a clean spiritual life, combined with plenty of nuts is a good way to life a long life if you are in a city environment.

Eating in Season to Reduce Allergies and For Long Term Health

When eating in season, you are in harmony with your local geographic region.  This is because your environment has a lot to do with your immune system. The more you are in harmony with your environment, the more your immune system remains in balance.  
Winter - Sweet Potatoes and Root vegetables. Less Dairy. This is a time to tonify and rebalance.  Yang-QI is less stronger during this period.  Avoid excess beef, mutton.  Take more soybeans, cottage cheese and other plant based proteins instead of meat based proteins.
Summer - Watermelon and Salad Greens. Light foods that digest easily such as yogurt, keifer, watermelon.  Reduce intake of meat or avoid altogether.  Take more fruits.
Fall - Avoid extreme hot or cold.  This is a period of dimishing QI Energy.  Take more growing foods such as sesame seeds, Goji Berries, Mulberries.
Spring - More sweet foods.  A time to nourish the spleen QI.  this is a period the liver QI is strongest.  Take more Rice and Wheat.

Disease Prevention and Longevity 

A Beijing Survey showed out of 106 people that were over 90 years of age, 58 had no type of disease whatsoever. However 12 showed signs of hypertension, 2 had coronary disease, 4 had cardiac arrhythmia and chronic gastritis, 7 had chronic tracheitis, 3 had inflamed gall bladders, 6 had senile cataracts, 5 had arthritis, 2 had severe skin itching, 6 had senile concussion.

In another study, which involved 88 people over 100 years of age, cardiovascular disease was present in 33%, chronic tracheitis was present in 10% and 17 of these people died over the next 6 months.

These studies proved that old people are not dying of mysterious diseases. Actually 55% of those living beyond 90 die without illness, and 35% of centurions are dying without illness.  This means that diseases create aging or speed up the aging process and aging is triggering sudden unexpected onslaught of diseases due to a lack of proper prevention and planning to prevent disease.  Therefore the more you can prevent the onslaught of disease by proper nutrition, exercise, diet and mental attitude, the more less chance you will have of disease overpowering your body and causing death.

The Macrobiotic Diet has proven to be one of the most effective diets to conquer premature aging and promote long term health.  Other tips to longevity and prevention of disease include: Avoiding excessive amounts of White Sugar, White Flour, and excessive amounts of Coffee and Tea. Avoiding Canned, Processed and Irradiated Foods and Refined Brans.  Eating Fruits and Vegetables that have been grown without pesticides and toxic chemical fertilizers. At various times take Brewer's Yeast, Kelp, Cod Liver Oil (especially during Winter), Rose Hips and Whey.  Soured Milk in the form of Yogurt, Buttermilk, Kefir, Sauerkraut, Sour Pickles, and Sourdough Bread.

So in conclusion, we can see that many of these long lived cultures have diets that are adequate in calcium and vitamin c. What is most important of all the calcium and vitamin c are not of the processed type. By using organic vitamin c and organically produced calcium, the body much more rapidly absorbs and hoods onto these important nutrients.


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