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Physical Rejuvenation via Chemical Reaction - How Nature Preserves Itself
The simplest way to enact preservation of youth in the body is via substances and combinations that eradicate tooth decay and cancer. One example is of cod liver oil and butter from grass fed cows, which Dr. Weston Price showed reversed dental cavities. The same good bacteria that destroy cavities in the mouth also destroy free radicals in the body. Anti-aging substances have the trait of not only curing cavities, but also when applied to the skin, "revitalize" or heal it by removing dryness or making the skin tone softer. Foods with the highest levels of these “good bacteria” include cloves and vanillin. Vanillin works best taken alone.

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When something becomes oxidized, it seeks restoration via chemical reaction, usually with oxygen. In many cases it transforms into a superconductor. When iron rusts it creates Iron Oxide or Magnetite. If you mix sand with magnetite and place a botle of water in the center of this sand, it gives it powerful healing qualities. When copper is dipped in that substance it becomes oxidized (called copper patina) because the molecules in the air try to restore it back to it's original phase, so it creates energy and will never rust. Another form of oxidation is exericse, and when you take amino acid proteins after exercise the same energetic effect occurs, because the amino acids rebuild the body's muscle tissue, this works stronget during condition yellows. Cuprate superconductors usually feature copper oxides in both the oxidation state 3+ as well as 2+.
Reference: Wikipedia
Scientists learn the secret of a famous anti-superconductor - Magnetite.

I have noticed from experience that taking anti-inflammatory herbs, especialy Turmeric and Vanillin for long periods of time will cause an allergy reaction, especially during condition red periods.  Therefore I take these herbs more in the summer time, when condition red periods are much more less frequent.  Most anti-inflammatory herbs, if not all of them will greatly contribute to workout recovery, or if you have been exercising for long periods of time will help ease muscle pain. It is interesting to note that the same herbs that you can become allergic to are also anti-aging herbs.  So these should be used in moderation, especially during condition red periods.

Another is CQ10, has been shown to heal periodontal diseases and other soft tissue diseases of the oral cavity. CQ10 has been shown to protect and heal the heart. This must mean that because our mouth has a constant supply of air circulating through it, and our heart has blood circulation, CQ10 makes a great protector for areas of high circulation.

It all comes down to protection of against oxidation, which is also known as antioxidants protecting against free radicals. Vanillin, which comes from Vanilla extract, has shown to protect against spreading cancer and has been used to reverse cavities. Vanillin also protects DNA. Vanillin is also very high in antioxidants, which has been shown to slow down aging. Vanillin occurs naturally in vanilla extract, asparagus, crude bets, asafoetida, citronella and clove oil, with the highest levels in pure vanilla extract.

Whenever you combine an emulsifier such as lecithin, egg yolk or butter with an Omega 3 such as cod liver oil, rosemary, vanillin, BHT or BHA (BHT is found in Vanillin and BHA is found in butter), it creates a preservation or instant “restructuring” process within the body. The first being tooth disorders will clear up, as shown in the earlier example. Rosemary and Vanillin are also used together to preserve foods. Another example is Cottage Cheese and Flax Seed Oil, used to cure cancer

If you add Vitamin E, to Vitamin A, it protects the Vitamin A from oxidation. I believe that Telluric Current or the perfect Pole Balancing Periods, boost these “RESTRUCTION PROCESS” energies, by boosting the combined compounds.

In commercial products, Vanillin is combined with Vitamin E and Aloe to Heal and moisturize skin. It also combines well with Coconut, Rosemary and Cloves, such as Burt's Bees Honey to preserve the lips. Lactobacillus , which comes from yogurt has shown to be one of the most powerful foods for fly longevity experiments. Coconut was another substance used with great success. In another fly longevity experiment, Aloe was mixed with Resveratrol, which extended adult longevity in both the male and female flies. These flies called Drosophila melanogaster, have some of the shortest lifespans of any fly species. Reference: U.S. Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health. Article: Aloe vera or resveratrol supplementation in larval diet delays adult aging in the fruit fly, Drosophila melanogaster

Vitamin C will also preserve Vitamin A and Vitamin E. This explains the powerful reaction of removing the mystery cough shown on the condition red page cures by using cod liver oil (high in Vitamin A) and the vitamin C. It also explains why Sweet Potato (super high in Vitamin A) is one of the most potent anti-aging foods. Restructuring compounds also have powerful insect repelling properties. Rosemary is one, however a mixture of 88% vanillin with rosemary and peppermint oil is one of the most powerful natural insect repellants. And Citronella, one of the most common non-toxic insect repellants contains Vanillin.

Using rat liver mitochondria, as model systems, we have examined the ability of the natural compound and the food-flavoring agent, vanillin to protect membranes against oxidative damage induced by photosensitization at concentrations normally used in food preparations. Vanillin, at a concentration of 2.5 mmol/L, has afforded significant protection against protein oxidation and lipid peroxidation in hepatic mitochondria induced by photosensitization with methylene blue plus light. Source: Vanillin as an antioxidant in rat liver mitochondria

Thorough scientific research of Vanillin has produced the following results:

It has been shown to protect DNA against gamma-radiation. DNA protective properties of vanillin against gamma-radiation under different conditions

Vanilla and Myrrh is commonly used to remove dryness from the skin

When you add Vanillin with Chitosan to resveratrol it prolongs the release of resveratrol and improves it’s absorption in the stomach. Resveratrol encapsulation may boost bioavailability

Vanillin has also been shown to suppress cancerous cells in the lungs. Vanillin Suppresses Metastatic Potential of Human Cancer Cells

When you mix vanillin with Curcumin and resveratrol you get protection against DNA damage. Protection against damaged DNA in the single cell by polyphenols

Fish are attracted to cod liver oil and vanillin. When combined together they make powerful fishing bait. I believe the activity of fish shows their reactions to moving telluric currents and how they move in relation to flowing energies of telluric current streams. One of the most sensitive plants sensitive to telluric current is wheat, and if you look close enough you will see that wind blowing across wheat, has the same effect of fish swimming in schools, once again I believe reflecting this telluric current. A very interesting fact is that between 3 and 4 days after a new moon fish are more active than usual, and this is the time of the moons crescent. Edward Leedskalnin, who built Coral Castle using Telluric Current, shows these Crescent Moons all over his castle.

Honey Has No Expiration Date

Honey is one of the most unique substances on earth. It has been used to sooth the skin, it is a natural antibiotic, and when applied to some wounds, it heals them, such as Bee Propolis. One of the most unique aspects of honey, is that it never spoils. Honey found in Ancient Egyptian Tombs, was still deemed edible by experts after over 2,000 years. Honey with Coconut and Vitamin E is used for healing the skin. Honey and Cinnamon have been shown to have powerful healing effects for many diseases. Honey and Aloe are considered good anti-aging compounds for the skin, or can be taken internally with garlic.

The Regeneration Compounds

From our previous article showing how icosahedron nodes bring extinct plant and animal species back into our space-time reality, methane just happens to be produced in large quantities at certain times in these icosahedron node points. And we now know that ships and planes when they encounter methane clouds sink rapidly. Large build ups of methane have been recorded in the Bermuda Triangle, which sits in a icosahedron node point. And research has shown that methane makes diamonds

The food type of methane is MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane). Sulfites protect against Vitamin A and Vitamin C from oxidizing. Yogurt, which is high in MSM and was the main food of 157 year old Mr. Zaro Aga ate lots of Cumin Seed, which is very high in Vitamin A. The food source with the highest source or MSM are red onions, one of the most potent longevity foods. Methane is made from onions. Garlic , also high in MSM, is a powerful cancer fighter

Vitamin C boosts MSM absorption into the body and sulphur, espeically iron sulphur, has been shown to repair DNA. Onions are also high in flavonols and one of the most powerful foods to naturally repair DNA.

Just as methane reacts to the surrounding environment so do MSM compounds. A sliced onion was placed in rooms of houses during the great plague to ward off the spread of the disease. Rooms with the onions placed in them, had occupants in them that never got sick. This has been repeated today with the flu virus and it also works. Lemon Juice is also high in MSM and lemon juice was one of the first things they used to cure scurvy.

MSM is often combined with coconut and cumin (cumin is high in Vitamin A) as a healing compound. I believe that during the perfect pole balancing periods (which is a period of higher geomagnetic cnergy) from experience when I eat more vitamin A during these periods my body feels real energized the next morning). So the geomagnetic energy must help keep this charge in the body.

I believe that we all posses a DNA phantom template, just as the earth has phantom DNA templates to restore extinct species of animals. I believe that there are certain periods when these DNA templates are filled. I believe that during these points of high energy, just as the high energies at the icosahedron nodes cause methane to appear, if you have the right levels of vitamin A and MSM in your body during these key times, the DNA phantom template is filled in. I also believe that location can help as these energies are attracted to seismic active regions, as Mr. Zaro Agfa lived in Turkey, one of the most seismic active regions in the world

Other periods of high energy include Supermoons, and during the perfect pole balancing periods, when geomagnetic energy is slightly higher and the 2mev proton levels are higher. I believe these cause a space time compression during this time, as DNA has been shown to have time altering properties.

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