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This article covers how resistance training, also known as strength training or weight training, can help re-build bone mass, after the body starts to loosing calcium after age 40. it also covers some of the best herbs and other nutrients available to rebuild bone mass naturally. After approximately age 40, your body can no longer retain calcium like it used to, so it must come from foods in the diet.  Yogurt is the best source for this, followed by plant foods. Artificial forms of calcium  (known as calcium citrate tablets etc.) are not as well absorbed by the body and can build up over time, especially if taken in large amounts. 

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Winter seems to be the best time of year to rebuild the bones and tendons of the body.  This is why it is important to take more bone building herbs during winter. Another interesting find is that because the ears contain tiny bones, herbs that rebuild the bones, also have been shown to restore hearing in some cases. One example is the amazing healing power of the Essential Oil Helichrysum, which some people have had success in using to restore declining hearing. Also it has been used to heal and repair bone fractures.

Bone Building Methods also Rebuild Hearing

Because our ear nerves are made up of tiny bones, herbs that also rebuild bones, also heal hearing. The inner ear is hollow, embedded in the temporal bone, the densest bone of the body. The middle ear, an air-filled cavity behind the ear drum (tympanic membrane), includes the three ear bones or ossicles: the malleus (or hammer), incus (or anvil), and stapes (or stirrup).
Source: Wikipedia

The literature and the aromatherapy lists are full of anecdotal evidence of Helichrysum Italicuum Essential Oil's amazing power when used on broken bones , stories of doctors being amazed that the break healed in half the estimated time, etc.

Another excellent example is the herb Black Cohosh which heals fractures and deafness.  This is usually combined with Garlic in Dr. Christopher's Program. Marjoram has also the same qualities, it is also good for healing cavities. More about his program can be found at this address:

Bike Enthusiasts and Bone Loss

People who bike 20 or miles per week are susceptible to bone loss.  Biking along with roads, helps diminish this loss.  Calcium is removed from the body via sweat.  Vibration, tapping, running and similar movements that induce vibration into the bones, help re-build bone mass. You can find more in-depth studies done over the years at this address:

Tips for those who bicycle daily:

Consumption of soda removes calcium from the bones. So eliminate or reduce intake, especially in the late afternoon, when your body absorbs nutrients the most.

Be sure to get at least 1,200mg of calcium daily. During winter take more vitamin D to boost calcium absorption.

Push ups, back strengthening exercises and resistances exercises rebuild bone mass.

Running strengthens the shin bones.  Mountain bikers have higher bone density than competitive bikers. This is due to the facat that mountain bikers bike uphill more and encounter more vibration in their bones due to the rough conditions. Bicycling into medium to strong windy conditions has the same muscle resistance effect as mountain biking. These conditions are usually most common along the coast and in areas of high open land or mountain areas.

Strontium Ranelate is a supplement proven for over 50 years to build bones. Over the past 50 years, no major side effects have been shown to occur, so this is a tried and proven remedy.

One of the key unknown facts is that the main metal Lead, which builds up in the bones over time, hinders the regeneration of calcium for proper healthy bones in the body.
"lead is known to inhibit activation of vitamin D, uptake of dietary calcium, and several regulatory aspects of bone cell function."
Source: U.S. National Library of Medicine
This fact has also been confirmed by Dr.Jo MD, a retired doctor, who know of this little known fact.
This means no matter how much calcium or resistance exercise you may get in your diet, if your bones are at a certain threshold of lead contamination, it will make it a lot harder to keep your bones strong and healthy. Other minerals in excessive quantities that an also block the bones from absorbing calcium are mercury and cadmium.
The most effective way to remove lead from the bones of the body are by using Calcium EDTA (available from, DMSA.  Zeolite also does the job, but you may have to use more of it. The good thing about Zeolite is that it will remove mercury, cadmium, and arsenic. It is also available in a liquid form. The short term bad thing about Zeolite is that it will also pull important minerals out of your body, so it is important to take about ¼ teaspoon of Himalayan salt per gallon of water to compensate for the minerals lost. So when you can combine lead removal from your bones along with a proper resistance training program, you'll rebuild stronger bones in no time.

Other items that remove lead from the body are foods highest in Iron. The food highest in Iron is Parsley.

Foods highest in both Vitamin C and Iron are again spices.  These include (from highest to lowest): Parsley, Marjoram and Cumin Seed

Mr. Li Ching-Yuen who lived to 256 years of age was known for eating large amounts of Goji Berries, which are one of the foods highest in Vitamin C.  Vitamin C has been proven to remove lead deposits from the bones of the body.

Foods high in iron, calcium and vitamin C may help to reduce the harmful effects of lead.
Source: New Mexico State Department of Health

An excellent example of resistance training and bone re-building is the story of Mr. Zaro Agha who allegedly lived to 157 years. Zaro was active even at his advanced age. He was a porter (bellhop) most of his life.  This job provided high levels of resistance exercise, the key to successfully re-building bone mass.
He was in perfect health when he was hit by a car, and never died of old age.  His secret was the consumption of lots of yogurt and cumin seed.  Plain organic Greek yogurt can contain as much as 65% calcium, which is easily absorbed by the body.  Other substances that can increase calcium absorption include Inulin (available as a powder) and Resistant Starch (found in potatoes and bananas).
If you read my previously published article titled: Repair Cavities Naturally, Never Visit Your Dentist Again, you will discover that the remineralization of your teeth takes place at an alkaline ph between 7.5 and 8.5, and much more rapidly in the presence of calcium and phosphate.  Cumin Seed happens to be high in phospherous.  Poppy and Mustard seeds are higher, but cumin seeds are in the top 10.
Source: Diet and Fitness Today
General Foods highest in Phosphorous include: Egg yolks, Nuts, Wheat germ, Soybeansa and Tofu, Peas, Beans, Lentils, Corn, Mushrooms, Oats, Cocoa beans (chocolate). What is most interesting is these foods are what the longest lived people in the world eat. See article Diets and Lifestyles of the Longest Lived Cultures for further info.

This means if high phosphorous levels regenerate teeth and repair cavities, than surely they are capable of regenerating bone, especially if large amounts of calcium are included in the diet. 
Cumin seed is high in the trace minerals Manganese, Vitamin A, Phosphorous and Magnesium.  These trace minerals are important when taken with calcium, as they also greatly increase calcium absorption and help make the body more alkaline, which also removes negative acids from the body and promotes good bone health.
Cumin seed has also been shown to fight pneumonia.
Chinese Herbs that Build Bone.  Bone and Tendon Building Herbs
Du Zhong (Cortex Eucommiae Ulmoidis) - Rebuilds Tendons and Bones
Chang Chun Teng (Hedra Nepalensis) - Rebuilds Tendons and Bones
Lu Han Cao (Herba Pyrolae) -  Rebuilds Tendons and Bones
Lu Rong and Gui Ban - Are both rich in Calcium and Magnesium
Cornus - Rebuilds Bones
Pigweed (Amaranthus) - Just 1 ounce of pigweed supplies over 1,500 mg of calcium, especially just before it blooms.
Anemone Cernua - Used to Heal Bone Fractures
Other bone building herbs include: Purslane (portulaca oleracea)and Stinging nettle. Spices high in calcium are: Marjoram and Savory.
A good herb to take is Reishi Mushoom.  This is best takend during summer and into early fall.  It is a yin and yang herb and helps rebuild bones. 
reishi mushrooms build up bone marrow, where white blood cells are made
Source: Natural
Rebuilding Bones via Exercise
No matter how old you are, anyone can re-build their bone mass via resistance exercises. Resistance exercise has been scientifically proven to make your body biologically younger. 
If you don't like exercise, Swimming Dragon QI Gong builds bones and is good for the kidneys. It also boosts circulation throughout the body.
As a person continues to reach advanced stages of old age, they become at an increased risk to bone fractures, hip fractures and osteoporosis. The best form of resistance exercise is weight bearing exercises. What happens during weight bearing exercise, is the cells in your bones become self-aware of the beneficial stress being put on your bone structure, and than respond by making the bones more dense and stronger.  Zaro is one example of this. Mr. Jack Lamelle who towed boats underwater while he was in his 60's was able to accomplish this because he did a great deal of strength training which lead to perfect bone mass.  The thing that killed Jack was Puenomina.  See our article on How to cure Puenomina for more info on Jack Lamelle.

Resistnace training is NOT tennis, jogging, dancing or walking.  Resistance exercise is when your muscles contract against an external resistance with the intention to increase strength, tone mass and muscular exercise. 
Resistance tools can include the following objects: A Cinder block (which is why bricklayers have healthy bones even into their 60's), elastic tubing, or your body weight.
How to Begin:  First focus on the type of resistance exercise you wish you to perform. It is best to include a series of different resistance exercises in your routine to give your overall bone mass a chance to rebuild itself in the overall groups. 
If you use a gym, use free weights, weight machines or other machines that use cables or elastic bands.  Some machines include a combination of all three. 
 You must perform resistance exercises correctly or you'll waste your time and energy.  Here are some basic weight bearing exercises to get you started. This .pdf with videos can give you an idea of how to start:
1: Push Ups.  These place resistance on nearly every muscle in your body, especially your chest and arms.  If you are new to push ups, start by placing your feet on an exercise ball so 1/2 of your weight is off the floor, than graduate your routine until the exercise ball is no longer needed. 
2: Squats. These are powerful anti-aging routines that develop balance and stability. In our Diets and Lifestyles of the Longest Lived Cultures article, we see a culture in a blue zone that uses squats throughout the day, which rebuilds the body's bones.
Squats will strengthen your knees, ankles and heels, as well as increase hip mobility.  To properly do a squat, hold your kneeds and feet together and bring them up to your chest while you keep your back straight.  Next squat down as far as possible without losing your balance.  Do not go further than you feel comfortable.  If you can't do squats this way, start by using a table or chair for support until you can do squats without using these. When you get really good, you can start adding weights such as barbells while you do squats.
3: Crunches (also called sit-ups). These develop abdominal strength and strengthen your lower back.  To do a crunch, lie down on your back with your hands crossed over your chest or beside your head. Next allow your knees to be bent a little so you can connect them with your head or elbows as you bend forwards. There are many varieties of sits ups you can do.  They an also be done using an exercise ball or using weights.
4: Bicept Curls. Bicep curls can be done with barbells, bands or dumbbells.  To begin, hold the weight with your palms facing out with your elbows next to your body.  Next bend your elbow and curl the weights towards your shoulders and try not to move your elbows  Lower, than repeat to do a triceps dip, which will bring balance to the strength of your arms. Using a bench or hair sit with your hands slightly under your hips.  Next life up onto your hands and bring hips forward, than bend your elbows lower to your hips and pull back without locking your elbows and repeat.  Most gyms have a weight counterbalanced dip machine.
5: The Static Lung. This works well with all the major muscles of the hips and thighs.  To begin, stand up straight with your right foot forward and left foot back about 3 feet.  Now hold a dumbbell in each hand if you feel like it and bend the knees so that you lower yourself towards the floor, keeping your knees behind your toes so you lower straight down not forward.  Keep your torso straight and your stomach tight as you push through the heel and repeat.
6: The Grip Squeeze. This exercise will strengthen your grip.  You can use hand grippers at the gym.  They are usually called "grip trainers".  If you don't have a hand gripper or don't want to buy one, than you can use a towel as explained in John Brookfield's Grip Tips.

So there you have it. You are not doomed to a life of osteoporosis or increased risk of hip fractures as long as you follow a few nutrition tips and perform the resistance exercises mentioned correctly.

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